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Texas Megasoma Scarab

Megasoma vogti Cartwright 1963

Family Scarabaeidae, Subfamily Dynastinae, Tribe Dynastini


Texas Megasoma Scarab - Megasoma vogti Cartwright 1963


Hebbronville, Jim Hogg Co., Texas
Mid October 2004 (John Acorn)

Texas County Records for Megasoma vogti

Texas Megasoma Scarab - Megasoma vogti Cartwright 1963

County Record Data from E.G. Riley, Nov. 2005

Range: South Texas to Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon Mexico.

Adult Activity: July to October

Similar Species: Seven species of Megasoma occur in the southwestern United States and Northern Mexico, only one of which occurs in Texas.

Weblinks: Megasoma vogti Cartwright, 1963 - Generic Guide to New World Scarab Beetles 


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