Southeast Arizona Beetle Survey

Beetle survey primarily from the five counties of southeast Arizona: Cochise, Graham, Santa Cruz, Pima, and Pinal.
Below is a compilation of over 610 beetle photographs approching 10 percent of the total beetle species in Arizona.

Carabidae - Dytiscidae Staphylinidae - Scarabaeoidea Buprestiodea - Byrrhoidea - Elateroidea - Bostrichoidea - Cleroidae - Cucujoidea - Coccinellidae - Tenebrionoidea - Cerambycidae - Chrysomelidae - Curculionoidea

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Over 20 photographers have graciously allowed me to use one or more of their thumbnail photos.
The identification of each image shows when "mousing" over each photograph.
Some beetles were photographed outside of Arizona, but all shown here should occur in SEAZ.
Specimens primarily deposited in the TAMUIC and the UTIC.

Detailed Map of South East Arizona Mountain ranges

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Carabidae - Ground Beetles

Pachyteles gyllenhali (Dejean) - Pachyteles gyllenhalii
Calosoma sayi Dejean - Calosoma sayi - male=Calosoma sayi Dejean - Calosoma sayi Caterpillar Hunter - Calosoma scrutator Cicindela sedecimpunctata Klug - Cicindela sedecimpunctata Melissa's Tiger Beetle - Cicindelidia melissa - male Cicindela oregona guttifera LeConte - Cicindela oregona Cicindela willstoni sulphontis Rumpp - Cicindela willistoni Cicindela (Ellipsoptera) marutha, color phases - Ellipsoptera marutha Cicindela pulchra dorothea Rumpp 1977 - Cicindela pulchra Tetracha carolina  (Linnaeus) - Tetracha carolina - male Cicindela hornii Schaupp - Cicindela hornii Cochise Tiger Beetle - Cicindela pimeriana White-striped Tiger Beetle - Cylindera lemniscata  Pasimachus viridans LeConte - Pasimachus viridans Pasimachus californicus Chaudoir - Pasimachus californicus Schizogenius Clivina
Bembidion rapidum (LeConte) - Bembidion rapidum Bembidion (Furcacampa) impotens Casey - Bembidion impotens Cyclotrachelus substriatus (LeConte) - Cyclotrachelus substriatus - female=Cyclotrachelus substriatus (LeConte) - Cyclotrachelus substriatus Notiobia mexicana (Dejean) - Notiobia mexicana Discoderus aequalis Casey - Discoderus aequalis Harpalus katiae Battoni - Harpalus katiae - male Harpalus paratus Casey - Harpalus paratus - female Notiobia terminata (Say) - Notiobia terminata Notiobia purpurascens (Bates) - Notiobia purpurascens Geopinus incrassatus - female  Chlaenius cf. laticollis Say - Chlaenius laticollis=Chlaenius cf. laticollis Say - Chlaenius laticollis Platynus megalops (Bates) - Platynus megalops Agonum punctiforme (Say) - Agonum punctiforme Platynus lyratus (Chaudoir) - Platynus lyratusTetragonoderus intersectus (Germar) - Tetragonoderus intersectus Lebia scapula Horn - Lebia scapula Cymindis punctifera (LeConte) - Cymindis punctifera Lebia atriceps LeConte - Lebia atriceps Lebia deceptrix Madge - Lebia deceptrix  Apenes lucidula (Dejean) - Apenes lucidula Axinopalpus fusciceps LeConte - Axinopalpus fusciceps
Lebia histrionica Bates - Lebia histrionica Lebia analis Dejean - Lebia analis Lebia scalpta Bates - Lebia scalpta Lebia fuscata Dejean - Lebia fuscata Lebia pulchella Dejean - Lebia pulchella Lebia vittata (Fabricius) - Lebia vittata Zuphium longicolle LeConte  - Zuphium longicolle
Brachinus elongatulus Chaudoir - Brachinus elongatulus ID request - Brachinus phaeocerus

Gyrinidae - Whirligig Beetles

Gyrinus plicifer LeConte - Gyrinus plicifer

Dytiscidae - Predaceous Diving Beetle

- - Thermonectus marmoratus Thermonectus nigrofasciatus - male Eretes occidentalis (Erichson) - Eretes occidentalis Desmopachria portmanni (Clark) - Desmopachria portmanni Desmopachria dispersa (Crotch) - Desmopachria dispersa Hygrotus (Coelambus) nubilus (LeConte) - Coelambus nubilus
Laccophilus maculosus Say - Laccophilus maculosus


Hydrophilidae - Water Scavenger Beetles

Berosus moerens Sharp - Berosus moerens Tropisternus collaris (Fabricius) - Tropisternus collaris=Tropisternus collaris (Fabricius) - Tropisternus collaris Diving Beetle of Some Kind ? - Hydrophilus triangularis Hydrochus

Histeridae - Clown Beetles

Large Hister Beetle - Omalodes grossus Iliotona cacti (LeConte) - Iliotona cacti

Hydraenidae - Minute Moss Beetles

Gymnochthebius fossatus (LeConte) - Gymnochthebius fossatus


Silphidae - Carrion Beetles

Carrion Beetle - Nicrophorus marginatus - male

Staphylinidae - Rove Beetles

Homaeotarsus Pinophilus parcus LeConte - Pinophilus parcus Thinodromus? - Thinodromus Aleocharinae Neobisnius gratus? - Neobisnius Falagria Homaeotarsus Carpelimus


Lucanidae - Stag Beetles

Lucanus mazama (LeConte) - Lucanus mazama

Trogidae - Hide Beetles

Omorgus punctatus (Germar) - Omorgus punctatus

Ochodaeidae - Sand-loving Scarab Beetles


Scarabaeidae - Scarab Beetles

Ataenius confertus Fall - Ataenius confertus=Ataenius confertus Fall - Ataenius confertus Ataenius desertus Horn - Ataenius desertus=Ataenius desertus Horn - Ataenius desertus Ataenius inquisitus Horn - Ataenius inquisitus=Ataenius inquisitus Horn - Ataenius inquisitus Ataenius cognatus (LeConte) - Ataenius cognatus Probably Pseudagolius comprehensive or possibly warneri - Aphodius=Probably Pseudagolius comprehensive or possibly warneri - Aphodius Dung Beetle - Copris arizonensis - male=Copris arizonensis Schaeffer - Copris arizonensis=Copris arizonensis Schaeffer - Copris arizonensis=Copris arizonensis Schaeffer - Copris arizonensis Dichotomius colonicus (Say) - Dichotomius colonicus=Dichotomius colonicus (Say) - Dichotomius colonicus Euoniticellus intermedius Reiche - Euoniticellus intermedius Pseudocanthon perplexus (LeConte) - Pseudocanthon perplexus Phanaeus vindex from Tall Timbers - Phanaeus vindex - male BG2724 E6704-6 - Digitonthophagus gazella - male=BG2724 E6704-6 - Digitonthophagus gazella - male Which species? - Polyphylla - male Phyllophaga vetula (Horn) - Phyllophaga vetula=Phyllophaga vetula (Horn) - Phyllophaga vetula Phyllophaga ignava (Horn) - Phyllophaga ignava Diplotaxis pumila Fall - Diplotaxis pumila=Diplotaxis pumila Fall - Diplotaxis pumilaGlorious Beetle - Chrysina gloriosa=Chrysina gloriosa (LeConte) - Chrysina gloriosa Leconte's Scarab - Chrysina lecontei=Leconte's Scarab - Chrysina lecontei Chrysina beyeri (Skinner) - Chrysina beyeri=Ménage à trois - Chrysina beyeri - male - female Unidentified Ruteline Scarab (?) - Parabyrsopolis chihuahuae Cotalpa - Cotalpa consobrina
Malformed Dynastes - Dynastes grantii - male Arizona Scarab - Coscinocephalus cribrifrons Ancognatha manca (LeConte)  - Ancognatha manca Strategus aloeus (Linnaeus) - Strategus aloeus - male Hologymnetis argenteola (Bates) - Hologymnetis argenteola=Hologymnetis argenteola (Bates) - Hologymnetis argenteola  Euphoria fascifera (LeConte) - Euphoria fascifera - - Euphoria monticola Euphoria quadricollis Bates - Euphoria quadricollis - male=Euphoria quadricollis Bates - Euphoria quadricollis - female - - Euphoria leucographa - - Euphoria verticalis Euphoria inda (Linnaeus) - Euphoria inda


Buprestidae - Metallic Wood-boring Beetles (reviewed by Richard L. Westcott, 2014)

Mastogenius robustus Schaeffer - Mastogenius robustus Acmaeoderopsis hulli (Knull)  - Acmaeoderopsis hulli Polycesta aruensis Obenberger - Polycesta aruensis Thrincopyge ambiens (LeConte) - Thrincopyge ambiens
Acmaeodera gibbula LeConte - Acmaeodera gibbula Acmaeodera solitaria Kerremans - Acmaeodera solitaria Acmaeodera bowditchi Fall  - Acmaeodera bowditchi Acmaeodera mixta LeConte - Acmaeodera mixta=Acmaeodera mixta LeConte - Acmaeodera mixta Acmaeodera disjuncta Acmaeodera sphaeralceae Barr - Acmaeodera sphaeralceae Acmaeodera rubronotata Laporte & Gory - Acmaeodera rubronotata Acmaeodera chiricahuae Barr - Acmaeodera chiricahuae
Acmaeodera scalaris Mannerheim - Acmaeodera scalaris Acmaeodera amplicollis LeConte - Acmaeodera amplicollis Acmaeodera parkeri Cazier - Acmaeodera parkeri - male Buprestid - Acmaeodera rubronotata Buprestid - Acmaeodera cazieri Acmaeodera quadrivittatoides Nelson & Westcott - Acmaeodera quadrivittatoides Metallic Wood-boring Beetle - Acmaeodera variegata Acmaeodera amabilis Horn - Acmaeodera amabilis Lampetis webbii (LeConte) - Lampetis webbii=Lampetis webbii (LeConte) - Lampetis webbii Gyascutus carolinensis Horn - Gyascutus carolinensis Poecilonota cyanipes (Say) - Poecilonota cyanipes Gyascutus (Gyascutus) planicosta obliteratus (LeConte) - Gyascutus planicosta  

Spectralia cuprescens (Knull) - Spectralia cuprescens Xenomelanophila miranda LeConte  - Xenomelanophila miranda Agaeocera gentilis (Horn) - Agaeocera gentilis Agrilaxia flavimana (Gory) - Agrilaxia flavimana Actenodes mendax Horn  - Actenodes mendax Buprestidae - Hippomelas sphenicus  Chrysobothris analis LeConte - Chrysobothris analis Chrysobothris lucana Horn - Chrysobothris lucana Chrysobothris purpureoplagiata Schaeffer - Chrysobothris purpureoplagiata Chrysobothris basalis LeConte - Chrysobothris basalis Chrysobothris ignicollis Horn - Chrysobothris ignicollis=Chrysobothris ignicollis Horn - Chrysobothris ignicollis Chrysobothris lixa Horn - Chrysobothris lixa Chrysobothris merkelii Horn - Chrysobothris merkelii Chrysobothris octocola LeConte - Chrysobothris octocola Chrysobothris quadriimpressa Laporte & Gory  - Chrysobothris quadriimpressa Chrysobothris quadrilineata LeConte - Chrysobothris quadrilineata Chrysobothris texana LeConte - Chrysobothris texana Agrilus latifrons Waterhouse - Agrilus latifrons=Agrilus latifrons Waterhouse - Agrilus latifrons Agrilus heterothecae Knull - Agrilus heterothecae Agrilus (Engyaulus) rubrovittatus Waterhouse - Agrilus rubrovittatus=Agrilus (Engyaulus) rubrovittatus Waterhouse - Agrilus rubrovittatus Agrilus egenus Gory - Agrilus egenus Agrilus gibbicollis Fall - Agrilus gibbicollis Agrilus granulatus (Say) - Agrilus granulatus Agrilus lacustris LeConte - Agrilus lacustris= Agrilus lecontei Fisher - Agrilus lecontei Agrilus pectoralis Waterhouse - Agrilus pectoralis Agrilus pubescens Fisher - Agrilus pubescens - female Agrilus delicatulus Waterhouse - Agrilus delicatulus=Agrilus delicatulus Waterhouse - Agrilus delicatulus Agrilus politus (Say) - Agrilus politus Pachyschelus secedens Waterhouse - Pachyschelus secedens Brachys barberi Fisher - Brachys barberi Brachys ovatus (Weber) - Brachys ovatus Brachys aerosus (Melsheimer) - Brachys aerosus Taphrocerus schaefferi Nicolay & Weiss - Taphrocerus schaefferi 


Elmidae - Riffle Beetles

Hexacylloepus ferrugineus (Horn) - Hexacylloepus ferrugineus Microcylloepus pusillus (LeConte) - Microcylloepus pusillus

Dryopidae - Long-toed Water Beetles

Dryops arizonensis (Schaeffer) - Dryops arizonensis

Heteroceridae - Variegated Mud-loving Beetles

Tropicus pusillus (Say) - Tropicus pusillus Heterocerus


Elateridae - Click Beetles

Megapenthes longicornis-complex - Megapenthes longicornis Orthostethus caviceps Schaeffer - Orthostethus caviceps Anchastus Dicrepidius corvinus Candeze - Dicrepidius corvinus Diplostethus texanus (LeConte) - Diplostethus texanus Glyphonyx bimarginatus Schaeffer - Glyphonyx bimarginatus Glyphonyx 03 - Glyphonyx helix
Cardiophorus aptopoides Candeze - Cardiophorus aptopoides Horistonotus simplex LeConte - Horistonotus simplex Chalcolepidius lenzi Candèze - Chalcolepidius lenzi Alaus lusciosus Elateridae -? - Conoderus vespertinus Heteroderes exsul (Sharp) - Heteroderes exsul
Paradonus futilis (LeConte) - Paradonus futilis Paradonus inops (LeConte) - Paradonus inops

Lycidae - Net-winged Beetles

Lycus arizonensis Green - Lycus arizonensis=Lycus arizonensis Green - Lycus arizonensis Lycus fernandezi Duges - Lycus fernandezi=Lycus fernandezi Duges - Lycus fernandezi Beetle - Lygistopterus rubripennis Plateros Plateros coccinicollis Fall - Plateros coccinicollis Lycus sanguineus Gorham - Lycus sanguineus=Lycus sanguineus Gorham - Lycus sanguineus

Phengodidae - Glowworm Beetles

Distremocephalus opaculus (Horn) - Distremocephalus opaculus

Lampyridae - Fireflies

Pyropyga nigricans (Say) - Pyropyga nigricans

Cantharidae - Soldier Beetles

Podabrus pruinosus? - Podabrus pruinosus Caccodes Discodon Discodon abdominale Schaeffer - Discodon abdominale Chauliognathus limbicollis LeConte - Chauliognathus limbicollis Chauliognathus profundus LeConte - Chauliognathus profundus Chauliognathus misellus Horn - Chauliognathus misellus


Dermestidae - Skin Beetles

Anthrenus verbasci (Linnaeus) - Anthrenus verbasci

Bostrichidae - Horned Powder-post Beetles

Xyloblaptus quadrispinosus (LeConte) - Xyloblaptus quadrispinosus=Xyloblaptus quadrispinosus (LeConte) - Xyloblaptus quadrispinosus Prostephanus=Prostephanus Xylobiops sextuberculatus (LeConte) - Xylobiops sextuberculatus 

Anobiidae - Death-watch and Spider Beetles

Dorcatomine - Byrrhodes Caenocara  Tricorynus


Trogossitidae - Bark-gnawing Beetles


Cleridae - Checkered Beetles

Cymatodera horni Wolcott - Cymatodera horni Cymatodera delicatula Fall - Cymatodera delicatula Cymatodera Lecontella brunnea (Spinola) - Lecontella brunnea  Phyllobaenus arizonicus (Schaeffer) - Phyllobaenus arizonicus Wolcottia pedalis (LeConte) - Wolcottia pedalis Phyllobaenus humeralis (Say) - Phyllobaenus humeralis Phyllobaenus unifasciatus (Say) - Phyllobaenus unifasciatus   Aulicus edwardsii (Horn) - Aulicus edwardsii Trichodes peninsularis horni Wolcott and Chapin - Trichodes peninsularis Enoclerus moestus (Klug) - Enoclerus moestus Enoclerus quadrisignatus (Say) - Enoclerus quadrisignatus

Melyridae - Soft-winged Flower Beetles

Listrus Trichochrous?
Attalus nigripes Horn - Attalus nigripes Attalus Attalus Attalus circumscriptus (Say) - Attalus circumscriptus Attalus rufiventris Horn - Attalus rufiventris=Attalus rufiventris Horn - Attalus rufiventris  Collops quadrimaculatus (Fabricius) - Collops quadrimaculatus - female Collops Collops limbellus Gemminger & Harold - Collops limbellus - female Collops grandis Champion - Collops grandis - female


Nitidulidae - Sap-feeding Beetles

Cybocephalus californicus Horn - Cybocephalus californicus
Colopterus Colopterus maculatus (Erichson) - Colopterus maculatus
Carpophilus pallipennis (Say) - Carpophilus pallipennis
Pallodes plateosus Schaeffer - Pallodes plateosus Lobiopa falli Parsons - Lobiopa falli Thalycra Stelidota coenosa Erichson - Stelidota coenosa
Cryptarcha concinna Melsheimer - Cryptarcha concinna

Silvanidae - Silvanid Flat Bark Beetles

Ahasverus rectus (LeConte) - Ahasverus rectus

Laemophloeidae - Lined Flat Bark Beetles

Rhabdophloeus horni (Casey)  - Rhabdophloeus horni Deinophloeus impressifrons (Schaeffer) - Deinophloeus impressifrons - male

Erotylidae - Pleasing Fungus Beetles

Gibbifer californicus (Lacordaire) - Gibbifer californicus Acropteroxys gracilis (Newman) - Acropteroxys gracilis Triplax marcescens Boyle - Triplax marcescens Ischyrus quadripunctatus (Olivier) - Ischyrus quadripunctatus

Endomychidae - Handsome Fungus Beetles

Epipocus gorhami Stohecker - Epipocus gorhami

Coccinellidae - Lady Beetles 

Microweisea Cephaloscymnus Delphastus Thalassa montezumae Mulsant - Thalassa montezumae Brachiacantha subfasciata Mulsant - Brachiacantha subfasciata - female Diomus debilis (LeConte) - Diomus debilis Scymnus Scymnus cervicalis Mulsant  - Scymnus cervicalis Hyperaspis bensonica Casey - Hyperaspis bensonica=Hyperaspis bensonica Casey - Hyperaspis bensonica Hyperaspis inflexa Casey - Hyperaspis inflexa Hyperaspis oculifera Casey - Hyperaspis oculifera Hyperaspis lateralis Mulsant  - Hyperaspis lateralis - female=Hyperaspis lateralis Mulsant  - Hyperaspis lateralis - female Hyperaspis MAQ sp. 4 - Hyperaspis Hyperaspis octonotata Casey - Hyperaspis octonotata Hyperaspis conspirans Casey - Hyperaspis conspirans=Hyperaspis conspirans Casey - Hyperaspis conspirans Hyperaspis punctata LeConte - Hyperaspis punctata Hyperaspis levrati (Mulsant) - Hyperaspis levrati=Hyperaspis levrati (Mulsant) - Hyperaspis levrati Brachiacantha Brachiacantha arizonica Schaeffer - Brachiacantha arizonica Brachiacantha subfasciata Mulsant - Brachiacantha subfasciata - female
Chilocorus cacti (Linnaeus) - Chilocorus cacti Lady beetle (3) - Chilocorus stigma Exochomus subrotundus Casey - Exochomus subrotundus Brumoides septentrionis hogei (Gorham) - Brumoides septentrionis Arawana scapularis (Gorham) - Arawana scapularis Exochomus aethiops (Bland) - Exochomus aethiops  Rhyzobius lophanthae (Blaisdell) - Rhyzobius lophanthae vedalia? - Rodolia cardinalis Anovia virginalis (Wickham) - Anovia virginalis Coccinella septempunctata Linnaeus - Coccinella septempunctata Hippodamia convergens Guérin-Méneville - Hippodamia convergens Olla v-nigrum (Mulsant) - Olla v-nigrum=Olla v-nigrum (Mulsant) - Olla v-nigrum Myzia interrupta (Casey) - Myzia interrupta Neoharmonia venusta ampla (Mulsant) - Neoharmonia venusta=Neoharmonia venusta ampla (Mulsant) - Neoharmonia venusta=Neoharmonia venusta ampla (Mulsant) - Neoharmonia venusta Psyllobora vigintimaculata (Say) - Psyllobora vigintimaculata Psyllobora renifer Casey - Psyllobora renifer Psyllobora plagiata Schaeffer - Psyllobora plagiata Macronaemia episcopalis (Kirby) - Macronaemia episcopalis Mulsantina cyathigera (Gorham) - Mulsantina cyathigera Exoplectra schaefferi Gordon - Exoplectra schaefferi Coleomegilla maculata strenua (Casey) - Coleomegilla maculata Lady Beetle - Adalia bipunctata Coccinella trifasciata perplexa (Mulsant) - Coccinella trifasciata Coccinella monticola (Mulsant) - Coccinella monticola=Coccinella monticola (Mulsant) - Coccinella monticola Coccinella transversoguttata Mulsant - Coccinella transversoguttata=Coccinella transversoguttata Mulsant - Coccinella transversoguttata Coccinella novemnotata Herbst - Coccinella novemnotata Epilachna varivestis Mulsant - Epilachna varivestis


Clypastraea Sericoderus

Latridiidae - Minute Brown Scavenger Beetles

Corticarina cavicollis (Mannerheim) - Corticarina cavicollis


Zopheridae - Ironclad Beetles

Bitoma sulcata (LeConte) - Bitoma sulcata Phloeonemus integer Reitter - Phloeonemus catenulatus

Tetratomidae - Polypore Fungus Beetles

Hymenorus? - Hymenorus Polypore Fungus Beetle - Eustrophopsis bicolor Eustrophopsis

Mordellidae - Tumbling Flower Beetles

Mordellid=Mordellid tumblr tumblr Mordella signata Champion - Mordella signata=Mordella signata Champion - Mordella signata Falsomordellistena hebraica (LeConte) - Falsomordellistena hebraica=Falsomordellistena hebraica (LeConte) - Falsomordellistena hebraica mordellid 4 - Glipostenoda ambusta=mordellid 4 - Glipostenoda ambusta

Tenebrionidae - Darkling Beetles

Statira robusta Schaeffer - Statira robusta Statira nigromaculata Champion - Statira nigromaculata Statira pluripunctata Horn - Statira pluripunctata
Metoponium? - Metoponium
Adelina plana? - Adelina Adelina
- - Embaphion contusum Helops Unidentified Teneb - Eleodes eschscholtzii Eleodes tricostatus (Say) - Eleodes tricostatus Rhipidandrus peninsularis Horn - Rhipidandrus peninsularis Hymenorus Strongylium atrum Champion - Strongylium atrum Coelocnemis

Oedemeridae - False Blister Beetles

Xanthochroina bicolor (LeConte) - Xanthochroina bicolor Asclera obscura LeConte - Asclera obscura Asclera excavata LeConte - Asclera excavata Oxacis Oxacis cana (LeConte) - Oxacis cana=Oxacis cana (LeConte) - Oxacis cana

Meloidae - Blister Beetles

Gnathium francilloni Kirby - Gnathium francilloni=Gnathium francilloni Kirby - Gnathium francilloni Eupompha wenzeli (Skinner) - Eupompha wenzeli=Eupompha wenzeli (Skinner) - Eupompha wenzeli=Eupompha wenzeli (Skinner) - Eupompha wenzeli=Eupompha wenzeli (Skinner) - Eupompha wenzeli=Eupompha wenzeli (Skinner) - Eupompha wenzeli Epicauta cupraeola (Dugès) - Epicauta cupraeola Epicauta arizonica Werner - Epicauta arizonica Epicauta virgulata or hirsutipubescens - Epicauta Epicauta costata (LeConte) - Epicauta costata Epicauta segmenta (Say) - Epicauta segmenta Epicauta fabricii (LeConte) - Epicauta fabricii - male=Epicauta fabricii (LeConte) - Epicauta fabricii - male Epicauta rileyi Horn - Epicauta rileyi Epicauta abadona? - Epicauta abadona 

Anthicidae - Antlike Flower Beetles

Eurygeniine Eurygeniine  Ischyropalpus
Notoxus photus Chandler - Notoxus photus - male

Aderidae - Antlike Leaf Beetles

Ariotus Cnopus Elonus excavatus Werner - Elonus excavatus

Scraptiidae - False Flower Beetles

Pentaria trifasciata (Melsheimer) - Pentaria trifasciata=Pentaria trifasciata (Melsheimer) - Pentaria trifasciata Diclidia Scraptiid Diclidia 


Cerambycidae - Long-horned Beetles

Archodontes melanopus serrulatus (LeConte) - Archodontes melanopus - - Neomallodon arizonicus - male Ponderous Borer - Trichocnemis spiculatus - male - - Derobrachus geminatus - male =Prionus californicus  - Prionus californicus - male  Large Female - Prionus heroicus - female Tragosoma sp. - Tragosoma harrisii Prionus californicus  - Prionus californicus - male Mallodon dasystomus (Say) - Mallodon dasystomus=Mallodon dasystomus (Say) - Mallodon dasystomus=Macrotomini? - Mallodon dasystomus Trichocnemis spiculatus - male
Atimia huachucae Champlain & Knull - Atimia huachucae Arhopalus rusticus montanus (LeConte) - Arhopalus rusticus Beetle - Neospondylis upiformis Longhorned Beetle - Arhopalus asperatus Asemum striatumGnathacmaeops pratensis? - Gnathacmaeops pratensis - male Judolia  - Judolia montivagans Cosmosalia chrysocoma - Lepturobosca chrysocoma - female Judolia instabilis Strangalia sexnotata Haldeman - Strangalia sexnotata=Strangalia sexnotata Haldeman - Strangalia sexnotata Banded Hickory Borer - Knulliana cincta
Callidium antennatum hesperum - Callidium antennatum=Seminotus(?) sp. - Callidium antennatum House Beetle - Callidium texanum Xylotrechus sagittatus (Germar) - Xylotrechus sagittatus Black White Striped Beetle - Neoclytus caprea Megacyllene snowi Megacyllene antennata Neoclytus irroratus (LeConte) - Neoclytus irroratus Eburia mutica LeConte - Eburia mutica Gymnopsyra chemsaki Linsley - Gymnopsyra chemsaki Aneflus levettei (Casey) - Aneflus levettei Enaphalodes niveitectus (Schaeffer) - Enaphalodes niveitectus unkn longhorn beetle - Enaphalodes cortiphagus Feeds on Oaks - Enaphalodes atomarius - male=Feeds on Oaks - Enaphalodes atomarius - male Longhorned beetle - Elaphidion mucronatum Stenelaphus alienus (LeConte) - Stenelaphus alienus Cerambycidae, dorsal - Anelaphus villosus Cerambycidae - Aneflus protensus Unknown Desert Cerambycid - Eustromula validum Gymnopsyra magnipunctata (Knull) - Gymnopsyra magnipunctata Cerambycid - Orwellion gibbulum - female Enaphalodes - Enaphalodes hispicornis - female Cerambycid - Atylostagma glabra  Tylonotus bimaculatus Haldeman - Tylonotus bimaculatus Cerambycid - Malobidion brunneum Styloxus bicolor (Champlain & Knull) - Styloxus bicolor Methia mormona Linell - Methia mormona Oeme rigida rigida (Say) - Oeme rigida Cerambycid Pair - Oeme costata - male - female Hypexilis pallida Horn - Hypexilis pallida  Rhopalophora meeskei Casey - Rhopalophora meeskei Euderces pini Olivier - Euderces pini Elytroleptus ignitus (LeConte) - Elytroleptus ignitus Elytroleptus apicalis (LeConte) - Elytroleptus apicalis Sphaenothecus bivittata Dupont - Sphaenothecus bivittata Metaleptus batesi  Horn  - Metaleptus batesi - male Mannophorus forreri  Bates - Mannophorus forreri Rhodoleptus femoratus  (Schaeffer) - Rhodoleptus femoratus - male Tragidion deceptum Swift & Ray - Tragidion deceptum - male Tragidion densiventre  Casey  - Tragidion densiventre - male Tragidion armatum  LeConte - Tragidion armatum Schizax senex  LeConte - Schizax senex - male Plionoma suturalis (LeConte) - Plionoma suturalis - male - - Stenaspis verticalis - female Tylosis maculatus LeConte - Tylosis maculatus - male Plionoma rubens (Casey) - Plionoma rubens - male Plionoma suturalis (LeConte) - Plionoma suturalis Stenaspis solitaria (Say) - Stenaspis solitaria - male Aethecerinus latecinctus (Horn) - Aethecerinus latecinctus Crossidius pulchellus LeConte - Crossidius pulchellus Crossidius suturalis LeConte - Crossidius suturalis - female Trachyderes mandibularis (Audinet-Serville) - Dendrobias mandibularis Batyle suturalis cylindrella Casey - Batyle suturalis Sternidius decorus (Fall) - Sternidius decorus Trichastylopsis albidus (LeConte) - Trichastylopsis albidus Sternidius alpha Complex - Sternidius alpha Acanthocinus  - Acanthocinus obliquus - female Coenopoeus palmeri (LeConte) - Coenopoeus palmeri Lepturges yucca  Schaeffer - Lepturges yucca Valenus inornatus Casey - Valenus inornatus Cerambycidae, dorsal - Dectes texanus - - Tigrinestola tigrina
Moneilema semipunctatum LeConte - Moneilema semipunctatum Moneilema armatum Neoptychodes trilineatus  (Linnaeus) - Neoptychodes trilineatus Monochamus clamator? - Monochamus clamator
Oncideres rhodosticta Bates - Oncideres rhodosticta Oncideres quercus Skinner - Oncideres quercus Mecas rotundicollis Thomson - Mecas rotundicollis Mecas rotundicollis Thomson - Mecas rotundicollis Mecas cineracea Casey  - Mecas cineracea Ataxia hubbardi Fisher - Ataxia hubbardi Tetraopes skillmani Chemsak & Noguera - Tetraopes skillmani Tetraopes discoideus LeConte - Tetraopes discoideus Tetraopes linsleyi Chemsak - Tetraopes linsleyi 

Orsodacnidae - Ravenous Leaf Beetles

Aulacoscelis candezei Chapuis - Aulacoscelis candezei

Chrysomelidae - Leaf Beetles

Acanthoscelides=Acanthoscelides Acanthoscelides Mimosestes protractus (Horn) - Mimosestes protractus Mimosestes amicus (Horn) - Mimosestes amicus Gibbobruchus mimus (Say) - Gibbobruchus mimus=Gibbobruchus mimus (Say) - Gibbobruchus mimus - male
Megacerus cubiculus (Casey) - Megacerus cubiculus - male=Megacerus cubiculus (Casey) - Megacerus cubiculus - female Megacerus maculiventris (Fahraeus) - Megacerus maculiventris - male Neolema ovalis White - Neolema ovalis Three-lined Potato Beetle - Lema daturaphila Oulema variabilis R. White - Oulema variabilis Oulema concolor (LeConte) - Oulema concolor   Hilarocassis exclamationis (Linnaeus) - Hilarocassis exclamationis Parorectis sublaevis (Barber) - Parorectis sublaevis Chelymorpha phytophagica Crotch - Chelymorpha phytophagica Argus Tortoise Beetle - Chelymorpha cassidea Deloyala lecontii (Crotch) - Deloyala lecontii Charidotella succinea (Boheman) - Charidotella succinea Plagiometriona clavata (Fabricius) - Plagiometriona clavata=Plagiometriona clavata (Fabricius) - Plagiometriona clavata

Chrysomelid - Xenochalepus ater Odontota arizonica (Uhmann) - Odontota arizonica Anisostena cyanea Staines - Anisostena cyanea Anisostena funesta (Baly) - Anisostena funesta Anisostena gracilis (Horn) - Anisostena gracilis Anisostena texana Schaeffer - Anisostena texana Glyphuroplata nigella (Weise) - Glyphuroplata nigella Brachycoryna pumila Guérin-Méneville - Brachycoryna pumila  Sumitrosis inaequalis (Weber) - Sumitrosis inaequalis Leptinotarsa rubiginosa (Rogers) - Leptinotarsa rubiginosa Plagiodera arizonae Crotch - Plagiodera arizonae Phaedon cyanescens Stål - Phaedon cyanescens Leptinotarsa haldemani (Rogers) - Leptinotarsa haldemani Leptinotarsa lineolata (Stål) - Leptinotarsa lineolata=Leptinotarsa lineolata (Stål) - Leptinotarsa lineolata
Zygogramma signatipennis (Stål) - Zygogramma signatipennis Zygogramma tortuosa (Rogers) - Zygogramma tortuosa Calligrapha dislocata (Rogers) - Calligrapha dislocata Zygogramma heterothecae Linell - Zygogramma heterothecae Zygogramma arizonica Schaeffer - Zygogramma arizonica Calligrapha multiguttata Stål - Calligrapha multiguttata Zygogramma piceicollis (Stål) - Zygogramma piceicollis
Zygogramma continua (LeConte) - Zygogramma continua=Zygogramma continua (LeConte) - Zygogramma continua Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say) - Leptinotarsa decemlineata
Alticini? (Luperaltica??) Trirhabda schwarzi Blake - Trirhabda schwarzi Metrioidea varicornis (Leconte) - Metrioidea varicornis Scelida nigricornis (Jacoby) - Scelida nigricornis Scelida flaviceps (Horn) - Scelida flaviceps Lygistus streptophallus Wilcox - Lygistus streptophallus Triarius lividus (LeConte) - Triarius lividus Paranapiacaba tricincta (Say) - Paranapiacaba tricincta Cerotoma atrofasciata Jacoby - Cerotoma atrofasciata - female Diabrotica undecimpunctata howardi Barber - Diabrotica undecimpunctata Luperosoma subsulcatum (Horn) - Luperosoma subsulcatum - female Pseudoluperus cyanellus (Horn) - Pseudoluperus cyanellus Amphelasma cavum vicinum (Jacoby) - Amphelasma cavum Monomacra opaca Wilcox - Monomacra opaca Dysphenges rileyi Gilbert & Andrews - Dysphenges rileyi Acrocyum sallaei Jacoby - Acrocyum sallaei Omophoita cyanipennis octomaculata (Crotch) - Omophoita cyanipennis Capraita durangoensis (Jacoby) - Capraita durangoensis Systena Blepharida rhois (Forster) - Blepharida rhois Margaridisa Altica Altica foliaceae J. L. LeConte - Altica foliaceae Altica foliacea LeConte - Altica foliaceae Chaetocnema Chaetocnema Chaetocnema Chaetocnema Epitrix tuberis Gentner - Epitrix tuberis Epitrix n. sp. - Epitrix Crepidodera=Crepidodera  Disonycha glabrata (Fabricius) - Disonycha glabrata Disonycha leptolineata Blatchley - Disonycha leptolineata Disonycha arizonae Casey - Disonycha arizonae Disonycha tenuicornis Horn - Disonycha tenuicornis Lupraea discrepans (Schaeffer) - Lupraea discrepans    Glyptina Glyptina nivalis Horn - Glyptina nivalis Phyllotreta
Kuschelina tenuilineata (Horn) - Kuschelina tenuilineata Kuschelina jacobiana? - Kuschelina jacobiana  Phyllotreta  Psylliodes
Chryso - Trichaltica tibialis
Paria arizonensis Wilcox - Paria arizonensis Paria quadriguttata LeConte - Paria quadriguttata Colaspis hesperia Blake - Colaspis hesperia Eumolpus robustus (Horn) - Eumolpus robustus - male=Eumolpus robustus (Horn) - Eumolpus robustus - male Chrysodinopsis basalis (Jacoby) - Chrysodinopsis basalis=Chrysodinopsis basalis (Jacoby) - Chrysodinopsis basalis Eumolpinae from San Raphael Valley - Promecosoma inflatum Unusual Chrysomelid - Promecosoma arizonae Euphrytus Spintherophyta violaceipennis (Horn) - Spintherophyta violaceipennis Euphrytus parvicollis Schaeffer - Euphrytus parvicollis Chrysochus auratus  Xanthonia vagans (LeConte) - Xanthonia vagans Xanthonia Xanthonia Xanthonia sp. 5 - Xanthonia Cryptocephalus binotatus R. White - Cryptocephalus binotatus Cryptocephalus maccus R. White  - Cryptocephalus maccus Cryptocephalus pseudomaccus R. White  - Cryptocephalus pseudomaccus Cryptocephalus atrofasciatus Jacoby - Cryptocephalus atrofasciatus Cryptocephalus merus Fall - Cryptocephalus merus Cryptocephalus quercus Schaeffer - Cryptocephalus quercus Cryptocephalus snowi Schaeffer - Cryptocephalus snowi Cryptocephalus umbonatus Schaeffer  - Cryptocephalus umbonatus Cryptocephalus alternans Suffrian  - Cryptocephalus alternans Cryptocephalus multisignatus Schaeffer  - Cryptocephalus multisignatus Cryptocephalus pubiventris Schaeffer - Cryptocephalus pubiventris Cryptocephalus leucomelas Suffrian - Cryptocephalus leucomelas  Diachus auratus (Fabricius) - Diachus auratus Griburius montezuma (Suffrian)  - Griburius montezuma=Griburius montezuma (Suffrian)  - Griburius montezuma Pachybrachis hepaticus (Melsheimer) - Pachybrachis hepaticus Chrysomelidae  -- ? - Pachybrachis bivittatus  Pachybrachis tacitus Fall - Pachybrachis tacitus Pachybrachis wenzeli Fall - Pachybrachis wenzeli Pachybrachis latithorax Clavareau  - Pachybrachis latithorax Pachybrachis luridus (Fabricius)  - Pachybrachis luridus - female Pachybrachis nigricornis autolycus Fall - Pachybrachis nigricornis Pachybrachis othonus (Say) - Pachybrachis othonus Pachybrachis pusillus Bowditch - Pachybrachis pusillus Pachybrachis vau Fall - Pachybrachis vau Pachybrachis thoracicus Jacoby - Pachybrachis thoracicus=Pachybrachis thoracicus Jacoby - Pachybrachis thoracicus Pachybrachis haematodes Suffrian - Pachybrachis haematodes Pachybrachis jacobyi Pachybrachis marmoratus Jacoby - Pachybrachis marmoratus Pachybrachis - Pachybrachis alticola Pachybrachis caelatus LeConte - Pachybrachis caelatus - male Pachybrachis latithorax Clavareau - Pachybrachis latithorax  Urodera dilaticollis Jacoby - Urodera dilaticollis=Urodera dilaticollis Jacoby - Urodera dilaticollis Coleothorpa axillaris (J. L. LeConte) - Coleothorpa axillaris=Coleothorpa axillaris (J. L. LeConte) - Coleothorpa axillaris Anomoea rufifrons mutabilis (Lacordaire) - Anomoea rufifrons - male=Anomoea rufifrons mutabilis (Lacordaire) - Anomoea rufifrons - male Smaragdina militaris (J. L. LeConte) - Smaragdina militaris=Smaragdina militaris (J. L. LeConte) - Smaragdina militaris Saxinis sinuata Schaeffer - Saxinis sinuata=Saxinis sinuata Schaeffer - Saxinis sinuata Saxinis sonorensis Jacoby - Saxinis sonorensis=Saxinis sonorensis Jacoby - Saxinis sonorensis Saxinis knausii Schaeffer - Saxinis knausii=Saxinis knausii Schaeffer - Saxinis knausii Saxinis apicalis LeConte - Saxinis=Saxinis apicalis LeConte - Saxinis

Exema=Exema Neochlamisus scabripennis (Schaeffer) - Neochlamisus scabripennis=Neochlamisus scabripennis (Schaeffer) - Neochlamisus scabripennis Neochlamisus bebbianae (Brown) – complex - Neochlamisus bebbianae - male Neochlamisus velutinus Karren - Neochlamisus velutinus=Neochlamisus velutinus Karren - Neochlamisus velutinus


Anthribidae - Fungus Weevils

Phaenithon platanum (Schaeffer) - Phaenithon platanum Trigonorhinus? - Trigonorhinus limbatus

Attelabidae - Leaf Rolling Weevils

Himatolabus pubescens (Say) - Himatolabus pubescens=Himatolabus pubescens (Say) - Himatolabus pubescens Pterocolus ovatus (Fabricius) - Pterocolus ovatus
Eugnamptus punctatus Pierce - Eugnamptus punctatus Haplorhynchites pseudomexicanus Hamilton - Haplorhynchites pseudomexicanus Eugnamptus nigriventris Schaeffer - Eugnamptus nigriventris Temnocerus aeratus (Say) - Temnocerus aeratus=Temnocerus aeratus (Say) - Temnocerus aeratus

Brentidae - Straight-snouted Weevils

Apionine Coelocephalapion=Coelocephalapion

Curculionidae - Weevils

Yuccaborus (=Rhinostomus) frontalis (LeConte) - Yuccaborus frontalis=Yuccaborus (=Rhinostomus) frontalis (LeConte) - Yuccaborus frontalis Rhodobaenus pustulosus (Gyllenhaal) - Rhodobaenus pustulosus=Rhodobaenus pustulosus (Gyllenhaal) - Rhodobaenus pustulosus Sibinia hispida (Casey) - Sibinia hispida Myrmex ulkei (Horn) - Myrmex ulkei Sibinia fulva (LeConte) - Sibinia fulva=Sibinia fulva (LeConte) - Sibinia fulva Anthonomus tectus LeConte - Anthonomus tectus Smicronyx spretus Dietz - Smicronyx spretus Sibinia suturalis (Schaeffer) - Sibinia suturalis Smicronyx quadrifer Casey - Smicronyx quadrifer Anthonomus ligatus Dietz - Anthonomus ligatus=Anthonomus ligatus Dietz - Anthonomus ligatus Lignyodes horridulus (Casey) - Lignyodes horridulus Weevil -? - Smicronyx sordidus Phyllotrox Geraeus patagoniensis (Sleeper) - Geraeus patagoniensis Stictobaris ornatella Casey - Stictobaris ornatella Ceutorhynchine=Ceutorhynchine Orchestomerus whiteheadi Colonnelli - Orchestomerus whiteheadi=Orchestomerus whiteheadi Colonnelli - Orchestomerus whiteheadi

Cylindrocopturus tetralobus Champion - Cylindrocopturus tetralobus=Cylindrocopturus tetralobus Champion - Cylindrocopturus tetralobus Hohonus lacteicollis (Champion) - Hohonus lacteicollis=Hohonus lacteicollis (Champion) - Hohonus lacteicollis Cnemidoprion oblonga (Horn) - Cnemidoprion oblongus=Cnemidoprion oblonga (Horn) - Cnemidoprion oblongus Gerstaeckeria knullorum (Sleeper) - Gerstaeckeria knullorum=Gerstaeckeria knullorum (Sleeper) - Gerstaeckeria knullorum Pandeleteinus submetallicus (Schaeffer) - Pandeleteinus submetallicus=Pandeleteinus submetallicus (Schaeffer) - Pandeleteinus submetallicus Polydrusus hassayampa Sleeper - Polydrusus hassayampa Large weevil with circular markings - Ophryastes nivosus Pandeleteinus lucidillus Howden - Pandeleteinus lucidillus=Pandeleteinus lucidillus Howden - Pandeleteinus lucidillus Pandeleteius cinereus (Horn) - Pandeleteius cinereus Ericydeus Hypera postica (Gyllenhal) - Hypera postica=Alfalfa weevil larva? - Hypera postica Lixus scrobicollis Boheman - Lixus scrobicollis Scaphomorphus quadrilineatus (Chevrolat) - Scaphomorphus quadrilineatus Laemosaccus Magdalis inconspicua Horn - Magdalis inconspicua Baridinae=Baridinae - Rhyssomatus Chalcodermus martini Van Dyke - Chalcodermus martini  Conotrachelus=Conotrachelus=Conotrachelus  Gnathotrichus pilosus (LeConte) - Gnathotrichus pilosus=Gnathotrichus pilosus (LeConte) - Gnathotrichus pilosus=Gnathotrichus pilosus (LeConte) - Gnathotrichus pilosus Hylastes 

Photo Credits

The following individuals, listed alphabetically, have graciously permitted me to use one or more of their thumbnail photographs. 

Dave Almquist, Brad Barnd, Joshua Basham, Bob Beatson, Margarethe Brummermann, Liam Ericson, Gary Griswold, Guy Hanley, Karl Hillig, WonGun Kim, Tim Loh, Bruce Lund, Blaine Mathison, Gary McDonald, Andrew McKorney, Beatriz Moisset, J. Ott, Jon Quist, Don Riley, Roar, Kurt Schaefer, Kyle Schnepp, Salvador Vitanza and Robyn Judith Waayers.

Nearly all these photographers here have reserved all rights to their photographs, therefore you must contact and request a license from each photographer for any additional use.

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