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White Bladder-bodied Meloid

Cysteodemus armatus LeConte 

Family Meloidae, Subfamily Meloinae, Tribe Eupomphini

cf. C. wislizeni

Anza Borrego Desert SP, Borrego Springs, San Diego Co., CA
March 17, 2005 (M Stangeland & K Davis)

Range: California, Arizona & Nevada

Adult Activity: Spring

Similar Species: 

There are two western U.S. species of Cysteodemus, only C. wislizeni occurs in Texas.

Cysteodemus armatus LeConte 
Cysteodemus wislizeni LeConte


Blister Beetles - TAMU

Etymology: Cysteodemus armatus 

cyst, =is, -o (G). The bladder; a bag
demas (G). A living body
arma, -t (L). Arms; armed


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