Texas Endangered Arthropod Species

AmphipodsHarvestmen / Pseudoscorpions / Spiders / Beetles

Primarily karst-dwelling species of the following Central Texas counties:
Bexar, Comal, Hays, Travis & Williamson Co.

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U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's Threatened and Endangered Species List

Texas Park's & Wildlife's Threatened and Endangered Species List

See also: Texas Species of Concern (Partial List)

Amphipoda - Amphipods


Stygobromus (=Stygonectes) pecki (background) Peck's Cave AmphipodComal Co.


Gammarus hyalelloides Diminutive amphipod Jeff Davis Co.
Gammarus pecos Pecos amphipod Pecos and Reeves Counties

Opiliones - Harvestmen  


Texella reddelli (Recovery Plan) Bee Creek Cave Harvestman Occurs in six caves in Travis Co.
Texella reyesi (Recovery Plan) Bone Cave Harvestman Occurs in over 115 caves in Travis, Williamson Co.
Texella cokendolpheri (background) Robber Baron Cave Harvestman Occurs in two caves in Bexar Co.

Pseudoscorpiones - Pseudoscorpions


Tartarocreagris texana (Recovery Plan) Tooth Cave Pseudoscorpion Occurs in four caves in Travis Co.

Araneae - Spiders


Neoleptoneta microps (background) Government Canyon Bat Cave spider Known from two caves, Bexar Co.
Leptoneta myopica (Recovery Plan) Tooth Cave Spider Occurs in four caves in Travis Co.

Dictynidae - Meshweb Weavers

Cicurina madla (background) Madla Cave meshweaver Known from six caves, Bexar Co.
Cicurina baronia (background) Robber Baron Cave meshweaver Known only from Robber Baron Cave, Bexar Co.
Cicurina venii (background) Braken Bat Cave meshweaver Known from only one cave, Bexar Co.
Cicurina vespera (background) Government Canyon Bat Cave meshweaver Found in two caves, Bexar Co.

Coleoptera - Beetles

Silphidae - Carrion Beetles

Nicrophorus americanus (background) American Burying Beetle AR, KS, MA, NE, OH, OK, RI, SD, TX 

Pselaphinae - Short-winged Mold Beetles

Batrisodes texanus (Recovery Plan) Coffin Cave Mold Beetle Known from four caves in Williamson Co.
Batrisodes venyivi (background) Helotes Mold Beetle Known from only three caves in Bexar Co.
Texamaurops reddelli (Recovery Plan) Kretschmarr Cave Mold Beetle Known from six caves in Travis Co.

Dryopidae - Long-toed Water Beetles

Stygoparnus comalensis (background) (pic) Comal Springs Dryopid Beetle Comal Springs and Fern Bank Springs, Hays Co.

Elmidae - Riffle Beetles

Heterelmis comalensis (background) Comal Springs Riffle Beetle Comal Springs and San Marcos Spring, Hays Co.

Carabidae - Ground Beetles

Rhadine persephone (Recovery Plan) Tooth Cave Ground Beetle Known from 45 caves in Travis and Williamson counties
Rhadine exilis (background) Ground Beetle, [unnamed]  Known from 35 caves in Bexar Co.
Rhadine infernalis (background) Ground Beetle, [unnamed]  Known from 25 caves in Bexar Co.

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