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Pseudophaloe veranioides Hering, 1925

Family Arctiidae, Subfamily Arctiinae, Tribe Pericopini


Pseudophaloe veranioides Hering, 1925

(female, males generally lack the red abdominal tip, and have narrower, more streamlined wings)

MEXICO: Tamaulipas
Los Cedros, Gz. Farias
350 m, VII - 18 - 1994
Coll. E. G. Riley

Specimen curated in the TAMUIC

Det. E.C. Knudson/C. Bordelon, Apr. 2007

Range: Mexico.

Similar Species: There are some 17 Neotropical species of Pseudophaloe, none of which reach the U.S.

Pseudophaloe troetschi, verso

Texas Pericopini:

Dysschema howardi (Hy. Edwards, 1886) 
Dysschema leucophaea (Walker, 1854)
Gnophaela aequinoctialis (Walker, 1854)
Phaloesia saucia Walker, 1854


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