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Thoracic-spotted Flea Beetle

Kuschelina thoracica (Fabricius)

Family Chrysomelidae, Subfamily Galerucinae, Tribe Alticini

cf: Kuschelina laeta, Kuschelina vians


Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts
May 29, 2005 (Tom Murray)

State Records for Kuschelina thoracica

State Record Source: (Riley et al. 2003)

Range: Texas to Kansas, east to New Hampshire, south to Florida (Riley et al. 2003).

Larval Hosts: Has been collected from Trichostema dichotomum (Lamiaceae) (Clark et al. 2004).

Adult Activity: April 8 to July 16 in Alabama based on 15 specimens (Balsbaugh & Hays 1972).

Similar Species: There are 28 species of Kuschelina north of Mexico (Arnett et al. 2002).

Texas Taxa

Kuschelina concinna (Fabricius)
Kuschelina fallax
Kuschelina fimbriata
Kuschelina flavocyanea (Crotch)
Kuschelina gibbitarsa
Kuschelina horni
Kuschelina jacobiana (Horn)
Kuschelina laeta
Kuschelina lugens
Kuschelina petaurista
Kuschelina suturella
Kuschelina thoracica
Kuschelina vians


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