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Vogt's Spine-rumped Bycid

Neoclytus mucronatus vogti Linsley, 1957

Family Cerambycidae, Subfamily Cerambycinae, Tribe Clytini


Neoclytus mucronatus vogti Linsley, 1957

(at bait with a Harlequin Flower Beetle)

Anzalduas Co. Park, Mission, Hidalgo Co., TX
November 23, 2005 (J Dauphin)

Texas Neoclytus mucronatus County Records

Neoclytus mucronatus vogti Linsley, 1957  

County Record Source: E.G. Riley, Sept. 2006

Range: Southern Arizona to southern Texas and northern Mexico. Intergrades with N. m. mucronatus around Bexar Co.  (Hovore et al. 1987)

Adult Activity: March-November (Hovore et al. 1987)

Larval Hosts:

Celtis - Hackberry
Ulmus - Elm
Parkinsonia - Retama
Prosopis - Mesquite
Sideroxylon lanuginosum - gum bully 

Similar species: There are 85 species of Neoclytus (Monné & Hovore 2005), 26 occur north of Mexico (Arnett et al. 2002)

Texas Taxa:

Neoclytus acuminatus acuminatus (Fabricius)
Neoclytus acuminatus hesperus Linsley 
Neoclytus augusti (Chevrolat)
Neoclytus caprea (Say)
Neoclytus horridus (LeConte)
Neoclytus mucronatus mucronatus (Fabricius) 
Neoclytus mucronatus vogti Linsley
Neoclytus scutellaris


Neoclytus mucronatus vogti is lighter in coloration and more strikingly marked than the widely distributed N. m. mucronatus  (Hovore et al. 1987)

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Etymology: Neoclytus mucronatus vogti Linsley, 1957

neo (G). New, recent
clyt, -o (G). Famous
=mucro, -n (L). A sharp point
nat, -i, =is (L). The rump, buttocks
vogti - Patronym for George B. Vogt (1920-1991), a Coleopterist who collected insects regularly on weekends over much of the lower Rio Grande Valley between January 1, 1946 and October 6, 1947. 

Biography: Earle Gorton Linsley (1910-2000) 

Gort Linsley probably is best known entomologically for his contributions to the beetle family Cerambycidae in which he was a world-renown expert. His monumental work, The Cerambycidae of North America, completed in 1977 (with John A. Chemsak) stands as the only such treatise ever attempted for the entire U.S. fauna. 


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