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Leaf Beetles of Texas - Family Chrysomelidae

984 species of chrysomelids have been recorded from Texas (E.G. Riley, pers. comm., Jan. 2022)
The following thumbnails represent > 50% of the Texas total.

Specimens primarily shot at the EGRC, TAMUIC, and the UTIC collections.

BruchinaeDonaciinaeCriocerinae - Cassidinae - ChrysomelinaeGalerucinae - EumolpinaeCryptocephalinae

Subfamily Bruchinae - Bean or Seed Weevils - try to photograph the pygidium

help id - Caryobruchus gleditsiae=help id - Caryobruchus gleditsiae Pachymerus nucleorum
Amblycerus Bruchinae - Zabrotes spectabilis Zabrotes Zabrotes subfasciatus Acanthoscelides tenuis Bottimer - Acanthoscelides tenuis Acanthoscelides biustulus (Fall) - Acanthoscelides biustulus Acanthoscelides longistilus (Horn) - Acanthoscelides longistilus Beetle - Acanthoscelides alboscutellatus Bean Weevil - Acanthoscelides obtectus
Acanthoscelides compressicornis (Schaeffer) - Acanthoscelides compressicornis Acanthoscelides aureolus Acanthoscelides fumatus Acanthoscelides calvus Acanthoscelides chiricahuae (Fall), 1910 - Acanthoscelides chiricahuae Pea weevil from Montana (1) 10.07.08 - Acanthoscelides fraterculus
Acanthoscelides flavescens (Fahraeus) - Acanthoscelides flavescens Acanthoscelides pectoralis (Horn) - Acanthoscelides pectoralis=Acanthoscelides pectoralis (Horn) - Acanthoscelides pectoralis Silverado Beetle #1 Needs ID - Acanthoscelides pallidipennis=unknown beetle - Acanthoscelides pallidipennis
Acanthoscelides tridenticulatus Bottimer - Acanthoscelides tridenticulatus=Acanthoscelides tridenticulatus Bottimer - Acanthoscelides tridenticulatus Acanthoscelides macrophthalmus (Schaeffer) - Acanthoscelides macrophthalmus=Acanthoscelides macrophthalmus (Schaeffer) - Acanthoscelides macrophthalmus Bruchinae on Indigo Bush, dorsal - Acanthoscelides submuticus
Algarobius bottimeri Kingsolver - Algarobius bottimeri - female Algarobius bottimeri Kingsolver - Algarobius bottimeri - male Algarobius prosopis (LeConte) - Algarobius prosopis - female Algarobius bottimeri Kingsolver - Algarobius bottimeri - female Algarobius prosopis? - Algarobius prosopis - female - need rear shots of females to get to sp. Gibbobruchus mimus (Say) - Gibbobruchus mimus=Gibbobruchus mimus (Say) - Gibbobruchus mimus - male Megacerus cubiculus (Casey)  - Megacerus cubiculus - male=Megacerus cubiculus (Casey)  - Megacerus cubiculus - male=Megacerus cubiculus (Casey) - Megacerus cubiculus - female Megacerus maculiventris (Fahraeus) - Megacerus maculiventris - male Beetle - Megacerus discoidus=Beetle - Megacerus discoidus Megacerus leucospilus (Sharp) - Megacerus leucospilus beetle - Megacerus coryphae - female Megacerus impiger - male
Weevil  - Meibomeus musculus=Weevil - Meibomeus musculus=Weevil - Meibomeus musculus Merobruchus major (Fall) - Merobruchus major=Merobruchus major (Fall) - Merobruchus major=Merobruchus major (Fall) - Merobruchus major Acanthoscelides=Acanthoscelides Merobruchus insolitus (Sharp) - Merobruchus insolitus=Merobruchus insolitus (Sharp) - Merobruchus insolitus Merobruchus terani Kingsolver - Merobruchus terani=Merobruchus terani Kingsolver - Merobruchus terani Mimosestes amicus (Horn) - Mimosestes amicus Mimosestes protractus (Horn) - Mimosestes protractus Mimosestes nubigens (Motschulsky) - Mimosestes nubigens Neltumius texanus (Schaeffer) - Neltumius texanus=Neltumius texanus (Schaeffer) - Neltumius texanus Neltumius arizonensis? - Neltumius arizonensis=Neltumius arizonensis? - Neltumius arizonensis
Parkinsonia Seed Beetle? - Penthobruchus germaini=Parkinsonia Seed Beetle? - Penthobruchus germaini - female=Penthobruchus germaini? - Penthobruchus germaini - male=Parkinsonia Seed Beetle? - Penthobruchus germaini Sennius guttifer (Sharp) - Sennius guttifer=Sennius guttifer (Sharp) - Sennius guttifer Sennius leucostauros Johnson and Kingsolver - Sennius leucostauros=Sennius leucostauros Johnson and Kingsolver - Sennius leucostauros Sennius Sennius lebasi (Fahraeus) - Sennius lebasi=Sennius lebasi (Fahraeus) - Sennius lebasi Sennius cruentatus (Horn) - Sennius cruentatus Stator subaeneus (Schaeffer) - Stator subaeneus - female=Stator subaeneus (Schaeffer) - Stator subaeneus - female Stator vachelliae Bottimer - Stator vachelliae=Stator vachelliae Bottimer - Stator vachelliae Stator pruininus (Horn) - Stator pruininus Stator beali Johnson - Stator beali Stator limbatus (Horn) - Stator limbatus
Bruchinae > ? - Stylantheus macrocerus=Bruchinae > ? - Stylantheus macrocerus

Subfamily Donaciinae - Aquatic or Long-horned Leaf Beetles

Donacia hypoleuca Lacordaire  - Donacia hypoleuca=Donacia hypoleuca Lacordaire  - Donacia hypoleuca Donacia cincticornis Newman - Donacia cincticornis=Donacia cincticornis Newman - Donacia cincticornis=Aquatic Leaf Beetle - Donacia cincticornis
Donacia parvidens Schaeffer - Donacia parvidens=Donacia parvidens Schaeffer - Donacia parvidens=Donacia parvidens Schaeffer - Donacia parvidens Donacia texana Crotch - Donacia texana=Donacia caerulea Olivier - Donacia caerulea=Donacia texana Crotch - Donacia texana=Donacia texana Crotch - Donacia texana

Donacia (Donaciomima) assimilis Lacordaire - Donacia assimilis=Donacia (Donaciomima) assimilis Lacordaire - Donacia assimilis Donacia liebecki Schaeffer - Donacia liebecki Donacia caerulea Olivier - Donacia caerulea=Donacia caerulea Olivier - Donacia caerulea Donacia palmata Olivier - Donacia palmata=Donacia palmata Olivier - Donacia palmata=Donacia palmata Olivier - Donacia palmata

Subfamily Criocerinae - Shining Leaf Beetles

Blue-banded Lema Leaf Beetle - Lema solani Ten-lined Lema Beetle - Lema trivittata Three-lined Potato Beetle - Lema daturaphila Yellow Beetle - Lema nigrovittata Lema conjuncta Lacordaire - Lema conjuncta Leaf beetle - Lema trabeata

Lema opulenta Harold - Lema opulenta=Lema opulenta Harold - Lema opulenta=Lema opulenta Harold - Lema opulenta=Lema opulenta Harold - Lema opulenta - Lema opulenta - variable

Oulema variabilis R. White - Oulema variabilis Oulema simulans (Schaeffer) - Oulema simulans Oulema collaris (Say) - Oulema collaris Oulema (Hapsidolemoides) palustris (Blatchley) - Oulema palustris=Oulema? - Oulema palustris leaf beetle - Oulema sayi=Oulema? - Oulema sayi

Orange and Black Beetle - ID? - Neolema cordata Neolema quadriguttata R. White - Neolema quadriguttata Neolema ovalis White - Neolema ovalis / Crioceris asparagi (Linnaeus) - Crioceris asparagi

Subfamily Cassidinae - Tortoise Beetles and the Hispines

Wild Olive Tortoise Beetle - Physonota alutacea=Physonota alutacea Boheman - Physonota alutacea=Wild Olive Tortoise Beetle - Physonota alutacea Chelymorpha cassidea Hemisphaerota cyanea (Say) - Hemisphaerota cyanea

Charidotella sexpunctata (Fabricius) - Charidotella sexpunctata=Charidotella sexpunctata sexpunctata (Fabricius) - Charidotella sexpunctata Jonthonota nigripes (Olivier) - Jonthonota nigripes Cassidine - Jonthonota mexicana Orange tortoise beetle - Charidotella emarginata Parorectis sublaevis (Barber) - Parorectis sublaevis Opacinota bisignata (Boheman) - Opacinota bisignata Strongylocassis atripes (J. L. LeConte) - Strongylocassis atripes Cassida relicta Spaeth - Cassida relicta
Deloyala guttata (Olivier) - Deloyala guttata Deloyala lecontii (Crotch) - Deloyala lecontii Parorectis callosa (Boheman) - Parorectis callosa Plagiometriona clavata (Fabricius) - Plagiometriona clavata=Plagiometriona clavata (Fabricius) - Plagiometriona clavata=Plagiometriona clavata (Fabricius) - Plagiometriona clavata Agroiconota bivittata (Say) - Agroiconota bivittata Microctenochira bonvouloiri (Boheman) - Microctenochira bonvouloiri
Gratiana pallidula (Boheman) - Gratiana pallidula Anacua Tortoise Beetle - Coptocycla texana - male - female=Anacua Tortoise Beetle - Coptocycla texana=Anacua Tortoise Beetle - Coptocycla texana=Coptocycla texana (Schaeffer) - Coptocycla texana=Coptocycla texana (Schaeffer) – teneral adult - Coptocycla texana cassidine - Charidotella succinea=Charidotella succinea (Boheman) - Charidotella succinea

Possible S. metallica - Stenispa metallica / Chalepus bicolor (Olivier) - Chalepus bicolor=Chalepus bicolor=Chalepus bicolor (Olivier) - Chalepus bicolor leaf beetle - Chalepus walshii Anisostena texana Schaeffer - Anisostena texana beetle - Anisostena ariadne
Anisostena funesta (Baly) - Anisostena funesta Anisostena cyanea Staines - Anisostena cyanea Beetle - Glyphuroplata pluto Anisostena nigrita (Olivier) - Anisostena nigrita Anisostena perspicua Glyphuroplata anisostenoides Riley - Glyphuroplata anisostenoides
Octotoma plicatula (Fabricius) - Octotoma plicatula Octotoma championi Baly - Octotoma championi Octotoma marginicollis Horn - Octotoma marginicollis Leaf miner on Encelia (Brittle Bush) - Microrhopala rubrolineata - female Microrhopala excavata cyanea (Say) - Microrhopala excavata
Xenochalepus ater (Weise) - Xenochalepus ater Odontota mundula (Sanderson) - Odontota mundula=Odontota mundula (Sanderson) - Odontota mundula Odontota scapularis (Olivier) - Odontota scapularis=Odontota scapularis (Olivier) - Odontota scapularis Pentispa distincta (Baly) - Pentispa distincta Goldenrod Leaf Miner - Microrhopala vittata=Microrhopala vittata (Fabricius) - Microrhopala vittata
Pentispa melanura (Chapuis) - Pentispa melanura=Pentispa melanura (Chapuis) - Pentispa melanura Chalepus bellulus (Chapuis) - Chalepus bellulus Anisostena gracilis (Horn) - Anisostena gracilis Odontota horni J. Smith - Odontota horni Heptispa brevicornis Riley - Heptispa brevicornis
Sumitrosis inaequalis (Weber) - Sumitrosis inaequalis Baliosus nervosus (Panzer) - Baliosus nervosus Sumitrosis ancoroides (Schaeffer) - Sumitrosis ancoroides Sumitrosis pallescens (Baley) - Sumitrosis pallescens
Brachycoryna pumila Guérin-Méneville - Brachycoryna pumila Baliosus randia Riley - Baliosus randia Stenopodius texanus Schaeffer - Stenopodius texanus Brachycoryna melsheimeri (Crotch) - Brachycoryna melsheimeri Baliosus randia Riley - Baliosus randia

Subfamily Chrysomelinae - Broad-shouldered Leaf Beetles

Microtheca ochroloma Stål - Microtheca ochroloma Microtheca picea (Guérin-Méneville) - Microtheca picea

Chrysolina auripennis (Say) - Chrysolina auripennis=Chrysolina auripennis (Say) - Chrysolina auripennis Chrysomelidae - Chrysolina flavomarginata Labidomera clivicollis=Labidomera clivicollis (Kirby) - Labidomera clivicollis=Labidomera clivicollis (Kirby) - Labidomera clivicollis=Labidomera clivicollis (Kirby) - Labidomera clivicollis

Calligrapha? reared from Cornus drummondii - Calligrapha scalaris=Calligrapha? reared from Cornus drummondii - Calligrapha scalaris Leaf Beetle - Calligrapha bidenticola=Leaf Beetle - Calligrapha bidenticola Calligrapha multipunctata? - Calligrapha multipunctata - female=leaf beetle - Calligrapha multipunctata - e. & c. TX spp.
adult beetle - Calligrapha serpentina=Calligrapha serpentina (Rogers) - Calligrapha serpentina=Calligrapha serpentina (Rogers) - Calligrapha serpentina=Calligrapha serpentina (Rogers) - Calligrapha serpentina=Coleoptera-Chrysomelidae-Calligrapha serpentina - Calligrapha serpentina Calligrapha wickhami Calligrapha dislocata (Rogers) - Calligrapha dislocata - w. TX spp.

Zygogramma disrupta (Rogers) - Zygogramma disrupta=Zygogramma disrupta (Rogers) - Zygogramma disrupta=Zygogramma disrupta (Rogers) - Zygogramma disrupta Zygogramma continua (LeConte) - Zygogramma continua=Zygogramma continua (LeConte) - Zygogramma continua Zygogramma exclamationis (Fabricius) - Zygogramma exclamationis=Zygogramma exclamationis (Fabricius) - Zygogramma exclamationis Calligraphy beetle - Zygogramma conjuncta
Zygogramma heterothecae Linell - Zygogramma heterothecae=Zygogramma heterothecae Linell - Zygogramma heterothecae Zygogramma sp. - Zygogramma conjuncta=Chrysomelinae - Zygogramma conjuncta ? - Zygogramma conjuncta Zygogramma piceicollis (Stål) - Zygogramma piceicollis Zygogramma opifera? - Zygogramma opifera Zygogramma tortuosa (Rogers) - Zygogramma tortuosa=Zygogramma tortuosa (Rogers) - Zygogramma tortuosa Beetle - Zygogramma malvae

Leptinotarsa haldemani (Rogers) - Leptinotarsa haldemani=Leptinotarsa haldemani (Rogers) - Leptinotarsa haldemani=Leptinotarsa haldemani (Rogers) - Leptinotarsa haldemani  On Ground Cherry - Leptinotarsa rubiginosa=Leptinotarsa rubiginosa (Rogers) - Leptinotarsa rubiginosa
Texas & Colorado Potato Beetles - Leptinotarsa texana Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say) - Leptinotarsa decemlineata Leptinotarsa texana Schaeffer - Leptinotarsa texana Leptinotarsa lineolata (Stål) - Leptinotarsa lineolata Beetle - Leptinotarsa juncta Caligraph-like Beetle - Leptinotarsa collinsi

Plagiodera thymaloides Stål - Plagiodera thymaloides Plagiodera arizonae Crotch - Plagiodera arizonae Gastrophysa cyanea F. E. Melsheimer - Gastrophysa cyanea=Gastrophysa cyanea Melsheimer - Gastrophysa cyanea Unknown Chrysomelid - Gastrophysa dissimilis Prasocuris vittata (Olivier) - Prasocuris vittata

Phaedon viridis F. E. Melsheimer - Phaedon viridis=Phaedon viridis F. E. Melsheimer - Phaedon viridis Phaedon cyanescens Stål - Phaedon cyanescens Phaedon desotonis Balsbaugh - Phaedon desotonis Phaedon purpureus? - Phaedon purpureus Beautiful Blue, Chrysolina? - Phaedon oviformis

Chrysomela texana (Schaeffer) - Chrysomela texana=Chrysomela texana (Schaeffer) - Chrysomela texana Chrysomela scripta Fabricius - Chrysomela scripta
Chrysomela interrupta Fabricius - Chrysomela interrupta=Chrysomela interrupta Fabricius - Chrysomela interrupta Knab's Leaf Beetle ? - Chrysomela knabi=Leaf beetles on Salix - Chrysomela knabi=Chrysomela knabi? - Chrysomela knabi - east Texas spp.

Subfamily Galerucinae - Skeletonizing Leaf Beetles

Chrysomelid - Xanthogaleruca luteola Water-lily Beetle? - Galerucella nymphaeae
Trirhabda schwarzi Blake - Trirhabda schwarzi Trirhabda bacharidis Derospidea brevicollis (LeConte) - Derospidea brevicollis Derospidea ornata (Schaeffer) - Derospidea ornata Coraia subcyanescens (Schaeffer) - Coraia subcyanescens - male Miraces aeneipennis Jacoby - Miraces aeneipennis=Miraces aeneipennis Jacoby - Miraces aeneipennis
Monoxia batisia Blatchley - Yingabruxia batisia Yingabruxia sordida (LeConte) - Yingabruxia sordida Brucita marmorata (Jacoby) - Brucita marmorata Erynephala maritima (LeConte) - Erynephala maritima

Ophraella communa LeSage - Ophraella communa Ophraella americana (Fabricius) - Ophraella americana Leaf beetle - Ophraella notata Ophraella notulata (Fabricius) - Ophraella notulata Ophraella communa LeSage - Ophraella communa Leaf Beetle - Ophraella sexvittata

Paranapiacaba tricincta (Say) - Paranapiacaba tricincta=Paranapiacaba tricincta (Say) - Paranapiacaba tricincta Paranapiacaba connexa (J. L. LeConte) - Paranapiacaba connexa Cyclotrypema furcata (Olivier) - Cyclotrypema furcata Luperosoma subsulcatum (Horn) - Luperosoma subsulcatum - female Luperosoma parallelum (Horn) - Luperosoma parallelum Phyllecthris dorsalis (Olivier) - Phyllecthris dorsalis Beetle - Phyllecthris gentilis - female
Acalymma vittatum (Fabricius) - Acalymma vittatum=Acalymma vittatum (Fabricius) - Acalymma vittatum Acalymma trivittatum (Mannerheim) - Acalymma trivittatum=Western Striped Cucumber Beetle? - Acalymma trivittatum Acalymma blandulum (LeConte) - Acalymma blandulum=Chrysomelidae - ? - Acalymma blandulum - male Leaf Beetle - Acalymma vinctum Acalymma peregrinum (Jacoby) - Acalymma peregrinum
Cerotoma trifurcata (Forster) - Cerotoma trifurcata=Cerotoma trifurcata (Forster) - Cerotoma trifurcata=Cerotoma trifurcata (Forster) - Cerotoma trifurcata=Cerotoma trifurcata (Forster) - Cerotoma trifurcata Cerotoma? - Cerotoma ruficornis - male
Diabrotica undecimpunctata howardi Barber - Diabrotica undecimpunctata=Diabrotica undecimpunctata howardi Barber - Diabrotica undecimpunctata Diabrotica balteata LeConte - Diabrotica balteata Diabrotica longicornis (Say) - Diabrotica longicornis=Diabrotica longicornis (Say) - Diabrotica longicornis Diabrotica litterata (Sahlberg) - Diabrotica litterata Diabrotica adelpha Harold - Diabrotica adelpha=Diabrotica adelpha Harold - Diabrotica adelpha
Diabrotica cristata (Harris) - Diabrotica cristata=Diabrotica cristata (Harris) - Diabrotica cristata Diabrotica virgifera - female

Keitheatus blakeae (White) - Keitheatus blakeae Metrioidea varicornis (Leconte) - Metrioidea varicornis Triariodes vittipennis (Horn) - Triariodes vittipennis Triarius lividus (LeConte) - Triarius lividus Pteleon brevicornis (Jacoby) - Pteleon brevicornis=Pteleon brevicornis (Jacoby) - Pteleon brevicornis Monoaster fulgidus (Wilcox) - Monoaster fulgidus

Phyllobrotica limbata (Fabricius) - Phyllobrotica limbata Phyllobrotica physostegiae Riley - Phyllobrotica physostegiae - female=Phyllobrotica physostegiae Riley - Phyllobrotica physostegiae - male Phyllobrotica sororia Horn - Phyllobrotica sororia Phyllobrotica lengi

Malacorhinus acaciae (Schaeffer) - Malacorhinus acaciae - male

Blepharida rhois (Forster) - Blepharida rhois=Blepharida rhois (Forster) - Blepharida rhois Pseudorthygia nigritarsis (Jacoby) - Pseudorthygia nigritarsis Mantura floridana Crotch - Mantura floridana Glenidion flexicaulis (Schaeffer) - Glenidion flexicaulis Pseudodibolia opima (LeConte) - Pseudodibolia opima=Pseudodibolia opima (LeConte) - Pseudodibolia opima

Altica foliaceae J. L. LeConte - Altica foliaceae Altica sp., foliaceae complex - Altica foliaceae Altica litigata Fall - Altica litigata Altica texana Schaeffer - Altica texana Altica knabii Blatchley - Altica knabii Altica? - Altica torquata=Altica torquata LeConte - Altica torquata Altica chalybea Illiger - Altica chalybea Lysathia ludoviciana (Fall) - Lysathia ludoviciana Asphaera lustrans (Crotch) - Asphaera lustrans=Leaf Beetle 1 - Asphaera lustrans=Asphaera lustrans (Crotch) - Asphaera lustrans Omophoita cyanipennis octomaculata (Crotch) - Omophoita cyanipennis Chaetocnema pinguis J. L. LeConte - Chaetocnema pinguis Chaetocnema pulicaria  F. E. Melsheimer - Chaetocnema pulicaria Boca Chica Flea Beetle - Chaetocnema rileyi Chaetocnema quadricollis Schwarz - Chaetocnema quadricollis Chaetocnema densa R. White - Chaetocnema densa Crepidodera nana (Say) - Crepidodera nana Crepidodera browni Parry - Crepidodera browni Margaridisa Hornaltica bicolorata (Horn) - Hornaltica bicolorata Genus undet. near Epitrix Epitrix fasciata Blatchley - Epitrix fasciata Epitrix sp. (EGR 1) - Epitrix Epitrix sp. (EGR 3) - Epitrix Epitrix hirtipennis? - Epitrix hirtipennis Lupraea picta (Say) - Palaeothona picta Strabala acuminata Blake - Strabala acuminata Strabala rufa? - Strabala rufa Agasicles hygrophila Hemiphrynus intermedius (Jacoby) - Hemiphrynus intermedius Disonycha leptolineata Blatchley - Disonycha leptolineata Disonycha arizonae Casey - Disonycha arizonae Disonycha admirabila Blatchley - Disonycha admirabila Flea Beetle - Disonycha caroliniana Disonycha tenuicornis Horn - Disonycha tenuicornis
Disonycha glabrata (Fabricius) - Disonycha glabrata Disonycha barberi Blake - Disonycha barberi Disonycha pensylvanica (Illiger) - Disonycha pensylvanica Disonycha procera - female
Disonycha stenosticha Schaeffer - Disonycha stenosticha Disonycha fumata (LeConte) - Disonycha fumata Disonycha sp. - Disonycha alternata Chrysomelid - Disonycha figurata
Disonycha discoidea (Fabricius) - Disonycha discoidea Disonycha collata Disonycha varicornis Horn - Disonycha varicornis Disonycha triangularis (Say) - Disonycha triangularis Disonycha? sp possible? - Disonycha xanthomelas Alticid - Disonycha politula
Longitarsus Longitarsus sp. EGR 23 - Longitarsus Longitarsus Longitarsus Longitarsus sp. (on Lantana) - Longitarsus Longitarsus Longitarsus
Longitarsus varicornis Suffrian - Longitarsus varicornis Longitarsus subrufus LeConte - Longitarsus subrufus Longitarsus suspectus Blatchley - Longitarsus suspectus - male Longitarsus sp. (EGR 20) - Longitarsus - male Longitarsus sp. (EGR 21) - Longitarsus - male Cerataltica insolita (Melsheimer) - Cerataltica insolita
Glyptina nivalis Horn - Glyptina nivalis Glyptina cyanipennis (Crotch) - Glyptina cyanipennis Glyptina sp. EGR 20 - Glyptina Glyptina sp. on Croton - Glyptina Glyptina brunnea Horn - Glyptina brunnea Glyptina texana (Crotch) - Glyptina texana Glyptina Glyptina Luperaltica nigripalpis (LeConte) - Luperaltica nigripalpis Luperaltica semiflava (Fall) - Luperaltica semiflava Parchicola tibialis (Olivier) - Parchicola tibialis Parchicola - male Flea beetle - Parchicola iris Cornulactica varicornis (Jacoby) - Cornulactica varicornis Monomacra bumeliae (Schaeffer) - Monomacra bumeliae - male Capraita nigrosignata (Schaeffer) - Capraita nigrosignata Capraita texana (Crotch)  - Capraita texana=Capraita texana (Crotch) - Capraita texana=Capraita texana (Crotch) - Capraita texana Capraita obsidiana (Fabricius)  - Capraita obsidiana Capraita sexmaculata (Illiger) - Capraita sexmaculata Capraita circumdata UID INSECT - Capraita scalaris Chrysomelidae - Capraita thyamoides Oedionychis Genus Group? - Capraita flavida Kuschelina gibbitarsa (Say) - Kuschelina gibbitarsa Flea Beetle - Kuschelina thoracica Kuschelina petaurista (Fabricius) - Kuschelina petaurista Kuschelina miniata species complex - Kuschelina Kuschelina laeta (Perbosc) - Kuschelina laeta Kuschelina? - Kuschelina vians Kuschelina cf-fimbriata - Kuschelina fimbriata=Kuschelina? - Kuschelina fimbriata Blue Alticini - Kuschelina lugens Kuschelina jacobiana? - Kuschelina jacobiana
Orthaltica copalina (Fabricius) - Aulacothorax copalina - male=Orthaltica copalina (Fabricius) - Aulacothorax copalina - female Orthaltica melina Horn - Aulacothorax melina - male=Aulacothorax melina (Horn) - Aulacothorax melina - female Phydanis bicolor Horn - Phydanis bicolor - male=Phydanis bicolor Horn - Phydanis bicolor - female Dibolia borealis Chevrolat (southern form) - Dibolia borealis=Dibolia borealis Chevrolat - Dibolia borealis Psylliodes convexior LeConte - Psylliodes convexior Leaf Beetle - Psylliodes punctulatus Psylliodes Phyllotreta aeneicollis (Crotch) - Phyllotreta aeneicollis=Phyllotreta aeneicollis (Crotch) - Phyllotreta aeneicollis Phyllotreta lewisii (Crotch) - Phyllotreta lewisii Flea Beetle - Phyllotreta liebecki Phyllotreta - Phyllotreta zimmermanni flea beetle - Phyllotreta striolata Pseudolampsis guttata (LeConte) - Pseudolampsis guttata Distigmoptera apicalis - female Distigmoptera Syphrea nana (Crotch) - Syphrea nana Bernardia Flea Beetle - Syphrea Flea Beetle - Syphrea flavicollis
Nesaecrepida infuscata (Schaeffer) - Nesaecrepida infuscata Flea Beetle? & mite - Nesaecrepida asphaltina
Systena hudsonias (Forster)  - Systena hudsonias Systena frontalis (Fabricius) - Systena frontalis Systena pallicornis Schaeffer - Systena pallicornis Systena blanda Melsheimer - Systena blanda Flea beetle from Virginia 10.06.27 - Systena elongata Systena gracilenta Blake - Systena gracilenta Systena sexnotata Fall - Systena sexnotata Systena marginalis Systena? - Systena corni
Trichaltica scabricula (Crotch) - Trichaltica scabricula=Beetle - Trichaltica scabricula

Subfamily Eumolpinae - Oval Leaf Beetles

Typophorus nigritus (Fabricius) - Typophorus nigritus=Typophorus nigritus (Fabricius) - Typophorus nigritus
Graphops simplex LeConte (green form) - Graphops simplex=Graphops simplex J. L. LeConte (green form) - Graphops simplex=Graphops simplex J. L. LeConte (brown form) - Graphops simplex Graphops curtipennis (Melsheimer) - Graphops curtipennis Graphops comosa Blake - Graphops comosa Metachroma longicolle Jacoby - Metachroma longicolle Metachroma luridum (Olivier) - Metachroma luridum Metachroma orientale Blake - Metachroma orientale Metachroma pellucidum Crotch - Metachroma pellucidum Metachroma quercatum (Fabricius) - Metachroma quercatum=Metachroma quercatum (Fabricius) - Metachroma quercatum Metachroma suturale J. L. LeConte - Metachroma suturale Metachroma texanum Schaeffer - Metachroma texanum Metachroma ustum J. L. LeConte - Metachroma ustum Metachroma interruptum (Say) - Metachroma interruptum Metachroma viticola Linell - Metachroma viticola Paria arizonensis Wilcox - Paria arizonensis Paria sexnotata (Say) - Paria sexnotata Paria n. sp. - Paria Paria quadriguttata LeConte - Paria quadriguttata Paria sp.,  fragariae complex - Paria fragariae-complex
Dogbane Beetle - Chrysochus auratus Spintherophyta globosa (Olivier) - Spintherophyta globosa Zenocolaspis subtropica (Schaeffer) - Zenocolaspis subtropica Eulepton burkei Riley - Eulepton burkei - male=Eulepton burkei Riley - Eulepton burkei - female=Eulepton burkei Riley - Eulepton burkei - female=Eulepton burkei Riley - Eulepton burkei - male Brachypnoea rotundicollis (Schaeffer) - Brachypnoea rotundicollis Brachypnoea texana (Schaeffer) - Brachypnoea texana leaf beetle - - Brachypnoea tristis
 Brachypnoea lecontei Riley, Clark & Seeno - Brachypnoea lecontei=Brachypnoea lecontei Riley, Clark & Seeno - Brachypnoea lecontei=Brachypnoea lecontei Riley, Clark & Seeno - Brachypnoea lecontei - male=Brachypnoea lecontei Riley, Clark & Seeno - Brachypnoea lecontei=Brachypnoea lecontei Riley, Clark & Seeno - Brachypnoea lecontei=Brachypnoea lecontei Riley, Clark & Seeno - Brachypnoea lecontei
Metaparia viridimicans (Horn) - Metaparia viridimicans - male=Metaparia viridimicans (Horn) - Metaparia viridimicans - female Metaparia opacicollis (Horn) - Metaparia opacicollis Metaparia sp. EGR 1 - Metaparia - male Metaparia sp. 2 - Metaparia - male Metaparia clytroides Crotch - Metaparia clytroides - male=Metaparia clytroides Crotch - Metaparia clytroides - female
Colaspis brownsvillensis Blake - Colaspis brownsvillensis Colaspis planicostata Blake - Colaspis planicostata Colaspis sp. - Colaspis hesperia Colaspis sp.  - Colaspis brunnea
Rhabdopterus deceptor Barber - Rhabdopterus deceptor Rhabdopterus weisei (Schaeffer) - Rhabdopterus weisei
Tymnes metasternalis (Crotch) - Tymnes metasternalis Tymnes tricolor (Fabricius) - Tymnes tricolor
Glyptoscelis prosopis Schaeffer - Glyptoscelis prosopis Hairy Leaf Beetle - Glyptoscelis pubescens Glyptoscelis albicans Baly - Glyptoscelis albicans Myochrous squamosus
Myochrous sp., denticollis-cyphus Complex - Myochrous cyphus-denticollis Myochrous magnus Schaeffer - Myochrous magnus Myochrous intermedius Blake - Myochrous intermedius

Megascelis texana Linell - Megascelis texana=Megascelis texana Linell - Megascelis texana

Neofidia texana Schaeffer - Neofidia texana=Neofidia texana Schaeffer - Neofidia texana Fidia clematis Schaeffer - Fidia clematis Fidia viticida Walsh - Fidia viticida

Xanthonia dentata Staines & Weisman - Xanthonia dentata Xanthonia furcata Staines & Weisman - Xanthonia furcata Xanthonia texana Weisman - Xanthonia texana Xanthonia picturata Weisman & Riley - Xanthonia picturata
Xanthonia hirsuta Weisman - Xanthonia hirsuta Xanthonia nitida Weisman - Xanthonia nitida Xanthonia vagans (J. L. LeConte) - Xanthonia vagans Xanthonia marquai Riley & Quinn - Xanthonia marquai
Xanthonia villosula (F. E. Melsheimer) - Xanthonia villosula Xanthonia parva Riley & Quinn - Xanthonia parva - male Xanthonia querci Weisman - Xanthonia querci Xanthonia angulata Staines and Weisman - Xanthonia angulata Leaf beetle - Demotina modesta

Subfamily Cryptocephalinae - The Casebearers, Cylindrical Leaf Beetles

Griburius montezuma (Suffrian) - Griburius montezuma=Griburius montezuma (Suffrian)  - Griburius montezuma=Griburius montezuma (Suffrian) - Griburius montezuma==Griburius montezuma (Suffrian)  - Griburius montezuma Griburius lecontii Crotch - Griburius lecontii
Griburius scutellaris (Fabricius) - Griburius scutellaris=Griburius scutellaris (Fabricius) - Griburius scutellaris Griburius - Griburius undetermined=Griburius - Griburius undetermined Griburius equestris (Olivier) - Griburius equestris=Griburius equestris (Olivier) - Griburius equestris
Pachybrachis pusillus Bowditch - Pachybrachis pusillus Pachybrachis diversus Fall - Pachybrachis diversus Pachybrachis pectoralis (F. E. Melsheimer) - Pachybrachis pectoralis Pachybrachis spumarius Suffrian - Pachybrachis spumarius Pachybrachis duryi Fall - Pachybrachis duryi  Pachybrachis xantholucens Fall - Pachybrachis xantholucens Pachybrachis marmoratus Jacoby - Pachybrachis marmoratus Pachybrachis brunneus Bowditch - Pachybrachis brunneus Pachybrachis sp. (EGR 19) - Pachybrachis
Pachybrachis sp. (EGR 2) - Pachybrachis Pachybrachis sp. (EGR 6) - Pachybrachis Pachybrachis sp. (EGR 136) - Pachybrachis Pachybrachis Pachybrachis impurus Suffrian - Pachybrachis impurus Pachybrachis - Pachybrachis wenzeli Pachybrachis brevicornis Fall - Pachybrachis brevicornis Pachybrachis vestigialis Fall - Pachybrachis vestigialis=Pachybrachis vestigialis Fall - Pachybrachis vestigialis
Pachybrachis texanus Bowditch  - Pachybrachis texanus Pachybrachis latithorax Clavareau  - Pachybrachis latithorax Pachybrachis brevicollis LeConte - Pachybrachis brevicollis Pachybrachis subvittatus LeConte - Pachybrachis subvittatus Beetle: 2012.05.22.24828 - Pachybrachis tridens Pachybrachis turbidus LeConte - Pachybrachis turbidus - male Pachybrachis luridus (Fabricius) - Pachybrachis luridus - male Pachybrachis integratus Fall - Pachybrachis integratus
Chrysomelidae  -- ? - Pachybrachis bivittatus Pachybrachis dubiosus J. L. LeConte - Pachybrachis dubiosus Pachybrachis pawnee Fall - Pachybrachis pawnee Pachybrachis vau Fall - Pachybrachis vau Pachybrachis othonus Say - Pachybrachis othonus=Pachybrachis othonus (Say) - Pachybrachis othonus Pachybrachis 
Pachybrachis haematodes Suffrian - Pachybrachis haematodes Pachybrachis morosus Haldeman - Pachybrachis morosus Pachybrachis thoracicus Jacoby - Pachybrachis thoracicus Pachybrachis hector Fall - Pachybrachis hector Pachybrachis cruentus LeConte - Pachybrachis cruentus=Pachybrachis cruentus LeConte - Pachybrachis cruentus Pachybrachis hector Fall - Pachybrachis hector Pachybrachis hepaticus (Melsheimer) - Pachybrachis hepaticus
Lexiphanes teapensis (Jacoby) - Lexiphanes teapensis Lexiphanes sp. on Seep Willow (Baccharis sp) - Lexiphanes guerini Lexiphanes saponatus (Fabricius) - Lexiphanes saponatus
Bassareus lituratus (Fabricius) - Bassareus lituratus=Bassareus sp. -- ? vittate form of lituratus (Fabricius) - Bassareus lituratus Bassareus areolatus (Suffrian)  - Bassareus areolatus Bassareus brunnipes Bassareus clathratus (F. E. Melsheimer)  - Bassareus clathratus Bassareus mammifer (Newman)  - Bassareus mammifer==Bassareus mammifer (Newman)  - Bassareus mammifer

Cryptocephalus notatus Fabricius - Cryptocephalus notatus Cryptocephalus quadruplex Newman - Cryptocephalus quadruplex Cryptocephalus pinicolus Schaeffer - Cryptocephalus pinicola Cryptocephalus mucoreus LeConte - Cryptocephalus mucoreus Cryptocephalus basalis Suffrian  - Cryptocephalus basalis Cryptocephalus a. arizonensis Schaeffer - Cryptocephalus arizonensis Cryptocephalus guttulatus Olivier - Cryptocephalus guttulatus=Cryptocephalus guttulatus Olivier - Cryptocephalus guttulatus Cryptocephalus guttulatellus Schaeffer - Cryptocephalus guttulatellus=Cryptocephalus guttulatellus Schaeffer - Cryptocephalus guttulatellus Cryptocephalus pumilus Haldeman - Cryptocephalus pumilus Cryptocephalus brunneovittatus Schaeffer - Cryptocephalus brunneovittatus Cryptocephalus trivittatus Olivier - Cryptocephalus trivittatus Cryptocephalus cuneatus Fall - Cryptocephalus cuneatus Cryptocephalus venustus Fabricius - Cryptocephalus venustus Cryptocephalus bispinus Suffrian - Cryptocephalus bispinus - male Cryptocephalus confluentus Say  - Cryptocephalus confluentus Cryptocephalus implacidus R. White - Cryptocephalus implacidus Cryptocephalus fulguratus LeConte - Cryptocephalus fulguratus Cryptocephalus downiei E. Riley & Gilbert  - Cryptocephalus downiei  Cryptocephalus texanus Schaeffer - Cryptocephalus texanus Cryptocephalus duryi Schaeffer - Cryptocephalus duryi Cryptocephalus cribripennis J. L. LeConte - Cryptocephalus cribripennis Cryptocephalus leucomelas Suffrian - Cryptocephalus leucomelas Cryptocephalus triundulatus On Pine, high elevation - Cryptocephalus atrofasciatus Coleoptera - Cryptocephalus badius Cryptocephalus mutabilis F. E. Melsheimer - Cryptocephalus mutabilis= Cryptocephalus mutabilis F. E. Melsheimer - Cryptocephalus mutabilis Cryptocephalus trizonatus Suffrian - Cryptocephalus trizonatus Cryptocephalus defectus LeConte - Cryptocephalus defectus Cryptocephalus vapidus R. White - Cryptocephalus vapidus Cryptocephalus - Cryptocephalus spurcus Cryptocephalus striatulus LeConte - Cryptocephalus striatulus

Diachus auratus (Fabricius) - Diachus auratus Diachus - male=Diachus - female Diachus Diachus chlorizans (Suffrian) - Diachus chlorizans
Triachus atomus (Suffrian) - Triachus atomus Triachus Triachus postremus LeConte - Triachus postremus

Anomoea laticlavia (Forster)  - Anomoea laticlavia=Anomoea - Anomoea laticlavia - male Anomoea flavokansiensis Moldenke - Anomoea flavokansiensis - male - female=Beetle - Anomoea flavokansiensis Anomoea nitidicollis Schaeffer  - Anomoea nitidicollis - female=Anomoea nitidicollis Schaeffer - Anomoea nitidicollis Anomoea rufifrons mutabilis (Lacordaire) - Anomoea rufifrons Smaragdina militaris (J. L. LeConte) - Smaragdina militaris
Coscinoptera aeneipennis (LeConte) - Coscinoptera aeneipennis Megalostomis dimidiata Lacordaire - Megalostomis dimidiata=Megalostomis dimidiata Lacordaire - Megalostomis dimidiata
Coleorozena fulvilabris (Jacoby) - Coleorozena fulvilabris=Coleorozena fulvilabris (Jacoby) - Coleorozena fulvilabris Coleorozena pilatei (Lacordaire) - Coleorozena pilatei=Coleorozena pilatei (Lacordaire) - Coleorozena pilatei Coleorozena vittata (LeConte) - Coleorozena vittata=Coleorozena vittata (LeConte) - Coleorozena vittata Coleothorpa axillaris (J. L. LeConte) - Coleothorpa axillaris=Coleothorpa axillaris (J. L. LeConte) - Coleothorpa axillaris Coleothorpa dominicana (Fabricius) - Coleothorpa dominicana=Coleothorpa dominicana (Fabricius) - Coleothorpa dominicana Coleothorpa vittigera (J. L. LeConte) - Coleothorpa vittigera=Stripped Coleothorpa - Coleothorpa vittigera Saxinis sinuata Schaeffer - Saxinis sinuata=Saxinis sinuata Schaeffer - Saxinis sinuata Saxinis knausii Schaeffer - Saxinis knausii=Saxinis knausii Schaeffer - Saxinis knausii Saxinis sonorensis Jacoby - Saxinis sonorensis=Saxinis sonorensis Jacoby - Saxinis sonorensis Chrysomelidae, Case-bearing, dorsal - Saxinis omogera Clytrini - Saxinis apicalis Babia quadriguttata (Olivier) - Babia quadriguttata=Babia quadriguttata (Olivier) - Babia quadriguttata=Babia quadriguttata (Olivier) - Babia quadriguttata Babia tetraspilota J. L. LeConte - Babia tetraspilota=Babia tetraspilota LeConte - Babia tetraspilota=Babia tetraspilota LeConte - Babia tetraspilota
Urodera crucifera texana Schaeffer - Urodera crucifera=Urodera crucifera texana Schaeffer - Urodera crucifera=Urodera crucifera texana Schaeffer - Urodera crucifera Urodera dilaticollis Jacoby - Urodera dilaticollis=Urodera dilaticollis Jacoby - Urodera dilaticollis=Urodera dilaticollis Jacoby - Urodera dilaticollis
Chlamisus maculipes (Chevrolat) - Chlamisus maculipes Chlamisus texanus (Schaeffer) - Chlamisus texanus Warty Leaf Beetle - Chlamisus foveolatus Chlamisus quadrilobatus (Schaeffer) - Chlamisus quadrilobatus=Chlamisus quadrilobatus (Schaeffer) - Chlamisus quadrilobatus=Chlamisus quadrilobatus (Schaeffer) - Chlamisus quadrilobatus=Chlamisus quadrilobatus (Schaeffer) - Chlamisus quadrilobatus

Diplacaspis prosternalis (Schaeffer) - Diplacaspis prosternalis / Neochlamisus bebbianae (Brown) – complex - Neochlamisus bebbianae - male Neochlamisus gibbosus (Fabricius)  - Neochlamisus gibbosus - male Neochlamisus scabripennis (Schaeffer) - Neochlamisus scabripennis Neochlamisus velutinus Karren - Neochlamisus velutinus Neochlamisus platani (Brown) - Neochlamisus platani=Neochlamisus platani (Brown) - Neochlamisus platani

Exema gibber (Fabricius) - Exema gibber Exema elliptica Karren - Exema elliptica Exema dispar Lacordaire - Exema dispar Exema mormona Karren - Exema mormona=Exema mormona Karren - Exema mormona Exema? - Exema canadensis Exema conspersa (Mannerheim) - Exema conspersa Warty Leaf Beetles - Exema

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