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Mike Quinn, Director
Texas Monarch Watch
Co-author Milkweed, Monarchs and More
Vice-President, Austin Butterfly Forum
512-577-0250 - cell
Austin, Texas
Texas Monarch Watch was established with the cooperation of
Dr. Bill Calvert and Texas Parks and Wildlife in 1993.

Mike Quinn has coordinated Texas Monarch Watch since 2000
and has followed monarch issues since starting graduate school
as an entomologist at Texas A&M in 1993.

Monarch and Relatives' Seasonal Distribution in Central Texas

Danaids of Travis Co.














Danaus plexippus














Danaus gilippus














Danaus eresimus













X - Specimen Record - At least one specimen collected within the designated 10-day period.
V - Sight Record - At least one individual sighted within the designated 10-day period.
= -
No Sight or Specimen Record within the designated 10-day period.

Data collected by Chris Durden between 1968 and 1990.

Current Weather Conditions

Wind Map - Mouse over any point to get current wind speed

Palmer Drought Severity Index Map - Interpretation - NOAA

US Drought Monitor - NOAA

Soil Moisture Anomaly - USDA/NOAA

Other U.S. Weather Maps

Milkweed Information - Family Apocynaceae (formerly: Asclepiadaceae)

Identification and Distribution

Propagation, Gardening and Conservation

Texas Milkweeds and the Danaid Caterpillars that Feed on Them

Species most important to the Spring Monarch migration highlighted in red

Scientific Name Range, Maps, Notes
LBJ Wildflwr Center
Common Name Host for:
Asclepias amplexicaulis ne TX

Blunt-Leaf Milkweed  Monarch, Queen
Asclepias asperula - Western 2/3rds of TX USDA - iNat - BONAP Information Antelopehorn Milkweed Monarch, Queen
Asclepias curassavica - native to Mex and possibly southmost TX
iNat Range Map
Tropical Milkweed  Monarch, Queen, Soldier
Asclepias incarnata rare, Edwards Plateau

Swamp Milkweed  Monarch, Queen
Asclepias latifolia - Common in west TX USDA - iNat - BONAP
Information - Fall host Broad-leaf Milkweed Monarch
Asclepias oenotheroides - West 2/3rds of TX USDA - iNat - BONAP
Information Zizotes Milkweed Monarch
Asclepias perennis se TX, nr. Houston

Aquatic Milkweed Queen
Asclepias purpurascens
barely reaches ne TX

Purple Milkweed Monarch
Asclepias texana
rare, Edwards Plateau

Texas Milkweed Monarch
Asclepias tomentosa rare, ne TX

Velvet-leaf Milkweed Monarch, Soldier
Asclepias tuberosa - Eastern half of TX
Butterfly Weed Monarch, Gray Hairstreak
Asclepias viridis - (2nd only to syriaca)
USDA - iNat - BONAP Information Green Milkweed Monarch
Asclepias prostrata very rare, south TX

Prostrate Milkweed
Species of Concern

Note, 37 milkweed spp. reported from Texas: Identification of milkweeds (Asclepias, family Apocynaceae) in Texas - TPWD, LBJWC & Baylor U. - 2015

Milkweed Seed & Plant Sources

Directory of Texas suppliers of native plants and seeds - Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
Finding Native Plants - Native Plant Society of Texas (NPSOT)
Native American Seed - Junction, TX - 1 (800) 728-4043
Wildseed Farms - Fredericksburg, TX - 1 (800) 848-0078
Milkweed Seed Finder - The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation
Natives of Texas - White Milkweed  A. texana - Kerrville, TX - 1 (830) 896-2169
Monarch Gateway

Non-Danaid Insects Closely Associated with Milkweeds of Texas and Beyond

Texas Longhorn Beetles (Cerambycidae) that Host on Milkweed

Milkweed Longhorn Beetles of Texas
Host Range Maps (plus sp. not occuring in TX)
Abundance and Range Comments
Tetraopes annulatus LeConte A. subverticillataA. speciosa (A. sullivantii)
uncommon, Rocky Mtns, Great Plains
Tetraopes discoideus LeConte A. subverticillataA. verticillata, A. curassavica sw US to s. TX & KS, C. Amer.
Tetraopes femoratus LeConte A. speciosa, A. viridis (A. syriaca, plus other spp.) widely dist., w US, and midwest
Tetraopes linsleyi Chemsak A. asperula, A. subverticillata, Funastrum crispum (A. linaria)
uncommon, AZ to c TX
Tetraopes mandibularis Chemsak A. latifolia uncommon, TX panhandle & w OK
Tetraopes pilosus Chemsak A. arenaria, A. speciosaA. tuberosa uncommon, sandy areas, sc US
Tetraopes quinquemaculatus Haldeman A. longifolia, A. amplexicaulis, A. tuberosa, A. viridiflora
rare in TX, midwestern sp.
Tetraopes tetrophthalmus (Forster)
A. viridiflora (A. syriaca, A. purpurascens)
very rare in TX, ne US
Tetraopes texanus Horn A. asperula, A. viridis, A. longifolia, A. viridiflora, A. tuberosa
most common sp. in TX, sc US, Mex.
Tetraopes thermophilus Chevrolat A. oenotheroides
uncommon, c & se TX to C. Amer.

Beetles (Meloidae, Chrysomelidae, Curculionidae) that Host on Milkweed

Immaculate Meloid
Epicauta immaculata (Say)
Ohio to Arizona
Solanum, Asclepias, Polyphagous
Milkweed Leaf Beetle
Labidomera clivicollis (Kirby) Eastern North America Asclepias, Cynanchum, Sarcostemma
Tropical Milkweed Leaf Beetle
Labidomera suturella (Germar) Northern Mexico to Brazil

Dogbane Leaf Beetle Chrysochus auratus (Fabricius) Widely Distributed Apocynum spp., also Asclepias syriaca
Blue Milkweed Beetle
Chrysochus cobaltinus LeConte Western North America Asclepias spp. (Asclepiadaceae)
Brownsville Milkvine Leaf Beetle
Colaspis brownsvillensis Blake
w. to c. to s. Texas
Cynanchum spp. (Asclepiadaceae)
European Curculionid Weevil
Rhinusa tetra (Fabricius)
Widely Distributed Asclepias syriaca (Asclepiadaceae)
Milkweed Stem Weevil
Rhyssomatus lineaticollis (Say)
Eastern North America to UT & CO
primarily stems of Asclepias syriaca

Texas Moth Caterpillars (Tiger, Noctuid, Sphinx and Saturniid) that Host on various Milkweeds

Unexpected Cycnia Moth Cycnia inopinatus (Hy. Edwards) Eastern US to New Mexico
Milkweed (=Asclepias)
Delicate Cycnia Moth Cycnia tenera Hübner Widely Distributed
Milkweed and Dogbane
Glorious Tiger Moth Ectypia clio (Packard) Western US
Milkweed and Dogbane
Milkweed Tiger Moth Euchaetes egle (Drury) Eastern North America
Milkweed and Dogbane
Elegant Tiger Moth Euchaetes elegans Stretch Southwestern US to W. Texas
Zella Tiger Moth
Euchaetes zella (Dyar) Southwestern US to W. Texas Milkweed vine
Salt Marsh Caterpillar
Estigmene acrea (Drury)Widely DistributedMilkweed, Polyphagous
Mouse-colored Lichen Moth
Pagara simplex Walker
Southeastern US
A. syriaca, A. viridis
Woolly Bear, Isabella Tiger Moth
Pyrrharctia isabella (J.E. Smith) Widely Distributed Milkweed, Polyphagous
Yellow Bear, Virginia Tiger Moth
Spilosoma virginica (Fabricius) Widely Distributed Common Milkweed, Polyphagous
Fall Armyworm
Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) E. North America to SW US
Milkweed, Polyphagous
Yellow-striped Armyworm Spodoptera ornithogalli (Guenée)
E. North America to SW US Milkweed, Polyphagous
Yellow Striped Garden Caterpillar
Trichordestra legitima (Grote) E. North America to SW US
Milkweed, Polyphagous
Lassaux's Sphinx Moth
Erinnyis lassauxii (Boisduval) S., C., N., and E. Texas (also FL, AZ)
Various Milkweed Vines
Obscure Sphinx Moth Erinnyis obscura (Fabricius) E. US to S. California
Various Milkweed Vines
Cecropia Moth Hyalophora cecropia (Linnaeus) E. North America to Rocky Mtns
Milkweed, Polyphagous

Primary References: Hosts Database, Wagner (2005), and Wagner et al. (2012)

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