Black Witch Moth - Early Northern Records

Ascalapha odorata (Linnaeus, 1758)

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Compilation of Historical Early Northern U.S. & Canada Records

Early Black Witch Records for 2006

(fresh male)

18 miles from Johnson City, Stanton Co., Kansas
July 21, 2006 (Cheryl Hale )

We found this moth today on the side of our house.

Good condition very good flyer

77 degrees and humid today slightly overcast


(slightly worn female)

Valley City, Barnes Co., North Dakota
July 17, 2006 (Alice Beauchman)

I took a few pictures of this huge moth in my neighbor's yard. I took the digital photos on July 17th, 2006 in Valley City, North Dakota. It was late afternoon and a fairly warm day - low 90's. My neighbor lives in town and has a small wood pile - when he was moving logs, this moth flew out and landed on his fence. The neighbor knows I like nature and have a good camera so he called me over. I did about 5 pictures, then when we tried to lay a dollar bill beside it for scale, it flew off. It was about the same size as a dollar bill - just a little shorter.


(somewhat worn female on garage wall)

2 miles west of Manitou, Manitoba, Canada
July 15, 2006 (Carol Bannister)

Compilation of Early Northern Black Witch Moth Records


County (map)

City (sat. image)




New York

Suffolk Co.

Mastic, Long Is.

12 April 2009

Almost surely human assisted (fresh specimen)

U.S. Ohio Jackson Co. Jackson 19 May 1937 Almost surely human assisted

U.S. Michigan Midland Co.  04 June 1947 Albert J. Cook ARC, MSU
U.S. South Dakota Brookings Co. Brookings early June 1960
CAN Ontario Essex Co. Point Pelee NP 15-24 June 1994
U.S. Wisconsin  St. Croix Co. Hudson 16-17 June 2005 Photos (Seen by MAQ)
U.S. Minnesota Hennepin Co. St. Anthony 18 June 2005
U.S. South Dakota Brookings Co. Brookings 20 June 1919
U.S. Michigan Livingston Co. Brighton 22 June 2005 Photo, slightly worn female (seen by MAQ)
CAN Alberta Black Diamond 30 June 2005 Photo (Seen by MAQ)

U.S. South Dakota Custer Co.  Wind Cave NP 02 July 2001 male @ baited butterfly trap, leg. G.M. Marrone
U.S. North Dakota Cass Co.  Fargo  02 July 2005 male, "condition: fair to good"
U.S. Wisconsin  Brown Co. Green Bay 01 July 1985 Specimen at Univ. of Wisconsin
U.S. Oregon Deschutes Co. nr Sisters 01 July 2004 Male, good condition, photos, elev. 3200 feet
U.S. Oregon Grant Co. Prairie City 07 July 1912 Female specimen, Cleveland Museum of N. H.
U.S. Montana Flathead Co Bigfork 08 July 2004 "a little beat up", previous southerly winds 10-15 w/ gusts to 20 mph; temp:  40's at night 70's day.
CAN Newfoundland s. of Corner Brook 14 July 1929 Canadian National Collection (CNC)
CAN Ontario Norfolk Co. nr. Port Rowan 14 July 2004 Female, quite worn, photo (seen by MAQ)
CAN Manitoba 2 mi. w. Manitou 15 July 2006 somewhat worn female, photo (seen by MAQ)
U.S. Wisconsin  Sauk Co. Baraboo, DLSP 16 July 2005 rather worn male, photo (seen by MAQ)
CAN Saskatchewan    Saskatoon 16 July 1945
U.S. North Dakota Barnes Co. Valley City 17 July 2006 slightly worn female, photo (seen by MAQ)
CAN Ontario Essex Co. Point Pelee NP 18 July 1994
CAN Alberta Olds 18 July 2002 collected at mercury vapor lights
CAN Manitoba   Beulah 19 July 1904 Canadian National Collection (CNC)
CAN Ontario Essex Co. Point Pelee NP 20 July 2001
CAN Ontario nr. Port Rowan 21 July 2005 at lights
CAN Québec Mont St Hilaire 22 July 2003
CAN British Columbia Vancouver 22 July 2004 Photos, video
CAN Ontario Essex Co. Wheatley 25 July 2001
CAN Alberta Bentley 31 July 1941 Univ. Alberta Strickland Museum

There are over 30 historical BWM records for Canada and even one for Alaska!
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