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Black-headed Melyrid

Collops tricolor (Say)

Family Melyridae, Subfamily Malachiinae

cf: Collops bipunctatus


Black-headed Melyrid - Collops nigriceps (Say)

(males have enlarged third antennomeres, 
see discussion of potentially similar "antennae foreplay" in Meloe)

Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
June 19, 2006 (Tom Murray)

Range: Eastern US

Size: 5mm

Similar Species

There are 70 New World species of Collops, 67 occur in North America, 45 occur in all geographic regions  north of Mexico (Arnett et al, 2002)

Texas Taxa:

Collops balteatus LeConte 
Collops bipunctatus (Say)
Collops confluens LeConte
Collops dux Fall 
Collops flavicinctus Fall
Collops nigriceps (Say)
Collops pallipes Marshall
Collops punctulatus LeConte
Collops quadrimaculatus (Fabricius)
Collops vittatus (Say) 

Family ID Characters:

Biography: Thomas Say (1787 1834) - Wikipedia


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