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Early Texas Entomologists

Isaac Dunbar Affleck, (1844-1919). 
Texas Ranger and entomologist
Gustaf (Gustave) W. Belfrage, (1834-1882). 
Sherman Weaver Bilsing, (1885-1954). 
Teacher and researcher in entomology
Gotthilf Birkmann, (1854-1944). 
Lutheran pastor and amateur entomologist
Jacob (Jakob) Boll, (1828-1880). 
Kenneth C. Brugger, (1918-1998)
Textile Engineer, discoverer of monarch overwintering sites in Mexico
Charles A. R. Campbell, (1865-1931). 
Doctor, published Bats, Mosquitoes, and Dollars (1925)
Clarence Cottam, (1899-1974). 
Biologist and conservationist
Hugh Avery Freeman, (1913-2002)
Teacher, butterfly expert
Jesse Martin Glasco, (1818-1886). 
Legislator, surveyor, and naturalist
William Crawford Gorgas, (1854-1920)
Pioneer, physician, and US Army surgeon general
Horace Haldeman, (1820-1883). 
Soldier, rancher, and early insect collector in Texas
William E. Hudson, (ca. 1835-ca. 1895). 
Teacher, scientist, and minister
Walter David Hunter, (1875-1925). 
Gideon Lincecum, (1793-1874).
Physician, philosopher, and naturalist
Ferdinand Jacob Lindheimer, (1801-1879)
Naturalist, newspaper editor and the father of Texas botany
Frederick William Mally, (1868-1939). 
Pioneer entomologist and horticulturist
James Cushing Merrill, (1853-1902). 
Military surgeon and naturalist
Joseph Daniel Mitchell, (1848-1922). 
Pioneer entomologist and conchologist
Thomas Volney Munson, (1843-1913). 
Harris Braley Parks, (1879-1958). 
Apiculturist, entomologist, botanist, and general naturalist
George Washington Pierce, (1872-1956). 
Physicist and university professor
Berthold (Tex) Schiwetz, (1909-1971). 
Elias Howard Sellards, (1875-1961). 
Geologist and paleontologist
George Burritt Sennett, (1840-1900). 
Businessman and naturalist
Theodore Specht, (1810-1862). 
Fredericksburg pioneer
Karl Heinz Stephan: Obituary and Dedication, (1931-2005)
Oklahoma entomologist whose specimens came to the TAMUIC.
Robert Wetsel Mitchell, (1933-2010)
Entomologist, biospeleologist, teachers, photographer, artist
The Texas Entomological Society formed by 15 entomologists in Austin on Nov 23, 1928. Horace Burke, (1926-2016).
Texas A&M enotomology professor and curator

Entomologists Outside of Texas

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