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Pleasing Flea Beetle

Kuschelina laeta (Perbosc)

Family Chrysomelidae, Subfamily Galerucinae, Tribe Alticini

cf: Kuschelina thoracica, Kuschelina vians


Mission, Hidalgo Co., Texas 
July 18, 1999 (M Quinn)


Unit tray of Kuschelina laeta curated in the TAMUIC

Texas County Records for Kuschelina laeta

County Record Data from E.G. Riley, Nov. 2005

Range: GA, AL, LA, TX, south to Central America (Riley et al, 2003).

Adult Activity: March to June 4 in Alabama based on five specimens (Balsbaugh & Hays 1972).

Larval Hosts: Euphorbiaceae and Verbenaceae (Clark et al. 2004).

ID Note: White spots sometimes connected by pale lines within each elytron based on specimens examined in the TAMUIC.

Similar Species: There are 28 species of Kuschelina north of Mexico (Arnett et al. 2002).

Texas Taxa

Kuschelina concinna (Fabricius)
Kuschelina fallax
Kuschelina fimbriata
Kuschelina flavocyanea (Crotch)
Kuschelina gibbitarsa
Kuschelina horni
Kuschelina jacobiana (Horn)
Kuschelina laeta
Kuschelina lugens
Kuschelina petaurista
Kuschelina suturella
Kuschelina thoracica
Kuschelina vians


Kuschelina laeta (Perbosc) 
        Kuschelina interjectionis
(Crotch) - syn.

Etymology: laet (L). Gay, pleasing (Borror 1960)

Type Specimen:

Original combination: Oedionychis interjectionis Crotch, 1873 
Current name: Kuschelina laeta (Perbosc)


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