Oklahoma Beetle Biota

102 beetle families and over 1,471 species treated here*

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Photographs here represent about a third of the recorded and a fifth of the projected number of Oklahoma beetles.
Photos included here based on surveys I conducted in Oklahoma as well as from lists compiled by CSU, KHS and OSU
*Note, while 1,470 beetle spp. may sound like a lot, it's less than half the number of spp. KHS found in just one county in OK.

Specimens shown here curated in the following collections:
C.A. Triplehorn Insect Collection - Columbus, OH
Eastern Oklahoma State College - Wilburton, OK
The Field Museum - Chicago, IL
Florida State Collection of Arthropods - Gainesville, FL
Louisiana State Arthropod Museum - Baton Rouge, LA
Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum - Norman, OK
Texas A&M University Insect Collection - College Station, TX
University of Oklahoma Biological Station - Kingston, OK
University of Texas Insect Collection - Austin, TX
Plus the EGRC and a number of other private collections.

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Cupedidae - Reticulated Beetles

Tenomerga cinerea (Say) - Tenomerga cinerea

Micromalthidae - Telephone-pole Beetles

Micromalthidae Micromalthus debilis - Micromalthus debilis


Sphaeriusidae - Minute Bog Beetles

Specimen 1, dorsal - Sphaerius=Specimen 1, lateral - Sphaerius


Rhysodidae - Wrinkled Bark Beetles 

Omoglymmius americanus (Laporte) - Omoglymmius americanus

Carabidae - Ground Beetles

Omophron americanum Dejean - Omophron americanum Omophron nitidum LeConte - Omophron nitidum Carabid - Omophron tessellatum

Notiophilus semistriatus Say - Notiophilus semistriatus Scaphinotus elevatus Fabricius - Scaphinotus elevatus Scaphinotus cavicollis (LeConte) - Scaphinotus cavicollis=Scaphinotus cavicollis (LeConte) - Scaphinotus cavicollis=Scaphinotus cavicollis (LeConte) - Scaphinotus cavicollis Calosoma wilcoxi LeConte - Calosoma wilcoxi=Calosoma wilcoxi LeConte - Calosoma wilcoxi=Calosoma wilcoxi LeConte - Calosoma wilcoxi Carabus (Tanaocarabus) finitimus Haldeman - Carabus finitimus=Carabus (Tanaocarabus) finitimus Haldeman - Carabus finitimus Cicindela (Dromochorus) belfragei Salle - Dromochorus belfragei Cicindela punctulata punctulata Olivier - Cicindela punctulata Cicindela sexguttata Fabricius - Cicindela sexguttata Cicindela splendida Hentz - Cicindela splendida=Cicindela (Cicindela) splendida Hentz - Cicindela splendida Cicindela scutellaris scutellaris Say - Cicindela scutellaris Cicindela politula LeConte - Cicindela politula
Ellipsoptera cuprascens (LeConte) - Ellipsoptera cuprascens Ellipsoptera macra fluviatilis (Vaurie) - Ellipsoptera macra Cicindela hirticollis Say - Cicindela hirticollis Cicindela formosa Say - Cicindela formosa Habroscelimorpha circumpicta (LaFerté-Sénectère) - Habroscelimorpha circumpicta Habroscelimorpha circumpicta johnsoni (Fitch) - Habroscelimorpha circumpicta Cicindela ocellata Ellipsoptera nevadica knausi (Leng) - Ellipsoptera nevadica Paraclivina bipustulata (Fabricius) - Paraclivina bipustulata Schizogenius lineolatus (Say) - Schizogenius lineolatus Aspidoglossa subangulata (Chaudoir) - Aspidoglossa subangulata Clivina impressefrons LeConte - Clivina impressefrons Beetle - Clivina rufa Tachys (Paratachys) - Tachys Tachys Tachys (Paratachys) proximus (Say) - Tachys proximus Paratachys scitulus (LeConte) - Tachys scitulus Bembidion Bembidion (Notaphus) sp. - Bembidion Anillinus stephani Sokolov & Carlton - Anillinus stephani Panagaeus fasciatus Say - Panagaeus fasciatus
Chlaenius niger Randall - Chlaenius niger Chlaenius tomentosus (Say) - Chlaenius tomentosus Chlaenius emarginatus Say - Chlaenius emarginatus Chlaenius erythropus Germar - Chlaenius erythropus
Chlaenius cf. vafer LeConte - Chlaenius vafer Chlaenius impunctifrons Say - Chlaenius impunctifrons=Chlaenius impunctifrons Say - Chlaenius impunctifrons Chlaenius circumcinctus Say - Chlaenius circumcinctus=Chlaenius circumcinctus Say - Chlaenius circumcinctus Chlaenius oxygonus Chaudoir - Chlaenius oxygonus Chlaenius tricolor Dejean - Chlaenius tricolor=BG2251 E4454 - Chlaenius tricolor Chlaenius pennsylvanicus - female Chlaenius cf. laticollis Say - Chlaenius laticollis=Chlaenius cf. laticollis Say - Chlaenius laticollis Chlaenius sericeus (Forster) - Chlaenius sericeus=Chlaenius sericeus (Forster) - Chlaenius sericeus Chlaenius aestivus - male=Chlaenius aestivus Chlaenius prasinus Dejean - Chlaenius prasinus=Chlaenius prasinus Dejean - Chlaenius prasinus Chlaenius leucoscelis Chevrolat - Chlaenius leucoscelis=Chlaenius leucoscelis Chevrolat - Chlaenius leucoscelis  Oodes amaroides Dejean - Oodes amaroides Dercylinus impressus (LeConte) - Dercylinus impressus Stenocrepis duodecimstriata (Chevrolat) - Stenocrepis duodecimstriata - female Poecilus Woodland Ground Beetle - Poecilus lucublandus Pterostichus (Gastrosticta) subacutus (Casey) - Pterostichus subacutus Cyclotrachelus seximpressus Amara musculis Cyclotrachelus
Amara quenseli - male Amara - Amara aenea - male Colliuris pensylvanica (Linnaeus) - Colliuris pensylvanica
Tetragonoderus latipennis LeConte - Tetragonoderus latipennis Tetragonoderus fasciatus (Haldeman) - Tetragonoderus fasciatus Tetragonoderus intersectus (Germar) - Tetragonoderus intersectus Anisodactylus caenus (Say) - Anisodactylus caenus Notiobia sp. - Notiobia - male Notiobia terminata (Say) - Notiobia terminata Anisodactylus haplomus - male Anisodactylus sanctaecrucis Harpalus gravis LeConte - Harpalus gravis Hartonymus hoodi Casey - Hartonymus hoodi Harpalus erythropus - male Harpalus protractus - female Stenomorphus californicus (Ménétries) - Stenomorphus californicus Stenolophus lecontei Chaudoir - Stenolophus lecontei Stenolophus dissimilis Dejean - Stenolophus dissimilis Stenolophus ochropezus (Say) - Stenolophus ochropezus Stenolophus binotatus (Casey) - Stenolophus binotatus Stenolophus comma (Fabricius) - Stenolophus comma Pogonodaptus mexicanus Bates - Pogonodaptus mexicanus

Coptodera aerata Dejean - Coptodera aerata Calleida decora (Fabricius) - Calleida decora Philophuga viridicollis (LeConte) - Philophuga viridicollis - female Axinopalpus fusciceps LeConte - Axinopalpus fusciceps Plochionus timidus Haldeman - Plochionus timidus Calleida viridipennis (Say) - Calleida viridipennis Axinopalpus biplagiatus (Dejean) - Axinopalpus biplagiatus Ground Beetle - Nemotarsus elegans

Lebia viridipennis Dejean - Lebia viridipennis Another beauty.. - Lebia viridipennis Lebia viridis Say - Lebia viridis=Lebia viridis Say - Lebia viridis Lebia marginicollis Dejean - Lebia marginicollis
Lebia lobulata LeConte - Lebia lobulata Lebia ornata Lebia fuscata Dejean - Lebia fuscata Lebia analis Dejean - Lebia analis Lebia pulchella Dejean - Lebia pulchella Lebia vittata (Fabricius) - Lebia vittata Lebia solea Hentz - Lebia solea
Lebia (Loxopeza) grandis Hentz - Lebia grandis Lebia atriceps LeConte - Lebia atriceps Lebia atriventris Say - Lebia atriventris Carabidae - Dicaelus ambiguus Dicaelus crenatus (LeConte) - Dicaelus crenatus=Dicaelus crenatus (LeConte) - Dicaelus crenatus  Dicaelus sculptilis - Dicaelus sculptilis D. furvus - Dicaelus furvus Dicaelus elongatus Dicaelus pupuratus Bonelli - Dicaelus purpuratus Notched-mouth ground beetle - Dicaelus laevipennis Ground beetle 10.06.15 - Diplocheila obtusa
Badister elegans LeConte - Badister elegans Badister maculatus LeConte - Badister maculatus Badister notatus Badister flavipes LeConte - Badister flavipes Badister (Baudia) reflexus LeConte - Badister reflexus
Agonum punctiforme (Say) - Agonum punctiforme Platynus (s.str.) tenuicollis  (LeConte) - Platynus tenuicollis Carabid - Agonum ferreum Agonum decorum Say - Agonum decorum
Galerita atripes LeConte - Galerita atripes=Galerita atripes LeConte - Galerita atripes Ground beetle 10.05.10 - Galerita bicolor=Ground beetle 10.05.10 - Galerita bicolor Galerita janus=Galerita janus Galerita mexicana Chaudoir - Galerita mexicana=Dark-legged western - Galerita mexicana
Helluomorphoides ferrugineus (LeConte) - Helluomorphoides ferrugineus=Helluomorphoides ferrugineus (LeConte) - Helluomorphoides ferrugineus Helluomorphoides nigripennis (Dejean) - Helluomorphoides nigripennis Ground beetle - Helluomorphoides praeustus Thalpius dorsalis (Brullé) - Thalpius dorsalis Pseudaptinus (Thalpius) horni (Chaudoir) - Thalpius horni Carabid - Thalpius pygmaeus Pseudaptinus tenuicollis (LeConte) - Pseudaptinus tenuicollis Zuphium americanum Dejean - Zuphium americanum Pseudaptinus lecontei Brachinus Brachinus alexiguus Erwin - Brachinus alexiguus Brachinus americanus (LeConte) - Brachinus americanus Brachinus texanus Chaudoir - Brachinus texanus Brachinus elongatulus Chaudoir - Brachinus elongatulus 

Dytiscidae - Predaceous Diving Beetle

Copelatus glyphicus (Say) - Copelatus glyphicus Dytiscid - Agabus disintegratus
Laccophilus fasciatus Aube - Laccophilus fasciatus Laccophilus maculosus Say - Laccophilus proximus - female Laccophilus maculosus (Say) - Laccophilus maculosus Laccophilus pictus coccinelloides Régimbart - Laccophilus pictus Laccophilus quadrilineatus (Horn) - Laccophilus quadrilineatus
Liodessus affinis complex - Liodessus Desmopachria convexa (Aubé) - Desmopachria convexa Uvarus lacustris (Say) - Uvarus lacustris Neoporus shermani (Fall) - Neoporus shermani Neoporus undulatus (Say) - Neoporus undulatus Heterosternuta diversicornis (Sharp) - Heterosternuta diversicornis
Prodaticus bimarginatus Thermonectus basillaris (Harris) - Thermonectus basillaris Beetle ID Request - Thermonectus marmoratus Cybister fimbriolatus (Say) - Cybister fimbriolatus - female

Gyrinidae - Whirligig Beetles

Dineutus ciliatus Forsburg - Dineutus ciliatus Dineutus assimilis (Kirby) - Dineutus assimilis - female BG3101 E9407h - Dineutus carolinus - female Dineutus assimilis? - Dineutus emarginatus Whirligig Beetle - Dineutus nigrior

Haliplidae - Crawling Water Beetles

Peltodytes sexmaculatus Roberts - Peltodytes sexmaculatus Peltodytes Haliplus pantherinus Aubé - Haliplus pantherinus Haliplus connexus

Noteridae - Burrowing Water Beetles

Hydrocanthus - Hydrocanthus atripennis Hydrocanthus iricolor - male


Hydrophilidae - Water Scavenger Beetles

Hydrochus Hydrochus Berosus exiguus (Say) - Berosus exiguus Berosus Tropisternus collaris (Fabricius) - Tropisternus collaris Tropisternus Hydrochara Enochrus  Cercyon praetextatus (Say) - Cercyon praetextatus Cryptopleurum

Histeridae - Clown Beetles

Plegaderus transversus (Say) - Plegaderus transversus Acritus acaroides Marseul - Acritus acaroides=Acritus acaroides Marseul - Acritus acaroides tiny beetle - Aeletes politus Euspilotus Hypocaccus Hypocaccus   Platylomalus aequalis (Say) - Platylomalus aequalis
Onthophilus Peploglyptus belfragei LeConte - Peploglyptus belfragei Onthophilus kirni Ross - Onthophilus kirni
Hister indistinctus Say - Hister indistinctus Atholus nubilus (LeConte) - Atholus nubilus Hister dispar LeConte - Hister dispar Baconia Spilodiscus -? - Spilodiscus ulkei


Hydraenidae - Minute Moss Beetles

Ochthebius lineatus LeConte - Ochthebius lineatus

Ptiliidae - Featherwing Beetles

Featherwinged Beetle - Acrotrichis

Leiodidae - Round Fungus Beetles

Agathidiine Colon (Striatocolon) thoracicum Horn - Colon thoracicum - male Colon hubbardi Horn - Colon hubbardi - male Round Fungus Beetle - Colon schwarzi Colon dentatum LeConte - Colon dentatum - male

Silphidae - Carrion Beetles

Necrophila americana (Linnaeus) - Necrophila americana Oiceoptoma inaequalis (Fabricius) - Oiceoptoma inaequale Margined Carrion Beetle - Oiceoptoma noveboracense Nicrophorus americanus Olivier - Nicrophorus americanus=Nicrophorus americanus Olivier - Nicrophorus americanus Nicrophorus orbicollis Say - Nicrophorus orbicollis Nicrophorus carolinus (Linnaeus) - Nicrophorus carolinus Carrion Beetle - Nicrophorus marginatus - male Beetle species? - Nicrophorus pustulatus Nicrophorus tomentosus Weber - Nicrophorus tomentosus

Staphylinidae - Rove Beetles

Megalopinus caelatus (Gravenhorst) - Megalopinus caelatus Megalopinus rufipes (LeConte) - Megalopinus rufipes Osorius Thoracophorus costalis Bledius  sp. - Bledius Anotylus insignitus (Gravenhorst) - Anotylus insignitus - female Carpelimus Palaminus sp. - Palaminus Paederus Achenomorphus corticinus (Gravenhorst) - Achenomorphus corticinus Homaeotarsus Pinophilus Homaeotarsus  Arthmius - Arthmius bulbifer Reichenbachia - female Atinus monilicornis (Brendel) - Atinus monilicornis Rhexius insculptus LeConte - Rhexius insculptus Eutrichites zonatus (Brendel) - Eutrichites zonatusScaphisomatine Euconnus (Napochus) - EuconnusNeohypnus Philonthus rufulus Horn - Philonthus rufulus Phacophallus tricolor (Kraatz) - Phacophallus tricolor  Stenus
Tachyporus jocosus Say - Tachyporus jocosus Coproporus=Coproporus Bryoporus rufescens LeConte - Bryoporus rufescens 


Lucanidae - Stag Beetles

Platycerus virescens - female Dorcus brevis male  - Dorcus brevis - male
Lucanus elaphus - male Lucanus elaphus Fabricius - Lucanus placidus - male=Lucanus elaphus Fabricius - Lucanus placidus - male=Lucanus elaphus Fabricius - Lucanus placidus - male Lucanus placidus Say - Lucanus placidus=Lucanus placidus Say - Lucanus placidus=Lucanus placidus Say - Lucanus placidus

Passalidae - Bess Beetles

Odontotaenius disjunctus (Illiger) - Odontotaenius disjunctus=Odontotaenius disjunctus (Illiger) - Odontotaenius disjunctus=Odontotaenius disjunctus (Illiger) - Odontotaenius disjunctus=

Trogidae - Hide Beetles

Omorgus howelli (Howden and Vaurie) - Omorgus howelli=Omorgus howelli (Howden and Vaurie) - Omorgus howelli Trox=Trox

Geotrupidae - Earth-Boring Scarab Beetles

Bolbocerosoma confusum Brown - Bolbocerosoma confusum=Bolbocerosoma confusum Brown - Bolbocerosoma confusum=Bolbocerosoma confusum Brown - Bolbocerosoma confusum Eucanthus lazarus (Fabricius) - Eucanthus lazarus=Eucanthus lazarus (Fabricius) - Eucanthus lazarus Odonteus thoracicornis Wallis - Odonteus thoracicornis=Odonteus thoracicornis Wallis - Odonteus thoracicornis

Ochodaeidae - Sand-loving Scarab Beetles

Parochodaeus biarmatus (LeConte) - Parochodaeus biarmatus=Parochodaeus biarmatus (LeConte) - Parochodaeus biarmatus Ochodaeidae

Hybosoridae - Scavenger Scarab Beetles

Hybosorus illigeri Reiche - Hybosorus roei Germarostes aphodioides Dung Beetle? - Germarostes globosus=Dung Beetle? - Germarostes globosus=Dung Beetle? - Germarostes globosus

Scarabaeidae - Scarab Beetles

Ataenius imbricatus (Melsheimer) - Ataenius imbricatus Platytomus longulus (Cartwright) - Platytomus longulus Platytomus micros (Bates) - Platytomus micros Ataenius robustus Horn - Ataenius robustus Ataenius gracilis (Melsheimer) - Ataenius gracilis
Dung beetle - Ataenius spretulus Shovel-faced Beetle - Ataenius strigatus Ataenius texanus Harold - Ataenius texanus Ataenius platensis (Blanchard) - Ataenius platensis Ataenius, strigatus group - Ataenius Ataenius wenzelii Horn - Ataenius wenzelii Ataenius cognatus (LeConte) - Ataenius cognatus Cryptoscatomaseter oklahomensis (Brown) - Aphodius oklahomensis Oscarinus stuessyi (Gordon and Skelley) - Aphodius stuessyi Cryptoscatomaseter haldemani (Horn) - Aphodius haldemani Aphodius kirni Cartwright - Aphodius kirni Aphodius (Blackburneus) lentus - Aphodius lentus Scarabaeidae - looks like Aphodius fimetarius - Aphodius fimetarius
Oscarinus abusus (Fall) - Aphodius abusus Stenotothorax badipes (Melsheimer) - Aphodius badipes - male Stenotothorax gardneri (Gordon) - Aphodius gardneri Otophorus haemorrhoidalis (Linnaeus) - Aphodius haemorrhoidalis Aphodius (Lechorodius) lutulentus Haldeman - Aphodius lutulentus Aphodius granarius? - Aphodius rusicola Aphodius terminalis Planolinellus vittatus - Aphodius vittatus
Melinopterus femoralis (Say) - Aphodius femoralis - male Geomyphilus insolitus (Brown) - Aphodius insolitus Blackburneus rubeolus (Palisot de Beauvois) - Aphodius rubeolus Aphodius lividus/pseudolividus? - Aphodius lividus Blackburneus stercorosus (Melsheimer) - Aphodius stercorosus Scarabaeidae - Aphodius? - Aphodius distinctus Ateuchus histeroides Weber - Ateuchus histeroides Copris fricator (Fabricius) - Copris fricator Scarab - Copris minutus Dichotomius carolinus Pseudocanthon perplexus (LeConte) - Pseudocanthon perplexus Melanocanthon sp - Melanocanthon granulifer 1004W01 - Melanocanthon nigricornis Deltochilum gibbosum (Fabricius) - Deltochilum gibbosum Canthon vigilans LeConte - Canthon vigilans Canthon chalcites from Illinois - Canthon chalcites Canthon pilularius?? - Canthon pilularius Canthon (G.) viridis (Palisot de Beauvois) - Canthon viridis Digitonthophagus gazella (Fabricius) - Digitonthophagus gazella - female BG2561 E1938 - Onthophagus hecate - male Onthophagus medorensis Brown - Onthophagus medorensis - male Onthophagus orpheus (Panzer) - Onthophagus orpheus - female Onthophagus pennsylvanicus Harold - Onthophagus pennsylvanicus Onthophagus subaeneus (Palisot de Beauvois) - Onthophagus subaeneus Onthophagus oklahomensis Brown - Onthophagus oklahomensis
Phanaeus triangularis triangularis (Say) - Phanaeus triangularis - male=Phanaeus triangularis triangularis (Say) - Phanaeus triangularis - male Phanaeus (Phanaeus) vindex MacLeay - Phanaeus vindex - male=Phanaeus (Phanaeus) vindex MacLeay - Phanaeus vindex - male vindex -vs- difformis - Phanaeus - male Phanaeus difformis LeConte - Phanaeus difformis - male=Phanaeus difformis female - Phanaeus difformis - female Diplotaxis Serica Dichelonyx Macrodactylus subspinosus Phyllophaga crenulata (Froelich) - Phyllophaga crenulata Phyllophaga micans (Knoch) - Phyllophaga micans Phyllophaga prunina (LeConte) - Phyllophaga prunina Phyllophaga crassissima (Blanchard) - Phyllophaga crassissima Phyllophaga profunda (Blanchard) - Phyllophaga profunda Phyllophaga tristis Complex - Phyllophaga tristis Pelidnota punctata (Linnaeus) - Pelidnota punctata Parastasia brevipes (LeConte) - Parastasia brevipes Cotalpa lanigera =Callistethus marginatus (Fabricius) - Callistethus marginatus Anomala innuba (Fabricius) - Anomala innuba=Anomala innuba (Fabricius) - Anomala innuba Strigoderma arbicola (Fabricius) - Strigoderma arbicola=Strigoderma arbicola (Fabricius) - Strigoderma arbicola Dynastes tityus (Linnaeus) - Dynastes tityus - male=Dynastes tityus (Linnaeus) - Dynastes tityus - male=Dynastes tityus (Linnaeus) - Dynastes tityus - male
Mottled Cyclocephala - Cyclocephala hirta - female 820W08 - Cyclocephala lurida - male Cyclocephala melanocephala? - Cyclocephala melanocephala=Scarab - Cyclocephala melanocephala Cyclocephala borealis Arrow - Cyclocephala borealis Small Cyclocephala - Cyclocephala longula Dyscinetus morator (Fabricius) - Dyscinetus morator Major Male - Strategus antaeus - male=Major Male - Strategus antaeus - male Strategus mormon Burmeister - Strategus mormon=Strategus mormon Burmeister - Strategus mormon Phileurus valgus (Linnaeus) - Phileurus valgus Phileurus truncatus (Palisot de Beauvois) - Phileurus truncatus=Phileurus truncatus (Palisot de Beauvois) - Phileurus truncatus Euetheola humilis (Burmeister) - Euetheola humilis Aphonus densicauda Casey - Aphonus densicauda - male - - Tomarus relictus Tomarus gibbosus (DeGeer) - Tomarus gibbosus Oscarinus texensis (Cartwright) - Aphonus texanus Trigonopeltastes delta Forster - Trigonopeltastes delta Cremastocheilus - ? - Cremastocheilus quadricollis Large MT Scarab - Osmoderma subplanata Valgus canaliculatus - male Valgus seticollis (Palisot de Beauvois) - Valgus seticollis - female Cotinis nitida Euphoria discicollis (Thomson) - Euphoria discicollis Olive Euphoria - Euphoria herbacea=Euphoria herbacea Euphoria sepulcralis (Fabricius) - Euphoria sepulcralis=Euphoria sepulcralis (Fabricius) - Euphoria sepulcralis Euphoria fulgida (Fabricius) - Euphoria fulgida Hairy Flower Beetle - Euphoria inda


Eucinetidae - Plate-thigh Beetles 

Eucinetus terminalis LeConte - Eucinetus terminalis Eucinetus morio LeConte - Eucinetus morio Eucinetus strigosus

Scirtidae - Marsh Beetles

Scirtes orbiculatus (Fabricius) - Scirtes orbiculatus=Scirtes orbiculatus (Fabricius) - Scirtes orbiculatus Sacodes pulchella (Guerin-Meneville) - Sacodes pulchella Sacodes thoracica (Guérin-Méneville) - Sacodes thoracica Small beetle - Prionocyphon discoideus Scirtes tibialis


Rhipiceridae - Cicada Parasite Beetles

Cicada Parasite - Sandalus niger - female=Cicada Parasite - Sandalus niger - female


Buprestidae - Metallic Wood-boring Beetles (see also: TX Bups)

Mastogenius crenulatus Knull - Mastogenius crenulatus Ptosima gibbicollis Polycesta elata LeConte - Polycesta elata Acmaeodera neglecta Fall - Acmaeodera neglecta Acmaeodera tubulus (Fabricius) - Acmaeodera tubulus Acmaeodera obtusa Horn - Acmaeodera obtusa Acmaeodera ornata (Fabricius) - Acmaeodera ornata Acmaeodera ornatoides Barr - Acmaeodera ornatoides Acmaeodera tubulus (Fabricius) - Acmaeodera tubulus
Acmaeodera macra Horn - Acmaeodera macra Acmaeodera mixta LeConte - Acmaeodera mixta Acmaeodera neoneglecta Fisher - Acmaeodera neoneglecta Acmaeodera texana LeConte - Acmaeodera texana Acmaeodera robigo Knull - Acmaeodera robigo  Chrysobothris Beetle species? - Chalcophora virginiensis Texania campestris Lampetis drummondi (Laporte & Gory) - Lampetis drummondi Poecilonota thureura (Say) - Poecilonota thureura Poecilonota cyanipes (Say) - Poecilonota cyanipes Dicerca lepida LeConte - Dicerca lepida - male Dicerca lurida (Fabricius) - Dicerca lurida Dicerca obscura (Fabricius) - Dicerca obscura Dicerca punctulata - male Metallic Wood-boring beetle - Dicerca spreta - male
Phaenops aeneola (Melsheimer) - Phaenops aeneola BG2161 E0202 - Spectralia gracilipes Melanophila atropurpurea (Say) - Melanophila atropurpurea Agrilaxia flavimana (Gory) - Agrilaxia flavimana Melanophila notata (Laporte & Gory) - Melanophila notata
Xenorhipis brendeli LeConte - Xenorhipis brendeli - female Anthaxia fisheri Obenberger  - Anthaxia fisheri Anthaxia quercata (Fabricius) - Anthaxia quercata Anthaxia quercicola Wellso - Anthaxia quercicola - male=Anthaxia quercicola Wellso - Anthaxia quercicola - female Anthaxia (Haplanthaxia) cyanella Gory - Anthaxia cyanella Anthaxia (Haplanthaxia) viridicornis - Anthaxia viridicornis
Yellow Spotted Jewel Beetle - Buprestis confluenta Buprestis lineata Fabricius - Buprestis lineata=Buprestis lineata Fabricius - Buprestis lineata Buprestis maculativentris BG2664 E6024 - Buprestis rufipes Buprestis decora Fabricius - Buprestis decora
Chrysobothris azurea LeConte - Chrysobothris azurea Chrysobothris chlorocephala Gory - Chrysobothris chlorocephala - female BG843 C8301 - Chrysobothris cribraria Chrysobothris fiskei Fisher - Chrysobothris fiskei Chrysobothris sexsignata (Say) - Chrysobothris sexsignata - female Chrysobothris p. purpureovittata Horn - Chrysobothris purpureovittata
Chrysobothris ignicollis Horn - Chrysobothris ignicollis=Chrysobothris ignicollis Horn - Chrysobothris ignicollis Chrysobothris rotundicollis Gory & Laporte - Chrysobothris rotundicollis Chrysobothris rugosiceps Melsheimer - Chrysobothris rugosiceps Chrysobothris caddo Wellso & Manley - Chrysobothris caddo Metallic Wood-boring Beetle - Chrysobothris shawnee Chrysobothris texana LeConte - Chrysobothris texana Chrysobothris viridiceps Melsheimer - Chrysobothris viridiceps Agrilus egenus Gory - Agrilus egenus Agrilus ruficollis (Fabricius) - Agrilus ruficollis Agrilus limpiae Knull - Agrilus limpiae Agrilus bilineatus (Weber) - Agrilus bilineatus=Agrilus bilineatus (Weber) - Agrilus bilineatus Agrilus lecontei celticola Fisher - Agrilus lecontei Agrilus (cephalicus?) - Agrilus Agrilus paracelti Knull - Agrilus paracelti Agrilus egenus Gory - Agrilus egenus Agrilus limpiae Knull - Agrilus limpiae Agrilus granulatus (Say) - Agrilus granulatus Brachys aerosus (Melsheimer) - Brachys aerosus Brachys ovatus (Weber) - Brachys ovatus  Taphrocerus Taphrocerus Taphrocerus
Pachyschelus laevigatus (Say) - Pachyschelus laevigatus Pachyschelus purpureus (Say) - Pachyschelus purpureus - female


Byrrhidae - Pill or Moss Beetles

Curimopsis strigosa (Melsheimer) - Curimopsis strigosa Porcinolus undatus (Melsheimer) - Porcinolus undatus=Porcinolus undatus (Melsheimer) - Porcinolus undatus

Elmidae - Riffle Beetles

Heterelmis vulnerata (LeConte) - Heterelmis vulnerata Ancyronyx variegata Hexacylloepus ferrugineus (Horn) - Hexacylloepus ferrugineus Microcylloepus pusillus (LeConte) - Microcylloepus pusillus Neoelmis caesa Macronychus glabratus Dubiraphia vittata Dubiraphia parva Optioservus ovalis Optioservus sandersoni Stenelmis occidentalis Schmude and Brown - Stenelmis occidentalis Stenelmis occidentalis Schmude and Brown - Stenelmis occidentalis another Riffle beetle - Stenelmis bicarinata Stenelmis cheryl Brown - Stenelmis cheryl Stenelmis crenata Stenelmis grossa Sanderson - Stenelmis grossa

Dryopidae - Long-toed Water Beetles

Pelonomus obscurus LeConte - Pelonomus obscurus Helichus lithophilus (Germar) - Helichus lithophilus Helichus suturalis LeConte - Helichus suturalis

Lutrochidae - Travertine Beetles

Lutrochus luteus LeConte - Lutrochus luteus Travertine beetle - Lutrochus laticeps

Limnichidae - Minute Marsh-loving Beetles

Limnichoderus Limnichites punctatus Physemus minutus LeConte - Physemus minutus

Heteroceridae - Variegated Mud-loving Beetles

Tropicus pusillus (Say) - Tropicus pusillus Heterocerus mollinus Kiesenwetter - Heterocerus mollinus Heterocerus texanus (Pacheco) - Heterocerus texanus Centuriatus auromicans - Augyles auromicans Augyles compactus Fall - Augyles compactus

Psephenidae - Water Penny Beetles

Ectopria nervosa (Melsheimer) - Ectopria nervosa=Ectopria nervosa (Melsheimer) - Ectopria nervosa Psephenus herricki=flat larva - Psephenus herricki  

Ptilodactylidae - Toe-winged Beetles

Ptilodactyla - female Ptilodactyla

Chelonariidae - Turtle Beetles

Chelonarium lecontei Thomson - Chelonarium lecontei

Callirhipidae - Callirhipid Cedar Beetles

Zenoa picea (Beauvois) - Zenoa picea=Zenoa picea (Beauvois) - Zenoa picea


Artematopodidae - Soft-bodied Plant Beetles

Eurypogon harrisii (Westwood) - Eurypogon harrisii

Cerophytidae - Rare Click Beetles

Cerophytum pulsator (Haldeman) - Cerophytum pulsator - male

Eucnemidae - False Click Beetles

  Schizophilus subrufus beetle - Stethon pectorosus Eucnemid - Deltometopus amoenicornis Isorhipis ruficornis (Say) - Isorhipis ruficornis - female Melasis pectinicornis - male Eucnemidae - Nematodes penetrans Rhagomicrus humeralis (Say) - Rhagomicrus humeralis Entomophthalmus rufiolus (LeConte) - Entomophthalmus rufiolus False Click Beetle - Adelothyreus dejeani False Click Beetle - Microrhagus pectinatus - female beetle - Microrhagus triangularis Sarpedon scabrosus

Throscidae - Small False Click Beetles

Aulonothroscus punctatus Bonvouloir - Aulonothroscus punctatus throscid - Trixagus chevrolati

Elateridae - Click Beetles

Selonodon speratus (Fall) - Selonodon speratus
Conoderus lividus (De Geer) - Conoderus lividus Meristhus cristatus Horn - Meristhus cristatus Rismethus scobinula (Candeze) - Rismethus scobinula Aeolus scutellatus (Schaeffer) - Aeolus scutellatus Melanotus communis-complex=Melanotus communis-complex Glyphonyx nanus Smith and Balsbaugh - Glyphonyx nanus Ampedus areolatus (Say) - Ampedus areolatus Anchastus binus (Say) - Anchastus binus Ampedus areolatus (Say) - Ampedus areolatus Ampedus fuscatus (Melsheimer) - Ampedus fuscatus - male Agriotes insanus Candèze - Agriotes insanus Glyphonyx helix again? - Glyphonyx helix Megapenthes insignis (LeConte) - Megapenthes insignis 06- Click Beetle - Melanotus decumanus - male Melanotus opacicollis - female Megapenthes angularis LeConte - Megapenthes angularis Diplostethus carolinensis
Limonius auripilis (Say) - Limonius auripilis Limonius basillaris (Say) - Limonius basilaris Hadromorphus n. sp. (nr. inflatus) - Hadromorphus Limonius griseus (Beauvois) - Limonius griseus Limonius basillaris (Say) - Limonius basilaris Limonius griseus (Beauvois) - Limonius griseus
Paradonus pectoralis (Say) - Paradonus pectoralis Melanactes piceus (De Geer) - Melanactes piceus Melanactes piceus (De Geer) - Melanactes piceus Perissarthron trapezium (LeConte) - Perissarthron trapezium Melanactes piceus (De Geer) - Melanactes piceus


Lycidae - Net-winged Beetles

Lycidae - Erotides sculptilis Plateros - Eropterus trilineatus Eros humeralis Greenarus thoracicus (Randall) - Greenarus thoracicus Dictyoptera aurora (Herbst) - Dictyoptera aurora
Plateros flavoscutellatus Blatchley - Plateros flavoscutellatus - male Plateros bispiculatus Green - Plateros bispiculatus - male=Plateros bispiculatus Green - Plateros bispiculatus - male Plateros lictor (Newman) - Plateros lictor - male=Plateros lictor (Newman) - Plateros lictor - male Plateros peregrinus Green - Plateros peregrinus - male=Plateros peregrinus Green - Plateros peregrinus - male Calopteron terminale (Say) - Calopteron terminale Calopteron reticulatum (Fabricius) - Calopteron reticulatum Orange and black beetle - Calopteron discrepans Caenia dimidiata Leptoceletes basalis - female

Phengodidae - Glowworm Beetles

 Glowworm Beetle - Phengodes fusciceps - male Phengodes plumosa - male Phengodidae Glowworm female - Phengodes laticollis - female

Lampyridae - Fireflies (see also, TX Fireflies)

Pyropyga minuta (LeConte) - Pyropyga minuta Pleotomus pallens LeConte - Pleotomus pallens Photuris Photinus Lucidota atra (Olivier) - Lucidota atra Ellychnia corrusca (Linnaeus) - Ellychnia corrusca Lampyrid - Pollaclasis bifaria Phausis

Cantharidae - Soldier Beetles

Malthinus occipitalis LeConte - Malthinus occipitalis=Malthinus occipitalis atripennis LeConte - Malthinus occipitalis Ditemnus latilobus (Blatchley) - Ditemnus latilobus - male Ditemnus bidentatus (Say) - Ditemnus bidentatus  Belotus
Podabrus limbatus?? - Podabrus limbatus Podabrus limbatus?? - Podabrus limbatus Podabrus rugulosus LeConte - Podabrus rugosulus Podabrus brunnicollis poricollis LeConte - Podabrus brunnicollis Podabrus flavicollis LeConte - Podabrus flavicollis Rhagonycha lineola (Fabricius) - Rhagonycha lineola Rhagonycha scitulus (Say) - Rhagonycha scitulus


Derodontidae - Tooth-necked Fungus Beetles

Derodontid - Derodontus esotericus


Dermestidae - Skin Beetles

Endecatomus rugosus (Randall) - Endecatomus rugosus Novelsis aequalis (Sharp) - Novelsis aequalis Trogoderma ornatum (Say) - Trogoderma ornatum Novelsis horni Anthrenus verbasci (Linnaeus) - Anthrenus verbasci Anthrenus thoracicus Melsheimer - Anthrenus thoracicus Carpet Beetle - Anthrenus castaneae Cryptorhopalum triste-group - Cryptorhopalum triste Cryptorhopalum ruficorne LeConte - Cryptorhopalum ruficorne Cryptorhopalum haemorrhoidale (LeConte) - Cryptorhopalum haemorrhoidale
Larder Beetle - Dermestes lardarius Dermestes caninus Germar - Dermestes caninus 

Bostrichidae - Horned Powder-post Beetles

Endecatomus dorsalis Mellie - Endecatomus dorsalis=Endecatomus dorsalis Mellie - Endecatomus dorsalis Stephanopachys hispidulus (Casey) - Stephanopachys hispidulus=Stephanopachys hispidulus (Casey) - Stephanopachys hispidulus Lyctus opaculus LeConte - Lyctus opaculus Xylobiops basilaris (Say) - Xylobiops basilaris=Xylobiops basilaris (Say) - Xylobiops basilaris Xylobiops texanus (Horn) - Xylobiops texanus Lichenophanes bicornis (Weber) - Lichenophanes bicornis Amphicerus bicaudatus (Say) - Amphicerus bicaudatus

Family Anobiidae (or Ptinidae) - Death-watch and Spider Beetles

Ptinus bimaculatus Melsheimer  - Ptinus bimaculatus Ptinus texanus Pic - Ptinus texanus Ptinus falli Pic - Ptinus falli Ernobius granulatus LeConte - Ernobius granulatus=Ernobius granulatus LeConte - Ernobius granulatus Ozognathus floridanus LeConte - Ozognathus floridanus
Trichodesma gibbosa which Trichodesma - Trichodesma klagesi Euvrilletta mucorea (LeConte) - Euvrilletta mucorea Lasioderma hemiptychoides Fall - Lasioderma hemiptychoides=Lasioderma hemiptychoides Fall - Lasioderma hemiptychoides Dorcatoma falli White - Dorcatoma falli=Dorcatoma falli White - Dorcatoma falli Drugstore Beetle - Stegobium paniceum Caenocara Death-watch beetle - Protheca hispida Beetle - Sculptotheca puberula Striatheca lineata White - Striatheca lineata=Striatheca lineata White - Striatheca lineata
Calymmaderus nitidus (LeConte) - Calymmaderus nitidus Calymmaderus obsoletus (Fall) - Calymmaderus obsoletus=Calymmaderus obsoletus (Fall) - Calymmaderus obsoletus Petalium alaseriatum Ford - Petalium alaseriatum Petalium alternatum Ford - Petalium alternatum=Petalium alternatum Ford - Petalium alternatum Petalium debile Fall - Petalium debile=Petalium debile Fall - Petalium debile
Tricorynus Tricorynus similis (LeConte) - Tricorynus similis Tricorynus similis (LeConte) - Tricorynus similis


Lymexylidae - Ship-timber Beetles

Melittomma sericeum - male


Trogossitidae - Bark-gnawing Beetles

Corticotomus parallelus (Melsheimer) - Corticotomus parallelus Corticotomus cylindricus (LeConte) - Corticotomus cylindricus Airora cylindrica (Audinet-Serville) - Airora cylindrica Temnoscheila acuta (LeConte)  - Temnoscheila acuta=Temnoscheila acuta (LeConte) - Temnoscheila acuta Bark-gnawing Beetle - Temnoscheila virescens
Tenebroides corticalis (Melsheimer) - Tenebroides corticalis Tenebroides bimaculatus Melsheimer - Tenebroides bimaculatus Bark-gnawing Beetle - Tenebroides collaris Tenebroides obtusus (Horn) - Tenebroides obtusus Lycoptis americana (Motschulsky) - Lycoptis americana  Bark-gnawing Beetle - Thymalus marginicollis 

Cleridae - Checkered Beetles (see also: TX Clerids)

Necrobia rufipes (De Geer)  - Necrobia rufipes Isohydnocera curtipennis (Newman) - Isohydnocera curtipennis Wolcottia pedalis (LeConte) - Wolcottia pedalis Pelonides quadripunctata (Say) - Pelonides quadripunctata - male Neorthopleura thoracica (Say) - Neorthopleura thoracica Chariessa pilosa (Forster) - Chariessa pilosa - male Checkered Beetle - Cregya oculata Cymatoderella collaris (Spinola) - Cymatoderella collaris Madoniella dislocatus (Say) - Madoniella dislocatus Pyticeroides laticornis (Say) - Pyticeroides laticornis=Pyticeroides laticornis (Say) - Pyticeroides laticornis Cymatodera Checkered Beetle - Cymatodera undulata Cymatodera inornata (Say) - Cymatodera inornata Enoclerus nigripes (Say) - Enoclerus nigripes Enoclerus nigrifrons (Say) - Enoclerus nigrifrons Enoclerus rosmarus (Say) - Enoclerus rosmarus Thanasimus dubius (Fabricius) - Thanasimus dubius Phyllobaenus knausii (Wickham) - Phyllobaenus knausii Checkered Beetle - Phyllobaenus pallipennis=Phyllobaenus pallipennis (Say) - Phyllobaenus pallipennis Phyllobaenus humeralis (Say) - Phyllobaenus humeralis Phyllobaenus pubescens (LeConte) - Phyllobaenus pubescens Phyllobaenus verticalis (Say) - Phyllobaenus verticalis=Phyllobaenus verticalis (Say) - Phyllobaenus verticalis Phyllobaenus unifasciatus (Say) - Phyllobaenus unifasciatus

Melyridae - Soft-winged Flower Beetles

Melyrodes basalis (LeConte) - Melyrodes basalis Dasytellus nigricornis (Bland) - Dasytellus nigricornis Trichochrous
Collops quadrimaculatus (Fabricius) - Collops quadrimaculatus Collops balteatus LeConte - Collops balteatus - female Hypebaeus=Hypebaeus bicolor (LeConte) - Hypebaeus bicolor - male Collops vicarius Fall - Collops vicarius Collops tibialis Schaeffer - Collops tibialis Attalus circumscriptus (Say) - Attalus circumscriptus Attalus Attalus rufiventris Horn - Attalus rufiventris Attalus


Sphindidae - Cryptic Slime Mold Beetles

small beetle - Sphindus americanus - female

Kateretidae - Short-winged Flower Beetles

green coleop - Heterhelus abdominalis

Nitidulidae - Sap-feeding Beetles

Amphicrossus ciliatus (Olivier) - Amphicrossus ciliatus Sap-feeding Beetle on Moonflower - Conotelus obscurus Prometopia? - Prometopia sexmaculata
Colopterus maculatus (Erichson) - Colopterus maculatus Colopterus unicolor (Say) - Colopterus unicolor Carpophilus sp. - Carpophilus freemani Carpophilus pilosellus Motschulsky - Carpophilus pilosellus Carpophilus corticinus Erichson - Carpophilus corticinus Carpophilus hemipterus Carpophilus marginellus Motschulsky - Carpophilus marginellus Beetle - Epuraea aestiva - female Epuraea corticina Epuraea rufa (Say) - Epuraea rufa Stelidota octomaculata (Say) - Stelidota octomaculata Lobiopa undulata (Say) - Lobiopa undulata Omosita nearctica Kirejtshuk - Omosita nearctica mystery nit - Phenolia grossa Stelidota coenosa Erichson - Stelidota coenosa Pallodes pallidus (Beauvois) - Pallodes pallidus Cryptarcha ampla Erichson - Cryptarcha ampla Cryptarcha concinna Melsheimer - Cryptarcha concinna Cryptarcha strigatula Parsons - Cryptarcha strigatula Glischrochilus fasciatus - male Four-spotted Sap Beetle - Glischrochilus quadrisignatus

Monotomidae - Root-eating Beetles

Bactridium Rhizophagus cylindricus LeConte - Rhizophagus cylindricus Root-eating Beetle - Europs pallipennis
Monotoma longicollis (Gyllenhal) - Monotoma longicollis Monotomidae - Monotoma americana Monotoma picipes Herbst - Monotoma picipes

Silvanidae - Silvanid Flat Bark Beetles

Telephanus atricapillus Erichson - Telephanus atricapillus Uleiota dubius - Uleiota dubia
Cathartosilvanus imbellis (LeConte) - Cathartosilvanus imbellis Ahasverus rectus (LeConte) - Ahasverus rectus Ahasverus rectus (LeConte) - Ahasverus advena Nausibius major Zimmerman - Nausibius major Oryzaephilus surinamensis Silvanid - Silvanus muticus Silvanid 1 - Silvanus planatus

Passandridae - Parasitic Flat Bark Beetles

Catogenus rufus (Fabricius) - Catogenus rufus

Cucujidae - Flat Bark Beetles

Cucujus clavipes =

Laemophloeidae - Lined Flat Bark Beetles

Placonotus zimmermanni (LeConte) - Placonotus zimmermanni Placonotus modestus (Say) - Placonotus modestus Laemophloeus biguttatus (Say) - Laemophloeus biguttatus=Laemophloeus biguttatus (Say) - Laemophloeus biguttatus Laemophloeus fasciatus Melsheimer - Laemophloeus fasciatus Lathropus vernalis Casey - Lathropus vernalis Charaphloeus convexulus (LeConte) - Charaphloeus convexulus Beetle - Cryptolestes ferrugineus Laemophloeidae - Cryptolestes punctatus Leptophloeus angustulus (LeConte) - Leptophloeus angustulus - male

Phalacridae - Shining Flower Beetles

Stilbus Olibrus Acylomus Stilbus apicalis (Melsheimer) - Stilbus apicalis Gorginus rubens (LeConte) - Gorginus rubens

Cryptophagidae - Silken Fungus Beetles

Atomaria lewisi Reitter - Atomaria lewisi Cryptophagus setulosus Sturm - Cryptophagus setulosus

Erotylidae - Pleasing Fungus Beetles

Dacne quadrimaculata Pleasing Fungus Beetle - Megalodacne fasciata Megalodacne heros
Languria bicolor (Fabricius) - Languria bicolor Languria trifasciata Say - Languria trifasciata Acropteroxys gracilis (Newman) - Acropteroxys gracilis Languria mozardi Latreille - Languria mozardi
Pseudischyrus extricates (Crotch) - Pseudischyrus extricatus Ischyrus quadripunctatus (Olivier) - Ischyrus quadripunctatus
Triplax puncticeps Casey - Triplax puncticeps Pleasing fungus beetel - Triplax flavicollis Triplax frontalis Horn - Triplax frontalis Pleasing fungus beetle - Triplax thoracica Triplax festiva Lacordaire - Triplax festiva Tritoma biguttata (Say) - Tritoma biguttata Tritoma mimetica - female Tritoma pulchra dark erotylid - Tritoma unicolor Pharaxonotha kirschii Reitter - Pharaxonotha kirschii Toramus Cryptophilus integer (Heer) - Cryptophilus integer Toramus pulchellus (LeConte) - Toramus pulchellus Beetle  - Loberus impressus - female

Byturidae - Fruitworm Beetles

Byturus unicolor Say - Byturus unicolor

Biphyllidae - False Skin Beetles

Diplocoelus brunneus LeConte - Diplocoelus brunneus Diplocoelus rudis (LeConte) - Diplocoelus rudis

Bothrideridae - Dry Bark Beetles

Sosylus costatus LeConte - Sosylus costatus Prolyctus exaratus (Melsheimer) - Prolyctus exaratus Bothrideres cryptus Stephan - Bothrideres cryptus Bothrideres geminatus (Say) - Bothrideres geminatus Sosylus costatus or extensus ??? - Sosylus extensus

Cerylonidae - Minute Bark Beetles

Cerylon - Cerylon unicolor Philothermus glabriculus LeConte - Philothermus glabriculus

Euxestidae - 'Well Polished' Beetles (former subfamily of Cerylonidae)

mystery beetle - Hypodacne punctata

Endomychidae - Handsome Fungus Beetles

Rhanidea unicolor (Ziegler) - Rhanidea unicolor Aphorista vittata (Fabricius) - Aphorista vittata Lycoperdina ferruginea LeConte - Lycoperdina ferruginea Epipocus punctatus LeConte - Epipocus punctatus Holoparamecus
Endomychus biguttatus Say - Endomychus biguttatus=Endomychus biguttatus Say - Endomychus biguttatus Danae testacea (Ziegler) - Danae testacea=Danae testacea (Ziegler) - Danae testacea Stenotarsus

Anamorphidae - 'Without Form' Beetles (former subfamily of Endomychidae)

 Anamorphus Micropsephodes lundgreni Leschen & Carlton 2000 - Micropsephodes lundgreni Rhymbomicrus sp. - Rhymbomicrus Tiny orange beetle under bark - Symbiotes gibberosus Endomychid - Clemmus minor

Coccinellidae - Lady Beetles (see also: Lady Beetles of sc US)

Delphastus pusilla (LeConte) - Delphastus pusillus Cephaloscymnus z. zimmermanni Crotch - Cephaloscymnus zimmermanni Nephus flavifrons (Melsheimer) - Nephus flavifrons Didion punctatum (Melsheimer) - Didion punctatum Zagloba satana Gordon - Zagloba satana Nephaspis oculatus (Blatchley) - Nephaspis oculatus
Diomus liebecki (Horn) - Diomus liebecki Diomus amabilis (LeConte) - Diomus amabilis=Diomus amabilis (LeConte) - Diomus amabilis=Diomus amabilis (LeConte) - Diomus amabilis Diomus xanthaspis (Mulsant) - Diomus xanthaspis Diomus terminates (Say) - Diomus terminatus
Scymnus Scymnus (Pullus) loewii Mulsant - Scymnus loewii Scymnus (Pullus) semiruber Horn - Scymnus semiruber Scymnus (Pullus) brullei Mulsant - Scymnus brullei Scymnus circumspectus Horn - Scymnus circumspectus Scymnus (Pullus) rubricaudus Casey - Scymnus rubricaudus Scymnus cervicalis Mulsant - Scymnus cervicalis Scymnus (Pullus) tenebrosus Mulsant - Scymnus tenebrosus Scymnus (Pullus) uncus Wingo - Scymnus uncus Hyperaspis punctata LeConte - Hyperaspis punctata=Hyperaspis punctata LeConte - Hyperaspis punctata=Hyperaspis punctata LeConte - Hyperaspis punctata=Hyperaspis punctata LeConte - Hyperaspis punctata
Brachiacantha decempustulata (Melsheimer) - Brachiacantha decempustulata=Brachiacantha decempustulata (Melsheimer) - Brachiacantha decempustulata=Brachiacantha decempustulata (Melsheimer) - Brachiacantha decempustulata=Brachiacantha decempustulata (Melsheimer) - Brachiacantha decempustulata
Hyperaspis troglodytes Mulsant - Hyperaspis troglodytes=Hyperaspis troglodytes Mulsant - Hyperaspis troglodytes=Hyperaspis troglodytes Mulsant - Hyperaspis troglodytes=Hyperaspis troglodytes Mulsant - Hyperaspis troglodytes
Hyperaspis binotata (Say) - Hyperaspis binotata=Hyperaspis binotata (Say) - Hyperaspis binotata=Hyperaspis binotata (Say) - Hyperaspis binotata
Hyperaspis gemina LeConte - Hyperaspis gemina=Hyperaspis gemina LeConte - Hyperaspis gemina=Hyperaspis gemina LeConte - Hyperaspis gemina
Hyperaspis n. sp. - Hyperaspis=Hyperaspis n. sp. - Hyperaspis=Hyperaspis n. sp. - Hyperaspis
Hyperaspis undulata (Say) - Hyperaspis undulata=Hyperaspis undulata (Say) - Hyperaspis undulata 
Hyperaspis inedita Mulsant - Hyperaspis inedita=Hyperaspis inedita Mulsant - Hyperaspis inedita
Hyperaspis signata bicentralis Casey - Hyperaspis signata=Hyperaspis signata bicentralis Casey - Hyperaspis signata
Hyperaspidius marginatus (Gaines) - Hyperaspidius marginatus=Hyperaspidius marginatus (Gaines) - Hyperaspidius marginatus Coccinellidae ?? - Hyperaspidius Hyperaspidius nanellus Gordon - Hyperaspidius nanellus
Brachiacantha quadrillum LeConte - Brachiacantha quadrillum=Brachiacantha quadrillum LeConte - Brachiacantha quadrillum
Brachiacantha dentipes (Fabricius) - Brachiacantha dentipes=Brachiacantha dentipes (Fabricius) - Brachiacantha dentipes=Brachiacantha dentipes (Fabricius) - Brachiacantha dentipes
Brachiacantha felina (Fabricius) - Brachiacantha felina=Brachiacantha felina (Fabricius) - Brachiacantha felina=Brachiacantha felina (Fabricius) - Brachiacantha felina=
Brachiacantha bollii Crotch - Brachiacantha bollii - female=Brachiacantha bollii Crotch - Brachiacantha bollii - female=Brachiacantha bollii Crotch - Brachiacantha bollii - female=Brachiacantha bollii Crotch - Brachiacantha bollii=Brachiacantha bollii Crotch - Brachiacantha bollii

Exochomus childreni guexi LeConte  - Exochomus childreni=Exochomus childreni guexi LeConte - Exochomus childreni Axion tripustulatum (DeGeer) - Axion tripustulatum=Axion tripustulatum (DeGeer) - Axion tripustulatum

Psyllobora renifer Casey - Psyllobora renifer Psyllobora vigintimaculata (Say) - Psyllobora vigintimaculata Cycloneda munda (Say) - Cycloneda munda Coleomegilla maculata lengi Timberlake - Coleomegilla maculata Hippodamia convergens Guérin-Méneville - Hippodamia convergens Hippodamia tredecimpunctata (Linnaeus) - Hippodamia tredecimpunctata Myzia pullata (Say) - Myzia pullata Neoharmonia venusta venusta (Melsheimer) - Neoharmonia venusta
Olla v-nigrum (Mulsant) - Olla v-nigrum=Olla v-nigrum (Mulsant) - Olla v-nigrum Coccinella septempunctata Linnaeus - Coccinella septempunctata Harmonia axyridis (Pallas) - Harmonia axyridis=Harmonia axyridis (Pallas) - Harmonia axyridis=Harmonia axyridis (Pallas) - Harmonia axyridis=Harmonia axyridis (Pallas) - Harmonia axyridis Coccinella novemnotata Herbst - Coccinella novemnotata

Corylophidae - Minute Hooded Beetles


Latridiidae - Minute Brown Scavenger Beetles

Melanophthalma corticarine - Corticaria


Mycetophagidae - Hairy Fungus

Typhaea stercorea (Linnaeus) - Typhaea stercorea