Buprestidae of Texas with Notes on Texas Types

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 Texas has 318 species of Buprestids
(E.G. Riley, pers. comm. 2011; plus additions)
Over 95% of Texas' species are illustrated here

36 species (range in blue) potentially endemic to TX

The following list initially compiled from Nelson et al. 2008
Range and Host Plant info per Nelson et al. 2008, and GBIF

Knowledge gleaned from years of generous assistance from the following individuals:
J. Hansen, D. Heffern, H. Hespenheide, T. MacRae, E. Riley, S. Wellso, and R. Westcott.

Speciemens primarily from the DJHC, SGWC, TAMUIC, USNM, UTIC and WWFC Collections.

(TL = Type Locality)

Family Buprestidae Leach 

Subfamily Polycestinae Lacordaire 

Genus Mastogenius Solier 1849

Mastogenius crenulatus Knull

Range: TX-FL-NJ-IL

Hosts: Carya, Cercis, Diospyros, Quercus 

Mastogenius crenulatus Knull - Mastogenius crenulatusMastogenius crenulatus Knull - Mastogenius crenulatus
Mastogenius subcyaneus (LeConte)

Range: TX-FL-NY-IL

Hosts: Quercus

Mastogenius subcyaneus (LeConte) - Mastogenius subcyaneusMastogenius subcyaneus (LeConte) - Mastogenius subcyaneus

Mastogenius texanus Bellamy

TL: TX: Jeff Davis Co., Davis Mountains, Picnic Area, 11.3 mi W Ft. Davis on Hwy 161, elev. 5080'

Range: Trans-Pecos, w. TX

Hosts: Sandpaper Oak - Quercus vaseyana 

Genus Trigonogya Schaeffer 1919

Trigonogya reticulaticollis (Schaeffer)

TL: TX, Cameron Co., Brownsville
Range: southmost TX - Cameron and Hidalgo Counties
Host: Fraxinus berlandieriana - Mexican Ash

Trigonogya reticulaticollis (Schaeffer) - Trigonogya reticulaticollis

Genus Acmaeoderoides Van Dyke 1942

Acmaeoderoides ferruginis Wellso & Nelson

TL: TX, Presidio Co., 3 mi N Presidio

Range: Trans-Pecos, w. TX

Host: Adults on Acacia greggii - Catclaw Acacia

Acmaeoderoides ferruginis Wellso & Nelson - Acmaeoderoides ferruginis - male
Acmaeoderoides humeralis (Cazier)

          Range: sw US
          Host: unk.
Acmaeoderoides humeralis (Cazier) - Acmaeoderoides humeralis

Genus Acmaeodera Eschscholtz - Larval and Adult Plant Association info here

Acmaeodera amabilis Horn

Range: AZ to w. TX, CO
Host: Alder (Alnus)

Acmaeodera amabilis Horn - Acmaeodera amabilisAcmaeodera amabilis? - Acmaeodera amabilis
Acmaeodera amplicollis LeConte

Range: AZ to far w. TX / Mex

Host: larval host(s) unknown

Acmaeodera amplicollis LeConte - Acmaeodera amplicollis

Acmaeodera auritincta Fall 1922

TL: TX, Culberson Co., Kent, 3900-4200'

Range: NM to sw TX / Mex

Acmaeodera auritinctaAcmaeodera auritincta Fall - Acmaeodera auritincta
Acmaeodera bowditchi Fall

Range: AZ to s. TX, NV

Host: larval host in dead branches of Quercus vaseyana

Acmaeodera bowditchi Fall - Acmaeodera bowditchiAcmaeodera bowditchi Fall  - Acmaeodera bowditchi

Acmaeodera conoidea Fall

          Range: AZ to w. TX
          Hosts: Celtis, Juglans, Ulmus

Acmaeodera conoidea - female 

Acmaeodera consors Horn 1878

Range: sw TX

Host: larval and adult plant asso. unknown

Acmaeodera consors Horn - Acmaeodera consorsAcmaeodera consors Horn - Acmaeodera consors

Acmaeodera cribricollis Horn 1894

Range: s. CA to s. TX / Mex

Host: Larrea tridentata - Creosote Bush

Buprestid - Acmaeodera cribricollisAcmaeodera cribricollis

Acmaeodera davidsoni Barr

          Range: AZ, w. TX / Mex.
          Hosts unk., but adults taken on Acacia & Mimosa
Acmaeodera davidsoni Barr - Acmaeodera davidsoniAcmaeodera davidsoni Barr - Acmaeodera davidsoni

Acmaeodera delumbis

          Range: AZ to w. TX / Mex.
          Hosts in mesquite and acacia
Acmaeodera delumbis Horn - Acmaeodera delumbisAcmaeodera? - Acmaeodera delumbis

Acmaeodera disjuncta 

Range: AZ to w. TX / Mex.
Host: Larvae in ocotillo - Fouquieria splendens
Acmaeodera disjuncta   - Acmaeodera disjuncta

Acmaeodera flavomarginata (Gray)

Range: w. & c. TX to C. Amer.
Hosts: Larvae in Acacia, Diospyros, Prosopis
Acmaeodera flavomarginata (Gray) - Acmaeodera flavomarginataAcmaeodera flavomarginata (Gray) - Acmaeodera flavomarginata
Acmaeodera flavopicta Waterhouse

Range: AZ to sw. TX / Mex

Host: larval host unknown

Acmaeodera without any trace of red and an all dark pronotum - Acmaeodera flavopictaYet another Acmaeodera? - Acmaeodera flavopicta

Acmaeodera gibbula LeConte

TL: San Diego to El Paso
Range: s. CA to sw TX / Mex
Hosts: Larvae host of a variety of legumes, other hardwoods
Acmaeodera gibbula LeConte - Acmaeodera gibbulaAcmaeodera gibbula LeConte - Acmaeodera gibbula

Acmaeodera gillespiensis Knull

TL: TX, Gillespie Co.
Range: w. to c. TX

Host: Larval host is oak - Quercus sp. 

Acmaeodera gillespiensis Knull - Acmaeodera gillespiensisAcmaeodera gillespiensis Knull - Acmaeodera gillespiensis

Acmaeodera haemorrhoa LeConte

TL: TX, Webb Co., Laredo to Starr Co., Rio Grande City
Range: TX / Mex
Hosts: adults on flowers
Acmaeodera haemorrhoa LeConte - Acmaeodera haemorrhoaAcmaeodera haemorrhoa LeConte - Acmaeodera haemorrhoa

Acmaeodera immaculata Horn

          Range: w. US to w. TX (one TX record)
          Host: larvae on Krascheninnikovia lanata (Chenopodiaceae)
Acmaeodera immaculata Horn - Acmaeodera immaculataAcmaeodera -? - Acmaeodera immaculataAcmaeodera - ? - Acmaeodera immaculata

Acmaeodera macra Horn

Range: OK through c. TX to ne. Mex.

Host: Acacia berlandieri - Guajillo

Acmaeodera macra Horn - Acmaeodera macraAcmaeodera macra Horn - Acmaeodera macra

Acmaeodera maculifera Horn

Range: NM to w. TX / Mex

Host: larval host unknown

Buprestid - Acmaeodera maculiferaAcmaeodera maculifera? - Acmaeodera maculifera

Acmaeodera miliaris Horn 1878

Range: w. & c. TX to Mex

Host: larval host unknown

Acmaeodera miliaris Horn - Acmaeodera miliaris
Acmaeodera mixta LeConte 1860

Range: throughout TX & sc US

Hosts: Acacia, Celtis, Prosopis

Note: This sp. is highly variable

Acmaeodera mixta LeConte - Acmaeodera mixtaAcmaeodera mixta LeConte - Acmaeodera mixta
Acmaeodera neglecta Fall 1899

Range: mostly w. TX to the edge of e. TX
Hosts: Quercus, Ulmus, Ziziphus
Buprestidae - Acmaeodera? - Acmaeodera neglectaAcmaeodera neglecta Fall - Acmaeodera neglecta
Acmaeodera neoneglecta Fisher 1949

TL: Mexico. Type intercepted at Brownsville, TX
Range: southern half of TX to ne. Mex.

Hosts: Acacia, Ebenopsis, Leucana, Prosopis, Sophora, Ulmus

Acmaeodera neoneglecta Fisher - Acmaeodera neoneglectaAcmaeodera neoneglecta Fisher - Acmaeodera neoneglecta  

Acmaeodera obtusa Horn 1878

Range: OK to s. & w. TX

Host: larval host unknown

Acmaeodera obtusa Horn - Acmaeodera obtusaAcmaeodera obtusa Horn - Acmaeodera obtusa

Acmaeodera opacula LeConte 1858

TL: TX, El Paso Co., El Paso
Range: se AZ, w. TX
Host: larval host unknown

Type - MCZ

Acmaeodera opuntiae Knull 1966

TL: TX, Starr Co., 5 mi W Sullivan City
Range: c. to s. TX
Hosts: larvae host in Karwinskia and Parkinsonia

Acmaeodera opuntiae Knull - Acmaeodera opuntiae

Acmaeodera ornata (Fabricius)

          Range: mostly se US to e. TX
          Hosts: unknown
          infrequently collected, note curved, elongated, pale humeral mark
Acmaeodera ornata (Fabricius) - Acmaeodera ornataAcmaeodera ornata (Fabricius) - Acmaeodera ornata

Acmaeodera ornatoides Barr 1972

TL: TX, Goliad Co., Weser
Range: common across c. & n. TX
Hosts: Diospyros and Quercus

Acmaeodera ornatoides Barr - Acmaeodera ornatoidesAcmaeodera ornatoides Barr - Acmaeodera ornatoides

Acmaeodera paradisjuncta Knull 1940

TL: TX, Jeff Davis Co., Davis Mountains
Range: s. NM to sw TX / n. Mex
Host: Dasylirion wheeleri - Common Sotol

Acmaeodera paradisjuncta Knull - Acmaeodera paradisjuncta

Acmaeodera parkeri Cazier

          Range: AZ-TX / Mex,
          Host: Larval host unk., adults on flowers
Acmaeodera parkeri Cazier - Acmaeodera parkeri - male

Acmaeodera pinalorum
Knull 1930

          Range: CA to sw. TX
          Hosts unk., but adults asso. w/ Acacia, Mimosa, Prosopis

Acmaeodera pinalorum Knull - Acmaeodera pinalorum - femaleAcmaeodera pinalorum Knull - Acmaeodera pinalorum - female
Acmaeodera princeps Kerremans 1908

TL: New Zealand (error!)
Range: sw. to s. TX
Hosts: larvae in Parkinsonia spp. - Paloverde
Acmaeodera princeps? dorsal view - Acmaeodera princepsAcmaeodera princeps Kerremans - Acmaeodera princeps
Acmaeodera pulchella (Herbst)

Range: widely dist. across US, scattered TX records
Hosts: Crataegus, Gleditsia, Taxodium

Acmaeodera pulchella (Herbst) - Acmaeodera pulchellaAcmaeodera pulchella (Herbst) - Acmaeodera pulchella

Acmaeodera quadrivittatoides Nelson & Westcott 1995

TL: TX, Brewster Co., Big Bend Natl. Park
Range: sw US to w. TX / Mex
Host: Larval host unk., adults on various flowers
Acmaeodera quadrivittatoides Nelson & Westcott - Acmaeodera quadrivittatoidesAcmaeodera - Acmaeodera quadrivittatoides - female
Acmaeodera recticollis Fall 1899

          Range: AZ to s. TX, UT
          Hosts: Larvae in jointfir, Ephedra spp.
Acmaeodera recticollis Fall - Acmaeodera recticollis

Acmaeodera riograndei Nelson 1980

TL: TX, Brewster Co., Chisos Mtns, Oak Spring

Range: w. TX / Mex.

Acmaeodera riograndei Nelson - Acmaeodera riograndei

Acmaeodera robigo Knull 1954

TL: Lake Corpus Christi. TX
Range: OK to sw TX, rare
Host: Lavrae in Dalea - Prairie Clover

Acmaeodera robigo Knull - Acmaeodera robigo
Acmaeodera rubronotata Laporte

Range: AZ to s. TX, CO to s. NV / Mex.
Host: Larvae in oak - Quercus sp.
Acmaeodera rubronotata Laporte & Gory - Acmaeodera rubronotata

Acmaeodera scalaris Mannerheim

Range: AZ to c. TX / Mex.-C. Amer.
Host: Larval host unknown

Acmaeodera scalaris Mannerheim - Acmaeodera scalarisAcmaeodera scalaris Mannerheim - Acmaeodera scalaris

Acmaeodera starrae Knull 1966

TL: 5 mi W Sullivan City, Starr Co., TX

Range: Starr Co., TX
Host: Larval host unk.

Acmaeodera starrae Knull - Acmaeodera starrae
Acmaeodera texana LeConte [1859] 1860
Range: sc US to c. TX
Host: Larval host unk.
Acmaeodera texana LeConte - Acmaeodera texana

Acmaeodera tildenorum Nelson & Westcott 1995

TL: TX, Hidalgo Co., Sullivan City

Range: southmost TX / Mex.

Acmaeodera tildenorum - male

Acmaeodera tiquilia Westcott & Barr 1998

TL: TX, Brewster Co., "Lower Pine Cyn.", Big Bend N.P.

Range: w. TX
Host: Ephedra - Jointfir

Acmaeodera tiquilia Westcott & Barr - Acmaeodera tiquilia
Acmaeodera tubulus (Fabricius)

Range: e. US to w. TX
Hosts: larvae in Betula, Carya, Celtis, Crataegus, Juglans, Quercus, Salix, Ulmus
Acmaeodera tubulus (Fabricius) - Acmaeodera tubulus

Acmaeodera uvaldensis Knull 1936

TL: Uvalde, Uvalde Co., TX

Range: w. & c. TX / Mex.

Host: Larval host unk., Adults on mesquite - Prosopis 

Acmaeodera uvaldensis Knull - Acmaeodera uvaldensis
Acmaeodera variegata LeConte 1852

Range: AZ to s. TX, CO
Host: Larval host unk.
Metallic Wood-boring Beetle - Acmaeodera variegata

Acmaeodera wenzeli Van Dyke 1919

TL: Chisos Mountains, Brewster Co., TX

Range: w. TX / Mex.
Host: Acacia constricta - Whitethorn Acacia

Acmaeodera wenzeli Van Dyke - Acmaeodera wenzeliAcmaeodera wenzeli Van Dyke - Acmaeodera wenzeli

Genus Acmaeoderopsis Barr 1974

Acmaeoderopsis chisosensis (Knull 1952)

TL: TX, Brewster Co., Chisos Mountains

Range: w. TX / Mex.
Host: Vachellia (=Acacia) constricta - Whitethorn Acacia

Acmaeoderopsis chisosensis (Knull) - Acmaeoderopsis chisosensis

Acmaeoderopsis hulli (Knull)

Range: AZ to w. & s. TX / Mex.

Hosts: Larvae in Celtis, Prosopis, Quercus

Acmaeoderopsis hulli (Knull)  - Acmaeoderopsis hulliAcmaeoderopsis hulli (Knull) - Acmaeoderopsis hulli
Acmaeoderopsis junki (Thery)

Range: s. CA to w. TX / Mex.
Hosts: Larvae in Acacia, Cercidium, Prosopis
Acmaeoderopsis junki (Thery) - Acmaeoderopsis junki

Acmaeoderopsis rockefelleri (Cazier)

          Range: NM to w. TX / Mex.
          Hosts: Adults on Vachellia constricta,, Prosopis (Fabaceae)
Buprestidae - Acmaeoderopsis rockefelleri

Genus Ptosima Dejean 1833
Ptosima gibbicollis (Say)

Range: TX-FL-NJ-IA
Host: larvae on Cercis canadensis 
Ptosima gibbicollis
Ptosima idolynae Frost

Range: TX-MS-AR-OK
Host: Larvae on Crataegus 
Ptosima idolynae Frost - Ptosima idolynaePtosima idolynae Frost - Ptosima idolynae
Ptosima laeta Waterhouse

Range: n. to c. TX / Mex
Host: Cercis canadensis L. var. texensis

Ptosima laeta Waterhouse - Ptosima laetaPtosima laeta Waterhouse - Ptosima laeta
Ptosima walshii LeConte 1863

Range: TX-MS-OH-MN
Host: larvae in burr oak - Quercus macrocarpa
Ptosima walshii LeConte - Ptosima walshii

Genus Thrincopyge LeConte 1858

Thrincopyge alacris LeConte 1858

Range: AZ to w. TX / Mex
Host: Beaucarnea, Dasylirion

2nd Sotol Stalk Borer - Thrincopyge alacrisThrincopyge alacris - female

Thrincopyge ambiens (LeConte 1854)

TL: TX, Starr Co., Frontera, Rio Grande City

Range: AZ to sw. TX / Mex

Host: Dasylirion wheeleri - Common Sotol

Thrincopyge ambiensThrincopyge ambiens (LeConte) - Thrincopyge ambiens

Genus Polycesta Dejean 1833

Polycesta arizonica Schaeffer 1906

          Range: AZ to w. TX
          Hosts: larvae in oaks, Quercus spp.
Polycesta arizonica Schaeffer - Polycesta arizonica
Polycesta aruensis Obenberger 1924

Range: CA-AZ, s. TX / Mex
Hosts: Larvae in Texas Ebony - Ebenopsis ebano, Salix
Polycesta aruensis Obenberger - Polycesta aruensis

Polycesta elata LeConte 1858


Range: sc US to sw. & s. TX

Host: Chilopsis, Fraxinus, Platanus, and Quercus

Polycesta elata LeConte - Polycesta elataPolycesta elata - male

Genus Paratyndaris Fisher 1919

Paratyndaris acaciae Knull 1937

TL: TX, Jeff Davis Co., Davis Mountains

Range: NM to w. TX / Mex

Paratyndaris (Paratyndaris) acaciae Knull - Paratyndaris acaciaeParatyndaris (Paratyndaris) acaciae Knull - Paratyndaris acaciae

Paratyndaris chamaeleonis (Skinner 1903)

TL: TX, Cameron Co., Brownsville, Esperanza Ranch
Range: San Antonio, TX to Mex.
Host: Acacia, Diospyros, Ebenopsis, Parkinsonia
Paratyndaris chamaeleonis (Skinner) - Paratyndaris chamaeleonisParatyndaris chamaeleonis  (Skinner) - Paratyndaris chamaeleonis

Paratyndaris cincta (Horn 1885)


Range: southmost TX / Mex

Host: Ebenopsis ebano - Texas Ebony

Paratyndaris (Paratyndaris) cincta (Horn) - Paratyndaris cincta

Paratyndaris crandalli Knull 1941

TL: TX, Webb Co., Laredo

Range: Frio, Dimmit, Starr, Webb & Zapata CTY, TX

Host: larval host unknown

Paratyndaris crandalli Knull - Paratyndaris crandalli Paratyndaris crandalli Knull - Paratyndaris crandalli

Paratyndaris prosopis (Skinner 1903)

TL: TX, Austin County

Range: AZ, TX-OK, MS

Hosts: Prosopis and Quercus spp.

Paratyndaris prosopis Skinner - Paratyndaris prosopisHairy Buprestid - Paratyndaris prosopis


Subfamily Chrysochroinae Laporte 1835

Genus Nanularia Casey 1909

Nanularia pygmaea (Knull 1941)

TL: TX, Val Verde Co.

Range: west TX

Host: unknown

Nanularia pygmaea (Knull) - Nanularia pygmaea

Genus Texania Casey 1909

Texania campestris (Say)

          Range: e US
          Hosts: Larvae in Acer, Fagus, Salix
Texania campestris

Texania fulleri (Horn 1875)


Range: TX (most records from c. TX)

Host: Larvae in Celtis laevigata - Sugar Hackberry

Texania fulleri (Horn) - Texania fulleriBeetle with copper underside - Texania fulleri
Texania langeri (Chevrolat 1853)

          Range: TX, LA, MO, IA, VA
          Host: Unk.
Texania langeri (Chevrolat) - Texania langeri

Genus Chalcophora Dejean 1833

Chalcophora angulicollis (LeConte 1857)

Range: CA-TX-SD-WA / BC

Hosts: Larvae in Abies, Pinus, Pseudotsuga

Chalcophora angulicollis

Chalcophora virginiensis (Drury)

Range: TX-FL-ME-MN / Ont. / Mex.-C. Amer.
Hosts: Larvae in Pinus spp., Taxodium
Larger Flat-Headed Pine Borer - Chalcophora virginiensisBeetle species? - Chalcophora virginiensis

Genus Poecilonota Eschscholtz 1829

Poecilonota cyanipes (Say)

Range: AZ-MS-ME-ID / adj. Can
Hosts: Larvae in Populus, Robinia, Salix
Poecilonota cyanipes (Say) - Poecilonota cyanipesPoecilonota cyanipes (Say) - Poecilonota cyanipes

ferrea (Melsheimer 1845)

Hosts: Larvae in Populus
Buprestid - Poecilonota ferrea

thureura (Say)

Range: TX-FL-MA-CO
Hosts: Larvae in Salix
Poecilonota thureura (Say) - Poecilonota thureura

Genus Gyascutus LeConte 1858

Gyascutus caelata (LeConte)

Range: AZ-TX / Mex.
Hosts: Larval host unk., Adults on Acacia, Prosopis
It kept its scales!  - Gyascutus caelatusbig golden-elytra bup - Gyascutus caelatus
Gyascutus carolinensis Horn

          Range: sw US to w. TX / Mex
          Hosts: Larvae in Croton, Encelia, Gutierrezia, Prosopis, etc.
Gyascutus carolinensis Horn - Gyascutus carolinensisGyascutus carolinensis Horn - Gyascutus carolinensis
Gyascutus planicosta obliteratus (LeConte)

Range: AZ to w. TX / Mex
Host: Larval host unk.
Gyascutus (Gyascutus) planicosta obliteratus (LeConte) - Gyascutus planicosta

Genus Hippomelas Laporte & Glory 1837

Hippomelas planicauda Casey

          Range: AZ to w. TX / Mex
          Host unk., but adults taken from var. woody legumes
large Buprestid - Hippomelas planicaudaHippomelas planicauda Casey - Hippomelas planicauda

Hippomelas sphenicus (LeConte 1854)

TL: TX, Webb Co. to Starr Co.

Range: AZ to w. & s. TX / Mex
Host: larval hosts unknown

Buprestid  - Hippomelas sphenicus

Genus Lampetis Dejean 1833

Lampetis cupreopunctata (Schaeffer 1905)

TL: TX, Cameron Co., Brownsville, Esperanza Ranch

Range: southmost TX / Mex

Host: larval host unknown

Lampetis cupreopunctata (Schaeffer) - Lampetis cupreopunctataLampetis cupreopunctata (Schaeffer) - Lampetis cupreopunctata
Lampetis drummondi (Laporte & Gory)

Range: AZ-LA-MO-CO / Mex
Host: adults found on a wide variety of plants
Lampetis drummondi? - Lampetis drummondi
Lampetis webbii (LeConte)

Range: AZ to far w. TX / Mex.
Host: Larvae in Paloverde - Cercidium floridum
Lampetis webbii (LeConte) - Lampetis webbii

Genus Dicerca Eschscholtz 1829

Dicerca asperata (Laporte & Gory)

          Range: e. North America
          Host: larvae in Oak, Quercus sp.
Dicerca asperata (Laporte & Gory) - Dicerca asperata
Dicerca divaricata (Say)

Range: TX-GA-ME-UT / s. Can. / West Indies
Hosts: Larvae in Acer, Betula, Cercis, Fraxinus, Ostrya, Quercus, Ulmus
Buprestid - Dicerca divaricataDivaricata on porch floorboards - Dicerca divaricata
Dicerca lepida LeConte

Range: NM-AL-NY-IA (roughly)
Hosts: Larvae in hawthorn - Crataegus, hophornbeam - Ostrya
Dicerca lepida LeConte - Dicerca lepida - male
Dicerca lurida (Fabricius)

Range: TX-FL-NY-MN / se Can.
Hosts: larvae in Alnus, Carpinus, Carya, Prunus, Salix, Tilia
Dicerca lurida (Fabricius) - Dicerca luridaDicerca lurida (Fabricius) - Dicerca lurida

mutica LeConte

          Rare, known from four states: MD, MO, NY, TX
          Larval Host: unk.


Dicerca obscura (Fabricius)

Range: TX-FL-NY-IN
Hosts: Larvae in Diospyros, Rhus
Beetle - Dicerca obscuraDicerca obscura (Fabricius) - Dicerca obscura

Dicerca punctulata (Schönherr)

Range: TX-FL-NY-IA
Hosts: Larvae in pines - Pinus spp.

Dicerca punctulata - male
Dicerca tenebrica (Kirby)

Range: CA-GA-ME-WA / s. Can.
Hosts: Cottonwoods, aspen - Populus spp.
Metallic Wood Boring Beetle - Dicerca tenebrica


Subfamily Buprestinae Leach 1815


Genus Trachykele Marseul 1865

Trachykele lecontei (Gory)

Range: Coastal states: TX-GA-VA
Host: bald cypress - Taxodium distichum

Trachykele lecontei Gory - Trachykele lecontei

Genus Buprestis Linnaeus 1758

Buprestis (Buprestis) consularis Glory

          Range: e. N. Amer. to AZ
          Hosts: Larvae in Pinus spp. and Picea glauca
Buprestis consularis Gory - Buprestis consularisBuprestis consularis Gory - Buprestis consularis
Buprestis (Buprestis) lineata Fabricius

Range: TX-FL-ME-IN / se. CAN / West Indies
Hosts: Larvae bore in dead pines - Pinus spp.

Buprestis lineata Fabricius - Buprestis lineataBuprestis (Buprestis) lineata Fabricius - Buprestis lineata
Buprestis (Buprestis) lyrata Casey

Range: w. N. Amer.
Hosts: Larvae in Abies, Pinus ponderosa, Pseudotsuga
Buprestis (Buprestis) maculipennis Gory

Range: TX-FL-ME-WI / se. Can.
Hosts: larvae on Pinus, Taxodium and Tsuga

Buprestis maculipennis Gory - Buprestis maculipennisBuprestis maculipennis Gory - Buprestis maculipennis
Buprestis (Buprestis) parmaculativentris Knull 1958

TL: TX: Brewster County, Big Bend NP, Chisos Mountains
Range: Trans-Pecos, w. TX

Host: Pinus cembroides - Mexican Pinyon

Buprestis parmaculativentris Knull - Buprestis parmaculativentrisBuprestis parmaculativentris Knull - Buprestis parmaculativentris
Buprestis (Cypriacis) striata Fabricius

          Range: e. N. Amer.
          Hosts: larvae in var. pines and hemlock
Buprestis striataBuprestis striata Fabricius - Buprestis striata
Buprestis (Knulliobuprestis) confluenta Say

Range: w. N. Amer. to n. TX
Host: Larvae in Populus spp.

Metallic Wood Boring Beetle - Buprestis confluentaYellow Spotted Jewel Beetle - Buprestis confluenta

Buprestis (Knulliobuprestis) rufipes Olivier 1790

Range: TX-FL-DE-KS
Hosts: various hardwoods
BG2664 E6024 - Buprestis rufipesBG2664 E6024 - Buprestis rufipes
Buprestis (Stereosa) apricans Herbst

Range: primarily TX-FL-NY / West Indies
Hosts: longleaf and loblolly pines, P. palustris, P. taeda

Buprestis apricans? - Buprestis apricansBuprestis apricans Herbst - Buprestis apricans
Buprestis (Stereosa) decora Fabricius

Range: TX-FL-NY-MO / West Indies
Host: larvae in longleaf pine - Pinus palustris

Unknown Buprestid - Buprestis decoraUnknown Buprestid - Buprestis decora

Genus Agaeocera Saunders 1871

Agaeocera gentilis (Horn, 1885)

Range: CA to c. & s. TX / Mex

Host: Sphaeralcea
Agaeocera gentilis (Horn) - Agaeocera gentilisbuppy bups - Agaeocera gentilis - male - female
Agaeocera scintillans Waterhouse

Range: AZ, w. TX / Mex.
Host: adults on Abutilon incanum
Green Buprestid - Agaeocera scintillansGreen Buprestid - Agaeocera scintillans

Genus Spectralia Casey 1909

Spectralia gracilipes (Melsheimer)

Range: e US to e. TX
Hosts: Larvae in oaks - Quercus spp., & ash - Fraxinus sp.
BG2161 E0202 - Spectralia gracilipesBG2161 E0202 - Spectralia gracilipes
Spectralia prosternalis (Schaeffer, 1904)

TL: TX: Cameron Co., Brownsville, Esperanza Ranch

Range: s. TX - Cameron, Hidalgo, Duval Counties

Host: Texas Persimmon - Diospyros texana 

Spectralia prosternalis (Schaeffer) - Spectralia prosternalisSpectralia prosternalis (Schaeffer) - Spectralia prosternalis

Spectralia roburella (Knull, 1941)

TL: TX: Jeff Davis Co., Davis Mountains

Range: w. to c. TX

Host: Sandpaper Oak - Quercus vaseyana

Spectralia roburella (Knull) - Spectralia roburella

Spectralia robusta (Chamberlain, 1920)


Range: sw. to c. to s. TX

Host: Texas Persimmon - Diospyros texana 

Spectralia robusta (Chamberlain) - Spectralia robustaSpectralia robusta (Chamberlain) - Spectralia robusta

Genus Agrilaxia Kerremans 1903 
Agrilaxia arizonae

Range: AZ-FL-NY-KS

Host: Cercis, Pinus, Prumus, Ulmus

Agrilaxia flavimana (Gory) - Agrilaxia flavimanaAgrilaxia flavimana (Gory) - Agrilaxia flavimana
Agrilaxia texana

Genus Anthaxia Eschscholtz 1829

Anthaxia carya Wellso & Jackman 2006

TL: TX: Kimble Co., Junction

Range: TX, AL, GA

Host: Pecan - Carya illinoinensis

Anthaxia (Haplanthaxia) carya Wellso & Jackman - Anthaxia carya - female
Anthaxia (Haplanthaxia) cyanella Gory

Hosts: Larvae in Amelanchier, Betula, Cercis, Gleditsia, Vitis
Anthaxia (Haplanthaxia) cyanella Gory - Anthaxia cyanellaAnthaxia (Haplanthaxia) cyanella Gory - Anthaxia cyanella - femaleAnthaxia (Haplanthaxia) cyanella Gory - Anthaxia cyanella - male
Anthaxia dichroa Bilý

Range: TX-FL-SC-KS (+PA)
Host: Larvae in grape - Vitis spp.
Metallic Wood-boring Beetle - Anthaxia dichroa
Anthaxia quercata (Fabricius)

Range: TX-FL-NY-IA
Hosts: Larvae in Cercis, Crataegus, Larix, Picea, Pinus
Buprestidae - Anthaxia quercata - maleAnthaxia quercata (Fabricius) - Anthaxia quercata

Anthaxia quercicola Wellso 1974

TL: TX: Brazos Co., near College Station Airport

Range: TX-FL-GA-OK, MI

Host: Bastard Oak - Quercus sinuata 

Anthaxia quercicola Wellso - Anthaxia quercicola - maleAnthaxia quercicola Wellso - Anthaxia quercicola - female
Anthaxia viridicornis (Say)

Range: TX-FL-ME-SD / Ont.
Hosts: Larvae in Quercus, Salix
          Adults also on: Abies, Populus, Salix
Anthaxia viridicornis
Anthaxia viridifrons Gory

Range: TX-FL-ME-SD / adj. Can

Host: Polyphagus 

Anthaxia viridifrons Gory - Anthaxia viridifrons - femaleAnthaxia (Haplanthaxia) viridifrons Gory - Anthaxia viridifrons

Genus Xenorhipis LeConte 1866

Xenorhipis brendeli LeConte

Range: TX-FL-NY-IA
Hosts: Larvae in Betula, Carya, Quercus

Xenorhipis brendeli LeConte - Xenorhipis brendeli - femaleXenorhipis brendeli - female

Xenorhipis hidalgoensis Knull 1952

TL: TX: Hidalgo Co.

Range: TX / Mex

Host: larval host unknown

Xenorhipis hidalgoensis Knull - Xenorhipis hidalgoensis - maleXenorhipis hidalgoensis Knull - Xenorhipis hidalgoensis - maleXenorhipis hidalgoensis Knull - Xenorhipis hidalgoensis - female

Xenorhipis osborni Knull 1936

TL: TX: Jeff Davis Co., Davis Mountains

Range: w. to sw. TX

Host: Whitethorn Acacia - Acacia constricta 

Xenorhipis osborni Knull - Xenorhipis osborni - male Xenorhipis osborni Knull - Xenorhipis osborni - female

Genus Melanophila Eschscholtz 1829

Melanophila acuminata (DeGeer)

          Range: Throughout N. Amer. to C. Amer., W. Indies
          Hosts: Larvae host in var. conifers
Black Beetle - Melanophila acuminata
Melanophila atropurpurea (Say)

Range: CA-TX-AR-OR / Mex
Hosts: Larvae in Abies, Pinus, Pseudotsuga
Melanophila atropurpurea (Say) - Melanophila atropurpureaMelanophila atropurpurea (Say) - Melanophila atropurpurea

Melanophila consputa LeConte

          Range: w. US (CA-TX-SD-WA) / Mex.
          Hosts: larvae in pine spp., and other hardwoods
Melanophila consputa LeConte - Melanophila consputa

Melanophila notata (Laporte & Gory)

          Range: se. US to e. TX, AZ / Mex. to C. Amer., W. Indies
          Host(s): Unk.
Melanophila notata (Laporte & Gory) - Melanophila notata

Genus Phaenops Dejean 1833

Phaenops aeneola (Melsheimer)

Range: LA-FL-ME-WI / adj. Can.
Host: Lavae in Pinus spp.
Phaenops aenoala Melsheimer - Phaenops aenoalaPhaenops aeneola (Melsheimer) - Phaenops aeneola

Phaenops obenbergeri (Knull, 1952)

TL: TX: Fayette Co.

Range: TX

Host: unknown 

Phaenops piniedulis (Burke)

          Range: sw US
          Hosts: larvae in Pinus edulis, P. monophylla (Pinaceae)
Phaenops piniedulis (Burke) - Phaenops piniedulis

Genus Xenomelanophila Sloop 1937

Xenomelanophila miranda LeConte

Range: CA-TX-CO-WA / Mex

Host: Juniperus occidentalis 

Xenomelanophila miranda LeConte - Xenomelanophila mirandabeetle - Xenomelanophila miranda

Genus Actenodes Dejean 1833

Actenodes acornis (Say)

Range: TX-FL-NY-IA
Hosts: larvae in Acer, Betula, Carya, Cercis, Fagus, Quercus
Actenodes acornis (Say) - Actenodes acornisActenodes acornis (Say) - Actenodes acornis

Actenodes calcarata (Chevrolat)

Range: CA-LA / south to S. Amer.
Hosts: various legumes - Fabaceae
Actenodes calcarata
Actenodes davidi Nelson

          Range: sc US: TX-MS-KY-KS
          Host: larvae in honeylocust (Gleditsia triacanthos, Fabaceae)
Actenodes davidi Nelson - Actenodes davidi

Actenodes flexicaulis Schaeffer, 1904

TL: TX: Cameron Co., Brownsville, Esperanza Ranch

Range: southmost TX

Hosts: Celtis ehrenbergiana, Ebenopsis ebano

Actenodes flexicaulis Schaeffer - Actenodes flexicaulis

Actenodes mendax Horn, 1891


Range: AZ-TX

Hosts: larvae in mesquite and honeylocust 

Actenodes mendax Horn  - Actenodes mendax

Actenodes simi Fisher

          Range: New England to WI, south to TX

          Hosts in Acer, Celtis, Quercus, Ulmus

Actenodes simi Fisher - Actenodes simi

Genus Chrysobothris Eschscholtz 1829

Chrysobothris acaciae Knull 1936

TL: TX: Jeff Davis Co., Davis Mountains

Range: NM-TX / Mex

Hosts: Larvae in Acacia and Prosopis

Chrysobothris acaciae Knull - Chrysobothris acaciaeChrysobothris acaciae Knull - Chrysobothris acaciae
Chrysobothris acutipennis Chevrolat

Range: c TX / south to S. Amer.
Hosts: Larvae in Ebenopsis, Leucaena, Acacia
Chrysobothris acutipennis Chevrolat - Chrysobothris acutipennis
Chrysobothris adelpha Harold

Range: TX-FL-NY-IA / se Can
Hosts: Larvae in various Carya spp., mesquite
beetle - Chrysobothris adelphaChrysobothris adelpha Harold - Chrysobothris adelpha - female
Chrysobothris analis LeConte

Range: AZ-TX / Mex.
Hosts: Larvae in Acacia, Carya, Celtis, Cercis, Citrus, Diospyros, Ebenopsis, Juglans, Leucaena, Mimosa, Parkinsonia, Prosopis, Prunus, Rhus, Sapindus, Ulmus
Chrysobothris analis LeConte - Chrysobothris analisChrysobothris analis LeConte - Chrysobothris analis

Chrysobothris axillaris Horn

          Range: AZ, w. TX
          Hosts: Larvae in various Oaks, Quercus spp.

Chrysobothris axillaris - male

Chrysobothris azurea

          Range: TX-FL-ME-MT / adj. Can.
          Hosts: Polyphagus
Chrysobothris azurea LeConte - Chrysobothris azurea

Chrysobothris basalis LeConte, 1858

TL: TX: Laredo to Ringgold Barracks

Range: AZ, TX / Mex

Hosts: Acacia, Leucaena

Chrysobothris basalis LeConte - Chrysobothris basalisChrysobothris basalis LeConte - Chrysobothris basalis

Chrysobothris beameri Knull, 1954

TL: TX: Big Bend

Range: w. to c. TX

Hosts: Everygreen sumac - Rhus virens

Chrysobothris beameri Knull - Chrysobothris beameri

Chrysobothris breviloba

          Range: Rockies: AZ-TX-SD-MT
          Hosts: Larvae in Pinus spp.
Chrysobothris breviloba Fall - Chrysobothris breviloba - female

Chrysobothris caddo Wellso & Manley 2007

TL: TX: Bastrop Co., Bastrop

Range: AZ-LA-MO-NE, FL

Hosts: Larvae in Celtis, Pithecelobium

Chrysobothris caddo Wellso & Manley - Chrysobothris caddo - femaleChrysobothris caddo Wellso & Manley - Chrysobothris caddo

Chrysobothris chlorocephala Gory

Range: LA-GA-NY-KS
Hosts: Larvae in Amelanchier, Betula, Carya, Quercus,                                     Vitis
Chrysobothris chlorocephala Gory - Chrysobothris chlorocephala - femaleChrysobothris chlorocephala Gory - Chrysobothris chlorocephala - female
Chrysobothris chrysoela (Illiger)

Range: Coastal states from TX-FL-DC
Hosts: Larvae in various hardwoods
Chrysobothris chrysoela (Illiger) - Chrysobothris chrysoelaBG809 C7958 - Chrysobothris chrysoela

Chrysobothris comanche Wellso & Manley 2007

TL: TX: Val Verde Co., 4 mi. N. Constock

Range: NM-TX, UT

Hosts: Larva in Juglands sp.

Chrysobothris comanche Wellso & Manley - Chrysobothris comanche

Chrysobothris cribraria Mannerheim

          Range: e NA to NT
          Hosts: var. Pinus spp.
BG843 C8301 - Chrysobothris cribraria

Chrysobothris culbersoniana Knull 1943

TL: TX: Culberson Co.

Range: NM-TX

Hosts: Adults on Acacia spp.

Chrysobothris edwardsii

          Range: CA-TX / Mex.
          Host: larvae in ocotillo (Fouquieria splendens)
Chrysobothris edwardsii Horn - Chrysobothris edwardsiiChrysobothris - Chrysobothris edwardsii

Chrysobothris ephedrae ephedrae Knull

Range: NM to sw. TX

Hosts: Adults on Ephedra trifurca

Chrysobothris ephedrae ephedrae Knull - Chrysobothris ephedrae - male - femaleChrysobothris ephedrae ephedrae Knull - Chrysobothris ephedrae - male - female

Chrysobothris ephedrae vogti Knull 1964

TL: TX: Starr Co., 5 mi. W. Sullivan City

Range: c. to s. TX

Hosts: Adults on Ephedra sp. and Acacia rigidula

Chrysobothris ephedrae vogti Knull - Chrysobothris ephedrae
Chrysobothris exesa Leconte

          Range: CA-TX / Mex.
          Hosts: larvae in Acacia, Celtis, Prosopis, Salix
Chrysobothris exesa LeConte - Chrysobothris exesa
Chrysobothris femorata (Olivier)

Range: Throughout N. Amer.
Hosts: Larvae in a wide variety of fruit and forest trees
Chrysobothris femorata Olivier - Chrysobothris femorata - maleMetallic Wood Borer - Dicerca sp. - Chrysobothris femorata

Chrysobothris fiskei Fisher 1942

TL: TX: Uvalde Co., Montell

Range: OK-TX / Mex

Hosts: Larvae in Cercis canadensis, Quercus vaseyana

Chrysobothris fiskei Fisher - Chrysobothris fiskeichrysobeau - Chrysobothris fiskei

Chrysobothris hidalgoensis Knull 1951

TL: TX: Hidalgo Co., near Mission

Range: s. TX

Hosts: No larval or adult plant asso. reported.

Chrysobothris humilis Horn

Range: CA-TX, NV / Mex
Host: Larvae in catclaw acacia - Acacia greggii
Note: Species exhibits extreme sexual dichroism
Buprestid Beetle - Chrysobothris humilisBuprestid Beetle - Chrysobothris humilis (male)
Chrysobothris ignicollis Horn

Range: CA-TX-KS-ID / Mex.
Hosts: Larvae in various Juniperus spp., Cupressus arizonica
Chrysobothris ignicollis Horn - Chrysobothris ignicollisChrysobothris ignicollis Horn - Chrysobothris ignicollis

Chrysobothris iris
Van Dyke

          Range: sw US
          Hosts: Adults coll'ed on Juniperus spp.

Type - CASA

Chrysobothris lateralis Waterhouse

Range: CA-TX / Mex
Hosts: Larvae in Acacia greggii and mesquite
Buprestid - Chrysobothris lateralisChrysobothris merkelii ? - Chrysobothris lateralis

Chrysobothris lixa Horn


Range: AZ, TX / Mex

Host: Larval host unk.

Chrysobothris very fuzzy - Chrysobothris lixa

Chrysobothris mali

          Range: w. NA
          Hosts: Polyphagus

- - Chrysobothris mali - female

Chrysobothris merkelii Horn 1886


Range: CA-TX, NV / Mex

Hosts: Larvae in Acacia, Albizia, Prosopis 

Chrysobothris merkelii Horn - Chrysobothris merkeliiChrysobothris merkelii Horn - Chrysobothris merkelii - female

Chrysobothris mescalero Wellso & Manley 2007

TL: TX: Pecos Co. Hwy 385 rest stop, S. Ft. Stockton

Range: NM-TX

Hosts: adults on Quercus

Chrysobothris mescalero Wellso & Manley - Chrysobothris mescalero

Chrysobothris neotexana Dozier

          Range: se US
          Host: larvae host in Juniperus virginiana
Chrysobothris neotexana Dozier - Chrysobothris neotexana - female
Chrysobothris octocola LeConte

Range: CA-TX-CO-NV / Mex.
Hosts: Larvae in Acacia, Parkinsonia, Prosopis, Prunus, Salix
Chrysobothris octocola LeConte - Chrysobothris octocola

Chrysobothris peninsularis Schaeffer

          Range: sw US (CA-AZ, TX, NV) / Mex.
          Hosts: adults mostly asso. w/ legumes (Fabaceae)
Chrysobothris peninsularis Schaeffer - Chrysobothris peninsularis - female Chrysobothris peninsularis Schaeffer - Chrysobothris peninsularis - female

Chrysobothris pseudacutipennis Obenberger 1940


Range: TX / Mex

Hosts: Adutls on Prosopis glandulosa

Chrysobothris pseudacutipennis Obenberger - Chrysobothris pseudacutipennisChrysobothris pseudacutipennis Obenberger - Chrysobothris pseudacutipennis

Chrysobothris pubilineata Vogt 1949

TL: TX: Starr Co., Rio Grande City to Hidalgo Co., Mission

Range: NM-TX

Hosts: Larvae host unk., Adults on Acacia

Chrysobothris pubilineata Vogt - Chrysobothris pubilineataChrysobothris pubilineata Vogt - Chrysobothris pubilineata

Chrysobothris p. purpureovittata Horn 1886


Range: TX-MS-TN-KS 

Hosts: polyphagous

Chrysobothris purpureovittata  - Chrysobothris purpureovittata Chrysobothris p. purpureovittata Horn - Chrysobothris purpureovittata
Chrysobothris quadriimpressa Laporte & Gory

Range: AZ-FL-ME-OR
Hosts: Larvae in various oaks and American chestnut
Chrysobothris quadriimpressa Laporte & Gory  - Chrysobothris quadriimpressaChrysobothris quadriimpressa Gory & Laporte - Chrysobothris quadriimpressa - female
Chrysobothris quadrilineata LeConte

Range: CA-TX-SD-OR
Hosts: Adults on Juniperus californica, J. deppeana
Chrysobothris quadrilineata LeConte - Chrysobothris quadrilineataChrysobothris quadrilineata LeConte - Chrysobothris quadrilineata

Chrysobothris rossi
Van Dyke

Range: CA-TX / Mex.
Hosts: Larvae in Acacia, Celtis, Juniperus, Prosopis spp.
Chrysobothris rossi Van Dyke - Chrysobothris rossiChrysobothris rossi VanDyke - Chrysobothris rossi - female

Chrysobothris rotundicollis
Gory & Laporte

          Range: widely dist.
          Hosts: larvae in var. pines and hardwoods
Chrysobothris rotundicollis Gory & Laporte - Chrysobothris rotundicollis
Chrysobothris rugosiceps Melsheimer

Range: TX-FL-ME-ND / se. Can
Hosts: Larvae in various Oaks and American chestnut
Chrysobothris rugosiceps Melsheimer - Chrysobothris rugosicepsChrysobothris rugosiceps Melsheimer - Chrysobothris rugosiceps - female
Chrysobothris scitula Gory

Range: Coastal states: TX-GA-NC
Host(s) unk.
Chrysobothris scitula Gory - Chrysobothris scitula - male

Chrysobothris sexsignata Say

          Range: e NA to CO
          Hosts: var. conifers and hardwood trees
Chrysobothris sexsignata (Say) - Chrysobothris sexsignata - female

Chrysobothris shawnee Wellso & Manley 2007

TL: TX: Brazos Co., College Station

Range: TX-FL-NY-KS

Hosts: Larva in various Quercus spp., American Chestnut

Metallic Wood-boring Beetle - Chrysobothris shawnee
Chrysobothris speculifer Horn

          Range: sw US (CA-TX-CO-UT)
          Hosts: larvae in Juniperus californica, J. monosperma
Chrysobothris speculifer Horn - Chrysobothris speculifer

Chrysobothris texana LeConte 1860


Range: CA-TX-ND-ID / Mex.

Hosts: Larvae in Cypressus, Juniperus spp.

Chrysobothris texana LeConte - Chrysobothris texanaChrysobothris texana LeConte - Chrysobothris texana

Chrysobothris viridiceps Melsheimer

Range: NM-FL-NY-SD
Hosts: Larave in oaks, pine, mesquite, pecan, elm, maple

Chrysobothris viridiceps Melsheimer - Chrysobothris viridiceps 

Genus Knowltonia

Knowltonia  atrifasciata (LeConte)

          Range: NM-TX-CO-UT
          Host: larvae in saltbush (Atriplex)
Knowltonia atrifasciata (LeConte) - Knowltonia atrifasciataKnowltonia atrifasciata (LeConte) - Knowltonia atrifasciata - male

Genus Sphaerobothris 

Sphaerobothris ulkei (LeConte, 1860)


Range: AZ-TX / Mex

Hosts: Ephedra tricurca 

Sphaerobothris ulkei (LeConte) - Sphaerobothris ulkei

Subfamily Agrilinae

Genus Eupristocerus

Eupristocerus cogitans (Weber)

Range: TX-FL-ME-MI / se. Can.
Hosts: Larvae in living Alders - Alnus spp. and Birch - Betula
Metallic Wood-boring Beetle - Eupristocerus cogitansEupristocerus cogitans (Weber) - Eupristocerus cogitans

Genus Paragrilus
Paragrilus rugatulus Thomson

Range: c. TX to C. Amer.
Host: larval host unk.
Paragrilus rugatulus Thomson - Paragrilus rugatulusParagrilus rugatulus Thomson - Paragrilus rugatulus
Paragrilus tenuis (LeConte)

Range: TX-FL-NY-IL
Hosts: Larvae in Hibiscus spp.
Paragrilus tenuis (LeConte) - Paragrilus tenuisParagrilus tenuis (LeConte) - Paragrilus tenuis

Genus Agrilus

Agrilus abductus Horn 1891

Range: se US to sw TX / Mex.          

Hosts: larval host(s) unk.


Agrilus abductus Horn - Agrilus abductus

Agrilus abjectus Horn 1891

Range: c. to s. TX

Hosts: Unk.


Agrilus abjectus Horn - Agrilus abjectus

Agrilus acaciae Fisher 1928

Range: c. TX to Mex

Hosts: larvae in various legumes

TL: TX: Browsville, Los Borregos

Agrilus acaciae Fisher - Agrilus acaciaeAgrilus acaciae Fisher - Agrilus acaciae

Agrilus acutipennis Mannerheim

          Range: e. US, uncommon
          Host: Larvae in Oaks (Quercus)

Agrilus acutipennis Mannerheim - Agrilus acutipennisAgrilus acutipennis Mannerheim - Agrilus acutipennis

Agrilus addendus Crotch 1873

Range: NM-TX-OK, ND / Mex 

Hosts: Adults on Acacia, Mesquite


Agrilus addendus Crotch - Agrilus addendusAgrilus addendus Crotch - Agrilus addendus

Agrilus albocomus

          Range: AZ to w. TX, uncommon
          Host: Larvae in Oaks (Quercus)

Agrilus albocomus Fisher - Agrilus albocomusAgrilus albocomus Fisher - Agrilus albocomus

Agrilus audax Horn 1891

Range: MO to e. TX

Hosts: larva in Ulmus


Agrilus benjamini Fisher 1928

Range: MO to e. TX, uncommon

Hosts: Larval host unk., adults on oaks

TL: TX: Victoria Co., Victoria

Agrilus benjamini Fisher - Agrilus benjamini

Agrilus bentseni Knull 1954

Range: sw. to s. TX

Host: Adults on Bernardia myricifolia

TL: TX, Hidalgo Co., Bentsen Rio Grande State Park

Agrilus bentseni Knull - Agrilus bentseni

Agrilus bespencus Barr 2008

Range: w. (to c.?) TX

Hosts: Unk.

TL: TX: Pecos Co., Sheffield

Agrilus bespencus Barr - Agrilus bespencus - female
Agrilus bilineatus (Weber)

Range: e NA to w. TX
Host: major mortality agent of stressed oaks - Quercus spp., particularly red oaks
Agrilus bilineatus (Weber) - Agrilus bilineatusAgrilus bilineatus (Weber) - Agrilus bilineatus

Agrilus brattaini Wellso & Manley

          Range: sw TX (Del Rio Co., Frio Co., & Starr Co.)
          Host: Unk.
          TL: Del Rio Co., 1 mi E. Del Rio (KOA Campground)

Agrilus cavatus Chevrolat

          Range: AZ, TX-OK / Mex., S. Amer.
          Host: Adults on Acacia
Agrilus cavatus Chevrolat - Agrilus cavatusAgrilus cavatus Chevrolat - Agrilus cavatus
Agrilus celti Knull

Range: TX-GA-NY-ND / Ont.
Host: Larvae in hackberry - Celtis spp.
Agrilus celti Knull - Agrilus celti
Agrilus cephalicus LeConte

Range: TX-FL-NY-SD / se. Can
Host: Larvae in dogwood - Cornus
Agrilus cephalicus LeConte - Agrilus cephalicusAgrilus cephalicus LeConte - Agrilus cephalicus

Agrilus cochisei

          Range: AZ to w. TX / Mex.
Agrilus - Agrilus cochiseiAgrilus cochisei - male
Agrilus concinnus Horn

Range: TX-FL-MD-MO
Host: Larvae in Hibiscus laevis
Agrilus concinnus Horn - Agrilus concinnus - femaleAgrilus concinnus Horn - Agrilus concinnus - male

Agrilus cupreonitens Fisher 1928

Range: s. TX / Mex

Hosts: Adults on Acacia spp, Prosopis glandulosa

TL: TX: Cameron Co., Brownsville

Agrilus cupreonitens Fisher - Agrilus cupreonitens

Agrilus davisi Knull 1941

Range: w. TX, rare

Hosts: Unk.

TL: TX: Jeff Davis Co., Davis Mtns.

Agrilus defectus LeConte

Range: TX-GA-NY-ND
Hosts: Larvae in oaks, Quercus alba, Q. muehlenbergii, Q. stellata
Buprestid - Agrilus defectusAgrilus defectus LeConte - Agrilus defectus - male
Agrilus difficilis Gory

Range: NM-GA-NJ-SD
Host: Larvae in honeylocust - Gleditsia triacanthos
Agrilus difficilis Gory - Agrilus difficilis - femaleAgrilus difficilis Gory - Agrilus difficilis - female

Agrilus dolli Schaeffer 1904

Range: s. TX / Mex

Hosts: Larvae in Diospyros texana

TL: TX: Cameron Co., Brownsville, Esparanza Ranch

Agrilus dollii Schaeffer - Agrilus dollii
Agrilus egeniformis Champlain & Knull

Range: NM-TX-PA-SD (very atypical distrbution)
Hosts: Larvae in honeylocust - Gleditsia triacanthos and
                 western soapberry - Sapindus saponaria var. drummondii
Agrilus egeniformis Champlain & Knull - Agrilus egeniformisAgrilus egeniformis Champlain & Knull - Agrilus egeniformis - male

Agrilus egenus Gory

Range: AZ-GA-NY-SD / adj. Can. 

Hosts: Larvae in locust, Robinia spp.

Agrilus egenus Gory - Agrilus egenusAgrilus egenus Gory - Agrilus egenus

Agrilus eleanorae Fisher 1928

Range: AZ, sw. TX / Mex - rare

Hosts: Adults on Acacia spp. and Ebenopsis sp. (Fabaceae)

TL: TX: Devil's River

Agrilus eleanorae Fisher - Agrilus eleanorae - maleAgrilus eleanorae Fisher - Agrilus eleanorae - male

Agrilus esperanzae Knull 1935

Range: southmost TX / Mex

Host: unknown

TL: TX: Cameron Co., Brownsville

Agrilus esperanzae Knull - Agrilus esperanzaeAgrilus esperanzae Knull - Agrilus esperanzae

Agrilus exiguellus Fisher 1928

Range: KS, TX, rare

Hosts: Adults on Quercus sp.


Agrilus exiguellus Fisher - Agrilus exiguellus

Agrilus exsapindi Vogt 1949

Range: southmost TX

Hosts: Larvae in Sapindus saponaria var. drummondii

TL: TX: SW Hidalgo Co., 1 mi S Granjeno

Agrilus exsapindi Vogt - Agrilus exsapindi
Agrilus fallax Say

Range: NM-FL-NY-CO
Hosts: Larvae host in Acer, Celtis, Cornus
Agrilus fallax Say - Agrilus fallaxAgrilus fallax Gory - Agrilus fallax - female
Agrilus falli Fisher

          Range: AZ to w. TX / Mex.
          Host(s): unk.
Agrilus falli Fisher - Agrilus falli
Agrilus felix Horn

Range: CA-TX-CO-ID / Mex.
Hosts: Larvae in Atriplex, Parkinsonia, Grayia
Agrilus felix Horn - Agrilus felix - maleAgrilus felix Horn - Agrilus felix - male
Agrilus ferrisi Dury

Range: TX-MS-OH-IA (roughly), uncommon
Hosts: Larvae in Acer (?), Celtis spp.
Agrilus ferrisi Dury - Agrilus ferrisi

Agrilus fisherellus Obenberger

          Range: sw US (CA-TX / Mex.)
          Host: larvae unk., adults on a var. of woody plants
Agrilus fisherellus Obenberger - Agrilus fisherellus

Agrilus funestus Gory

          Range: TX to C. Amer. (one TX record from San Angelo)
          Host: Unk.

Agrilus geminatus

          Range: e. N. Amer. (TX-FL-QC-MN)
          Larvae host in willow oak (Quercus phellos) and
               black oak (Quercus velutina)
Agrilus geminatus (Say) - Agrilus geminatusAgrilus - Agrilus geminatus - male
Agrilus gibbicollis Fall

Range: mostly AZ to c. & s. TX
Hosts: Adults on oaks and mesquite
Agrilus gibbicollis Fall - Agrilus gibbicollisAgrilus gibbicollis Fall - Agrilus gibbicollis

Agrilus gillespiensis Knull 1947

Range: c. TX

Hosts: Adults on Celtis sp.

TL: TX: Gillespie Co. (probably Enchanted Rock)

Agrilus gillespiensis Knull - Agrilus gillespiensisAgrilus gillespiensis Knull - Agrilus gillespiensis
Agrilus granulatus (Say)

Range: CA-MS-ME-WA / adj. Can.
Hosts: Larvae in Populus spp. and Betula
Agrilus granulatus (Say) - Agrilus granulatus
Agrilus (Engyaulus) hespenheidei Nelson

Range: se NM-adj TX
Host: Larval host unk.
Agrilus imbellis Crotch

Range: TX-FL-NY-MN / Ont.
Hosts: Adults on Bigelowia, Helianthemum, Rudbeckia
Agrilus imbellis Crotch - Agrilus imbellisbuprestid from scrub - Agrilus imbellis
Agrilus lacustris LeConte

Range: widely dist. across TX, except panhandle / Mex.
Hosts: Adults on Croton, Solanum
Agrilus lacustris LeConte - Agrilus lacustris

Agrilus langei Obenberger 1935

          Range: southmost TX / Mex.
          Host: Larvae in Abutilon
Wood Borer?? - Agrilus langeiAgrilus langei - male

Agrilus lautuellus Fisher 1928

Range: c. TX

Hosts: Larvae in Diospros texana

TL: TX: Duval Co., San Diego

Agrilus lautuellus Fisher - Agrilus lautuellusAgrilus lautuellus Fisher - Agrilus lautuellus

Agrilus lecontei celticola Fisher 1928

Range: AZ to LA / Mex

Hosts: Larvae in Celtis, Baccharis, Harvardia, Leucaena

TL: TX: Cameron Co., Brownsville

Agrilus - Agrilus leconteiAgrilus lecontei celticola Fisher - Agrilus lecontei

Agrilus limpiae Knull 1941

Range: TX-KS, mostly in e. TX

Hosts: Larvae in Sapindus sp.

TL: TX: Davis Co., Davis Mtns.

Agrilus limpiae Knull - Agrilus limpiaeAgrilus limpiae Knull - Agrilus limpiae

Agrilus macer LeConte 1858

Range: se US to Trans Pecos / Mex

Hosts: Larvae in Celtis spp.

TL: TX: Maverick Co., Eagle Pass

Agrilus malvastri Fisher

          Range: CA-TX-SD-AB / Mex.
          Hosts: Adults on globemallow
Buprestidae -  Agrilus? - Agrilus malvastri - male - femaleAgrilus malvastri Fisher 1928 - Agrilus malvastri - male

Agrilus masculinus Horn

Range: e NA (TX-GA-QC-SK), TX rec. from Bastrop
Hosts: Larvae in maple spp., redbud, honeylocust

Agrilus masculinus

Agrilus minosae Fisher 1928

Range: AZ, sw. TX / Mex

Hosts: Adults on various Legumes

TL: TX: Devil's River

Agrilus mimosae Fisher - Agrilus mimosaeAgrilus mimosae Fisher - Agrilus mimosae

Agrilus muticus  LeConte 1858

Range: sc US: TX-KS-AR

Hosts: Adults on Callirhoe sp.


Agrilus muticus LeConte - Agrilus muticusAgrilus muticus LeConte - Agrilus muticus

Agrilus neoprosopidis Knull 1938

Range: southmost TX / Mex

Hosts: Larvae in Leucaena sp.

TL: TX: Cameron Co., Brownsville

Agrilus neoprosopidus Knull - Agrilus neoprosopidusAgrilus neoprosopidus Knull - Agrilus neoprosopidus
Agrilus oblongus Fisher

Range: TX-FL-MD-MO
Host: Larvae in Vitis sp.
Agrilus oblongus Fisher - Agrilus oblongus - female
Agrilus obolinus LeConte

          Range: sc US (TX-MO-CO)
          Host: larvae in Baccharis salicifolia (Asteraceae)
Agrilus obolinus LeConte - Agrilus obolinusAgrilus obolinus LeConte - Agrilus obolinus

Agrilus obscurilineatus Vogt 1949

Range: AZ, southmost TX / Mex

Hosts: Adults on Acacia spp.

TL: TX: Rio Grande City to Mission

Agrilus obscurilineatus Vogt - Agrilus obscurilineatusAgrilus obscurilineatus Vogt - Agrilus obscurilineatus
Agrilus obsoletoguttatus Gory

Range: TX-FL-ME-MN / se. Can.
Hosts: Larvae in a wide variety of hardwoods

Agrilus - Agrilus obsoletoguttatusAgrilus obsoletoguttatus Gory - Agrilus obsoletoguttatus - female

Agrilus obtusus Horn 1891

Range: NM to c. TX / Mex

Hosts: Larvae in Senna sp.

TL: TX: "probably near lower Rio Grande"

Agrilus obtusus Horn - Agrilus obtususAgrilus obtusus Horn - Agrilus obtusus

Agrilus olentangyi Champlain & Knull 1925

Range: NM-GA-MI-KS

Hosts: Larvae in smooth sumac - Rhus glabra


Agrilus olentangyi Champlain & Knull - Agrilus olentangyiAgrilus olentangyi Champlain & Knull - Agrilus olentangyi

Agrilus ornatulus Horn 1891

Range: w., nc., se., s. TX, (KS?)

Hosts: Larvae in Sapindus sp. and Foresteria sp.


Agrilus ornatulus Horn - Agrilus ornatulusAgrilus ornatulus Horn - Agrilus ornatulus
Agrilus otiosus Say

Range: TX-GA-NY-MN / se. Can. / Mex.
Hosts: Larvae in hicory, walnut, persimmon and sassafrass
Metallic Wood-boring Beetle - Agrilus otiosus - male

Agrilus parabductus Knull 1954

Range: s. TX / Mex

Hosts: Adults on Acacia sp.

TL: TX: Lake Corpus Christi

Agrilus parabductus Knull - Agrilus parabductus
Agrilus paracelti Knull

Range: TX-GA-NY-SD
Hosts: Larvae in hackberry - Celtis spp.
Agrilus paracelti Knull - Agrilus paraceltiAgrilus paracelti Knull - Agrilus paracelti
Agrilus parvus parvus Saunders 1870

Range: TX-FL-NY-WY / MB
Host: Adults on false indigo bush - Amorpha fruticosa
NTL: Kerrville, Kerr Co., Texas
buprestid - Agrilus parvus

Agrilus pectoralis Waterhouse

Range: s. CA to c. & s. TX / Mex
Hosts: Larvae in Huisache, Mesquite, Ebony, Retama
Agrilus pectoralis Waterhouse - Agrilus pectoralis

Agrilus pilosicollis Fisher

          Range: NC, KS, TX
          Hosts: Adults on live oak; larval host unknown
          Remarks: known from four spmns
Agrilus pilosicollis - femaleAgrilus pilosicollis - female

Agrilus planipennis

Range: e North America to nc. & ne. TX
Hosts: Ash (Fraxinus spp.)
Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) - Invasive sp.
buprestid 1 - Agrilus planipennisBuprestid sp. - Agrilus planipennis
Agrilus politus (Say)

Range: TX-GA-NS-AK / Mex,
Host: Larvae on Salix, Acer spp.
Agrilus politus (Say) - Agrilus politus
Agrilus prionurus Chevrolat 1838

Range: e. TX / Mex.
Host: Western Soapberry
                 (Sapindus saponaria L. var. drummondii)
Metallic woodboring beetle? - Agrilus prionurus 

Agrilus prosopidis Fisher 1928

Range: c. TX to Mex

Hosts: Various hardwoods

TL: TX: Cameron Co., Brownsville

Agrilus prosopidis Fisher - Agrilus prosopidis
Agrilus pseudofallax Frost

Range: TX-GA-PA-WI
Host: Larvae in honeylocust - Gleditsia triacanthos

Agrilus pseudofallax (Herbst) - Agrilus pseudofallax - male
Agrilus pubescens Fisher

Range: AZ, TX, NE, SD (TX records need confirmation)
Host: Larvae in Acacia greggii, Adults also on Prosopis

Agrilus pubescens Fisher - Agrilus pubescens - male
Agrilus (Engyaulus) pulchellus Bland

Range: AZ-TX-ND-UT / Mex.
Host: Larvae in roots of Fleabane - Erigeron sp.
Agrilus pulchellus Bland - Agrilus pulchellus

Agrilus putillus parputillus Knull 1960

Range: w. to c. TX

Hosts: Larvae in big tooth maple - Acer grandidentatum

TL: TX: Brewster Co., Big Bend NP, Chisos Mtns.,

Agrilus putillus parputillus Knull - Agrilus putillusAgrilus putillus parputillus Knull - Agrilus putillus

Agrilus quadriguttatus Gory

          Range: widely dist. across the US

          Hosts: Larvae in willow - Salix sp.

Agrilus quadriguttatus quadriguttatus - Agrilus quadriguttatus - femaleAgrilus quadriguttatus Gory - Agrilus quadriguttatus - female
Agrilus rubroniger Hespenheide

Range: TX-FL-SC-MO
Hosts: Adults on huckleberry, other low shrubs, and oaks
Agrilus rubroniger Hespenheide - Agrilus rubroniger

Agrilus rubrovittatus Waterhouse

          Range: se. AZ, TX / Mex.
          Hots: Adults on  Muhlenbergia longiligula (Poaceae)
Agrilus (Engyaulus) rubrovittatus Waterhouse - Agrilus rubrovittatusAgrilus (Engyaulus) rubrovittatus Waterhouse - Agrilus rubrovittatus

Agrilus ruficollis (Fabricius)

Range: TX-FL-ME-MN / se Can
Host: larvae bore into wild/domestic                                                         Blackberry, Rubus spp.
Agrilus - Agrilus ruficollisAgriline metallic wood-boring beetle 10.06.17 - Agrilus ruficollis

Agrilus salviaphilos Manley 1979

Range: c. (to s.?) TX

Hosts: Adults on Salvia ballotiflora

TL: TX: Frio Co., 3 mi S Moore

Agrilus salviaphilos Manley - Agrilus salviaphilos - femaleAgrilus salviaphilos Manley - Agrilus salviaphilos - female

Agrilus sapindi Knull 1938

Range: NM-TX, KS

Hosts: Adults on Sapindus sp.

TL: TX: Jeff Davis Co., Davis Mtns.

Agrilus sapindi Knull - Agrilus sapindiAgrilus sapindi Knull - Agrilus sapindi

Agrilus scitulus Horn 1891

Range: KS to s. TX

Hosts: Larvae in Sapindus sp.

TL: TX: "probably Waco"

Agrilus scitulus Horn - Agrilus scitulusAgrilus scitulus Horn - Agrilus scitulus
Agrilus subcinctus Gory

Range: NM-FL-NY-NE
Host: Larvae host in ash - Fraxinus
Agrilus subcinctus Gory - Agrilus subcinctusAgrilus? - Agrilus subcinctus

Agrilus subtropicus Schaeffer 1905

Range: southmost TX / ne. Mex

Hosts: Adults on Celtis sp. and Diospyros sp.

TL: TX: Brownsville, Esperanza Ranch

Agrilus subtropicus Schaeffer - Agrilus subtropicusAgrilus subtropicus Schaeffer - Agrilus subtropicus
Agrilus taeniatus Chevrolat

          Range: southmost TX / Mex.
          Host: adults coll'ed on western soapberry Sapindus saponaria
Agrilus taeniatus Chevrolat - Agrilus taeniatus

Agrilus toxotes

          Range: southmost TX / Mex.
          Host: Adults on Malpighia glabra (Malpighiaceae)

Agrilus toxotes Obenberger - Agrilus toxotes - maleAgrilus toxotes Obenberger - Agrilus toxotes - male

Agrilus transimpressus Fall

Range: roughly: TX-MS-SC-NJ-MN
Host: Larvae in black walnut - Juglans nigra (Juglandaceae)

Agrilus transimpressus

Agrilus turnbowi Nelson 1990

Range: c. TX (known only from Type Locality)

Hosts: Larvae in Phoradendron tomentosum

TL: TX: San Antonio, Ft. Sam Houston

Agrilus turnbowi Nelson - Agrilus turnbowi

Agrilus ventralis Horn

Range: sw US to w. TX

Hosts: Larval host(s) unknown

Agrilus ventralis - male

Agrilus viridescens Knull 1935

Range: c. TX to Mex

Hosts: Larvae in Prosopis glandulosa

TL: TX: Cameron Co., Brownsville

Agrilus viridescens Knull - Agrilus viridescens

Agrilus vittaticollis (Randall)

          Range: widely dist, more common back east
          Hosts: Larvae in Crataegus, Malus, Pyrus, Amelanchier
Agrilus vittaticollis

Genus Aphanisticus

Aphanisticus cochinchinae seminulum Obenberger

Range: TX-FL-SC (introduced)
Hosts: Surgarcane - Saccharum officinarum
Metallic Wood-boring Beetle - Aphanisticus cochinchinaeAphanisticus cochinchinae seminulum Obenberger - Aphanisticus cochinchinae

Genus Brachys

Brachys aerosus (Melsheimer)

Range: AZ-FL-ME-MT / adj. Can
Hosts: Oaks - Quercus spp.
Brachys aerosus (Melsheimer) - Brachys aerosus
Brachys aeruginosus Gory

Range: TX-FL-ME-SD / se. Can.
Host: Larval host unk., adults on oaks
Buprestid - Brachys aeruginosus - female
Brachys barberi Fisher

Range: AZ to w. half of TX

Host: adults on Quercus gambelii

Brachys barberi Fisher - Brachys barberiBrachys barberi Fisher - Brachys barberi
Brachys ovatus (Weber)

Range: AZ-FL-ME-MT / Can & Mex
Hosts: Oaks - Quercus spp.
Brachys ovatus (Weber) - Brachys ovatus

Brachys querci Knull 1952

Range: NM to w., n. TX

Hosts: Adults on Quercus sp.

TL: TX: Jeff Davis Co., Davis Mtns.

Brachys querci Knull - Brachys querci - female

Brachys rileyi Hespenheide

          Range: NM to w. TX
          Hosts: Adults on Gambel oak - Quercus gambelii (Fagaceae)
Brachys rileyi Hespenheide - Brachys rileyi - female

Brachys rileyi Hespenheide

          Range: c.TX-OK (Latimer Co.)
          Hosts: Adults on oaks (Fagaceae) & Bumelia sp. (Sapotaceae).
Brachys wellsoi Hespenheide - Brachys wellsoiBrachys wellsoi Hespenheide - Brachys wellsoi - female

Genus Taphrocerus

Taphrocerus agriloides Crotch 1873


Range: TX-FL-NC-MO

Hosts: larval host unknown

Taphrocerus agriloides Crotch - Taphrocerus agriloides
Taphrocerus albodistinctus Knull

Range: TX-FL-GA
Host: Larval host unk.
Note: New State Record for Texas
Taphrocerus albodistinctus Knull - Taphrocerus albodistinctus

Taphrocerus chevrolati Obenberger

          Range: Rockies to Plains (AZ-TX-ND-AB) / Mex.
          Host: Larval host unk.
ND Buprestid - Taphrocerus chevrolati
Taphrocerus howardi Obenberger

          Range: se US (TX-FL-WV-AR)
          Hosts: adults on bulrush (Scirpus sp., Cyperaceae)
Taphrocerus howardi Obenberger - Taphrocerus howardi

Taphrocerus laevicollis LeConte

Range: LA-FL, MO, plus se. TX (BG data)
Host(s): unk
Note: New State Record for Texas
Agrilus? - Taphrocerus laevicollis
Taphrocerus nicolayi Obenberger

Range: TX-FL-ME-NE
Host: Adults on Carex spp.
Taphrocerus nicolayi Obenberger - Taphrocerus nicolayi - female

Taphrocerus schaefferi Nicolay & Weiss 1920

TL: TX: Cameron Co., Brownsville 
Hosts: Larvae in "nutsedge" and Cyperus sp
Taphrocerus schaefferi Nicolay and Weiss - Taphrocerus schaefferiTaphrocerus schaefferi Nicolay and Weiss - Taphrocerus schaefferi

Genus Pachyschelus

Pachyschelus fisheri Vogt 1949

TL: TX: Cameron Co., 3 mi E Santa Maria

Range: TX - Only known from Type Locality

Hosts: Larvae in Bernardia myricifolia

Pachyschelus fisheri Vogt - Pachyschelus fisheri
Pachyschelus laevigatus (Say)

Range: LA-FL-NY-SD / se. Can.
Hosts: Larvae in Desmodium spp. and Lespedeza sp.
Pachyschelus laevigatus (Say) - Pachyschelus laevigatus
Pachyschelus nicolayi Obenberger

Range: TX-FL-DE-ND
Hosts: Apios, Wisteria

Pachyschelus nicolayi Obenberger - Pachyschelus nicolayiPachyschelus nicolayi Obenberger - Pachyschelus nicolayi - female

Pachyschelus purpureus uvaldei Knull 1941

TL: TX: Uvalde Co.
Range: southern half of TX
Hosts: Adults on Acalypha hederacea
Pachyschelus purpureus uvaldei Knull - Pachyschelus purpureus
Pachyschelus vogti Hespenheide

Range: TX, FL to SC
Hosts: larval hosts unknown

Metallic Wood Boring Beetle - Pachyschelus vogtiPachyschelus vogti Hespenheide - Pachyschelus vogti - female

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