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Texas Black Phanaeus

Phanaeus triangularis texensis Edmonds, 1994

Family Scarabaeidae, Subfamily Scarabaeinae, Tribe Coprini


(Major male)

Camp Rio Vista, Ingram, Kerr Co., TX 
September 14 , 2002 (Tony Gallucci)

Texas County Records for Phanaeus triangularis texensis

County Record Source: E.G. Riley, Dec. 2005

Range: Texas; Coahuila, Mexico 

Flight Period and Abundance

The Texas A&M University Insect Collection holds some 101 specimens collected between April and November, most from April.

Biology: Adults generally feed on mammalian dung. 

Similar Species

Nearly half of the 50 recognized species of Phanaeus are recorded from Mexico. Six species occur in northern Mexico and the eastern United States, extending as far north as Arizona in the west and Vermont in the east. (Arnett et al, 2002).

Texas Taxa:

Phanaeus adonis Harold 
Phanaeus difformis
Phanaeus triangularis texensis
Phanaeus triangularis triangularis
Phanaeus vindex


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