Annotated List of Travis County Beetles

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Travis County Beetle Survey: Image Gallery

Map of Beetle Survey Sites:

  • Primary Survey Sites and Data Sources
- Brackenridge Field Laboratory. Surveys begun at the BFL in 1967. Includes Jackman and Nelson's (1995) mordelid survey. Provisional Beetle Checklist
- Bird Project (over 300 beetle spp.) Suveyed four tree spp. every other weekend at two sites in western Travis Co. during summers of 1993-1994. (Quinn 2000)
- Camp Mabry Texas National Guard (~200 beetle spp.) Surveys conducted here from Sept. 2003 - Dec. 2005. (Abbott and Broglie 2006)
- Dick Nichols Park. Extensive surveys here, mostly at lights, since 2009. (Over 130 spp.)
- Edward G. Riley's compilation of over 600 Travis County beetle records. (E.G.Riley home page)
- Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Faunal Project, (~250 beetle spp.) Weekly surveys conducted here since March 2010 by Valerie Bugh.
- Village of San Leanna - south-central Austin. Surveyed mostly by blacklight at this mesic site 2008-2009. (Over 100 spp.)
- University of Texas Insect Collection (UTIC). Records based on label data in the UT collection.
- Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve (~100 beetle spp.) Regular surveys here, mostly beating and sweeping, during 2010-2011.

  • Secondary Survey Sites and Data Sources
- Stephen W. Ziser, Austin Community College compiled the following data: Aquatic Insects of Texas - Beetles
- Barton Creek Greenbelt between Loop 360 and Barton Springs Pool
- BugGuide Data - Data from photos posted to
- Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park - Started surveys at this 212 acre park in spring of 2015.
- Dung Beetle Survey. Sixteen spp. of dung beetles found to utilize dog feces in Travis County. (Wallace and Richardson 2005)
- Emma Long Metropolitan Park. Also nearby Dunlap Ecolab surveys off City Park Rd.
- Hornsby Bend Bird Observatory. Infrequent surveys here.
- St. Edwards Park. Infrequent surveys here.
- Sharon Jasper studied the Haliplidae of Central Texas for her PhD. (Jasper 1996)
- Texas Karst Surveys conducted in ernest since the early 1960's by James R. Reddell, assisted by others, mostly in the Texas Speleological Survey.
- Westcave Perserve. Infrequent surveys here in 2011.
- Zilker Nature Preserve, monthly biodiversity surveys at the Austin Nature & Science Center (ANSC) in northwest corner of Zilker Park

Frequent mentions of College Station (CS) records are a reference to this 2011 list of 1,799 beetle spp. Edward G. Riley compiled for Lick Creek Park, Brazos Co., TX.

Short discussion of each beetle species reported from Travis County:

Over 1,117 beetle species have been recorded from Travis Co. as of Jan. 26, 2018.

Seventy-four beetle families are represented.

Cnopus impressus (LeConte) - BP. Locally rare in arborial sampling. Range: e. US.

Emelinus melsheimeri (LeConte) - VSL at lights. Range: se US

Ganascus ventricosus (LeConte) - BP. 63 spmns collected. Mostly on red oak, May-Aug. Range: e. US.

Zonates ater (LeConte) - BP. 18 spmns coll., Apr-July. Range: TX-OK.

Zonantes pallidus Werner - BP. 3 spmns coll'ed in June. Range: e. N. Amer.

Byrrhodes intermedius (LeConte) - BP. Two spmns coll. in May. Range: e. US.

Caenocara nr. bicolor Germar - BP. Two spmns coll. May-Jun. Range: e. N. Amer.

Caenocara tenuipala Fall - BP. (No BG page). 14 spmns coll. May-Jun.

Calymmaderus nitidus (LeConte) - BP, ELP. Apr-Jun in c. TX. Range: e. US.

Cryptorama nr. punctata White - BP. (No BG page). May-Jun on cedar elm.

Lasioderma falli Pic - BP. (No BG page.) May-June. Range: e. US.

Lasioderma hemiptychoides Fall - BP, DNP. Apr-May, Sept. Range: e. US.

Ozognathus floridanus (LeConte) - BP. Mostly Mar-Apr. Range: e. US.

Petalium bistriatum (Say) - BP. Apr-Jun in TX red oak - Quercus buckleyi. Range: e. US

Petalium debile Fall - BP, May-Jul Range: e. US.

Petalium incisum Ford - BP. Six spmns May-Jun. Range: e. US.

Petalium seriatum Fall. (No BG page) Range: e. N. Amer.

Priobium punctatum (LeConte) - CM. Needs confirmation, per White's 1982 anodiid catalog, Priobium sericeum (Say) is the only sp. that occurs in Texas. Thumbnail is of P. sericeum.

Protheca hispida LeConte - CM. (need TX photo) Range e. US.

Ptinus falli Pic - BP, WB. Apr-May. Range: e. US.

Ptinus sp. 1 - BP. 20 spmns coll. May-Aug on oaks and cedar elm.

Stagetus profundus (LeConte) - BP. Two spmns in June. Range: scattered locations across N. Amer.

Trichodesma gibbosa (Say) - BP, WCP. Range: e. N. Amer.

Tricorynus bifoveatus White - BP. Range: Central to South Texas

Tricorynus confusus (Fall) - BP, EGR. (No BG page) Nince spmns coll. Mar-Aug. Type Locality: Columbus, TX. Range: e. N. Amer.

Tricorynus dichrous (Fall) - BP. One spmn in June. Range: e. US.

Tricorynus moderatus White - BP. (No BG page). Six spmns Apr-Aug, mostly on Juniper. Range: AZ, TX.

Tricorynus pinguis (Fall) - BP. (No BG page). Six spmns May-Aug. Range: AZ, TX.

Tricorynus punctatus (LeConte) - BP. Three spmns coll. in April. Range: e. US, w. to AZ.

Tricorynus punctulatus (LeConte) - EGR. (No BG page) Range: se. US, w. to NM.

Tricorynus similis (LeConte) - BP. Three spmns coll. May-June. Range: e. US.

Tricorynus ventralis (LeConte) - BP. (No BG page). Two spmns coll. May-June. Range: TX, MS, IL.

Anthicus lutulentus Casey - DNP. Range: TX-OK.

Ischyropalpus sp. either pinalicus or cochisei - DNP. Genus not on CS list.

Macratria murina (Fabricius) - SEP. May-Jul. Found in raperian habitat. Range: e. US.

Notoxus monodon (Fabricius) - EGR. Range: se US.

Notoxus politus Chandler - EGR. (No BG page)

Sapintus sp. - DNP. Same sp. found in RGV.

Sapintus hispidulus Casey - EGR. (No BG page)

Tomoderus sp. - DNP. Uncommon. Three N. Amer. spp. Tomoderus interruptus LaFerté-Sénectère in only sp. on CS list.

Vacusus confinis (LeConte) - DNP. Not on CS list. Range: sw US.

Vacusus vicinus (LaFerté-Sénectèere) - DNP, VSL. Common at lights June-Sept. Range: se US to CA and C. Amer.

Araecerus fasciculatus (DeGeer) - CM, ZNP.  A generalist on (usually) dried plant materials. Non-native. Range: established populations: TX-FL-NC.

Discotenes nigrotuberculata (Schaeffer) - CM. Needs confirmation as this species is restricted(?) to southmost Texas in the US. (Photo not posted)

Euparius marmoreus (Olivier) - BP, LBJ. One coll'ed in arboreal samping. Range: e. N. Amer.

Ischnocerus infuscatus Fahraeus - CM. Range: TX-FL-DC.

Ormiscus fasciatus (LeConte) - BP. One coll. in April on cedar elm. Range: e. US.

Temnocerus aeratus (Say) - BP. 8 spmns coll. on oaks, primarily live oak, Apr-July. Range: e. N. Amer. to AZ.

Toxonotus cornutus (Say) - LBJ, WB. Range: e. US

Trigonorhinus limbatus (Say) - CFP, DNP, LBJ, WB, WCP. Feeds on pollen of var. comps, especially Helenium. Range: throughout US, s. to C. Amer.

Eugnamptus angustatus (Herbst) - BP, WB. 27 spmns coll., mostly on TX red oak in April. Range: e. N. Amer.

Eugnamptus cinctus (Sharp) - CM, DNP, VSL, WB. April-May. Range: TX / Mex.

Haplorhynchites eximius (LeConte) - LBJ. Range: w. US.

Haplorhynchites pseudomexicanus Hamilton - EGR. Range: AZ, TX.

Haplorhynchites quadripennis (Fall) - EGR. Range: TX (+?)

Himatolabus pubescens (Say) - BP, WB. 13 spmns coll. Mar-May on oaks. Range: e. N. Amer. to AZ, Mex.

Homoeolabus analis (Illiger) - BP, CM, LBJ. Oak Leaf Roller. 17 spmns coll. Mar-July primarily on live oak. Range: e. US.

Pterocolus ovatus (Fabricius) - BP, ZNP. Thief Weevil. Mostly on TX red oak in March. Range: e. N. Amer. to AZ, Mex.

Temnocerus aeratus (Say) - BP, EGR. Hosts on TX live oak, Apr-July. Range: e. N. Amer.

Diplocoelus brunneus LeConte - BFL at lights. Range: e. NA

Amphicerus bicaudatus (Say) - DNP, LBJ. Mar-Apr. (2nd sp. in CS) Range: Rocky Mtns east.

Amphicerus cornutus (Pallas) - EGR. Hosts on mesquite. Range: w. US, Mex.

Dendrobiella sericans (LeConte) - DNP, HB. Range: TX / Mex.

Lichenophanes bicornis (Weber) - BFL, DNP, LBJ. Common at lights. Range: e. N. Amer.

Lyctus carbonarius Waltl - DNP, hosts: Quercus, Fraxinus, Apr-Jul, Range: throughout N. Amer.

Melalgus plicatus (LeConte) - DNP. Type coll. by Belfrage. Range: Texas

Scobicia declivis (LeConte) - BGD. Mostly a w. coast sp., but recent stray recorded in Austin.

Trogoxylon aequale (Wollaston) - DNP. Has rounded pronotal anterior angles. Comes to lights. Range: e. US to CA and S. Amer.

Trogoxylon parallelopipedum (Melsheimer) - DNP. Has acute, pronotal anterior angles. Comes to lights. Range: e. US.

Xylobiops basilaris (Say) - DNP, LBJ, VSL, WB. Range: e. N. Amer.

Xylobiops sextuberculatus (LeConte) - DNP, HB, VSL, WB. X. sex. seems to have larger tuberculs than tex. Range: CA-TX / Mex.

Xylobiops texanus (Horn) - DNP. Range: TX / Mex.

Prolyctus exaratus (Melsheimer) - LBJ. Range: se US

Notiodes aeratus (LeConte) - DNP. Range: w. N. Amer., incl. Mex.

Notiodes punctatus (LeConte) - VSL. Range: w. NA, FL

Stenopelmus rufinasus Gyllenhal - DNP. Widely dist.

Apioninae - WB.

Fallapion erraticum (Smith) - EGR. Range: Texas per Leng (1920)

Cylas formicarius (Fabricius) - DNP, LBJ, VSL at lights. Sweet potato borer. Range:  NM-FL, s. to S. Amer. - Non-native.

Zeugonyx sabinae Notman - BGD: "Lake Travis". Reared from galls on twigs of Ashe Juniper - Juniperus ashei (Cypressaceae). Type Locality: Austin. Range: Endemic to Texas.

Acmaeodera flavomarginata (Gray) - CM, HB, LBJ. Hosts in Acacia, Diospyros, Prosopis. Sept-Nov. Range: c. TX to Brazil.

Acmaeodera mixta LeConte - EGR, HB, LBJ. Hosts in Acacia, Celtis, Prosopis. Range: w. US., Mex.

Acmaeodera neglecta Fall - CM, LBJ. Apr-May. Hosts in oaks and elms. Range: sc US.

Acmaeodera neoneglecta Fisher - BP. Two spmns coll. on TX red oak in April. Range: TX, Mex.

Acmaeodera ornatoides Barr - LBJ, WB. Larvae host in oaks and persimmon. Apr-May. Range: NM-TX-OK.

Acmaeodera scalaris (Mannerheim) - LBJ. Fall active sp. Range: AZ-TX / s. to C. Amer.

Acmaeodera tubulus (Fabricius) - EGR. Hosts in Betula, Carya, Celtis, Crataegus, Juglans, Quercus, Salix, Ulmus. Range: e. N. Amer.

Mastogenius crenulatus Knull - BP. Four spmns coll. in April. Hosts in Carya, Cercis, Diospyros, Quercus. Range: e. N. Amer.

Mastogenius subcyaneus (LeConte) BP. One spmn coll. on TX red oak in May. Range: e. N. Amer.

Paratyndaris chamaeleonis (Skinner) - UTIC. Hosts in  Acacia, Diospyros, Parkinsonia. Range: TX, Mex.

Paratyndaris prosopis (Skinner) - EGR. Hosts in mesquite and oak. Range: AZ, TX-OK, MS.

Polycesta elata LeConte - EGR, LBJ. Hosts in Fraxinus, Platanus, Quercus. Range: c. US.

Ptosima laeta Waterhouse - CM, DNP, LBJ, WB, ZNP. Texas Redbud Borer. Hosts Cercis canadensis var. texensis (Fabaceae). Mar-May. Range: TX / Mex. 

Dicerca lurida (Fabricius) - CM. Hosts in Carya, Prunus, Salix, Tilia. Range: e. N. Amer.

Texania fulleri (Horn) - HB. Hosts in Celtis. Range: Texas

Poecilonota cyanipes (Say) - BFL. Hosts on Salix, Populus (Salicaceae). Range: widely dist. across N. Amer.

Agrilaxia flavimana (Gory) - BP. Eight spmns coll. May-Jun on oaks. Range: e. US, w. to AZ.

Anthaxia carya Wellso & Jackman - EGR. Hosts in pecan. Range: se US.

Anthaxia quercata (Fabricius) - EGR. Larvae in Cercis, Crataegus, adults also found on oaks. Range: e. US.

Anthaxia quercicola Wellso. BP. One spmn coll. on TX red oak. Type Locality: TX: Brazos Co. Range: se. US.

Anthaxia viridifrons Gory - BP. Most commonly coll. Bup. during BP. Mar (31), Apr (73), May (31). Range: e. N. Amer.

Actenodes acornis (Say) - EGR. Hosts in Acer, Carya, Cercis, Quercus. Range: e. US.

Brachys aerosus Melsheimer - UTIC: Lake Travis. Hosts in oak. Range: e. N. Amer., w. to AZ

Brachys ovatus (Weber) - BP. One spmn coll. on TX red oak in July. Range: Rocky Mtns east, Mex.

Buprestis lineata Fabricius - EGR. Larvae bore into dead pines. Range: e. N. Amer.

Chrysobothris analis LeConte - BFL. Polyphagus. Range: AZ-TX / Mex.

Chrysobothris beameri Knull - BFL. larvae host in evergreen sumac (Rhus virens) - Range: c. to w. TX

Chrysobothris femorata (Olivier) - CM. Wide host range. May-Aug. Range: widely dist.

Chrysobothris ignicollis Horn - BP. One spmn coll. on juniper in May. Range: w. US.

Chrysobothris pseudacutipennis Obenberger - UTIC. Adults on mesquite. Range: c. TX to Mex.

Chrysobothris rossi Van Dyke - EGR. Hosts in Acacia, Celtis, Juniperus, Prosopis spp. Range: CA-TX / Mex.

Chrysobothris texana LeConte - BFL. Hosts in Cypressus, Juniperus spp. Range: w. US., Mex.

Chrysobothris viridiceps Melsheimer - EGR. Hosts in Carya, Prosopis, Quercus, Ulmus spp. Range: e. US., to NM.

Spectralia robusta (Chamberlain) - EGR. Hosts in Texas Persimmon - Diospyros texana (Ebenaceae). Range: Endemic to Texas

Xenorhipis brendeli LeConte - CM. Hosts in Carya, Quercus. Range: e. US.

Agrilus addendus Crotch - BP, LBJ. Hosts on Acacia. Austin records from Aug. Range: NM-TX-OK / Mex

Agrilus audax Horn - BFL. Hosts in Ulmus. Range: AZ, TX, OK, MO, IL.

Agrilus celti Knull - EGR. Hosts in Celtis. Range: e. N. Amer.

Agrilus cephalicus LeConte - BFL. Hosts in dogwood - Cornus. Range: e. N. Amer.

Agrilus fallax Say - EGR. Larvae host in Acer, Celtis, Cornus. Range: e. US. to NM.

Agrilus geminatus (Say) - BP. One spmn coll. in April on TX red oak. Range: e. N. Amer.

Agrilus lacustris LeConte - EGR. Adults found on Croton, Solanum. Range: CA-AL-IL-CO / Mex.

Agrilus lecontei celticola Fisher - LBJ. Larvae in Baccharis, Celtis, Harvardia, Leucaena. Range: AZ-MS, KS-Mex.

Agrilus macer LeConte - HB, VSL. Hosts in Celtis. Range: TX-LA, FL / Mex.

Agrilus olentangyi Champlain & Knull - BFL. Hosts in sumac - Rhus. Range: e. US. to NM.

Agrilus ornatulus Horn - WFC. Hosts in Sapindus and Foresteria. Adults fly in April. Range: TX, KS.

Agrilus paracelti Knull - BFL, CFP. Hosts in Celtis. Range: e. N. Amer.

Agrilus parvus parvus Saunders - EGR. Host: Adults on false indigo bush - Amorpha fruticosa (Fabaceae). Range: e. N. Amer. to WY.

Agrilus pectoralis Waterhouse - BFL. Hosts on Huisache, Mesquite, Retama. Range: CA-TX / Mex.

Agrilus prionurus Chevrolat - EGR. Only known host is the Western Soapberry (Sapindus saponaria L. var. drummondii). Non-native. Range: TX, Mex.

Agrilus transimpressus Fall - EGR. Larvae in black walnut - Juglans nigra (Juglandaceae). Range: roughly: TX-MS-SC-NJ-MN.

Agrilus (Engyaulus) pulchellus Bland - BFL. Larvae host in roots of Fleabane - Erigeron sp. (Asteraceae). Range: w. US., Mex.

Brachys aerosus (Melsheimer) - EGR. Larvae are oak leaf miners. Range: Rocky Mtns, east.

Brachys aeruginosus Gory - BP. One spmn coll. on TX red oak in April. Range: e. N. Amer.

Brachys ovatus (Weber) - BP, WB. One spmn coll. on TX red oak in July. Range: Rocky Mtns, east.

Pachyschelus laevigatus (Say) - BFL. Hosts in Desmodium and Lespedeza (Fabaceae). Range: e. N. Amer.

Pachyschelus purpureus purpureus (Say) - EGR. Hosts in Geranium and Lespedeza. Range: e. N. Amer., w. to AZ.

Taphrocerus nicolayi Obenberger - EGR. (need TX photo) Adults on Carex spp. Range: e. N. Amer.

Belotus bicolor Brancucci - BP, WB.  May-June. Uncommon this far north. Range: TX / Mex.

Chauliognathus limbicollis LeConte - EGR. Range: AZ-TX, CO

Chauliognathus marginatus (Fabricius) - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer., Mex.

Chauliognathus scutellaris LeConte - EGR. Range: NM-TX-OK

Discodon planicolle (LeConte) - BFL, BP, HB, LBJ. Mar-Apr. Range: NM-TX.

Ditemnus (=Silis) perforatus (LeConte) - BP, CFP, DNP, WB. March-April. Range: Texas (Leng 1920)

Malthinus occipitalis LeConte - BP, DNP, LBJ, WB, WCP. Most commonly coll. arboreal cantherid in c. TX. Common in April on oaks and elms. Range: e. N. Amer.

Malthinus occipitalis atripennis LeConte - BP. Less common, dark form of the above sp. Range: TX-OK (per BGD)

Podabrus sp. - BP, CM. Need photo. (P. rugosulus recorded from Bastrop, Four other spp. recorded for College Station.)

Rhagonycha hirticula (Green) - WCP. Range: e. US.

Rhagonycha lineola (Fabricius) - BFL, BP, CFP, DNP. 82 spmns coll'ed Mar-Apr., mostly on oaks during BP. Also comes to lights. Range: e. N. Amer.

Rhagonycha (=Cantharis) spp. - BP, CM, LBJ, WCP. Common in April on oaks. At least three spp. (two common) in our area. (Four spp. recorded in College Station.)

Tytthonyx erythrocephala (Fabricius) - BP. Uncommon (two May records). Range: e. US.

Physea hirta LeConte - BFL. Range: c. TX to C. Amer.
Omophron americanum Dejean - EGR. Range: Rocky Mtns, east. Notiophilus sp. LBJ, UTIC. (Notiophilus novemstriatus LeConte is only sp. on College Station list) 

Calosoma affine Chaudoir - UTIC spmn labeled, 'Austin, Tex.' no further data. Range: Great Plains, sw US / Mex.

Calosoma macrum LeConte - EGR. Range: sc US, ne Mex.

Calosoma sayi Dejean - LBJ. Range: e. US to AZ, s. to C. Amer.

Calosoma scrutator (Fabricius) - BFL, CM, LBJ. (need better pic) Range: e. N. Amer. to AZ.

Calosoma wilcoxi LeConte - CM. Range: e. US.

Carabus finitimus Haldeman - UTIC: 14 spmns from the BFL from 1968-69, plus BFL spmn from 1989. Range: TX-KS.

Carabus sylvosus Say - LBJ. Range: e. N. Amer.

Cicindela formosa pigmentosignata Horn - (EGR reports C. f. formosa Say) Range: e TX to AR.

Cicindela politula politula LeConte - BFL, BGD. Fall active after rains on limestone outcroppings. Range: TX-OK, Mex.

Cicindela punctulata Olivier - EGR. Range: Rocky Mtns, east.

Cicindela rufiventris cumatilis LeConte - (EGR reports C. r. rufiventris Dejean) Range: TX-MS-AR-OK

Cicindela scutellaris rugata Vaurie - BFL. Range: TX-LA.

Cicindela sexguttata Fabricius - BFL. Range: e. N. Amer.

Cicindela trifasciata ascendens LeConte - BFL, WB. Range: coastal TX-FL-MD with strays inland.

Tetracha carolina (Linnaeus) - BFL. Range: se. US, w. to CA, s. to S. Amer.

Dyschirius abbreviatus Putzeys - DNP, VSL. Comes to lights. Range: TX-FL-NC.

Pasimachus californicus Chaudoir - BFL, CM, TKS: Balcones Sink. Range: AZ-TX-NE-UT, Mex.

Scarites subterraneus Fabricius - CM. (Scarites sp. found at both WB & DNP). Range: e. N. Amer. to CA.

Schizogenius ferrugineus Putzeys - EGR. (No BG page).

Schizogenius sallei Putzeys - EGR. (No BG page).

Schizogenius scopaeus Whitehead - EGR. (No BG page).

Semiardistomis viridis (Say) - BFL at lights. Range: e. US.

Anillinus affabilis (Brues) - (No BG page). Described from three speciemsn collected in Austin, Texas (Brues 1902).

Anillinus depressus (Jeannel) - BP. Known from two Travis Co. spmns coll'ed in 1903 and 1994.

Anillodes sp. cf. sinuatus - TKS: Tooth Cave (No BG page)

Bembidion affine Say - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer.

Bembidion impotens Casey - DNP, VSL. Range: throughout N. Amer.

Bembidion rapidum (LeConte) - DNP, HB, VSL. Range: widely dist.

Bembidion texanum Chaudoir - EGR. Range: Great Plains, east to OH and MS.

Elaphropus nebulosus (Chaudoir) - EGR. (No BG page).

Elaphropus rubricauda (Casey) - EGR. (No BG page).

Micratopus sp. - DNP. VSL. one described sp., plus dozens of undesc. spp.

Polyderis rufotestacea (Hayward) - EGR. (No BG page).

Tachys (Paratachys) austinicus (Casey) - EGR. (No BG page).

Tachys (Paratachys) hyalinus (Casey) - EGR. (No BG page).

Tachys (Paratachys) scitulus LeConte - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer.

Tachys (Paratachys) ventricosus (LeConte) - EGR. (No BG page).

Tachys (Tachyura) ferrugineus Dejean - TKS: Bee Creek Cave; Broken Straw Cave; Dead Dog Cave No. 1; Kretschmarr Cave; Kretschmarr Sink; Tooth Cave. (No BG page)

Tachyta (Tachyta) inornata (Say) - EGR. Range: Across s. Canada to Guatemala

Acupalpus testaceus Dejean - BFL, DNP. At lights. Range: e. N. Amer.

Agonum pallipes (Fabricius) - VSL. At lights. (need decent photo). Range: se. US.

Agonum punctiforme (Say) - BFL, DNP, VSL. At lights. Range: CA-FL-ON-CO / Mex. / Bahamas, Bermuda

Agonum sp. - CM. At least three spp. in Texas.

Amara sp. - TKS: Lunsford Cave. (Need photo)

Anisodactylus opaculus (LeConte) - CM. Range: ce US.

Axinopalpus fusciceps LeConte - DNP, VSL. At lights. Range: CA-TX-OK-ID / Mex. to C. Amer.

Aztecarpalus schaefferi Ball - CM. Rare beetle. Range: c. TX to ne. Mex.

Bradycellus tantillus (Dejean) - DNP. Range: e. US.

Calathus opaculus LeConte - CM. (Need TX photo.) Range: Rocky Mtns, east.

Calleida viridipennis (Say) - BP, CFP. Mar-Jun on TX red oak. Second most commonly collected arboreal c. TX carabid. Range: e. US, to NM.

Chlaenius erythropus
Germar - UTIC, two old spmns (1931, 1977) from Austin. Range: e. US to NM

Chlaenius laticollis Say - BFL. Range: e. N. Amer. to AZ.

Chlaenius leucoscelis Chevrolat - 4 Travis Co. spmns in the UTIC. Range: sw US.

Chlaenius orbus Horn - UTIC, most spmns coll'ed in 1958, most recent spmn coll'ed in 1982 - Range s. CA to c. & s. TX

Chlaenius prasinus Dejean - One UTIC spmn from Walnut Creek @ Hwy 183 & e. MLK. Range: e. US to w. TX

Chlaenius tomentosus (Say 1823) - Austin record in the UTIC. Range: e NA to the Rocky Mtns.

Chlaenius tricolor Dejean - BFL. Range: e. NA to Rockies

Chlaenius vafer LeConte - BFL. Range: TX-OK.

Cyclotrachelus gravidus (Haldeman) - CM. (No BG page) Range: OK-TX.

Cyclotrachelus substriatus (LeConte) - DNP. Two at lights in Oct. Range: AZ-TX-MN-WY, Mex.

Cymindis (Pinacodera) platicollis (Say) - BFL, CM. Arboreal. Range: e. N. Amer.

Cymindis (Tarulus) sp. - UTIC, 1956 spmn from student collection labeled, 'Austin'. Apparently a c. TX west sp. as it's not on Riley's CS, TX list.

Discoderus aequalis Casey - DNP, VSL. At lights. Range: AZ-TX, MO.

Ega (=Calybe) sallei Chevrolat - BFL. Range: se US to C. Amer.

Galerita bicolor Drury - CM. (Need TX photo) Range: e. US.

Galerita atripes LeConte - EGR. Range: AZ-TX-MO.

Galerita mexicana Chaudoir - EGR. Range: AZ-TX-OK.

Geopinus incrassatus (Dejean) - UTIC. Range: widely dist. except w. coast states.

Harpalus (Megapangus) katiae Battoni - DNP. Range: se. US. to AZ, Mex.

Harpalus (Opadius) gravis LeConte - DNP. Range: e. US.

Harpalus (Pseudoophonus) actiosus Casey - DNP. Range: e. US, to CO.

Harpalus (Pseudoophonus) paratus Casey - DNP. Range: AZ-TX-OH-ID, sw. Can., Mex.

Lebia (Lebia) analis Dejean - VSL. Range: e. N. Amer., to C. Amer.

Lebia (Lebia) bitaeniata Chevrolat - VSL. Range: c. and se. TX, to S. Amer.

Lebia (Lebia) fuscata Dejean - BFL. Range: widely dist. (but rare in Gr. Plains)

Lebia (Lebia) pectita Horn - CM. (Need to confirm due to similar spp. in area) Range: e. US to NM.

Lebia (Lebia) pulchella Dejean - DNP, LBJ. Range: widely dist. (mostly: e US to AZ)

Lebia (Lebia) viridipennis Dejean - BFL, VSL. Range: e. N. Amer.

Lebia (Lebia) viridis Say - DNP, LBJ, VSL, WCP. Comes to lights and flowers. Range: Guat.-NS-YT, Cuba

Lebia (Lebia) vittatus (Fabricius) - CM. Range: throughout N. Amer.

Lebia (Loxopeza) grandis Hentz - BFL. Long series of spmns in UTIC. Range: e. N. Amer.

Notiobia sayi (Blatchley) - HB, VSL. Range: e. US.

Notiobia maculicornis (Chaudoir) - EGR.

Notiobia purpurascens (Bates) - DNP. Range: CA-AL, Mex.

Notiobia terminata (Say) - BFL, VSL at lights. Range: e. N. Amer. to AZ, s. to Panama.

Notiobia sp. - CM, LBJ. (Four spp. of Notiobia in College Station.)

Panagaeus fasciatus Say - BFL. Range: e. N. Amer. to NM.

Plochionus timidus Haldeman - BP, ELP, LBJ, WB. Over half the 64 carabids coll. in arboreal surveys were this sp. Mostly on oaks and juniper. Apr-Aug. Range: e. N. Amer.

Pterostichus permundus (Say) - CM. Range: e. N. Amer.

Rhadine austinica (=austincia) Barr - TKS. (No BG image) Type Locality: Bandit Cave, in the Rollingwood subdivision on the south side of Austin. Range includes at least 18 other Travis Co. caves.

Rhadine persephone Barr - TKS. Endangered Species. "Tooth Cave Ground Beetle" Type Locality: Tooth Cave. Range: Known from 45 caves in Travis and Williamson counties, Texas.

Rhadine russelli Barr - TKS. (No BG page). Type-locality: Lunsford Cave, 7 miles west of Leander on the George Lunsford Ranch, Travis County, Texas. Also in Jack's Joint.

Rhadine subterranea mitchelli Barr - TKS. (No BG page) Type Locality: Steam Cave, 2 miles south of Georgetown, Williamson County, Texas. Also in Amber Cave; Kretschmarr Cave; Tooth Cave.

Rhadine subterranea subterranea (Van Dyke) - TKS. (No BG page) Type Locality: Sam Bass (= McNeil Quarry) Cave, near McNeil, Williamson County. Also in eight Travis Co. caves.

Selenophorus gagatinus Dejean - (Bousquet 2011). Range: e. N. Amer.

Selenophorus palliatus (Fabricius) - WB. Range: se US to CA, Mex.

Selenophorus sp. CM, DNP. (Seven spp. of Selenophorus in College Station)

Stenomorphus californicus (Menetries) - LBJ. Range: s. states, plus sc US, Mex.

Tetragonoderus intersectus (Germar) - DNP. Comes to lights. Range: se. US. to AZ and Mex.

Zuphium longicolle LeConte - DNP. Range: CA-TX, AR (OK?).

Brachinus aabaaba Erwin - EGR. (No BG page) Range: NM-TX-KS / Mex.

Brachinus adustipennis Erwin - EGR. Range: e. US, w. to NM, s. to Panama.

Brachinus alternans Dejean - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer., w. to NM.

Brachinus cyanipennis Say - EGR. Range: Rocky Mtns, east.

Brachinus fumans (Fabricius) - EGR. (No BG page)

Brachinus imperialensis Erwin - EGR. (No BG page)

Brachinus janthinipennis (Dejean) - EGR. Range: "Middle States"

Brachinus kavanaughi Erwin - EGR. (No BG page)

Brachinus phaeocerus Chaudoir - EGR. Range: AZ-TX-NE-NV.

Brachinus texanus Chaudoir - EGR. Range: e. US.

Elytrimitatrix undata (Fabricius) - UTIC. Hosts on var. hardwoods including Cercis and Pinus. Range: e. US.

Archodontes melanopus serrulatus (LeConte) - EGR. Larvae form rood galls primarily in oaks. Range: sc US. (Range of full sp: s. US)

Mallodon dasystomus (Say) - LBJ, VSL at lights. Hosts on a wide var. of woody spp. incl. oak, elm, willow, pecan. Range: se US to AZ.

Prionus (Antennalia) fissicornis Haldeman - EGR. Larvae are root feeders on grasses. Range: NM-TX-SD-MT.

Atimia confusa confusa (Say) - UTIC. Hosts on Juniperus, Cupressus, Taxodium. Range: e. N. Amer.

Pseudostrangalia cruentata (Haldeman) - BFL. Uncommon. Adults asso. w/ Dogwood, Cornus. Range: e. N. Amer.

Stenelytrana gigas (LeConte) , LBJ, ZNP. Adults come to sap, rotting fruit and baits. Larvae asso. w/ rotting willows. Range: NM-TX / n. Mex.

Strangalia sexnotata Haldeman - CM, LBJ. Range: e. US., to AZ.

Strangalia virilis LeConte - EGR, LBJ. "Strange Virile Bycid". Larvae host in oaks. Adults found on flowers. Range: TX-OK.

Trigonarthris atrata (LeConte) - BFL. Uncommon. Larvae may host in elm. Range: se. US.

Typocerus acuticauda (Knull) - CM. Host unknown. Range: e. N. Amer.

Typocerus octonotatus (Haldeman) - BFL. Larvae host in native grasses (Poaceae). Range: e. US.

Typocerus sinuatus (Newman) - LBJ, WB. Larvae host(s) unknown. Range: NM-CO, east.

Typocerus zebra (Olivier) EGR. Larvae host in pines. Adults on flowers. Range: se. US.

Ancylocera bicolor (Olivier) - BFL. Range: TX-FL-NC

Aneflomorpha tenuis (LeConte) - LBJ. (Need c. TX photo) Range: s. TX,  n. Mex.

Anelaphus debilis (LeConte) - CM, LBJ. Range: c. TX to ne. Mex.

Anelaphus inermis (Newman) - EGR. Range se US, Mex. to C. Amer.

Anelaphus m. moestus (LeConte) - CM. Range: AZ-TX / Mex.

Anelaphus niveivestitus (Schaeffer) - CM. Endemic to south Texas

Anelaphus pumilus (Newman) - EGR. Range: e US.

Batyle ignicollis ignicollis (Say) - EGR. Range: Great Plains.

Batyle suturalis (Say) - LBJ. Adults freq. flowers. Range: widely dist. across N. Amer. to Mex.

Callidium texanum Schaeffer - EGR, LBJ. Hosts in juniper. Range: CA-MS-MO-ID

Cyrtophorus verrucosus (Olivier) - BFL. Range: e. N. Amer.

Eburia haldemani LeConte - (very similar to E. quadrigeminata (Say)) BFL, CM, HB.

Eburia mutica LeConte - CM, LBJ, VSL, ZNP. Range: AZ, TX / n. Mex.

Ecyrus dasycerus (Say) - CM, LBJ. Range: e. US / Mex.

Elaphidion linsleyi Knull - EGR. Range: Endemic to TX, absent in the east. TL: Davis Mtns.

Elaphidion mucronatum (Say) - CM. Range: e. N. Amer. to AZ.

Enaphalodes atomarius (Drury) - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer. to AZ, C. Amer.

Enaphalodes rufulus (Haldeman) - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer.

Enaphalodes taeniatus (LeConte) - EGR. Range: n. TX to ne Mex.

Elaphidionoides aspersum (Haldeman) - CM, VSL. Mostly July. Range: e. US.

Euderces picipes (Fabricius) - EGR, LBJ. Range: e. US.

Euderces pini (Olivier) - CM, DNP, LBJ, WB. Mar-Apr. Range: e. US.

Euderces reichei LeConte - CM, DNP, WCP. Mar-Apr. Range: se. US / Mex.

Hypexilis pallida Horn - DNP, VSL: at lights. Range: AZ-TX / n. Mex

Knulliana cincta cincta (Drury) - LBJ, VSL. banded hickory borer. Range: e. US, to AZ.

Megacyllene caryae (Gahan) - EGR. Hickory Borer. Range: e. N. Amer., to n. Mex.

Megacyllene robiniae (Forster) - BFL. (Need to check det., apparently uncommon in TX)

Molorchus bimaculatus Say - CM,VSL, ZNP. Range: e. US

Neoclytus acuminatus (Fabricius) - BFL, CM. "Red-Headed Ash Borer" Range: Widely dist.

Neoclytus mucronatus (Fabricius) - CM. Range: e. US.

Nyssodrysina haldemani (LeConte) - UTIC. Range: se US

Obrium maculatum (Olivier) - CM, LBJ. Range: e. US / Mex

Parelaphidion incertum (Newman) - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer.

Placosternus difficilis (Chevrolat) - EGR, LBJ. Mesquite Borer. Range: CA-TX, FL, s. to C. Amer.

Plinthocoelium suaveolens plicatum (LeConte) - LBJ, VSL. Bumelia Borer. Range: AZ-TX, n. Mex. (full sp. range incl. e. N. Amer.)

Pseudostrangalia cruentata (Haldeman) - BFL, CM. Range: e. N. Amer. Uncommon

Phymatodes lengi Joutel - UTIC. Rare. only 1 spmn in UTIC. Host unk. Range: e US. (more common sister sp., P. amoenus (Say), occurs in Bastrop and probably in Travis Co. as well)

Physocnemum brevilineum (Say) - BGD. Range: e. N. Amer.

Rhopalophora longipes (Say) - ZNP. Adults freq. flowers. Range: e. US.

Smodicum cucujiforme (Say) - CM. Mosly Jun-Jul. Range: e US.

Sphaenothecus bivittatus Dupont - LBJ, VSL, ZNP. "Double-banded Bycid." Common on flwrs Aug-Nov. Hosts on mesquite. Range: CA-TX, s. to C. Amer.

Stenaspis solitaria (Say) - EGR. Range: CA-TX / n. Mex.

Stenaspis verticalis insignis Casey - BFL, LBJ. TL: Comal Co. Range: c. TX to n. Mex

Stenosphenus notatus (Olivier) - BFL. Range: e. N. Amer.

Sternidius (=Liopinus) misellus (LeConte) - CM. Range: e. US.

Styloxus fulleri (Horn) - CM, LBJ, VSL. Nov-Jan. Range: c. TX to c. Mex.

Tessaropa tenuipes (Haldeman) - CM. Range: e. US. rare.

Tilloclytus geminatus (Haldeman) - CM. Mar-Apr. Range: e. US.

Trachyderes (Dendrobias) mandibularis (Audinet-Serville) - BGD. Hosts in Citrus, Parkinsonia, Salix, Celtis. Range: CA-LA, so. FL / Mex. to C. Amer.

Ataxia crypta (Say) - BFL, CM, LBJ. Range: e. US.

Ataxia hubbardi Fisher - CM, LBJ. Range: AZ-LA-AR-CO / Mex.

Aegomorphus quadrigibbus (Say) - BFL. Range: e. US, to n. Mex.

Astyleiopus variegatus (Haldeman) - EGR. Range: Rocky Mtns, east.

Dorcaschema alternatum (Say) - EGR. Small Mulberry Borer. Larvae host in dead or dying branches of mulberry, osage orange (Moraceae). Range: e. N. Amer.

Graphisurus triangulifer (Haldeman) - BFL, LBJ, VSL. Hosts in hackberry. Comes to lights. Range: e. US.

Hemierana marginata (Fabricius) - BFL, CM, LBJ, WB. Apr-Jun. Range: e. US.

Hippopsis lemniscata (Fabricius) - CM. Range: e. US.

Leptostylus transversus (Gyllenhal) - CM, LBJ. Range: e. US.

Lepturges angulatus (LeConte) - CM, LBJ. Range: se US

Lepturges confluens (Haldeman) - EGR. Larvae feed in var. hardwoods incl. Carya (Juglandaceae). Range: e. N. Amer.

Mecas rotundicollis (Thomson) - BFL, LBJ. Firefly Longhorn. Hosts in stems and roots of Asteraceae. Range: AZ-TX-OK / Mex. to C. Amer.

Mecas cineracea Casey - LBJ, WCP. Larvae host in stems of living Astaraceae. Range: AZ-TX-IL-ND / n. Mex.

Mecas confusa Chemsak & Linsley - EGR. Almost identical to above sp., except tarsal claws are equal in length. Range: TX-KS (and east?)

Mecas pergrata (Say) - CM, LBJ. Range: se. US to NM. Mecas rotundicollis (Thomson) - BFL, CM. June. Range: sw US / Mex.

Moneilema armatum LeConte - EGR, LBJ. Cactus Longhorn. Range: AZ-TX-KS-CO / n. Mex.

Oberea affinis Leng & Hamilton - LBJ. Raspberry Cane Borer.Range: e. N. Amer.

Oberea ocellata Haldeman - BFL. Larvae host in stems of living Sumac - Rhus (Anacardiaceae). Range: e. N. Amer.

Oberea perspicillata Haldeman - EGR. Larvae bore in stems of living Rubus, Rosa (Rosaceae). Range: e. N. Amer.

Oberea schaumii LeConte - UTIC. One spm in the UTIC from April 1956. Hosts in living cottonwood (Populus). Range e. N. Amer.

Oncideres cingulata (Say) - CM, DNP, HB, VSL. Twig Girdler. Range: e. US, Mex.

Plectrodera scalator (Fabricius) - BSG, EGR, HB. Cottonwood Borer. Hosts in Populus, Salix, Platanus. Range: mostly: NM-FL-IL-KS.

Saperda tridentata Olivier - EGR. Elm Borer. Hosts in Ulmus spp. Range: Great Plains east.

Sternidius mimeticus (Casey) - HB, LBJ, VSL, WB. Range: e. US.

Tetraopes discoideus LeConte - UTIC. One historical record (1924) from Austin. Range: sw US

Tetraopes femoratus LeConte - UTIC. Hosts on variety of milkweed spp. Range: widely dist. across w. US

Tetraopes texanus Horn - LBJ. Asso. with Antelope horn - Asclepias asperula. Range: TX-AL-MO-KS / n. Mex.

Tetraopes thermophilus Chevrolat - UTIC. Asso. with zizotes milkweed (Asclepias oenotheroides). Range: se TX to C. Amer.

Acanthoscelides sp. DNP, LBJ, WCP. Over 50 spp. n. of Mex. Four spp. on CS list.

Algarobius bottimeri Kingsolver - DNP, LBJ, VSL. Hosts on Prosopis spp. Range: mostly TX.

Gibbobruchus mimus (Say) - DNP. Comes to a var. of flwrs. Preferred host: eastern redbud - Cercis canadensis (Fabaceae). Range: e. N. Amer. to AZ.

Mimosestes amicus (Horn) - DNP, LBJ, VSL. Range: sw US to C. Amer.

Mimosestes nubigens (Motschulsky) - DNP. Range: s. US to S. Amer.

Stator vachelliae Bottimer - DNP, LBJ. Hosts on Huisache - Acacia farnesiana. Range: TX to S. Amer.

Zabrotes spectabilis Horn - EGR. Hosts on Senna spp. Range w. US.

Donacia (Donacia) texana Crotch - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer.

Lema conjuncta Lacordaire - CM, LBJ. (Need live photo) Hosts on Solinaceae. Range: se. US.

Lema daturaphila Kogan & Goeden - LBJ. (Need live c. TX photo). (Old-fashioned Potato Beetle). Range: widely dist. across N. Amer.

Lema opulenta Gemminger and Harold - BFL, CM. (Need live c. TX photo) Most common host: Texas nightshade - Solanum triquetrum (Solanaceae). Range: c. TX to C. Amer.

Lema trabeata Lacordaire - LBJ. (Need live c. TX photo) Range: AZ-FL, to C. Amer.

Neolema quadriguttata White - LBJ. Hosts on Commelina sp. (Commelinaceae). Range: TX-LA-MO-OK.

Oulema (Hapsidolemoides) collaris (Say) - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer.

Oulema spp. LBJ.

Anisostena (Anisostena) cyanea Staines - EGR. Range: AZ, TX, Mex.

Anisostena sp. CM. (Need photo) (Anisostena funesta (Baly) found in Comal Co.)

Baliosus nervosus (Panzer) - BFL, WB. Range: e. N. Amer.

Brachycoryna pumila Guerin-Meneville - CM, LBJ. asso. w/ Malvaceae. Range: UT-AZ-FL.

Chalepus bicolor (Olivier) - BFL. Range: e. US.

Gratiana pallidula (Boheman) - CM, DNP, WB. Hosts on Solanum spp. (Solanaceae). Eggplant Tortoise Beetle. Range: e. US to CA.

Pentispa melanura (Chapuis) - BP. Range: TX to C. Amer.

Sumitrosis inaequalis (Weber) - ZNP. Range: widely dist. across N. Amer.

Chelymorpha cassidea (Fabricius) - BFL, LBJ. Range: widely dist. across N. Amer.

Deloyala guttata (Olivier) - LBJ, VSL. Range: e. N. Amer.

Gratiana pallidula (Boheman) - WB. Range: e. US, w. to CA, Mex.

Plagiometriona clavata testudinaria (Boheman) - EGR. Range: AZ-LA, to S. Amer.

Charidotella (Charidotella) sexpunctata sexpunctata (Fabricius) - LBJ, VSL. Range: TX to S. Amer.

Calligrapha (Calligrapha) multipunctata (Say) - UTIC (Spmn coll. in 1932). Hosts on willows - Salix spp. (Salicaceae). Range: throughout N. Amer.

Calligrapha (Calligrapha) scalaris (J. E. LeConte) - UTIC. Range: e. N. Amer.

Chrysolina auripennis (Say) - BFL, CM, LBJ. Feeds on Monarda spp. (Lamiaceae), possibly at night. Range: c. N. Amer.

Chrysomela texana (Schaeffer) - BCG, CM, VSL. Hosts on willows - Salix spp. (Salicaceae). Range:  n. TX to Mex.

Gastrophysa cyanea F. E. Melsheimer - EGR. Host: Dock - Rumex spp. (Polygonaceae). Range: throughout N. Amer.

Labidomera clivicollis Kirby - CM, LBJ. Milkweed Leaf Beetle. Hosts on milkweed spp. and milkweed vines. Range: e. of the Rockies.

Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say) - EGR. Colorado Potato Beetle. Range: throughout N. Amer.

Leptinotarsa haldemani (Rogers) - ZNP. Hosts on Solanaceae. Range: sw. US: AZ-TX-OK / Mex. to C. Amer.

Leptinotarsa texana Schaeffer - UTIC. Range: c. TX. to Mex.

Microtheca picea (Guérin-Méneville) - VSL. Reported from Virginia pepperweed - Lepidium virginicum (Brassicaceae). Range: TX-FL. Native to S. Amer.

Phaedon desotonis Balsbaugh - BGD. Hosts commonly on Greenthread - Thelesperma filifolium and related Asteraceae. Range: spreading from se US to the west.

Phaedon viridis F. E. Melsheimer - DNP, LBJ. coll. sweeping. Hosts on Brassicaceae. Range: e. N. Amer.

Zygogramma disrupta (Rogers) - EGR. Hosts on ragweed. Range: sc US: AZ-LA-NE-CO / Mex. 

Zygogramma heterothecae Linell - LBJ. Asso. w/ Camphorweed - Heterotheca spp. (Asteraceae). Range: se. US to AZ and CO.

Acalymma vittatum (Fabricius) - CM, VSL. Hosts on Cucurbitaceae. "Striped Cucumber Beetle." Range: e. N. Amer.

Altica foliaceae LeConte - CFP, EGR. Polyphagous. Range: roughly: CA-FL-MD-ND.

Altica litigata (Fall) - CM. asso. w/ Onagraceae. Range: e. N. Amer. to Mex.

Altica texana (Schaeffer) - CM, WB. asso. w/ Onagraceae. Range: endemic to Texas. (May occur in MX)

Asphaera lustrans (Crotch) - CM, LBJ, VSL, WB. Hosts on skullcap, Scutellaria spp. (Lamiaceae) Range: KS-TX-FL-GA

Blepharida rhois (Forster) - BFL, LBJ, ZNP. Sumac Flea Beetle. Range: widely dist. across N. Amer.

Capraita nigrosignata (Schaeffer) - CM, VSL, WB. Found yr round in wet areas on germander - Teucrium spp. (Lamiaceae). Range: TX-LA / Mex.

Chaetocnema texana Crotch - EGR. (No BG page). Asso. w/ turf grass and willows. Range: CA-TX.

Chaetocnema sp. - CM. (Seven spp. of Chaetocnema in College Station)

Crepidodera browni Parry - SEP. Hosts on willows - Salix spp. (Salicaceae). Range: e. N. Amer.

Cyclotrypema furcata (Olivier) - HB. Range: c. TX to ne Mex.

Derospidea brevicollis (LeConte) - BFL, DNP, LBJ. Preferred host, pricklyash. Range: e. US.

Diabrotica balteata Leconte - CM, LBJ, VSL. Nearly omnivorous. Feb-Nov. Range: s. US to S. Amer.

Diabrotica tibialis Jacoby - EGR, LBJ. Polyphagous. Range: c. TX. to C. Amer.

Diabrotica undecimpunctata Mannerheim - CM, LBJ, VSL, WB. Spotted Cucumber Beetle. Range: widely dist.

Dibolia borealis Chevrolat - BFL, CM. Hosts on Plantago spp. (Plantaginaceae). Range: e. US.

Disonycha arizonae Casey - BFL, LBJ. Polyphagous. Range: e. N. Amer., to AZ, Mex.

Disonycha discoidea (Fabricius) - WCP. Larvae and adults freq. found on Passionflower (Passiflora). Range: e. US.

Disonycha fumata (LeConte) - EGR, LBJ. Hosts on Asteraceae. Range: primarily w. US., to C. Amer.

Disonycha glabrata (Fabricius) - EGR, LBJ. Pigweed flea beetle. Hosts on Amaranthus spp. (Amaranthaceae). Range: e. N. Amer., to CA, S. Amer.

Disonycha leptolineata Blatchley - CM, LBJ. Hosts on Virginia sweetspire - Itea virginica (Grossulariaceae). Range: se. US to AZ.

Disonycha triangularis (Say) - LBJ. Polyphagus. Range: e. N. Amer. to NM.

Glyptina brunnea Horn - BG. 13 spmns coll. Apr-July on oaks and cedar elm. Range: e. N. Amer.

Glyptina sp. (on Croton) - CFP. Long series (over 10 spmns) coll'ed on Croton sp. First host and first distribution records outside of s. TX. Range: c. to s. TX

Kuschelina gibbitarsa (Say) - CM, LBJ, VSL. Found in wet areas. Hosts on mint and germander (Lamiaceae). Range: e. N. Amer.

Kuschelina laeta (Perbosc) - LBJ. Range: TX-GA, s. to C. Amer.

Kuschelina petaurista (Fabricius) - CM, LBJ. Polyphagous. Range: e. US.

Kuschelina suturella (Say) - BFL. Host unknown. Range: se. US.

Kuschelina sp. EGR 1. EGR. Range: c. to s. TX.

Longitarsus subrufus LeConte Asso. w/ Marbleseed - Onosmodium spp. (Boraginaceae). Range: Rocky Mtns east.

Lysathia ludoviciana (Fall) - LBJ. larvae feed on leaves of Miryophillum (Haloragaceae) and Ludwigia (Onagraceae). Range: se US, Mex.

Margaridisa sp. - BFL. e. NA to ne Mex.

Omophoita cyanipennis octomaculata (Crotch) - DNP, LBJ, VSL. Eight-spotted Flea Beetle. Polyphagous. Mostly in wet areas. Jun-Dec. Range: AZ, TX-KS, FL / Mex. to C. Amer.

Ophraella americana (Fabricius) - LBJ, WB. Hosts on Goldenrod - Solidago spp. (Asteraceae). Range: Rocky Mtns east.

Ophraella communa LeSage - WB. Hosts on Asteraceae. Range: e. US.

Ophraella notulata (Fabricius) - BP. Coll. one spmn as a stray in June. Host: marsh elder - Iva spp. (Asteraceae). Range: e. US.

Phydanis bicolor Horn - LBJ. Hosts on Snakeherb - Dyschoriste linearis (Acanthaceae). Range: c. to w. TX, Mex.

Phyllobrotica circumdata (Say) (=P. discoidea (Fabricius)) - CM. (need photo and det. confirmation.) Rangle: e. US.

Phyllobrotica limbata (Fabricius) - BFL, LBJ. Hosts on Scutellaria spp. (Lamiaceae). Range: e. N. Amer.

Phyllotreta aeneicollis (Crotch) - DNP. Hosts on Brassicaceae. Range: se US, Great Plains, to NM.

Systena hudsonias (Forster) - DNP, LBJ. Polyphagous. Range: e. N. Amer., to NM.

Syphrea nana (Crotch) - EGR. Host(s) unknown. Range: se US.

Syphrea sp. EGR 1 - WCP, ZNP. Hosts on Mouse Ears - Bernardia myricifolia (Euphorbiaceae). Range: c. to s. TX.

Trirhabda bacharidis (Weber) - CM. Hosts on Baccharis spp. (Asteraceae). Range: TX-FL-ME.

Brachypnoea lecontei (Riley, Clark & Seeno) - BP, CFP, CM, DNP, LBJ, WB, WCP. Apr-May. Great Plains. Hosts on Live Oak.

Brachypnoea texana (Schaeffer) - BP. Very common spring (April) species in the Texas Hill Country on live oak. Range: Texas

Chrysochus auratus (Fabricius) - EGR. Dogbane beetle. Hosts on Apocynum spp. (Apocynaceae). Range: widely dist. across N. Amer.

Colaspis brownsvillensis Blake - HB. Host: Milkweed vine - Cynanchum (Asclepiadaceae). Range: c. to s. TX

Fidia cana Horn - LBJ. (No BG page). Record needs confirmation.

Fidia texana Schaeffer - EGR. Reported from mustang grapevine - Vitis mustangensis (Vitaceae). Range: TX-OK.

Fidia viticida Walsh - BFL, CM, SEP. May-Jun. Hosts on Vitaceae. Grape Rootworm. Range: e. N. Amer.

Metachroma suturale LeConte - LBJ. Long series coll'ed from Juniperus. Range: c. TX to AZ.

Metaparia clytroides Crotch - EGR. Range: TX, KS.

Metaparia opacicollis (Horn) - HB. Range: NM-TX

Myochrous cyphus Blake - WB, VSL. Range: e. N. Amer. to NM, Mex. (Myochrous sp. denticollis-cyphus Complex)

Paria fragariae Wilcox COMPLEX - BFL. Found one July spmn in the TAMUIC from the BFL. Range: e. N. Amer., CA.

Paria quadriguttata Leconte - CM, VSL. Hosts on willows - Salix spp. Range: Widely dist. across N. Amer.

Rhabdopterus bottimeri Barber - EGR. (No BG page) Range: TX, Mex.

Rhabdopterus sp. - BFL, CM, LBJ, WB. (Four spp. in TX)

Spintherophyta globosa (Olivier) - CM, CFP, DNP, ZNP. Mar-Apr. Polyphagous. Range: Rocky Mtns east.

Tymnes metasternalis (Crotch) - BP, DNP. Mar-May. Reported from variety of hard wood spp. Range: e. US.

Typophorus nigritus viridicyaneus (Crotch) - HB. Asso. w/ Convolvulaceae. Range: e. US. to NM, Mex.

Xanthonia sp. 1 - BP, DNP, LBJ, VSL. Hosts on Elm and Oaks.

Xanthonia sp. 2 - BP, DNP, LBJ, VSL, WB. Hosts on Juniper.

Xanthonia sp. 3 - BP, DNP, WB, WCP. Hosts on Oaks.

Xanthonia sp. 4 - BP, DNP, LBJ, WCP. Hosts on Oaks.

Xanthonia vagans (LeConte) - BP. Hosts on juniper. Range: sw US.

Anomoea flavokansiensis Moldenke - BFL. Hosts on legumes (Fabaceae). May-June. Range: TX-TN-OH-NE

Anomoea laticlavia (Forster) - VSL, WB. Range: Rocky Mtns, east.

Anomoea rufifrons mutabilis (Lacordaire) BFL, BP, DNP, LBJ. Uncommon this far north. Asso. w/ legumes (Fabaceae). Range: c. TX to s. Mex.

Babia tetraspilota LeConte - BFL, ELP, WCP. Hosts on Mesquite (Prosopis). Range: CA-TX-NE-WY / Mex.

Babia quadriguttata (Olivier) - BFL. Range: e. N. Amer., to AZ.

Chlamisus foveolatus (Knoch) - BP. One spmn coll. on TX red oak in April. Range: e. N. Amer.

Coleorozena fulvilabris (Jacoby) - BFL, CM, ZNP. Probably hosts on legumes. Range: sw US / Mex.

Coleorozena lecontii (Crotch) - EGR. (No BG page). Range: CA-TX, Mex.

Cryptocephalus arizonensis Schaeffer - BFL, BP. Mostly hosts on oaks. Only one found during BP. Range: AZ-TX.

Cryptocephalus atrofasciatus Jacoby - BP. Hosts on pines. Only one found during BP. Range: AZ-TX, CO.

Cryptocephalus defectus LeConte - DNP at lights. Host unk. Range: Endemic to Texas

Cryptocephalus fulguratus Leconte - BP, CM, DNP, LBJ, VSL. Most common Cryptocephalus during BP. Hosts on oaks. Range: south-central US.

Cryptocephalus guttulatus Olivier - BFL, DNP. Polyphagous. Only one coll. during BP. Range: e. N. Amer.

Cryptocephalus implacidus R. White - VSL. Uncommon. Range: TX-LA-MO-OK

Cryptocephalus leucomelas Suffrian - LBJ, VSL at lights. Hosts on Salicaceae. Range: e. US to AZ, UT

Cryptocephalus mucoreus LeConte - LBJ, WB. On sumac - Rhus. Mar-Apr. Range: TX-KY-KS

Cryptocephalus notatus Fabricius - BP, LBJ, WB, ZNP. Third most commonly coll. Cryptocephalus during BP. Polyphagous. Mar-Jun. Range: Rocky Mtns, east.

Cryptocephalus quadruplex Newman - BFL, CFP, WB. Second most commonly coll. Cryptocephalus during BP. Polyphagous. Range: Rocky Mtns, east.

Diachus auratus (Fabricius) - BFL, BP, VSL. Comes to lights. Polyphagous. Only coll. six during BP. Range: throughout N. and S. Amer.

Diachus sp. EGR 1 - (No BG page)

Exema dispar Lacordaire - EGR. Mostly asso. w/ var. Asteraceae. Range: e. N. Amer., to Mex.

Neochlamisus bebbianae (Brown) - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer., to AZ.

Griburius lecontii Crotch - HB, LBJ. Range: w, c, s TX-LA

Griburius  n. sp? - BFL, DNP, LBJ. May-July. Range: TX-LA.

Neochlamisus gibbosus (Fabricius) - EGR. Hosts on Rubus spp. (Rosaceae). Range: e. N. Amer., to NM, Mex.

Neochlamisus platani (Brown) - EGR. (No BG page) Range: e. US, to CO.

Neochlamisus velutinus Karren - EGR. asso. w/ legumes (Fabaceae). Range: AZ, TX, Mex.

Neochlamisus sp. - BP, CM, LBJ, VSL, WB. coll. 46 spmns on oaks and cedar elm, Mar-Aug.

Pachybrachis cruentus LeConte - DNP. Range: Endemic to Texas

Pachybrachis diversus Fall - VSL. Range: Great Plains states, FL.

Pachybrachis hepaticus hepaticus (F. E. Melsheimer) - EGR. Range: widely dist, except Pacific NW.

Pachybrachis luridus (Fabricius) - BFL, WB, WCP. Hosts on wild indigo - Baptisia. Range:  e. N. Amer., to AZ.

Pachybrachis morosus Haldeman - WB. Range: e US.

Pachybrachis othonus (Say) - LBJ. Apr-June. Range: e. N. Amer., to AZ.

Pachybrachis pusillus Bowditch - DNP. Range: AZ-TX, Mex.

Pachybrachis subvittatus LeConte - LBJ, WB. Range: TX, (+ a few NM records)

Pachybrachis texanus Bowditch - DNP. Range: c. TX / Mex.

Pachybrachis turbidus LeConte - BP, DNP, LBJ. Range: Great Plains

Pachybrachis vau Fall - TAMUIC spmn. Range: Rockies, Great Plains

Pachybrachis vestigialis Fall - DNP, LBJ, WB. Range: sc. US: TX-AL-AR-NE

Pachybrachis sp. (EGR 136) - BP, ELP, WCP. Range: c. TX

Saxinis sinuata Schaeffer - LBJ, WB. May. Asso. w/ Acacia. Range: AZ, TX.

Smaragdina militaris (LeConte) - BFL, BP, DNP, LBJ. Eleven spmns coll. Apr-May on Oaks and elm. Range: AZ-TX, MO.

Cis creberrimus Mellié - BP. (Second sp. of Cis was also recorded from the BP.) Range: TX, FL, Mex. to S. Amer.

Malacocis brevicollis (Casey) - EGR. Develops in polypores. Range: e. N. Amer.

Octotemnus undescribed sp. - EGR first recorded this exotic sp. in Texas in Travis County in 2003. Develops in polypores. Range: se. US.

Cymatodera balteata LeConte - LBJ, VSL. Range: Texas

Cymatodera sp. - CM. Need photo. (Five spp. recorded from College Station)

Enoclerus analis (Leconte) - CM. Range: sw. US to Mex.

Isohydnocera curtipennis (Newman) - ELMP, LBJ.  Range: e. N. Amer.

Lecontella brunnea (Spinola) - "Austin" (UTIC label data). Reared from the nest of Osmia lignaria - Blue orchard bee, by Jack Neff,. Range: e. N. Amer. to AZ.

Lecontella sp. - CM. (One sp. in CS)

Neorthopleura texana (Bland) - BFL, DNP, LBJ, VSL. Apr-Sept. Comes to lights. Range: c. to s. Texas.

Pelonides quadripunctata (Say) - CFP. Mostly found at flowers. Range: e. US.

Phyllobaenus discoideus (LeConte) BP, WB. Uncommon. Range: sw US to Mex.

Phyllobaenus humeralis (Say) - BP, BFL, CM, LBJ, VSL, WB. Common. April-May on oaks. Range: e. N. Amer. to AZ.

Phyllobaenus pallipennis (Say) - BP. (Need TX photo) May-Jun on Texas oak. Range: e. N. Amer.

Phyllobaenus unifasciatus (Say) - BP. On live oak. Uncommon. Range: e. N. Amer. to AZ.

Wolcottia pedalis (LeConte) - BFL. Range: e. US to AZ

Gnathoweisea nr. texana Gordon. - BP. (No BG page). Size: 1 mm. Most of the 23 spmns coll. on juniper (20) in May (12). Range: Type Locality: Bell Co., Texas

Microweisea minuta (Casey) - BP. 47 spmns on juniper from Feb. at least to July. (Five spmns on oaks.) Type Locality, Austin Co., not City of Austin. Range: c. to s. Texas.

Brachiacantha bollii Crotch - BP, CM, WB. Range: c. to n. TX, w. LA

Brachiacantha decora Casey - BGD. Range c. TX to S. Amer. / W. Indies.

Brachiacantha quadrillum LeConte - BFL, BP, ELP. Five spmns coll. Jun-Jul on oaks and elm. Type locality: New Braunfels. Range: Texas

Brachiacantha subfasciata Mulsant - BP, LBJ. Range: AZ, c. to s. TX.

Brachiacantha tau LeConte - BFL. One 1976 spmn. Range: Rocky Mtn and Great Plains states.

Diomus terminatus (Say) - BP. Range: e. US.

Diomus sp. - BP. (Second sp., Diomus xanthaspis, recorded from College Station.)

Hyperaspis bigeminata (Randall) - BP, CFP, VSL. Mostly on cedar elm (Ulmaceae). Range: e. N. Amer.

Hyperaspis inflexa Casey - BP, WB, WCP. 53 spmns on juniper Feb. to Aug. (Four spmns on oaks.) Range: widely scattered locations across N. Amer.

Hyperaspis signata bicentralis Casey - BP, LBJ, UTIC. One spmn on live oak in April. TL: Austin County, not City of Austin. Range: c. TX to OK. (Range of full sp.: e. US.)

Hyperaspis troglodytes Mulsant - CM. One spmn from Camp Mabry. Range: mostly New England to Upper Midwest with a few sc US records.

Hyperaspis wickhami Casey - EGR. "Austin" record likely for Austin Co., not City of Austin. Type locality: Brownsville. Range: c. to s. TX.

Scymnus (Pullus) brullei Mulsant - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer.

Scymnus (Pullus) creperus Mulsant - EGR. Range: e. US to NM-CO.

Scymnus (Pullus) cervicalis Mulsant - BP. One spmn on red oak in Aug. Range: e. US to AZ.

Scymnus (Pullus) compar Casey - BP. Four spmns on juniper Mar-May. Range: e. N. Amer.

Scymnus (Pullus) loewii Mulsant - BP, VSL, WB. Fairly common at lights. Range: across s. US, to S. Amer.

Scymnus (Pullus) louisianae J. Chapin - BP. One spmn on red oak in May. Range: TX-LA, plus other scattered records.

Stethorus sp. - BP. Two spmns found in May. Not recorded for College Station. Five spp. n. of Mex.

Chilocorus cacti  (Linnaeus) - BCG, LBJ. Range: sw. US, LA, FL, south to S. Amer.

Chilocorus stigma (Say) - BP, LBJ, WB. Most commonly coll. arboreal lady beetle in c. TX. Mostly May-July. Range: widely dist. across N. Amer., except w. Coast.

Rodolia cardinalis (Mulsant) - CFP, UTIC. The Vedalia Beetle. Non-native. Start of biocontrol in US. Range: mostly coastal se US states & CA, rare in c. TX.

Coccinella septempunctata Linnaeus - BP, LBJ, WB, ZNP. Native to Europe. Range: widely dist. across N. Amer.

Coleomegilla maculata (Degeer) - HB, LBJ. Range: e. N. Amer. (Second subspecies along US-Mexico border.)

Cycloneda munda (Say) - LBJ. Range: e. N. Amer.

Cycloneda sanguinea (Linnaeus) - LBJ. Range: southern US.

Harmonia axyridis (Pallas) - LBJ, WB, VSL, ZNP. Native to Europe. Range: widely dist. across N. Amer.

Hippodamia convergens Guérin-Méneville - LBJ, WB, VSL. Range: widely dist. across N. Amer.

Neoharmonia v. venusta (Melsheimer) - BCG,  LBJ. Range: e. US. (full sp. ranges to AZ.)

Olla v-nigrum (Mulsant) - DNP, LBJ, VSL. Range: widely dist. across N. Amer., south to S. Amer.

Psyllobora renifer Casey - BP, DNP, LBJ, VAL, ZNP. Range: CA to LA / Mex.

Psyllobora vigintimaculata (Say) - BP. 22 spmns Feb-Aug mostly on oak and elm, but uncommon in c. TX. Range: throughout US and Can.

Sericoderus sp. VSL. Sericoderus lateralis (Gyllenhal) is only sp. reported for College Station. Range: widely dist., cosmopolitan.

Atomaria (Anchicera) lewisi Reitter - BP, DNP. Comes to lights. Rare in arboreal sampling, only coll. one. Range: e. N. Amer., introduced.

Cryptophagus sp. - DNP, VSL at lights. Two spp. recorded at College Station.

Genus A sp. 1 and 2 - BP. (Need photos)
Tenomerga cinereus (Say) - BFL, ELP. Range:  e. N. Amer.

Rhodobaenus quinquepunctatus (Say) - BFL, LBJ. Cocklebur Weevil. Range:  e. N. Amer.

Sphenophorus australis Chittenden - BFL. Hosts on cattails - Typha (Typhaceae). Range: e. N. Amer. to CA, Mex.

Sphenophorus blanchardi Chittenden - UTIC. Range: endemic to Texas.

Sphenophorus cariosus (Olivier) - BFL. Hosts on Cyperaceae. Range: e. N. Amer. to C. Amer.

Sphenophorus coesifrons Gyllenhal - BFL. Range: se US to CA

Sphenophorus parvulus Gyllenhal - BFL. Range: e. NA to Rockies

Anthonomus aeneolus Dietz - EGR. Breeds in the buds of nightshade - Solanum spp. (Solanaceae). Range: TX, Mex.

Anthonomus convictus Gates - CFP, DNP. Asso. w/ Hackberry galls. Range: TX, KS, MA, Ont.

Anthonomus decipiens LeConte - LBJ. Larvae develop within the heads of var. Asteraceae. Range: sw US.

Anthonomus faber Dietz - BP, CFP, DNP, LBJ, VSL. Range: endemic to Texas.

Anthonomus fulvus LeConte - BFL, LBJ. Adults on winecups. Range: TX-KS.

Anthonomus grandis Boheman - UTIC. One historical (1990) UTIC spmn of this pest cotton from Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park, nc. Austin. Sp. now reportedly extirpated from the US.

Anthonomus ligatus Dietz - LBJ. Range: CA-TX.

Anthonomus quadrigibbus Say - CM. Apple Curculio. Range: throughout N. Amer.

Anthonomus rileyi Clark and Burke - BP. At least Mar-Aug. (but most common in Apr) on juniper. Type Locality: Travis Co./ vic. Cypress Creek. Range: c. TX & w. AR

Lignyodes horridulus (Casey) - DNP. Asso. w/ ash - Fraxinus (Oleaceae). Range: widely dist.

Lignyodes helvolus (LeConte) - VSL. Asso. w/ ash - Fraxinus (Oleaceae). Range: e. N. Amer. to Mex.

Lignyodes adamanteus Clark - DNP. Sept. Breeds in  elbowbush - Forestiera berries (Oleaceae). Range: TX.

Lignyodes varius LeConte - DNP. Breeds in  elbowbush - Forestiera berries (Oleaceae). Range: TX-OK.

Myrmex carinicollis (Horn) - ZNP. Apr-May. Range: Texas.

Myrmex horni Sleeper - BP. 7 spmns coll. Range: Texas

Myrmex laevicollis (Horn) - BP. 1 coll. in Apr. on oak. Range: e. US.

Myrmex myrmex (Herbst) - BP. 3 coll. Apr-May. Range: e. US.

Myrmex scrobicollis (Boheman) - BP, LBJ. 9 spmns March-May on oaks. Range: e. US.

Ochyromera ligustri Warner. BFL, CM. Adventive Ligustrum weevil first coll'ed in c. TX in 2005 at CM. Range: se US.

Orchestes mixtus Blatchley - BP, CM, VSL, WB. Elm Flea Weevil. Four spmns coll. Apr-May on cedar elm. Range: e. US.

Smicronyx corpulentus LeConte - EGR. (No BG page)

Smicronyx quadrifer Casey - DNP, WCP. Adults restricted to parasitic dodders (Cuscuta spp., Cuscutaceae). Range: AZ-FL-MD.

Smicronyx sordidus LeConte - EGR. Hosts on sunflowers - Helianthus (Asteraceae). Range: throughout N. Amer, except se US

Sibinia inermis (Casey) - DNP. common on huisache - Acacia farnesiana (Fabaceae). Range: c. TX to Mex.

Sibinia setosa (LeConte) - EGR. Range: sw US.

Bagous sp. - UTIC. 33 spp. n. of Mex.

Pnigodes setosus LeConte - DNP. One coll'ed at UV lights in January. Range: Great Plains to Rocky Mtns.

Apinocis blandita (Casey) - EGR. Range: s. TX to at least CS.

Apinocis deplanata (Casey) - BP. one spmn coll. on juniper in May. Range: TX-MS-IN-IA

Apinocis validula (Casey) EGR. (No BG page)

Aulobaris sp. BFL. Aulobaris ibis (LeConte) is only sp. reported from College Station.

Baris exigua Casey - EGR. (No BG page)

Baris interstitialis (Say) - EGR. Range: throughout N. Amer.

Baris modicella Casey - EGR. (No BG page)

Hesperobaris suavis Casey - EGR. (No BG page)

Madarellus undulatus (Say) - CM, HB. Range: e. N. Amer.

Odontocorynus salebrosus (Casey) - EGR. Most common member of its genus. Range: Rocky Mtns, east to ME, FL

Pycnobaris pruinosa (LeConte) - BFL. Range: TX-NE-CO.

Sibariops confinis (LeConte) - EGR. Asso. w/ sedges in wetlands. Range: e. N. Amer.

Stethobaris cicatricosa Casey - BFL. Range: C. to S. Texas.

Stethobaris incompta Casey - EGR. Range: se US.

Trepobaris sp. - LBJ. Range: AZ, TX.

Auleutes sp. - CM. Asso. w/ Onagraceae. 8 spp. n. of Mex.

Ceutorhynchus sp. - UTIC. Mainly asso. w/ Cruciferae. 68 widedly dist. spp. n. of Mex.

Cylindrocopturus sp. - BFL, BP, HB at lights. Many spp. asso. w/ var. Asteraceae. (Genus not recorded for College Station)

Acamptus sp. - CM. one spmn in the UTIC. 3 spp. in genus range from e. NA to AZ.

Cossonus sp. - BFL. Adults found under bark of var. tree spp., mostly conifers but also hardwoods. 20 spp. widely dist. n. of Mex.

Tomolips quercicola (Boheman) - CM. Larvae dev. in dead wood of var. tree spp. Range: e. N. Amer.

Acalles costifer LeConte - CM. Range: Texas

Canistes schusteri Casey - EGR. (poor BG images) Range: e. US.

Cophes fallax (LeConte) - CM. Range: e. US.

Cophes obtentus (Herbst) - ERG. Range: e. US, to C. Amer.

Episcirrus brachialis (LeConte) - EGR. Asso. w/ Gum bumelia. Range: AZ, TX.

Eurhoptus pyriformis LeConte - EGR. Found in leaf litter. Range: e. US.

Eurhoptus sordidus (LeConte) - EGR. (No BG page) Found in leaf litter. Range: e. US.

Gerstaeckeria knullorum (Sleeper) - BFL. Cactus weevil. Range: AZ, TX.

Gerstaeckeria  sp. LBJ. 

Tyloderma angustulum Casey - EGR. (No BG page)

Tyloderma baridium LeConte - DNP. Range: e. US to NM and Mex.

Tyloderma foveolatum (Say) - DNP at lights. Hosts on Oenothera (Onagraceae). Range: e. N. Amer.

Listronotus sp. - DNP, LBJ. Seven spp. on College Station list, none ID'ed to sp. Eighty-one spp. n. of Mex.

Achrastenus griseus Horn - EGR. Adults feed only on the buds of the peach, apple and pear trees. Mar-May. Range: Endemic to Texas

Compsus auricephalus (Say) - ZNP - Range: sc US

Epicaerus imbricatus (Say) - EGR, LBJ. Range: e. US.

Epicaerus lepidotus Pierce - CFP, LBJ. Range: c. to s. TX.

Epicaerus texanus Casey - BGD. Range: Endemic to TX.

Mitostylus tenuis Horn - LBJ. Asso. w/ prairie broomweed. Range: TX-OK.

Naupactus peregrinus (Buchanan) - LBJ. introduced pest. Range: se. US.

Omileus epicaeroides Horn - BP, BSG, CM. Hosts on oaks, elms, cherry, others? Range: Texas

Pandeleteius cinereus (Horn) - BCG, CFP, WBP, ZNP. common arcross TX each spring. Hosts in mistletoe. Range: AZ, TX, OK / ne. Mex.

Sitona californius Fåhraeus - BFL, DNP, LBJ. Range: w. N. Amer. to GA.

Thecesternus maculosus Pierce - BFL. Variably-patterend beetle widely dist. across TX. Hypera postica (Gyllenhal) - BFL, DNP. Alfalfa weevil, introduced from Eurasia. Range: throughout N. Amer.

Lixus concavus Say - BFL. Rhubarb Curculio. Range: e. N. Amer.

Lixus merula Suffrian - EGR. (No BG page)

Lixus oregonus Casey - EGR. (No BG page)

Lixus scrobicollis Boheman - UTIC. Ragweed weevil. Range: e. US to AZ.

Rhinocyllus conicus (Frölich) - LBJ. Musk Thistle Head Weevil. Introduced to control the musk thistle - Carduus nutans, but also hosts on native thistles. Range: widely dist.

Scaphomorphus quadrilineatus (Chevrolat) - BFL. Rangle: CA-TX.

Laemosaccus sp. CM. Need Photo. (Only sp. reported from College Station is Laemosaccus nephele (Herbst))

Magdalis armicollis (Say) - BFL. Red Elm Bark Weevil. Most commonly coll. arboreal weevil in c. TX. Hosts on cedar elm. Mar-Aug. Range: e. N. Amer.

Magdalis barbita (Say). BP. Black Elm Bark Weevil. 13 spmns coll'ed Mar-May on cedar elm. Range: e. N. Amer.

Magdalis inconspicua Horn - BFL. Range: widely dist.

Magdalis pandura (Say) - BP. 5 spmns coll'ed Apr-May on cedar elm. Range: e. N. Amer.

Chalcodermus collaris Horn. LBJ. Partridge-pea Weevil. Range: e. US to Mex.

Conotrachelus leucophaeatus Fahraeus - BFL, LBJ. Hosts on Mexican prickly poppy - Argemone mexicana. Range: sw US.

Conotrachelus  spp.

Lymantes nadineae Anderson - Tooth Cave. Range: Endemic to caves in c TX (Bexar, Travis and Williamson Counties).

Pheloconus cribricollis (Say) - DNP. Range: e. US.

Cyclorhipidion bodoanum (Reitter) - EGR. Hosts include oak, elm and pecan. Native to Asia. First US record in 1944. Range: e. US, CA-WA.

Dendroctonus terebrans (Olivier) - EGR. Black Turpentine Beetle. Hosts on Pinus spp. (Pinaceae). Range: e. US.

Hypothenemus nr. dissimilis (Zimmermann ) - BP. Need photo. (Nine spp. in Colege Station, including 3 undetermined spp.)

Phloeosinus dentatus (Say) - EGR. Primarily host: eastern redcedar - Juniperus virginiana (Cupressaceae). Range: e. N. Amer.

Phloeosinus scopulorum neomexicanus Blackman - EGR. Host: Juniperus. Range: AZ-TX-CO-UT.

Scolytus schevyrewi Semenov - EGR. Banded Elm Bark Beetle. Elm pest introduced from Asia. Range: Across N. Amer, except se US.

Xyleborinus saxeseni (Ratzeburg) - EGR. This European sp. has long been established in U.S. where is has a wide host range. Range: e. US, CA-WA.

Xyleborus celsus Eichhof - BFL at lights. Range: e. US.

Anthrenus verbasci (Linnaeus) - CM, LBJ, ZNP. Common on flwrs. Introduced ca. 1850. Range: widely dist. Varied Carpet Beetle.

Anthrenus sp. - LBJ.

Cryptorhopalum pruddeni Casey - BP. One record over two summers of arboreal surveys. Range: sw US.

Cryptorhopalum reversum Casey - WCP. Range: NM-TX.

Cryptorhopalum ruficorne LeConte - BP, LBJ. Coll. 4 spmns Mar-May. Range: so. US / Mex.

Cryptorhopalum sp. - CFP, DNP, WB. Note, dets. in this genus are difficult.

Orphilus ater Erichson - BCG. Range: e. N. Amer.

Thaumaglossa americana (Jayne) - BP. Range: endemic to Texas

Trogoderma ornatum (Say) - DNP. Range: e. US.

Trogoderma primum (Jayne) - VSL. Range: TX-OK

Trogoderma sternale Jayne - DNP. Comes to flwrs. Range: sw. US, FL.

Trogoderma sp. TKS: No Rent Cave. (Need photo)

Helichus sp. - AIT. (Need photo)

Pelonomus obscurus LeConte - DNP at lights. Range: e. N. Amer., Mex.

Agabus sp. - AIT. (Need photo)

Celina sp. - DNP.

Copelatus chevrolati Aubé - BFL, DNP. Common year round at lights. Range: e. N. Amer. to CA and Mex.

Copelatus glyphicus (Say) - BFL. Range: e. N. Amer., plus CA-OR.

Coptotomus venustus (Say) - DNP, VSL. Range: e. US to Mex.

Cybister fimbriolatus (Say) - AIT. Range: e. N. Amer. to CA.

Deronectes sp. - AIT.

Desmopachria dispersa (Crotch) - DNP. Range: CA-TX.

Enochrus sp. - CM. College Station list only has the genus listed. 25 spp. n. of Mex.

Heterosternuta diversicornis (Sharp) - DNP. At lights Apr-Jun. Range: TX-KS.

Hydroporus sp. - AIT. (Need photo)

Hygrotus (Coelambus) nubilus (LeConte) - DNP. Range: e. N. Amer. to AZ.

Ilybius sp. - AIT. (Need photo)

Laccophilus fasciatus terminalis Sharp - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer.

Laccophilus maculosus Say - AIT, DNP. LBJ. Range:  widely dist.

Laccophilus pictus insignis Sharp - AIT, BP, EGR. Range: c. TX west.

Laccophilus proximus Say - AIT, DNP. Range: Rocky Mtns east.

Laccophilus quadrilineatus (Horn) - DNP. Range: TX-KS.

Liodessus obscurellus (LeConte) - BFL. Range: w. N. Amer. to Mex.

Neoporus dimidiatus (Gemminger and Harold) - DNP, VSL. One of the most common small aquatic beetles at lights in C. TX. Range: Rocky Mtns east.

Neobidessus pulloides Young - EGR. Range: TX to e. Mex.

Oreodytes sp. - AIT. (Need TX photo)

Thermonectus basillaris (Harris) - LBJ, VSL. Range: e. N. Amer. to S. Amer.

Thermonectus marmoratus (Gray) - BP. Range: CA-TX-OK / Mex.

Thermonectus nigrofasciatus (Aube) - LBJ. (Need TX photo). Range: e. US to AZ.

Uvarus lacustris (Say) - DNP. Comes to lights. Range: e. N. Amer.

Uvarus texanus (Sharp) - "Austin" (UTIC label data) Range: TX-OK.

Aeolus livens (LeConte) - EGR. Range: CA-TX, Mex.

Aeolus scutellatus (Schaeffer) - DNP, LBJ. Comes to lights. Range: TX-OK, Mex.

Aeolus sp. - BFL, BP, CM, DNP. All spp. visually similar.

Agrypnus rectangularis (Say) - CM, DNP. Range: e. US.

Alaus lusciosus (Hope) - EGR. Range: AZ-TX-KS / Mex.

Conoderus lividus (De Geer) - CM, WB. Flight begins in June. Range: e. US.

Conoderus aversus (LeConte) - EGR. Range: se. US. to S. Amer.

Conoderus bellus (Say) - BFL, DNP, VSL. Common at lights. Range: e. US. to CA.

Conoderus falli (Lane) - EGR. (No BG page) Adventitious; Crop pest in se US. Range: TX-FL-NC, AZ, CA.

Conoderus lividus (DeGeer) - WB. Range: e. US.

Conoderus vespertinus (Fabricius) - EGR, HB. Range: e. US to AZ, Mex.

Agriotes insanus Candeze - BP, CM, WB. Mar-Apr. asso. w/ oaks. Range: c. US.

Heteroderes amplicollis (Gyllenhal) - BFL. Range: se US, CA, C. to S. Amer.

Heteroderes exsul Sharp - CM, ZNP. Non-native. Range: CA-FL-SC.

Lanelater hayekae Spilman - BFL. Range: TX-KS.

Hadromorphus inflatus (Say) - EGR. Range: Widely dist.

Limonius auripilis (Say) - BFL. Range: e. N. Amer

Limonius griseus (Palisot de Beauvois) - BCG. Range: e. US.

Limonius rudis Brown - EGR. Range: e. US.

Limonius sp. TKS: Cold Cave. (Need photo)

Scaptolenus lecontei Chevrolat - CM. Range: TX / Mex.

Scaptolenus sp. - CM, DNP. (Only sp. recorded from College Station is S. lecontei)

Ampedus fuscatus (Melsheimer) - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer.

Ampedus sp. - CM. (Need photo.)

Agriotes insanus Candèze - BP, WB. 45 spmns coll. on oaks during Mar-Apr. Range: e US.

Diplostethus texanus (LeConte) - DNP, WB. Range: AZ-TX-OK, Mex.

Dipropus sp. - CM, LBJ. (Three spp. recorded from College Station, only one of which is determined to sp...)

Glyphonyx bimarginatus Schaeffer - DNP. Range: AZ-FL-NJ

Glyphonyx helix Smith & Balsbaugh - EGR. Range: e. US., to AZ.

Glyphonyx knulli Smith & Balsbaugh - EGR. Range: AZ, TX.

Glyphonyx nanus Smith and Balsbaugh - WB. Range: TX-FL-NH

Glyphonyx sp. BP, CM, TKS: Burton Spring. 70 spmns, mostly on TX red oak and cedar elm in Apr-July. (Three spp. recorded from College Station) 

Melanotus cribriventris Blatchley - EGR. Range: e. US.

Melanotus testaceus (Melsheimer) - BP. On red oak Mar-May. Range: e. US to MT.

Melanotus similis (Kirby) - EGR. Range: widely dist. across N. Amer.

Melanotus sp. - BP, CM, DNP. (Seventeen spp. (!) recorded from College Station.)

Orthostethus infuscatus (Germar) - CM. Range: e. US to S. Amer.

Cardiophorus togatus Horn - CFP, CM, DNP. Type collected by Mr. Belfrage near Waco. Range: endemic to Texas

Horistonotus curiatus (Say) - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer.

Cylloepus  sp. - AIT. (Need Photo)

Dubiraphia sp. - AIT. (Need photo)

Heterelmis vulnerata (LeConte) - EGR. Range: TX-KS / Mex.

Hexacylloepus ferrugineus (Horn) - TKS, VSL ?Burton Spring. Comes to lights. Range: AZ-TX-OK, Mex.

Macrelmis shoemakei (Brown) - HB at lights. Range: TX / Mex.

Macrelmis texanus (Schaeffer) - EGR. (Need better photo) Range: NM-TX / Mex.

Microcylloepus pusillus (LeConte) - AIT, KS: Barton Springs; Kretschmarr Salamander Cave. Common throughout streams of the Edwards Plateau. Range: Widely dist.

Neoelmis caesa (LeConte) - AIT. Range: TX-OK.

Stenelmis cheryl Brown - VSL at lights. Range: e. US, Mex.

Stenelmis crenata (Say) - AIT. Range: e. N. Amer.

Stenelmis occidentalis Schmude & Brown - EGR. Range: sw US.

Stenelmis n.sp. - TKS: Kretschmarr Salamander Cave; Stillhouse Spring. Also, Bexar and Medina Counties. (No BG page)

Stenelmis sp. cf. sexlineata Sanderson - TKS: Whirlpool Cave. Posted photo of S. sexlineata

Dacne (Dacne) quadrimaculata (Say) - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer.

Ischyrus quadripunctatus (Olivier) - CM. Range: e. N. Amer. to AZ.

Languria laeta LeConte - EGR. Range: TX-KS.

Languria mozardi Latreille - CFP, CM. Range: e. US.

Languria trifasciata Say - CM. (need TX pic) Range: e. US.

Megalodacne fasciata (Fabricius) - CM. Range: e. US.

Pseudischyrus extricatus (Crotch) - EGR. Range: se US.

Toramus sp. - VSL. Comes to lights. 5 spp. n. of Mex. 

Triplax festiva Lacordaire - CM. Range: e. US.

Triplax flavicollis Lacordaire - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer. to C. Amer.

Triplax frontalis Horn - BP. Uncommon in select c. TX arboreal sampling, only coll. one. Range: TX-OK.

Triplax thoracica Say - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer.

Triplax wehrlei Boyle - CM. Range: sw US, Mex.

Tritoma atriventris LeConte - EGR. Range: se. US.

Thambus horni Muona - EGR. Range: Scattered state records across eastern N. Amer.

Bolbocerosoma confusum Brown - UTIC. Range: c. US.

Bolbocerosoma pusillum Dawson and McColloch - UTIC. Range: sc US.

Bradycinetulus fossatus (Haldeman) - EGR. Range: TX-NE.

Eucanthus lazarus (Fabricius) - UTIC. Range: e. US to AZ.

Geotrupes opacus Haldeman - BFL. Range: c. US

Dineutus assimilis (Kirby) - EGR. Range: se US.

Dineutus carolinus LeConte - EGR. Range: se US, Mex.

Dineutus sp. - DNP at lights.

Gyrinus sp. - DNP. Uncommon at lights. (Gyrinus sp. is the only taxon listed for this genus from College Station.)

Haliplus punctatus Aube - AIT. (No BG page) Range: e. US.

Haliplus tumidus LeConte - AIT. Range: Texas (+?)

Peltodytes festivus (Wehncke) - SKJ.  Range: Endemic to Central Texas.

Peltodytes litoralis Matheson - EGR.

Peltodytes sexmaculatus Roberts - DNP. Probably the most common sp. in TX. Range: e. N. Amer.

Peltodytes sp. - CM. (Two spp. recorded for College Station).

Heterocerus intermuralis Pacheco - DNP. Range: TX-LA.

Heterocerus pallidus (Say) - EGR. Range: AZ-MS-NY-AB.

Heterocerus texanus (Pacheco) - DNP, VSL. Common at lights. Type Locality: Sabinal, Uvalde Co. Range: Texas

Tropicus pusillus (Say) - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer. w. to CA, s. to Panama.

Bacanius punctiformis (LeConte) - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer.

Euspilotus sp. CM. (Four spp. of Euspilotus recorded from College Station)

Hister rotundus Casey - EGR. (Need BG page)

Hister lagoi Caterino - EGR. (Need BG page)

Hister sp. - CM. (Four spp. of Hister recorded from College Station)

Iliotona cacti (LeConte) - BFL. Range: CA-TX

Pinaxister setiger (LeConte) - EGR. Range: se US.

Saprinus sp. - BFL. Saprinus lugens Erichson is the only sp. recorded for College Station. Nine spp. n. of Mex.

Hybosorus illigeri Reiche - DNP, VSL. Fairly common at lights May-Sept. Range: se US to CA. Non-native.
Gymnochthebius fossatus (LeConte) - DNP. one at lights in January(!). Resemblies a small hydrophiloid, such as Hydrochus sp. Range: AZ-TX-KS, FL, s. to S. Amer.

Berosus exiguus (Say) - DNP. At lights. Range: e. US, W. Indies.

Berosus peregrinus (Herbst) - AIT. Range:  e. N. Amer.

Berosus miles LeConte - DNP. At lights. Range: sw. US.

Berosus spp. DNP, HB, VSL. Common at lights. Five spp. on College Station list.

Cercyon nigriceps (Marsham) - DNP. one coll'ed at lights in January. ~40 spp. n. of Mex., many introduced from the Palaearctic

Cymbiodyta fimbriata Melsheimer - TKS: Balcones Sink. (No BG page)

Cymbiodyta sp. - CM. Three spp. in c. TX per AIT.

Enochrus fimbriatus (Melsheimer) - AIT.  (No BG page)

Enochrus hamiltoni (Horn) - AIT. (Need TX photo) Range: throughout N. Amer.

Enochrus ochraceus (Melsheimer) - AIT. (Need TX photo) One of the most common water beetles in FL. Range: throughout US, s. to C. Amer.

Enochrus pygmaeus (Fabricius) - AIT. (Need TX photo) Range: e. N. Amer. to CA, Mex.

Enochrus sayi Gunderson - AIT. (Need TX photo) Range: e. US.

Enochrus sp. - CM, DNP.

Helochares maculicollis Mulsant - AIT. (Need TX photo) Range: e. US.

Helophorus linearis LeConte - AIT. (Need TX photo) Range: throughout N. Amer. and Mex.

Helophorus sp. DNP. At lights.

Hydrophilus triangularis Say - AIT. Range: throughout US, Can.

Paracymus confusus Wooldridge - AIT. Range: widely dist. across N. Amer, execpt for ne. N. Amer.

Paracymus sp. - DNP, VSL. freq. at lights. At least three spp. in TX, P. confusus is apparently most common sp. in c. TX

Phaenonotum exstriatum (Say) - EGR. Range: e. US, to AZ, s. to C. Amer.

Phaenonotum sp. - TKS: Other Spring. (Need photo)

Tropisternus collaris (Fabricius) - DNP. Range: e. US to AZ and S. Amer.

Tropisternus lateralis (Fabricius) - CM, DNP. Range: e. US.

Charaphloeus adustus (LeConte) BP. One spmn coll. in Feb. on live oak. Range: se. US.

Charaphloeus convexulus (LeConte) - BP. One spmn coll. in Feb. on TX red oak. Range: se. N. Amer.

Laemophloeus apache Thomas - VSL at lights. Range: AZ to c. TX.

Laemophloeus biguttatus (Say) - BFL at lights. Range: e NA, to AZ.

Laemophloeus terminalis Casey - BFL, DNP, VSL at lights. Range: Texas

Rhabdophloeus horni (Casey) - HB at lights. Range: AZ, TX, FL

Photinus concisus Lloyd - BFL, BP, WB. May-June. Range: Endemic to the Edwards Plateau

Photinus dimissus LeConte - Range: s. TX to s. OK (Lloyd, 1966)

Photinus pyralis (Linnaeus) - EGR. Flies mostly: June-July. Range: e. US.

Photuris sp. - UTIC.

Pyractomena punctiventris (LeConte) - BFL. Range: endemic to e., c. & s. Texas.

Pyropyga minuta (LeConte) - CM. Range: se US to C. Amer.

Cartodere constrictus (Gyllenhal) - EGR. Native to Eurasia. Range: cosmopolitan.

Corticarina cavicollis (Mannerheim) - BP, WB. 4 spmns coll'ed during BP. Range: widely dist.

Corticarina longipennis (LeConte) - BP. 3 spmns coll'ed during BP. Range: e. US.

Melanophthalma (Cortilena) simplex (LeConte) - BP, CFP, DNP. (Dets tentative) Five spmns coll'ed during BP. Range: se. US to CA.

Melanophthalma sp. 1 - BP. 2 spmns coll'ed during BP.

Melanophthalma sp. 2 - BP. 70 spmns (over half of total for family) coll'ed Mar-July.

Colon sp. - DNP. Four spp. on the College Station list.

Ptomaphagus cavernicola Schwarz - TKS: Jack's Joint; Tooth Cave; Trapjaw Sink; Watt Cave. Range e. US, Mex.

Ptomaphagus texanus Melander - EGR. (No BG page)

Eulimnichus ater (LeConte) - DNP. Range: e. US, s. to S. Amer.

Limnichites punctatus (LeConte) - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer.

Lucanus elaphus Fabricius - TAMUIC. rare throughout e. TX, this c. TX record requires confirmation. Range: e. US

Lutrochus luteus LeConte - EGR. Range: NM-TX-OK.

Calochromus perfacetus (Say) - EGR. Range: e. US to NM.

Lycus (Neolycus) fernandezi Duges - EGR, LBJ. Range: AZ-TX / Mex.

Plateros coccinicollis Fall - WCP. collected sweeping. Range: AZ-CO-TX

Osphya varians (LeConte) - BCG, BP, VSL, WCP, ZNP.  Fairly common on oaks in April, 21 spmns coll. Range: e. N. Amer.

Symphora flavicollis (Haldeman) - BP, DNP, ZNP. Fairly common arboreally in April. Range: e. N. Amer.

Symphora rugosa Haldeman - BP, ELP, WB. Twenty-four spmns coll. mostly Apr-May during BP. Range: e. US.

Epicauta (Macrobasis) albida (Say) - EGR. Range: sw US.

Epicauta fabricii (LeConte) - WB - Range: e. N. Amer. to AZ.

Epicauta immaculata (Say) - EGR. Range: AZ-OH

Epicauta valida (LeConte) - EGR. (No BG page)

Epicauta atrata (Fabricius) - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer.

Epicauta brunnea Werner - EGR. Range: sw US

Epicauta callosa LeConte - EGR. Range: Great Plains states.

Epicauta conferta (Say) - EGR. Range: TX-MO-KS

Epicauta maculata (Say) - EGR. Range: w. US.

Epicauta nigritarsis (LeConte) - HB, LBJ, WB. Range: sw US, Mex.

Epicauta pensylvanica (De Geer) - CM, LBJ. Range: e. N. Amer. to sw.

Epicauta sericans LeConte - EGR. Range: w. US.

Epicauta temexa Adams & Selander - BFL. Range: TX, Mex.

Lytta fulvipennis LeConte -  BGD: 'Austin' Adults feed on pricklypoppy - Argemone (Papaveraceae). Range: TX-CO, Mex.

Lytta aenea Say - EGR. Range: e. US.

Meloe americanus Leach - EGR. Range: e. US.

Pyrota deceptiva Selander - DNP at lights. Range: TX-OK. ne. Mex.

Pyrota insulata (LeConte) - EGR, LBJ. Range: TX to WY / Mex

Pyrota tenuicostatis (Dugès) - EGR, LBJ. Range: c. TX / Mex

Gnathium francilloni Kirby - EGR. Range: se US to AZ.

Nemognatha explanata Enns - EGR. (No BG page)

Nemognatha lurida LeConte - EGR. Range: sw US.

Nemognatha piazata bicolor LeConte- EGR. Range: Great Plains to s. TX

Zonitis cribricollis (LeConte) - BFL. Range: se US to AZ

Zonitis perforata Casey - EGR. Range: s. Great Plains

Attalus circumscriptus (Say) - BP. Mostly (22 of 33 spmns) coll. in April on live oak. Range: e. US, w. to AZ.

Attalus nr. nigripes Horn - BP. coll. 10 Apr-Jun, no tree preference. Range: AZ-TX-SD-CO, SON, Mex.

Attalus rufiventris Horn - BP, LBJ, WB. Seven spmns coll. in April on BP. Range: e. US to AZ.

Attalus scapularis Marshall - BP. Rare. Only coll. one in June on red oak. Type Locality: Brownsville, Cameron Co. Range: c. to s. Texas.

Attalus scincetus (Say) - BP, VSL, ZNP. Most commonly coll. arboreal melyrid in c. TX. 39 spmns coll., mostly Mar-Apr on oaks. Range: e. US to ne. Mex.

Attalus sp. - WCP. With pale legs, not like any of the above app.

Collops balteatus LeConte - UTIC. Range: TX-MS, OK

Melyrodes basalis (LeConte) - BP VSL, WB. Six spmns coll. on red oak, Mar-Apr. Range: TX-FL-GA

Melyrodes cribrata (LeConte) - BP, WB. Only collected one spmn on red oak in April during BP. Range: e. US.

Hypebaeus (=Pseudebaeus) sp. - BP. coll 2 spmns. (Two spp. on CS list, neither ID'ed to sp. Four spp. n. of Mex.)

Trichochrous sp. - BP, ELP, WB, WCP. 17 spmns coll., mostly on TX red oak in March. Western ranging genus.

Four additional spmns collected during the BP were not ID'ed past genus A sp. 1 and sp. 2.

Hesperobaenus rufipes LeConte - EGR. Found under bark of oaks. Range: se US.

Monotoma sp. - DNP. Only Monotoma johnsoni Bousquet & Laplante reported for College Station.

Glipa hilaris (Say) - BFL, CM. Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. two spmns in June. Range: e. US.

Hoshihananomia octopunctata (Fabricius) - CM, LBJ. Jun-Jul. Range: e. N. Amer.

Mordella atrata Melsheimer - BFL, WB, WCP. Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 4 spmns Jun-Jul. Range: e. N. Amer.

Mordella insulata LeConte - BP. Coll. 3 spmns May-Jun. Range: TX-KS, AL.

Mordella marginata Melsheimer - BFL, BP, CM, LBJ, WB. Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 5 spmns May-July. Range: e. N. Amer.

Mordella mexicana (Champion) - BFL, CM, LBJ. May-Jun. Range: c. TX / Mex.

Mordella signata Champion - BFL. Range: AZ-TX / s. to C. Amer.

Mordellaria serval (Say) - BFL. (Need TX photo) Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 2 spmns in early Aug. Range: e. N. Amer.

Mordellaria undulata (Melsheimer) - BP. (No BG page). One coll. in July on TX red oak. Range: e. N. Amer.

Paramordellaria carinata (Smith) - BFL. Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 64 spmns May-July. Range: TX-LA, FL.

Falsomordellistena hebraica (LeConte) - BFL. Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 51 spmns Apr-July. Range: e. US, w. to AZ.

Falsomordellistena pubescens (Fabricius) - BFL. Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 4 spmns May-Aug. Range: e. US.

Glipostenoda ambusta (LeConte) - BFL, BP. Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 3 spmns May-June. Range: e. N. Amer. to AZ.

Mordellina ancilla (LeConte) - BFL. (No BG page). Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 150 spmns Apr-Sept. Range: e. N. Amer.

Mordellina blatchleyi (Liljeblad) - BFL, BP. (No BG page). Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 66 spmns Apr-Aug. Range: e. US.

Mordellina infima (LeConte) - BFL, BP. 1 spmn coll. on cedar elm in April. One at BFL in late Aug. Range: e. N. Amer.

Mordellina lecontei (Ermisch) - BFL. (No BG page). Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 1 spmn end of June. Range: e. N. Amer.

Mordellina minutalis (Liljeblad) - BFL. (No BG page). Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 2 spmns June. TL: CA. Range: sw US (?)

Mordellina pustulata (Melsheimer) - BFL. Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 52 spmns Mar-May. Range: e. N. Amer. to CA.

Mordellina semiusta (LeConte) - BFL. (No BG page). Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 4 spmns May-June. Range: ?

Mordellina testacea (Blatchley) - BFL. Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 18 spmns coll. Apr-July. Range: e. US.

Mordellina wickhami (Liljeblad) - BFL. (No BG page). Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 10 spmns coll. Apr-June. TL: UT. Range: w. US (?)

Mordellistena arida LeConte - BFL, BP. (No BG page). Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 22 spmns Apr-July. Range: e. US to AZ.

Mordellistena aspersa (Melsheimer) - BFL. Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 18 spmns Apr-June. Range: widely dist.

Mordellistena bicinctella LeConte - BP. (No BG page). 29 spmns coll. Apr-May on TX red oak. Range: e. N. Amer.

Mordellistena cervicalis LeConte - BFL, DNP, LBJ, WCP. Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 3 spmns Apr-June. Range: e. N. Amer.

Mordellistena convicta LeConte - BFL. Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 111 spmns Mar-June. Range: e. N. Amer. to NM.

Mordellistena crinita Liljeblad - BFL. (No BG page). Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 20 spmns Apr-June. TL: Columbus, TX. Range: 

Mordellistena ferruginoides Smith - BFL. (No BG page). Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 1 spmn June. Range: ?

Mordellistena fulvicollis (Melsheimer) - BFL. (No BG page). Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 3 spmns May. Range: e. US.

Mordellistena limbalis (Melsheimer) - BFL. Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 21 spmns May-June. Range: e. N. Amer.

Mordellistena masoni Liljeblad - BFL. Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 1 spmn in June. Range: e. US.

Mordellistena morula LeConte - BFL. (No BG page). Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 6 spmns Apr-May. Range: e. US.

Mordellistena nubila (LeConte) - BFL. (No BG page). Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 1 spmn May. TL: San Diego, CA. Range: sw. US. (?)

Mordellistena pallens Fall - BP. (No BG page). 2 spmns coll. in May on TX red oak. Range: NM-TX.

Mordellistena pauxilla Liljeblad - BFL. (No BG page). Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 4 spmns Mar-May, Nov. TL: ILL. Range: e. US. (?)

Mordellistena pratensis Smith - BFL. (No BG page). Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 11 spmns Mar-May. Range: ?

Mordellistena rubrifascia Liljeblad - BFL. Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 1 spmn May. Range: e. US.

Mordellistena sexnotata Dury - BP. Common on Texas red oak (Q. buckleyi) in May. Range: s. US. (Even though noted mordellid expert J.A. Jackman determined the spmns collected for my thesis (Quinn 2000), I suspect what we found was actually Mordellistena trifasciata (Say), which is what Riley reports for College Station.)

Mordellistena splendens Smith - BFL, BP. (No BG page). Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 64 spmns Apr-July. Range: e. US.

Mordellistena subfuscus Liljeblad - BFL. (No BG page). Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 4 spmns Apr-July. Range: ?

Mordellistena trifasciata (Say) - BFL. Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 21 spmns May-July, Sept. Range: e. US.

Mordellistena vapida LeConte - BFL, BP. Quinn (2000) coll. 2 spmns on oaks, May-June. Range: e. US.

Mordellistena wenzeli Liljeblad - BFL. (No BG page). Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 7 spmns May-June. Range: se. US.

Pseudotolida arida (LeConte) - BFL. (No BG page). Jackman and Nelson (1995) coll. 22 spmns Apr-June. Range: e. US.

Pseudotolida lutea (Melsheimer) - BP. (Need TX photo) 4 spmns coll. on oaks Apr-June. Range: e. US.

Litargus sexpunctatus (Say) - BFL, DNP at lights. Range: e. US

Mycetophagus serrulatus Casey - BGD. Range: e. NA.

Typhaea stercorea (Linnaeus) - DNP at lights. Range: e. US to CA.

Aethina tumida Murray - ZNP at lights. Small Hive Beetle. Range: e. US, non-native.

Amphicrossus ciliatus (Olivier) - WB. Range: e. N. Amer. to C. Amer.

Carpophilus freemani Dobson - DNP. Comes to lights. Range: e. US.

Carpophilus hemipterus (Linnaeus) - EGR. Range: cosmopolitan, native to tropical Asia.

Colopterus maculatus (Erichson) - VSL at lights. Range: e. US. to AZ.

Conotelus sp. - LBJ.  (Need TX photo). Two to three spp. in TX.

Cryptarcha concinna Melsheimer - DNP, VSL. This is a variable sp. Range: widely dist.

Cryptarcha strigatula (Fabricius) - VSL. This is a variable sp. Range e. US.

Cybocephalus californicus Horn - BP(EGR).  A few of these tiny (~1 mm) black beetles found each month (Mar-Aug) on juniper. Range: CA-TX.

Lobiopa insularis (Laporte) - DNP. Range: se. US. to A. Amer.

Lobiopa undulata (Say) - DNP. Range: e. N. Amer. to Mex.

Omosita nearctica Kirejtshuk - DNP. Range: widely dist.

Stelidota coenosa Erichson - VSL. Range: e. US to AZ and S. Amer.

Stelidota sp. - CM, TKS: Brodie Sink. Three spp. of Stelidota reported for College Station.

Nosodendron unicolor Say - CM. Range: e. N. Amer.

Hydrocanthus - DNP. comes to lights.  Apparently, three spp. in TX, but the most common c. TX sp. appears to be Hydrocanthus atripennis Say

"Ochodaeus" sp. - CM. Need photo. (Only member of family reported for College Station is the following sp.)

Parochodaeus biarmatus (LeConte) - BGD: "Austin" Range: sw US / Mex.

Heliocis repanda (Horn) - BP, CM, LBJ, WB. Apr-May. Range: AZ-FL-MD-UT

Oxacis cana (LeConte) - SEP. Range: AZ-TX / Mex.

Oxycopis mimetica (Horn) - LBJ. Range: e. US.

Polypria cruxrufa Chevrolat - BFL. Range: c. TX to C. Amer.

Sparedrus aspersus (LeConte) - BFL, CM, DNP. Comes to lights Mar-Apr. Range: TX / Mex.

Taphroscelidia linearis (LeConte) - CM, ZNP. Range: TX-FL-GA / Mex.

Acylomus abjectus Casey - EGR. (No BG page)

Acylomus calcaratus Casey - EGR. (No BG page)

Litochrus pulchellus (LeConte) - EGR. size: ~1.5 mm. Range: TX-FL

Phalacropsis dispar (LeConate) - BP. Four spmns coll. on oaks. Range: western mountainous states.

Phalacrus sp. - DNP, HB. Asso. w. oaks, comes to lights. Not reported below genus for College Station.

Stilbus apicalis (Melsheimer) - DNP. Range:

Stilbus modestus Casey - EGR. (No BG page)

Stilbus viduus Casey - EGR. (No BG page)

Distremocephalus sp. - CM. (Probably D. texanus (LeConte) which occurs in Bastrop SP.)

Phengodes frontalis LeConte - CM. (All BG images just ID'ed to genus).

Psephenus texanus Brown and Arrington - AIT. In clear streams. Range: c. to w. TX, ne. Mex.
Sandalus sp. CM, DNP. (Possibly S. niger Knoch) Cicada Parasite.
Macrosiagon limbata (Fabricius) - EGR. Range: e. US, to S. Amer.

Aphodius (Alloblackburneus) rubeolus Palisot de Beauvois - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer., to Mex.

Aphodius (Blackburneus) stercorosus Melsheimer - EGR. Comes to lights. Range: e. N. Amer.

Aphodius (Calamosternus) granarius (Linnaeus) - EGR. Highly polyphagous, compost, debris, etc. Introduced from Europe. Range: Cosmopolitan.

Aphodius (Haroldiellus) sallei Harold - EGR. Comes to lights. Range: TX, to C. Amer.

Aphodius (Irrasinus) stupidus Horn - EGR. Range: se. US.

Aphodius (Labarrus) pseudolividus Balthasar - DNP, VSL. Common at lights Mar-Oct. Feeds on a var. of dung. Native to S. Amer. Range: e. US, to CA.

Aphodius (Lechorodius) lutulentus Haldeman - EGR. Prefers deer dung. Winter, Spring active. Range: e. N. Amer.

Aphodius (Melinopterus) femoralis Say - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer.

Aphodius (Oscarinus) bottimeri Cartwright - DBS. Range: Endemic to the Edwards Plateau of c. TX.

Aphodius (Oscarinus) texensis Cartwright - EGR. (No BG page)

Aphodius (Oscarinus) welderi Gordon and Skelley - DNP. Feb-Apr. Feeds on deer dung. Type Locality: Welder Wildlife Refuge. Range: c. to s. Texas

Aphodius (Pardalosus) sayi Gordon & Skelley - EGR. (No BG page)

Aphodius (Pardalosus) serval Say - EGR. Range: e. US.

Aphodius (Pardalosus) bicolor Say - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer.

Ataenius cognatus (LeConte) - EGR. Range: CA-MS-IN-KS / ne. Mex.

Ataenius hesperius Cartwright - EGR. Literature record, needs confirmation. Life history unknown. Range: mostly: CA-TX, scattered records in surrounding states.

Ateuchus histeroides Weber - CM. Range: TX-FL-NJ

Ataenius inquisitus Horn - EGR. Range: widely dist. across Texas, plus se AZ.

Ataenius platensis (Blanchard) - DNP, VSL. Common at lights in disturbed areas. Range: e. US to CA, south to S. Amer.

Ataenius setiger (=pseudohirsutus) Bates - EGR. Range: nr. Dallas, s. to Mex.

Ataenius puncticollis (LeConte) - EGR. (No BG page) Range: AZ-TX, CO (1)

Ataenius punctifrons Cartwright - EGR. (No BG page) Range: AZ-LA-OH-ND

Ataenius spretulus (Haldeman) - EGR. Black Turfgrass Ataenius. Range: e. N. Amer, plus scattered western records.

Ataenius strigatus (Say) - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer., plus scattered records further west. Most common in northeast.

Ataenius texanus Harold - EGR. (No BG page) Range: widely dist. in TX.

Martineziana dutertrei (Chalumeau) - BFL, WB. Asso. w/ red imported fire ant. Range: se US. Native to S. Amer.

Neopsammodius werneri (Cartwright) - EGR. Range: TX, to C. Amer.

Ateuchus texanus (Robinson) - EGR. Range: c. TX, Mex.

Canthon cyanellus LeConte - DBS.

Canthon imitator Brown - EGR. Range: sw US.

Canthon viridis (Beauvois) - CM, DBS. Frequently uses dog feces. Range: e. N. Amer. to Mex.

Pseudocanthon perplexus (LeConte) - CM, DBS. Frequently uses dog feces. Range: e. N. Amer. to AZ.

Digitonthophagus (=Onthophagus) gazella (Fabricius) - CM, DNP, LBJ. Range: se. US to AZ, s. to S. Amer.

Onthophagus alluvius Howden and Cartwright - CM. Range: c. TX to C. Amer.

Onthophagus hecate (Panzer) - CM. Range: e. N. Amer. to NM.

Onthophagus knausi Brown - EGR. Range: Great Plains states.

Onthophagus medorensis Brown - EGR. Range: TX-LA-AR-KS.

Onthophagus pennsylvanicus Harold - DNP. Under dog feces. Range: e. N. Amer., to WY.

Phanaeus difformis LeConte - EGR. Range: south-central US, Mex.

Phanaeus triangularis texensis Edmonds - EGR, LBJ. Range: TX-OK, Mex.

Phanaeus vindex Macleay - EGR. Range: e. US to AZ, Mex.

Diplotaxis belfragei Fall - EGR. (No BG page) Range: AZ-TX-OK-CO, Mex.

Diplotaxis frondicola (Say) - EGR. Range: e. US.

Diplotaxis maura Fall - EGR. (No BG page) Range: NM-TX, Mex.

Diplotaxis mentalis Fall - EGR. (Need TX photo). Has basally ridged clypeus. Range: AZ-TX-CO-UT / nc. Mex.

Diplotaxis puberula LeConte - EGR. Range: TX-LA, ne. Mex.

Diplotaxis punctipennis LeConte - EGR. (No BG page) Range: restricted to southern TX.

Diplotaxis texana LeConte - EGR. (No BG page) Range: Endemic from w. to c. TX.

Diplotaxis thoracica Fall - EGR. Range: NM-TX-KS / ne. Mex.

Diplotaxis sp. - CM, DNP, VSL, WB, ZNP.

Phyllophaga (Listrochelus) macmurryi Saylor - EGR. (No BG page)

Phyllophaga (Listrochelus) mucorea (LeConte) - EGR. (No BG page)

Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) calceata (LeConte) - EGR. Host families: elm, walnut, willow. Range: se. US.

Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) congrua (LeConte) - EGR. Common. Range: c. US.

Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) corrosa (LeConte) - EGR. (No BG page) Not common. Range: e. US.

Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) crassissima (Blanchard) - EGR. Can be a crop pest. Range: c. US.

Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) crenulata (Frölich) - EGR. Common hairy sp. Range: e. US.

Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) cribrosa (LeConte) - EGR. Hosts on grass. Often a serious crop pest. Range: NM-TX-OK.

Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) crinita (Burmeister) - CM, EGR. Range: throughout TX, also: NM-AL, OK.

Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) farcta (LeConte) - EGR. (No BG page) Host family: Elm. Not abundant. Range: sc. US.

Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) hirtiventris (Horn) - EGR. Range: c. US.

Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) ignava (Horn) - CM, EGR, WB. Range: west, central to south TX, AZ.

Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) micans (Knoch) - EGR. Range: c. TX to e. US.

Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) profunda (Blanchard) - EGR. Can be common. Range: sc. US.

Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) prunina (LeConte) - EGR. Range: e. US.

Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) rubiginosa (LeConte) - CM, DNP, EGR, LBJ. Range: throughout TX, n. to KS.

Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) sodalis Reinhard - EGR. (No BG page) Not common. Range: TX-OK.

Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) submucida (LeConte) - EGR. Hosts on Big Bluestem in KS. Range: sc. US.

Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) suttonana Reinhard - CM. (No BG page). Part of the Phyllophaga tristis Complex. Range: c. to w. TX.

Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) torta (LeConte) - CM, EGR. Range: widely dist. in TX, w. to NM.

Phyllophaga (Tostegoptera) lanceolata (Say) - EGR, McKinney Falls SP. Females flightless. Unlike most Phyllophaga, adults are diurnal. Range: Great Plains states.

Pelidnota punctata (Linnaeus) - EGR. Adults feed on grape - Vitis sp. Range: e. N. Amer.

Popillia japonica Newman - EGR. The Japanese beetle. Non-native. Considered established in Travis Co. Range: e. N. Amer. to CO, CA. 

Strigoderma arbicola (Fabricius) - HB, LBJ. Range: e. US.

Cyclocephala sp. - CM, DNP, LBJ, VSL. (Two spp. recorded from College Station)

Dynastes tityus (Linnaeus) - EGR. Eastern Hercules Beetle. Adults and larvae found in rotting wood. Adults come to lights. Range se. US, to S. Amer.

Phileurus valgus (Linnaeus) - EGR, LBJ. Adults and larvae found in rotting wood. Adults come to lights. Range se. US, to S. Amer.

Strategus aloeus (Linnaeus) - EGR, LBJ, VSL. Comes to lights. Larvae develop in compost piles. Most common Strategus sp. in TX. Range: AZ-GA, to S. Amer.

Cotinis nitida (Linnaeus) - BFL, LBJ. Range: e. US.

Cremastocheilus (Cremastocheilus) retractus LeConte - EGR. Literature record. Range: CO-TX-AR-IA

Cremastocheilus (Myrmecotonus) mexicanus Schaum - EGR. Literature record. Range: sw. US, Mex.

Euphoria devulsa Horn - EGR. Uncommon. Range: n. to s. TX (+ one NM record)

Euphoria inda (Linnaeus) - LBJ, UTIC. Uncommon. Range: widely dist. across N. Amer.

Euphoria fulgida (Fabricius) - BFL, SEP. Uncommon. Comes in multiple color forms. Range: c., nw., and w. TX.

Euphoria kernii Haldeman - LBJ, SEP, VSL, WB, WCP. Variable. Common on flowers Apr-Jun. Range: NM-TX-NE-CO

Euphoria sepulcralis (Fabricius) - EGR, LBJ. Comes in two color forms, both present in Travis Co. Range: e. US, Mex.

Gymnetis caseyi (Antonie) - CM. Variable pattern. Comes to baits. Range: Dallas south to ne. Mex., also LA.

Trichiotinus texanus (Horn) - BFL, LBJ. Range: NM-LA-KS / Mex.

Trigonopeltastes delta (Forster) - BCG, CM. May-July Range: e. US.

Contacyphon sp. - BFL, BP, VSL. Two spp. on CS list, neither ID'ed to sp. Range: e. NA.

Elodes pulchella Guerin-Meneville - CM, DNP. Range: e. N. Amer.

Scirtes orbiculatus (Fabricius) - HB, VSL, ZNP. Comes to lights. Highly variable. Range: e. N. Amer.

Sacodes pulchella (Guerin-Meneville) - DNP. at lights. Range: e. N. Amer.

Allopoda sp. - BP, LBJ, VSL. Twelve coll. Apr-May on BP. Genus without further det. is on CS list.

Canifa sp. BP, WB. 24 spmns coll. Mar-May. Four US spp. of Canifa.

Diclidia sp. - BP, VSL, WCP. Not on CS list.

Scraptia sp. BP. ELP, WB, WCP. Six spmns coll. May-June. Two US spp. of Scraptia.

Nicrophorus marginatus Fabricius - CM. Range: w. US

Oiceoptoma rugulosum (Portevin) - BFL. Coll. under a dead possum. Range: e. US.

Omalium cribrum Fauvel - DNP. One spmn coll'ed at UV light in January. Range: e. US.

Batrisodes (Babnormodes) unicornis (Casey) - EGR, TKS: Airman’s Cave; Bandit Cave; Bee Creek Cave; Cave X; Get Down Cave; Ireland's Cave; LaCrosse Cave; Pickle Pit; Weldon Cave. (No BG page)

Batrisodes (Excavodes) clypeonotus (Brendel) - TKS: Jest John Cave. Also in Menard Co. (No BG page)

Batrisodes (Excavodes) reyesi Chandler - EGR, TKS: Armadillo Ranch Sink; Ceiling Slot Cave; GCWA Cave; Moss Pit; Yellow Berry Cave. Type Locality: Burnet County: Fenceline Sink. (No BG page)

Biblioplectus sp. nr ruficeps LeConte - TKS: Three-Holer Cave. Also in one Williamson Co. cave. (No BG page)

Brachygluta infinita (Casey) - EGR. (No BG page)

Reichenbachia gracilicornis (Casey) - EGR. (No BG page)

Rhexius stephani Chandler - TKS: Tardus Hole. Also in Coryell Co. (No BG page)

Texamaurops reddelli Barr and Steeves - TKS. Endangered Species. "Kretschmarr Cave Mold Beetle" Range: Amber Cave; Japygid Cave; Kretschmarr Cave; M.W.A. Cave; Stovepipe Cave; Tooth Cave.

Tmesiphorus costalis LeConte - EGR, TKS: Big Oak Cave; Tooth Cave; Twin Dig Pit; Twisted Elm Cave. Range: e. N. Amer.

Trimioarcus musamator Chandler - TKS: Type Locality: Travis County: Twin Dig Pit. Also in Moss Pit. (No BG page)

Coproporus rutilus (Erichson) - EGR, Comes to lights. Range: TX-FL, Mex. to S. Amer.

Sepedophilus debilis (Casey) - EGR. (No BG page)

Aleochara (Coprochara) bimaculata Gravenhorst - EGR. (No BG page)

Aleochara (Coprochara) notula Erichson - EGR. (No BG page)

Tinotus coelebs Casey

Tinotus parvicornis Casey

Alisalia antennalis Casey

Alisalia austiniana Casey < === ???

Gyronycha texana Casey

Gyronycha valens Casey

Oligota texana Casey

Thecturota capito Casey

Thecturota laticeps Casey

Acrotona (Colpodota) austiniana (Casey) < === ???

Micrearota definita (Casey)

Aleodorus partitus (LeConte) - EGR. (No BG page)

Falagria dissecta Erichson - EGR. Range: transcontinental.

Microdonia laticollis (Brues) - EGR. (No BG page)

Microdonia nitidiventris (Brues) - EGR. Asso. with Neivamyrmex army ants. Range: AZ, TX, KS, FL / Costa Rica

Microdonia occipitalis Casey

Anotylus sp. - DNP. One at lights in January. 18 spp. n. of Mex. Anotylus insignitus (Gravenhorst) is only sp. on College Station list.

Apocellus sp. - VSL. One at lights in Oct. 9 spp. n. of Mex. Apocellus sphaericollis (Say) is the only sp. on the CS list.

Carpelimus sp. - DNP. One at lights in January. 79 spp. (in need of revision) n. of Mex. 14 spp. on the CS list.

Chevrolatia amoena LeConte - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer.

Euconnus (Napochus) repugnans (Casey) - EGR. (No BG page)

Euconnus (Napochus) sp. - DNP. at lights.

Microscydmus sp. 1 - EGR.

Scydmaenus sculpticeps Casey - EGR. (No BG page)

Orus (Leucorus) rubens (Casey) - EGR. (No BG page)

Pinophilus parcus LeConte - EGR. Range: e. US, w. to AZ, Mex.

Philonthus rufulus Horn - DNP. Common at lights. Range: widely dist.

Lobrathium sp. DNP, VSL. Seven morpho spp. of Lobrathium reported from College Station.

Lissohypnus texanus Casey - EGR. Range: TX-LA

Belonuchus aphaobius Smetana - EGR. (No BG page)

Flohria subcoerulea (LeConte) - LBJ. Rare. Range: TX / Mex.

Laetulonthus laetulus (Say) - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer.

Neobisnius occidentoides Frank - EGR. Range: Widely dist. across US, Mex.

Neobisnius sp. - DNP. Apparently, the same sp. was coll'ed in Bastrop St Pk.

Philonthus semiruber Horn - EGR. (No BG page) Philonthus is a large genus of 112 spp. n. of Mex.

Ahasverus rectus (LeConte) - DNP, VSL at lights. Range: e. US to AZ.

Telegeusis texensis Fleenor & Taber - EGR. Flies mostly: late April to early May. Range: endemic to seven central TX counties, mostly on the Edwards Plateau.

Alaetrinus aciculatus (LeConte) - EGR. Range: NM-TX-KS, Mex.

Alobates pennsylvanica (De Geer) - LBJ. False Mealworm Beetle. Range: e. N. Amer., CA.

Androchirus erythropus (Kirby) - BP. One spmns coll. in May. Range: e. US.

Blapstinus fortis LeConte HB, WB. Range: TX, FL-GA / Mex to C. Amer.

Blapstinus fuscus Casey - EGR. Range: TX, FL / Mex.

Blapstinus pratensis LeConte - EGR. Range: TX-KS-CO

Blapstinus vestitus LeConte ranges from s. TX to KS so it may be in Austin as well. Blapstinus is a large genus of 29 spp. n. of Mex.

Diaperis maculata Olivier - BGD. Found under bark and in fleshy fungi (Polyporus spp.). Range: e. NA

Diaperis sp. - CM. (May be Diaperis nigronotata Pic which is recorded from Bastrop)

Eleodes pedinoides LeConte - EGR. Range: TX / ne. Mex.

Eleodes tricostatus (Say) - EGR. Most common, widely dist. member of genus. Range:

Eleodes fusiformis LeConte - EGR. Range: NM-TX-NE-WY

Eleodes goryi Solier - BCG, EGR, LBJ. Range: NM-TX, Mex. Common s and w of Austin.

Helops farctus (LeConte) - BP. Most commonly coll. arboreal teneb during BP. Eleven spmns coll. Jun-Aug. Comes to lights, but I have not coll. this sp. n. of RGV since the BP. Type coll. by Lindheimer. Range: TX-OK.

Hyporhagus sp. - LBJ. (Need photo) several possibilities.

Isomira sp. LBJ. (Need photo) There are ca. three possibilities for this genus.

Lobopoda erythrocnemis (Germar) - CM. (Dubious record. This sp. not recorded any closer to TX than Mississippi. L. opacicollis, L punctulata recorded from College Station)

Lobopoda socia (LeConte) - CM. Range: TX-LA, FL

Lobopoda sp.

Merinus laevis (Olivier) - UTIC. Range: e. US

Neomida bicornis (Fabricius) - EGR. Range: e. US.

Platydema ellipticum (Fabricius) - UTIC spmn from the Nature Conservancy's Barton Creek Habitat Preserve. Range: e. US

Platydema micans Zimmerman - EGR. Range: e. US, s. to S. Amer.

Platydema ruficorne (Sturm) - WCP. Range: e. US.

Platydema spp. - 10 spp. on the College Station list, so surely there are more spp. in Travis Co.

Statira basalis Horn - CM. April Range: se. US.

Statira erina Parsons - WCP. Range: Texas

Strongylium tenuicolle (Say) - EGR. Range e N. Amer.

Tedinus angustus Casey - CM. (dubious record. Isomira angusta (Casey) is only known from GA. Isomira oblongula Casey is recorded for College Station.)

Tenebrio molitor Linnaeus - BFL, UTIC. Yellow Mealworm. Range: Cosmopolitan

Eustrophinus bicolor (Fabricius) - CM. (need TX photo) Range: e. N. Amer to AZ.
Trixagus sp. BP. One coll. on cedar elm in May. Six spp. generally dist. n. of Mex.

Trox foveicollis Harold - CM. (need TX photo) Range: e. N. Amer.

Trox robinsoni Vaurie - EGR. (need TX pic) Range: TX-AB-MN

Trox variolatus Melsheimer - CM. (need TX pic) Range: e. N. Amer.

Airora cylindrica (Audinet-Serville) - UTIC, Barton Creek Greenbelt. Range: e. US

Temnoscheila acuta (LeConte) - HB. Range: e. US

Tenebroides americanus (Kirby) - EGR. Range: e. US

Bitoma quadriguttata Say - EGR. Range: e. N. Amer.

Bitoma sulcata (LeConte) - VSL at lights. Range: CA-TX

Hyporhagus sp. LBJ. (Need photo). Several possibilities.

Phloeonemus integer Reitter - DNP at lights. Range: CA-TX

Sesaspis emarginatus (Horn) - UTIC. Range: c. TX, se. NM, ne. Mex.

Synchita fuliginosa Melsheimer - DNP at lights. Range: e. N. Amer.

Zopherus concolor LeConte - LBJ. Range: NM to c. TX

Zopherus nodulosus haldemani Horn - BCG, HB, LBJ. Mar-Sept. Range: endemic to east-central Texas

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