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Black Bladder-bodied Meloid

Cysteodemus wislizeni LeConte

Family Meloidae, Subfamily Meloinae, Tribe Eupomphini

cf. C. armatus 

Alamogordo, New Mexico
15 May 2005 (Bob Barber)

It is common in the spring, rapidly crawling across the caliche around my property.

Texas County Records for Cysteodemus wislizeni

County Records from E.G. Riley, Nov. 2005

Range: Texas to Arizona

Adult Activity: Spring

Similar Species: 

There are two western U.S. species of Cysteodemus, only C. wislizeni occurs in Texas.

Cysteodemus armatus LeConte 
Cysteodemus wislizeni LeConte


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Etymology: Cysteodemus wislizeni

cyst, =is, -o (G). The bladder; a bag
demas (G). A living body
wislizeni - Patronym for Friedrich Adolph Wislizenus, 1810-1889


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