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Fireflies of Texas - Family Lampyridae

There are 40+ species of Lampyrids recorded from Texas (E.G. Riley, pers. comm., 2016)

Specimens primarily shot at the TAMUIC and the UTIC

Family Lampyridae (150-200 NA spp., 40+ TX spp.) (NA diversity numbers per Lloyd, 2003, TX diversity numbers per E.G. Riley, pers. comm., 2016)

Subfamily Lampyrinae (higher taxonomy follows Bouchard et al. 2011)

Tribe Lampyrini

Microphotus octarthrus Fall - Microphotus octarthrus - male - Microphotus octarthrus Fall - AZ to w. TX (distributions per literature, specimen label data in the TAMU and UT collections, plus BugGuide data)
Microphotus pecosensis - female - Microphotus pecosensis Fall - sw US to w. TX / nc. Mex.

Tribe Pleotomini

Pleotomus pallens LeConte - Pleotomus pallens - male=Firefly   - Pleotomus pallens - male=Glowbug - Pleotomus pallens - female=Pleotomus=Pleotomus - Pleotomus pallens LeConte - sc US (NM to AL, n. to KS), but most common in south and west TX
Pleotomus nigripennis LeConte - Pleotomus nigripennis - male=Pleotomus nigripennis LeConte - Pleotomus nigripennis - male=Pleotomus nigripennis LeConte - Pleotomus nigripennis - male - Pleotomus nigripennis LeConte - AZ to w. TX (?NSR)

Tribe Lamprocerini

Nine year old Lukas found this at his school and recognized it - Tenaspis angularis - male - Tenaspis angularis (Gorham) - Gulf Coast to C. Amer. (diurnal, very rare)

Tribe Cratomorphini

Aspisoma ignitum (Linnaeus) - Aspisoma ignitum - male=Aspisoma ignitum (Linnaeus) - Aspisoma ignitum - male Aspisoma ignitum (Linnaeus) - Aspisoma ignitum - female - Aspisoma ignitum (Linnaeus) - w. & s. TX to S. Amer. (very rare, known in Texas from three specimens)
Pyractomena punctiventris (LeConte) - Pyractomena punctiventris - female=Pyractomena punctiventris (LeConte) - Pyractomena punctiventris - female - Pyractomena punctiventris (LeConte) - e., c. & s. TX
Pyractomena angulata (Say) - Pyractomena angulata Pyractomena angulata (Say) - Pyractomena angulata Pyractomena angulata (Say) - Pyractomena angulata - Pyractomena angulata (Say) - e NA to e. TX
Pyractomena vexillaria Gorham - Pyractomena vexillaria Pyractomena vexillaria Gorham - Pyractomena vexillaria Pyractomena vexillaria Gorham - Pyractomena vexillaria - Pyractomena vexillaria Gorham -

Tribe Lucidotini

Ellychnia corrusca (Linnaeus) - Ellychnia corrusca - Ellychnia corrusca (Linnaeus) - e. NA to e TX, w. Mtn tops (diurnal)
Ellychnia flavicollis (LeConte) - Ellychnia flavicollis=Ellychnia flavicollis (LeConte) - Ellychnia flavicollis - Ellychnia flavicollis (LeConte) - NM to c. TX
Lucidota atra (Olivier) - Lucidota atra - male=Lampyrid - Lucidota atra=larva? - Lucidota atra=Firefly Larva - Lucidota atra=Firefly Larva - Lucidota atra - Lucidota atra (Olivier) - e. NA to e TX (diurnal) Phausis inaccensa LeConte - Phausis inaccensa=Phausis inaccensa LeConte - Phausis inaccensa Phausis inaccensa LeConte - Phausis inaccensa - Phausis inaccensa LeConte - e. US to e. TX (NSR) (only the females emit light)
Phausis=Phausis=Phausis - (same as above?) Photinus texanus Green - Photinus texanus Photinus texanus Green - Photinus texanus - male Photinus texanus Green - Photinus texanus - male  - Photinus texanus Green - w. to c. TX to n. Mex
Photinus immaculatus Green - Photinus immaculatus - male=Photinus immaculatus Green - Photinus immaculatus - male=Photinus immaculatus Green - Photinus immaculatus - male - Photinus immaculatus Green - only known from Gillespie Co., in central TX. Most likely Enchanted Rock State Natural Area.
Photinus cookii Green - Photinus cookii=Photinus cookii Green - Photinus cookii  - Photinus cookii Green - se US to e. TX (diurnal, non-flashing, rare)
Photinus pyralis (Linnaeus) - Photinus pyralis - female=Photinus pyralis (Linnaeus) - Photinus pyralis - female=Photinus pyralis (Linnaeus) - Photinus pyralis - female=Large Firefly - Photinus pyralis - male - Photinus pyralis (Linnaeus) - e. US to w. TX (probably occurs in every county e. of I-35)
Photinus concisus Lloyd - Photinus concisus=Photinus concisus Lloyd - Photinus concisus - Photinus concisus Lloyd - Endemic to c. TX
large Photinus sp., nr. P. pyralis - Photinus - Photinus sp. 1 (large sp., nr. pyralis) - s. TX
Photinus stellaris Fall - Photinus stellaris - male=Photinus stellaris Fall - Photinus stellaris - male=Photinus stellaris Fall - Photinus stellaris - male=Photinus stellaris Fall - Photinus stellaris - female=Photinus stellaris Fall - Photinus stellaris - female - Photinus stellaris Fall - w. to c. TX
Photinus - male=Photinus - male=Photinus - male - ?

(also brimleyi, punctulatus and granulatus)
Photinus consanguineus COMPLEX - Photinus consanguineus - male=Photinus consanguineus COMPLEX - Photinus consanguineus=Photinus consanguineus COMPLEX - Photinus consanguineus - Photinus consanguineus LeConte - e. US to e. TX
Photinus dimissus LeConte - Photinus dimissus - male Photinus dimissus LeConte - Photinus dimissus - male Photinus dimissus LeConte - Photinus dimissus=Photinus dimissus LeConte - Photinus dimissus - male - Photinus dimissus LeConte - s. TX to across s. OK
(also indictus)
(consimilis COMPLEX)
Pyropyga minuta (LeConte) - Pyropyga minuta=Pyropyga minuta (LeConte) - Pyropyga minuta - Pyropyga minuta (LeConte) - se US to AZ
Pyropyga nigricans (Say) - Pyropyga nigricans=Pyropyga nigricans (Say) - Pyropyga nigricans - Pyropyga nigricans (Say) - w. NA to s. TX (diurnal)
Pyropyga Pyropyga - Pyropyga (?)modesta Green - mostly AZ, but also NM-TX-MO-OK / n. Mex.

Subfamily Photurinae

Photuris versicolor COMPLEX - Photuris versicolor - female=Photuris versicolor COMPLEX - Photuris versicolor - female=Photuris versicolor COMPLEX - Photuris versicolor - female - Photuris versicolor COMPLEX - e US
Photuris frontalis COMPLEX - Photuris frontalis - female=Photuris frontalis COMPLEX - Photuris frontalis - female=Photuris frontalis COMPLEX - Photuris frontalis - female - Photuris frontalis COMPLEX - e. US to c. TX
Photuris hebes Barber - Photuris hebes Photuris hebes Barber - Photuris hebes Photuris hebes Barber - Photuris hebes Photuris hebes Barber - Photuris hebes - Photuris hebes Barber - se. US to e. TX
Photuris - male=Photuris - male=Photuris - male=Photuris - male=Photuris - male
Photuris - male=Photuris - male=Photuris - male=Photuris - male
Photuris flavicollis Fall - Photuris flavicollis - male=Photuris flavicollis Fall - Photuris flavicollis - male=Photuris flavicollis Fall - Photuris flavicollis - male - Photuris flavicollis Fall  - w. TX

Subfamily Psilocladinae

Lampyrid - Pollaclasis bifaria - Pollaclasis bifaria (Say) - e. US to e. TX (very rare throughout its range)

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