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Tropical Milkweed Leaf Beetle

Labidomera suturella (Germar)

Family Chrysomelidae, Subfamily Chrysomelinae, Tribe Chrysomelini

cf: Labidomera clivicollis


Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
(M Quinn)


Unit tray Labidomera suturella specimens curated at the TAMUIC showing intraspecific variation

Range: Northern Mexico south to Brazil (Blackwelder, 1957).

Adult Activity: April to August based on eight specimens in the TAMUIC

Biology: Choe (1989) found maternal care in this species in Costa Rica.

Similar Species: There are four species of Labidomera, but only L. clivicollis occurs north of Mexico (Arnett et al. 2002).


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