Texas Invertebrate Species of Concern

Crustacea / Ephemeroptera / Odonata / Plecoptera / Orthoptera / Coleoptera / Lepidoptera

Texas Endangered Invertebrate Species

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Although not afforded legal protection, the following species are
mostly limited in distribution and warrant further monitoring

Source of TPW's Legal Authority to Manage, Investigate and Regulate Invertebrates:
Parks and Wildlife Code
- Nongame Species

Many other species are equally rare but lack the on-line maps, 
photos and/or other information that these species are linked to.

The Texas Wildlife Action Plan - Section IV - TPW's Priority Species List by Ecoregion

More information on most species can be found here:
- NatureServe Explorer -

Crustacea - Crayfishes, etc.

Cambaridae - Northern Hemisphere Crayfishes

Ephemeroptera - Mayflies





Odonata - Damselflies and Dragonflies

Aeshnidae - Darners

Corduliidae - Emeralds 

Gomphidae - Clubtails

Libellulidae - Skimmers

Coenagrionidae - Narrow-winged Damselflies

Plecoptera - Stoneflies




Orthoptera - Grasshoppers

Family Tettigoniidae (Katydids)

    Meadow katydids - Subfamily Conocephalinae

    False katydids - Subfamily Phaneropterinae

    True katydids - Subfamily Pseudophyllinae

    Shield-backed katydids - Subfamily Tettigoniinae

Family Gryllidae (Crickets)

    Anomalous crickets - Subfamily Pentacentrinae

Coleoptera - Beetles

Carabidae - Ground Beetles

    Tiger Beetles - Subfamily Cicindelinae

Lepidoptera - Moths and Butterflies

Sphinx - Silk - Skipper - Hairstreak - Metalmark - Notodontid

Sphingidae - Sphinx Moths

Saturniidae - Silk Moths

Hesperiidae - Skippers 

    Spread-wing Skippers - Subfamily Pyrginae

    Grass Skippers - Subfamily Hesperiinae

    Skipperlings - Subfamily Heteropterinae

    Giant-Skippers - Subfamily Megathyminae

Lycaenidae - Gossamer-wing Butterflies

Riodinidae - Metalmarks 


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