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Gnophaela aequinoctialis (Walker, 1854)

Family Arctiidae, Subfamily Arctiinae, Tribe Pericopini


Gnophaela aequinoctialis (Walker, 1854)

TEXAS: Uvalde Co.
13 N. Concan  
04 April 1982 
f.  leg. J. F. Doyle

Photo & Data courtesy of Texas Lepidoptera Survey

Texas County Records for Gnophaela aequinoctialis

Gnophaela aequinoctialis (Walker, 1854)


Range: TEXAS: Brewster, Comal, and Uvalde Counties; NM; AZ; south to South America.

USGS lists Blanco County, TX, possibly in error as they don't list adjacent Comal County.

Notes: Apparently rare, it hasn't been seen in Texas in 25 years (pers. comm., Charles Bordelon, March 2007).

First U.S. Record: Per Kendall (1974)

While collecting in Panther Canyon above Landa Park, New Braunfels, Comal County, Texas, W. W. McGuire took one female on 9 April 1972. This specimen is now in the collection of Andre Blanchard of Houston, Texas. [The Blanchard collection has since been distributed among the USNM, AMNH, TLS and other collections.] 

There are twenty-six examples of this species represented in the National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C., all from Mexico. Specific data are: 

twenty-one, Popocatepetl Park [Puebla], Mexico, 8,000', June; 
one, Jalapa [Oaxaca], Mexico; 
one, Tehuacan [Puebla], Mexico; 
one, Cuernavaca [Morelos], Mexico;
two, Mexico, no other data available. 

The nearest of these locations is about 900 air miles from where the [first] U.S. specimen was taken. 

Biology: Will come to flowers. Lazy fluttering flight (pers. comm., Charles Bordelon, March 2007).

Type Locality: South America.

Synonym: Dioptis aequinoctialis Walker, 1854.


gnoph, -o (G). Darkness
aequa, -bil, -li (L). Equal, level
noct, -i (L). Night

Similar Species: 

Gnophaela vermiculata (Grote, 1864)
Gnophaela latipennis (Boisduval, 1852)
Gnophaela discreta Stretch, 1875
Gnophaela clappiana Holland, 1891

Texas Pericopini:

Dysschema howardi (Hy. Edwards, 1886) 
Dysschema leucophaea (Walker, 1854)
Phaloesia saucia Walker, 1854

Biography: Francis Walker (1809 - 1874) - Wikipedia


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