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Zebra Longhorn Beetle

Typocerus zebra (Olivier, 1795)

Family Cerambycidae, Subfamily Lepturinae, Tribe Lepturini


Zebra Longhorn Beetle - Typocerus zebra (Olivier, 1795)

(small triangular basal yellow marks in elytra are diagnostic)

Spring, Harris County, Texas
April 2007 (Anita Howlett)

"I have seen it numerous times in my backyard near deciduous forests with loblolly pine."

Texas County Records for Typocerus zebra

Zebra Longhorn Beetle - Typocerus zebra (Olivier, 1795)


Range: Eastern U.S. to Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.


Elytral markings are quite uniform and distinctive, particularly the small triangular basal yellow marks (see arrow in photo above); additionally, the pronotum is bordered on all four sides by dense golden hairs (as seen here) (Yanega, 1996)

Adult Activity: April to June.

Larval Hosts: Pines.

Similar Species: There are 15 species of Typocerus (and three subspecies) all occur north of Mexico, six occur in Texas.

Typocerus acuticauda standishi Knull, 1938
Typocerus balteatus diana Lewis, 2001
Typocerus lunulatus texanus Linsley & Chemsak, 1976
Typocerus octonotatus (Haldeman, 1847)
Typocerus sinuatus (Newman, 1841)
Typocerus zebra (Olivier, 1795)


typo (G). A type
cera, -t, -to (G). Horn

Photos: Zebra Longhorn (Typocerus zebra) - BugGuide.Net

Biography: Guillaume Antoine Olivier 1756-1814 - University of Nebraska-Lincoln State Museum - Division of Entomology


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