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Gray-winged Neoclyt-Borer

Neoclytus scutellaris (Olivier, 1790)

Family Cerambycidae, Subfamily Cerambycinae, Tribe Clytini


Grey-winged Neoclyt-Borer - Neoclytus scutellaris (Olivier, 1790)

(Note distinctive band across pronotum and grayish elytral bases)

Utley, Bastrop Co., Texas
September 27, 2006 (B Freeman)

came in to rotten bananas

Range: Eastern North America (Yanega 1996)

Adult Activity: 

June-July in North Central Texas (Lingafelter & Horner 1993);
May-October in Eastern North America (Yanega 1996);
Come to syrup traps and fluorescent lights
(Lingafelter & Horner 1993).

Larval Hosts:

Typically Oak and Hickory (Yanega 1996)

Similar species:  

There are 85 species of Neoclytus (Monné & Hovore 2005);
26 spp. occur north of Mexico (Arnett et al. 2002)

Texas Taxa:

Neoclytus acuminatus acuminatus (Fabricius)
Neoclytus acuminatus hesperus Linsley 
Neoclytus augusti (Chevrolat)
Neoclytus caprea (Say)
Neoclytus horridus (LeConte)
Neoclytus mucronatus mucronatus (Fabricius) 
Neoclytus mucronatus vogti Linsley
Neoclytus scutellaris


Note distinctive band across pronotum and grayish elytral bases (Yanega 1996)

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Etymology: Neoclytus scutellaris

neo (G). New, recent
clyt, -o (G). Famous
scutell, =um (L). A little shield 

Biography: Guillaume Antoine Olivier 1756-1814 - University of Nebraska-Lincoln State Museum - Division of Entomology


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