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Texas Flower Scarab

Trichiotinus texanus (Horn, 1876)

Family Scarabaeidae, Subfamily Cetoniinae, Tribe Trichiini

cf. T. piger

Texas Flower Scarab - Trichiotinus texanus

(Feeding on Opuntia pollen)

Aransas NWR, Aransas County, Texas
May 7, 2008 (M Quinn)

Texas County Records for Trichiotinus texanus

County Record Data from E.G. Riley, Dec. 2005

Plus Aransas County

Range: Kansas to Texas, Mexico.

Flight Period: Nearly all of the 206 specimens in the Texas A&M University Insect Collection were collected in April or May.

Biology: Adults eat the pollen of many species of flowers including cactus flowers. 

Similar Species: Eight species of Trichiotinus are found throughout the United States (except the far west) and southern Canada. (Arnett, et al. 2002).

Texas species:

Trichiotinus lunulatus (Fabricius) - East Texas
Trichiotinus piger (Fabricius) - Northeastern Texas
Trichiotinus texanus (Horn) - See map


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