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Longhorn Beetles of Texas - Family Cerambycidae

443 species of cerambycids have been recorded from Texas (E.G. Riley, pers. comm., Jan. 2022)
Some 70% of the Texas total are shown here.

Ed Riley and Dan Heffern greatly assisted in finding, determining and photographing these beetles.
Specimens primarily from the following Texas insect collections: EGRC, DHCO, TAMUIC, UTIC

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Disteniinae - Parandrinae - Prioninae - Spondylidinae - Lepturinae - Cerambycinae - Lamiinae

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Subfamily Disteniinae

Long-Horned Beetle - Elytrimitatrix undata

Subfamily Parandrinae

Neandra brunnea brunnea (Fabricius) - Neandra brunnea BG2671 E6048-9 - Parandra polita 

Subfamily Prioninae

Mallodon dasystomus (Say) - Mallodon dasystomus=Mallodon dasystomus (Say) - Mallodon dasystomus=Mallodon dasystomus (Say) - Mallodon dasystomus - female Archodontes melanopus (Linnaeus) - Archodontes melanopus=Archodontes melanopus serrulatus (LeConte) - Archodontes melanopus

Derobrachus hovorei Santos-Silva - Derobrachus hovorei Orthosoma brunneum  (Forster) - Orthosoma brunneum

Prionus spinipennis Hovore & Turnbow - Prionus spinipennis - male=Prionus spinipennis Hovore & Turnbow - Prionus spinipennis - female Prionus arenarius Hovore - Prionus arenarius - male Prionus imbricornis  (Linnaeus) - Prionus imbricornis - male Prionus pocularis Dalman - Prionus pocularis - male 

Sphenostethus taslei (Buquet) - Sphenostethus taslei

Subfamily Spondylidinae (includes Aseminae)

Atimia confusa confusa (Say) - Atimia confusa Atimia huachucae Champlain & Knull - Atimia huachucae Arhopalus rusticus montanus (LeConte) - Arhopalus rusticus

Subfamily Lepturinae - Flower Longhorns

Elderberry Borer - Desmocerus palliatus (recorded from OK & LA) Gigas Longhorn Beetle - Stenelytrana gigas Trigonarthris atrata (LeConte) - Trigonarthris atrata Comacmaeops brunnea  (Knull) - Comacmaeops brunnea=Comacmaeops brunnea  (Knull) - Comacmaeops brunnea=Comacmaeops brunnea (Knull) - Comacmaeops brunnea=Comacmaeops brunnea (Knull) - Comacmaeops brunnea Bellamira scalaris (Say) - Bellamira scalaris Stenocorus cinnamopterus  (Randall) - Stenocorus cinnamopterus - male Pseudostrangalia cruentata (Haldeman) - Pseudostrangalia cruentata
Cyphonotida rostrata texana Giesbert & Hovore - Cyphonotida rostrata=Cyphonotida rostrata texana Giesbert & Hovore - Cyphonotida rostrata Charisalia americana (Haldeman) - Charisalia americana Grammoptera haematites  (Newman) - Grammoptera haematites Megachoriolaus texanus (Knull) - Megachoriolaus texanus=Megachoriolaus texanus (Knull) - Megachoriolaus texanus BG2156 E1233 - Strangalia bicolor I believe this to be a Florida Longhorn Beetle, captured on the upper Gulf Coast of Texas, High Island, east of Galveston. - Lycochoriolaus lateralis Ribbed Pine Borer - Rhagium inquisitor Strangalia sexnotata Haldeman - Strangalia sexnotata strangaille - Strangalia sexnotata=strangaille - Strangalia sexnotata Strangalia virilis LeConte - Strangalia virilis Typocerus sinuatus (Newman) - Typocerus sinuatus Typocerus lunulatus texanus Linsley & Chemsak - Typocerus lunulatus BG2126 E0368 - Typocerus zebra Typocerus velutinus nobilis (Newman) - Typocerus velutinus Typocerus balteatus diana Lewis - Typocerus balteatus Typocerus acuticauda standishi Knull - Typocerus acuticauda Typocerus lugubris (Say) - Typocerus lugubris Typocerus octonotatus (Haldeman) - Typocerus octonotatus Centrodera sublineata LeConte - Centrodera sublineata

Subfamily Cerambycinae

Geropa concolor (LeConte) - Geropa concolor=Geropa concolor (LeConte) - Geropa concolor Achryson surinamum (L) - Achryson surinamum Agallissus lepturoides (Chevrolat) - Agallissus lepturoides=Agallissus lepturoides (Chevrolat) - Agallissus lepturoides = Zagymnus clerinus  (LeConte) - Zagymnus clerinus

BG2892 E7580 - Tilloclytus geminatus Cyrtophorus verrucosus=Cyrtophorus verrucosus

Knulliana cincta (Drury) - Knulliana cincta=BG2133 D2702 - Knulliana cincta=Longhorn in oak area, Huachucas  - Knulliana cincta - female Gnaphalodes trachyderoides Thomson - Gnaphalodes trachyderoides=Gnaphalodes trachyderoides Thomson - Gnaphalodes trachyderoides Chrotoma dunniana Casey - Chrotoma dunniana

Plinthocoelium schwarzi (Fisher) - Plinthocoelium schwarzi Plinthocoelium sp. - Plinthocoelium suaveolens
Cerambycid? - Semanotus ligneus Phymatodes varius (Fabricius) - Phymatodes varius Callidium sp.? - Callidium texanum=House Beetle - Callidium texanum Phymatodes amoenus (Say) - Phymatodes amoenus Phymatodes lengi Joutel - Phymatodes lengi=Phymatodes lengi Joutel - Phymatodes lengi Physocnemum brevilineum
Rustic Borer - Xylotrechus colonusXylotrechus sagittatus (Germar) - Xylotrechus sagittatus Tanyochraethes tildeni Chemsak & Linsley - Tanyochraethes tildeni=Tanyochraethes tildeni Chemsak & Linsley - Tanyochraethes tildeni Tylcus hartwegii (White) - Tylcus hartwegii Clytoleptus albofasciatus (Laporte & Gory) - Clytoleptus albofasciatus Ochraethes citrinus Chevrolat - Ochraethes citrinus=Ochraethes citrinus Chevrolat - Ochraethes citrinus Megacyllene caryae (Gahan) - Megacyllene caryae=Megacyllene caryae (Gahan) - Megacyllene caryae Locust Borer - Megacyllene robiniae Megacyllene sp. - Megacyllene angulifera Megacyllene antennata Megacyllene decora (Olivier) - Megacyllene decora Neoclytus acuminatus  - Neoclytus acuminatus Gray-winged Neoclyt-Borer - Neoclytus scutellaris Neoclytus mucronatus vogti Linsley - Neoclytus mucronatus Neoclytus irroratus (LeConte) - Neoclytus irroratus Neoclytus augusti (Chevrolat) - Neoclytus augusti Neoclytus torquatus LeConte - Neoclytus torquatus=Neoclytus torquatus LeConte - Neoclytus torquatus=Neoclytus torquatus LeConte - Neoclytus torquatus Neoclytus sp - Neoclytus approximatus Neoclytus jouteli Davis - Neoclytus jouteli Black White Striped Beetle - Neoclytus caprea
Placosternus erythropus (Chevrolat) - Placosternus erythropus=Placosternus erythropus (Chevrolat) - Placosternus erythropus Tentatively - Placosternus difficilis=Another one from Tucson - Placosternus difficilis Ornithia mexicana mexicana (Sturm) - Ornithia mexicana Dryobius sexnotatus Linsley - Dryobius sexnotatus - male=Dryobius sexnotatus Linsley - Dryobius sexnotatus - male=Dryobius sexnotatus Linsley - Dryobius sexnotatus - male  =Eburia mutica LeConte - Eburia mutica Eburia quadrigeminata (Say) - Eburia quadrigeminata Eburia ovicollis LeConte - Eburia ovicollis Eburia stigmatica  Chevrolat - Susuacanga stigmatica Elaphidionopsis fasciatipennis Linsley - Elaphidionopsis fasciatipennis Gymnopsyra magnipunctata (Knull) - Gymnopsyra magnipunctata Sphaerion exutum (Newman) - Sphaerion exutum Aneflomorpha aculeata (LeConte) - Aneflomorpha aculeata Aneflomorpha tenuis (LeConte) - Aneflomorpha tenuis Aneflus obscurus Cerambycidae - Aneflus prolixus Aneflus sonoranus Aneflus? Maybe A. protensus? - Aneflus protensus Anelaphus? - Anelaphus moestus Anelaphus debilis (LeConte) - Anelaphus debilis Anelaphus niveivestitus (Schaeffer) - Anelaphus niveivestitus Anelaphus villosus (Fabricius) - Anelaphus pumilus=Anelaphus villosus (Fabricius) - Anelaphus pumilus speckled dark longhorn - Anelaphus inermis elaphidiine - Anelaphus=elaphidiine - Anelaphus Anelaphus
Enaphalodes taeniatus Feeds on Oaks - Enaphalodes atomarius - male Enaphalodes rufulus Elaphidion mimeticum Schaeffer - Elaphidion mimeticum BG972 C8994 - Elaphidion mucronatum Bycid - Elaphidion linsleyi Cerambycidae, dorsal - Parelaphidion aspersum Parelaphidion incertum (Newman) - Parelaphidion incertum Psyrassa castanea Bates - Psyrassa castanea Psyrassa brevicornis Linsley - Psyrassa brevicornis Stenosphenus dolosus Horn - Stenosphenus dolosus Stenosphenus notatus (Olivier) - Stenosphenus notatus Stenosphenus lugens LeConte - Stenosphenus lugens Cerambycid - Stenosphenus sobrius

Hypexilis pallida Horn - Hypexilis pallida

Tylonotus bimaculatus Haldeman - Tylonotus bimaculatus=Tylonotus bimaculatus Tylonotus masoni  (Knull) - Tylonotus masoni Haplidus laticeps Knull - Haplidus laticeps - female Hylotrupes bajulus (Linnaeus) - Hylotrupes bajulus Heterachthes nobilis LeConte - Heterachthes nobilis=Heterachthes nobilis LeConte - Heterachthes nobilis Heterachthes quadrimaculatus Heterachthes ebenus - male Neocompsa mexicana (Thomson) - Neocompsa mexicana  Neocompsa exclamationis (Thomson) - Neocompsa exclamationis Neocompsa bravo Heffern, Botero, and Santos-Silva - Neocompsa bravo Neocompsa puncticollis orientalis Martins & Chemsak - Neocompsa puncticollis  Lissonotus flavocinctus Dupont  - Lissonotus flavocinctus Coleomethia xanthocollis (Knull)  - Coleomethia xanthocollis=Coleomethia xanthocollis (Knull)  - Coleomethia xanthocollis=Coleomethia xanthocollis (Knull) - Coleomethia xanthocollis - female

Methia necydalea (Fabricius) - Methia necydalea Methia mormona Linell - Methia mormona Methia bicolor - cross-posting from iNat by request - Methia bicolor

Styloxus f. fulleri (Horn) - Styloxus fulleri=Styloxus f. fulleri (Horn) - Styloxus fulleri Styloxus oblatipilis Chemsak & Linsley - Styloxus oblatipilis

Tessaropa tenuipes (Haldeman) - Tessaropa tenuipes=Tessaropa tenuipes=Tessaropa tenuipes (Halderman) - Tessaropa tenuipes

Molorchus bimaculatus Say - Molorchus bimaculatus=Molorchus bimaculatus Say (reddish form) - Molorchus bimaculatus - female=Molorchus bimaculatus Say (reddish form) - Molorchus bimaculatus - male

Obrium maculatum (Olivier) - Obrium maculatum Stenhomalus taiwanus Matsushita - Stenhomalus taiwanus Obrium glabrum Knull - Obrium glabrum Longhorn - Obrium rufulum Obrium mozinnae Linell - Obrium mozinnae=Obrium mozinnae Linell - Obrium mozinnae
Plectromerus dentipes (Olivier) - Plectromerus dentipes - male Oeme rigida rigida (Say) - Oeme rigida Pena Blanca bycid - Malacopterus tenellus Piezocera serraticollis Linell - Piezocera serraticollis Nathriobrium methioides Hovore - Nathriobrium methioides=Nathriobrium methioides Hovore - Nathriobrium methioides Ameriphoderes suavis (Bates) - Ameriphoderes suavis=Ameriphoderes suavis (Bates) - Ameriphoderes suavis =Rhopalophora cupricollis Guérin-Méneville - Rhopalophora cupricollis Rhopalophora angustata Schaeffer - Rhopalophora angustata Rhopalophora longipes (Say) - Rhopalophora longipes Dihammaphora dispar Chevrolat - Dihammaphora dispar Rhopalophora meeskei Casey - Rhopalophora meeskei Smodicum cucujiforme (Say) - Smodicum cucujiforme Blood-necked Longhorned Beetle - Callimoxys sanguinicollis - female Blood-necked Longhorned Beetle - Callimoxys sanguinicollis - female Tetranodus niveicollis (Linell) - Tetranodus niveicollis - female=Tetranodus niveicollis Linell - Tetranodus niveicollis - male Pentanodes dietzii Schaeffer  - Pentanodes dietzii=Pentanodes dietzii Schaeffer - Pentanodes dietzii - male Euderces pini Olivier - Euderces pini Euderces reichei LeConte - Euderces reichei Long-horned Beetle - Euderces picipes=Longhorned Beetle - Euderces picipes Batyle ignicollis (Say) - Batyle ignicollis Batyle suturalis cylindrella Casey - Batyle suturalis Trachyderes mandibularis (Audinet-Serville) - Dendrobias mandibularis Ancylocera bicolor (Olivier) - Ancylocera bicolor - female Sphaenothecus bivittata Dupont - Sphaenothecus bilineatus Longhorn Beetle - Megaderus bifasciatus Aethecerinus wilsonii (Horn) - Aethecerinus wilsonii
Lophalia cyanicollis (Dupont) - Lophalia cyanicollis Mannophorus laetus LeConte - Mannophorus laetus Callona rimosa - Beautiful Mesquite Borer - Callona rimosa - south Texas spp.
Schizax senex  LeConte - Schizax senex - male Aethecerinus latecinctus (Horn) - Aethecerinus latecinctus Pilostenaspis lateralis (LeConte) - Pilostenaspis lateralis Parevander hovorei Giesbert  - Parevander hovorei Chemsakiella ricei (Chemsak) - Chemsakiella ricei Plionoma suturalis (LeConte) - Plionoma suturalis Plionoma rubens (Casey) - Plionoma rubens - male - west Texas spp.
Elytroleptus immaculipennis Knull - Elytroleptus immaculipennis Elytroleptus divisus (LeConte) - Elytroleptus divisus Elytroleptus apicalis (LeConte) - Elytroleptus apicalis Elytroleptus limpianus Skiles & Chemsak - Elytroleptus limpianus  Elytroleptus floridanus (LeConte) - Elytroleptus floridanus Crossidius pulchellus LeConte - Crossidius pulchellus Crossidius humeralis quadrivittatus Penrose - Crossidius humeralis Crossidius pulchellus LeConte - Crossidius discoideus Unknown Brown Bug - Crossidius humeralis Crossidius militaris Bates, 1892 - Crossidius militaris - female Crossidius suturalis LeConte - Crossidius suturalis Stenaspis verticalis insignis Casey - Stenaspis verticalis=Stenaspis verticalis insignis Casey - Stenaspis verticalis Stenaspis solitaria (Say) - Stenaspis solitaria - male=Stenaspis solitaria (Say) - Stenaspis solitaria - male Purpuricenus opacus (Knull) - Purpuricenus opacus Purpuricenus opacus  (Knull) - Purpuricenus opacus Purpuricenus linsleyi  Chemsak - Purpuricenus linsleyi Purpuricenus humeralis  (Fabricius)  - Purpuricenus humeralis Purpuricenus paraxillaris MacRae  - Purpuricenus paraxillaris - male Tragidion armatum  LeConte - Tragidion armatum Tragidion densiventre  Casey  - Tragidion densiventre - male Tragidion deceptum Swift & Ray - Tragidion deceptum - male Tragidion auripenne Casey - Tragidion auripenne Tragidion coquus (Linnaeus) - Tragidion coquus - male=Tragidion coquus (Linnaeus) - Tragidion coquus Tylosis jimenezii Dugès  - Tylosis jimenezii - male=Tylosis jimenezii Dugès  - Tylosis jimenezii - female Tylosis maculatus LeConte - Tylosis maculatus Tylosis oculatus LeConte - Tylosis oculatus

Subfamily Lamiinae - Flat-faced Longhorns

Nyssodrysina haldemani (LeConte) - Nyssodrysina haldemani Aegomorphus quadrigibbus (Say) - Acanthoderes quadrigibba Graphisurus triangulifer (Haldeman) - Graphisurus triangulifer - male Coenopoeus palmeri (LeConte) - Coenopoeus palmeri 23may2012-col1 - Astyleiopus variegatus Valenus inornatus Casey - Valenus inornatus Atrypanius irrorellus Bates - Atrypanius irrorellus Dectes texanus LeConte - Dectes texanus Bycid - Pseudastylopsis pini Trichastylopsis albidus (LeConte) - Trichastylopsis albidus Longhorn beetle - Lagocheirus obsoletus longhorned beetle - Hyperplatys aspersa Longhorned Beetle - Acanthocinus obsoletus - male=Flat-Faced Longhorn - Acanthocinus obsoletus - female Acanthocinus  - Acanthocinus obliquus - female BG2142 E1085 - Acanthocinus nodosus - male
Astylopsis sexguttata (Say) - Astylopsis sexguttata Astylopsis arcuata (LeConte) - Astylopsis arcuata Leptostylus cretatellus Bates - Leptostylus cretatellus=Leptostylus cretatellus Bates - Leptostylus cretatellus BG2130 C9995a - Leptostylus transversus Lepturges infilatus Bates - Lepturges infilatus Lepturges pictus (LeConte) - Lepturges pictus Lepturges angulatus (LeConte) - Lepturges angulatus=Lepturges angulatus (LeConte) - Lepturges angulatus - male Cerambycidae, dorsalX - Lepturges confluens Lepturges yucca  Schaeffer - Lepturges yucca Sternidius wiltii (Horn) - Sternidius wiltii Sternidius punctatus (Haldeman) - Sternidius punctatus Sternidius mimeticus (Casey) - Sternidius mimeticus Longhorned beetle 2 - Sternidius misellus Sternidius alpha Complex - Sternidius alpha Cerambycid - Sternidius imitans
Urgleptes celtis (Schaeffer) - Urgleptes celtis Urgleptes foveatocollis (Hamilton) - Urgleptes foveatocollis Peritapnia fabra Horn - Peritapnia fabra Longhorned Beetle -- P6173982 - Aegomorphus morrisii Spalacopsis texana Hippopsis lemniscata (Fabricius) - Hippopsis lemniscata=BG3010 E8449 - Hippopsis lemniscata Thryallis undatus  (Chevrolat) - Thryallis undatus=Thryallis undatus (Chevrolat) - Thryallis undatus Adetus brousii (Horn) - Adetus brousii Adetus croton Heffern, Santos-Silva, & Botero - Adetus croton Adetaptera wickhami (Schaeffer) - Adetaptera wickhami Dorcasta cinerea (Horn) - Dorcasta cinerea=Dorcasta cinerea (Horn) - Dorcasta cinerea Cyrtinus pygmaeus (Haldeman) - Cyrtinus pygmaeus Cyrtinus beckeri  Howden - Cyrtinus beckeri Cerambycid - Tigrinestola tigrina  Desmiphora aegrota Bates - Desmiphora aegrota Desmiphora hirticollis (Olivier) - Desmiphora hirticollis=Desmiphora hirticollis (Olivier) - Desmiphora hirticollis Eupogonius pauper LeConte - Eupogonius pauper Eupogonius tomentosus (Haldeman) - Eupogonius tomentosus Eupogonius fulvovestitus Schaeffer - Eupogonius fulvovestitus
Dorcaschema alternatum (Say) - Dorcaschema alternatum=Dorcaschema alternatum (Say) - Dorcaschema alternatum Flat-faced longhorn - Dorcaschema wildii Hemierana marginata suturalis (Linell) - Hemierana marginata Cathetopteron amoena (Hamilton) - Cathetopteron amoena Hemierana marginata ardens (LeConte) - Hemierana marginata Essostrutha laeta (Newman) - Essostrutha laeta=Essostrutha laeta (Newman) - Essostrutha laeta Hemierana rileyi Heffern, Botero & Santos-Silva - Hemierana rileyi - female Moneilema blapsides ulkei Horn - Moneilema blapsides Cactus Longhorn, Moneilema appressum - Moneilema appressum Eleodes or Coelocnemis?? - Moneilema armatum=Moneilema armatum
Neoptychodes trilineatus  (Linnaeus) - Neoptychodes trilineatus Plectrodera scalator (Fabricius) - Plectrodera scalator Monochamus clamator? - Monochamus clamator
Goes tigrinus  (Degeer) - Goes tigrinus Goes pulcher (Haldeman) - Goes pulcher Goes pulverulentus (Haldeman) - Goes pulverulentus Goes variegatus Linsley & Chemsak - Goes variegatus Goes fisheri Dillon & Dillon - Goes fisheri Goes tesselatus (Haldeman) - Goes tesselatus Cacostola lineata (Hamilton) - Cacostola lineata Cacostola salicicola (Linsley) - Cacostola salicicola Lochmaeocles cornuticeps cornuticeps (Schaeffer) - Lochmaeocles cornuticeps
Oncideres cingulata texana Horn - Oncideres cingulata Oncideres pustulata LeConte - Oncideres pustulata Mesquite Girdler - Oncideres rhodosticta Parmenosoma griseum Schaeffer - Parmenosoma griseum Callipogonius cornutus (Linsley) - Callipogonius cornutus=Callipogonius cornutus (Linsley) - Callipogonius cornutus=Callipogonius cornutus (Linsley) - Callipogonius cornutus Ecyrus arcuatus Gahan - Ecyrus arcuatus=Ecyrus arcuatus Gahan - Ecyrus arcuatus Ecyrus penicillatus Bates - Ecyrus penicillatus Ecyrus dasycerus (Say) - Ecyrus dasycerus Pygmaeopsis viticola Schaeffer - Pygmaeopsis viticola Ataxia tibialis Schaeffer - Ataxia tibialis - male=Ataxia tibialis Schaeffer - Ataxia tibialis Longhorn - Ataxia hubbardi=Ataxia hubbardi Fisher - Ataxia hubbardi Ataxia crypta (Say) - Ataxia crypta=Ataxia crypta (Say)  - Ataxia crypta  Mecas rotundicollis Thomson - Dylobolus rotundicollis=Mecas rotundicollis Thomson - Dylobolus rotundicollis Mecas marginella LeConte - Mecas marginella Pleasing Meca-Bycid - Mecas pergrata Mecas linsleyi Knull - Mecas linsleyi Mecas cineracea Casey  - Mecas cineracea Mecas cana saturnina (LeConte) - Mecas cana=Mecas cana saturnina (LeConte) - Mecas cana Oberea ruficollis (Fabricius)  - Oberea ruficollis=Oberea ruficollis (Fabricius)  - Oberea ruficollis Oberea perspicillata Haldeman - Oberea perspicillata=Oberea perspicillata Haldeman - Oberea perspicillata Oberea ocellata Haldeman - Oberea ocellata=Oberea ocellata Haldeman - Oberea ocellata Oberea myops Haldeman - Oberea myops=Oberea myops Haldeman - Oberea myops Oberea schaumii LeConte - Oberea schaumii=Oberea schaumii LeConte - Oberea schaumii=Oberea schaumii LeConte - Oberea schaumii Saperda tridentata Olivier - Saperda tridentata Saperda cretata  Newman  - Saperda cretata Woodbine Borer - Saperda puncticollis=Saperda puncticollis Say - Saperda puncticollis Saperda lateralis Fabricius - Saperda lateralis=Saperda lateralis Fabricius - Saperda lateralis Saperda discoidea  Fabricius - Saperda discoidea - female Saperda calcarata Say - Saperda calcarata=Cerambycid - Saperda calcarata Saperda vestita Say - Saperda vestita Phaea canescens (LeConte) - Phaea canescens Phaea monostigma (Haldeman) - Phaea monostigma Tetraopes texanus Horn - Tetraopes texanus=Tetraopes texanus Horn - Tetraopes texanus Tetraopes femoratus LeConte - Tetraopes femoratus=Tetraopes femoratus LeConte - Tetraopes femoratus Tetraopes tetrophthalmus (Forster) - Tetraopes tetrophthalmus=Tetraopes tetrophthalmus (Forster) - Tetraopes tetrophthalmus Tetraopes quinquemaculatus Haldeman - Tetraopes quinquemaculatus=Tetraopes quinquemaculatus Haldeman - Tetraopes quinquemaculatus Tetraopes thermophilus Chevrolat - Tetraopes thermophilus=Tetraopes thermophilus Chevrolat - Tetraopes thermophilus Tetraopes annulatus LeConte - Tetraopes annulatus=Tetraopes annulatus LeConte - Tetraopes annulatus
Tetraopes pilosus Chemsak - Tetraopes pilosus Tetraopes discoideus LeConte - Tetraopes discoideus Tetraopes linsleyi Chemsak  - Tetraopes linsleyi

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