Arthropod Species Collected from
Oaks, Elms, and Junipers in
Western Travis County, Texas

March-July 1993 & 1994

Total taxa: 14 orders, 138 families, 473 genera, ~1600 species/subspecies

Invertebrates were collected by beating and sweeping on the following  four tree species 
that the Golden-cheeked Warbler frequently forages in:

Juniperus ashei J. Buchholz - Ashe's Juniper - USDA PLANTS Database
Ulmus crassifolia Nutt. - Cedar Elm - USDA PLANTS Database 
Quercus buckleyi Nixon & Dorr - Buckley
Oak - USDA PLANTS Database 
Quercus fusiformis Small - Texas Live Oak - USDA PLANTS Database

Google map showing Long Hollow and Shellberg collecting sites in western Travis County

Collection dates were every other weekend from approximately March 1 to August 1.

Collected in completion of:
Quinn, M.A. 2000. Abundance and distribution of potential arthropod prey species in a typical Golden-cheeked Warbler habitat.
Unpublished Thesis. Texas A&M University, College Station. ix + 182 pp.
Abstract - Select Tables and Figures

Preliminary Report:
Wharton, R.A., E.G. Riley, M.A. Quinn, J.B. Woolley, J.S. Schaffner &  H.R. Burke. 1996.
Invertebrate species available as food for the Golden-Cheeked Warbler in its nesting habitat
Office of Research and Technology Transfer. Texas Transportation Institute, College Station; Texas Department of Transportation, Austin. 98 pp.
Select Figures

Kingdom Animalia
   Phylum Arthropoda

Class Arachnida

Order Araneae - Spiders - Phenological Graph

               Family Anyphaenidae
                   Genus Anyphaena
                        Anyphaena sp.
                   Genus Hibana
                        Hibana sp.
               Family Araneidae
                   Genus Araneus
                        Araneus sp.
                   Genus Eustala
                        Eustala sp.
                   Genus Hypsosinga
                        Hypsosinga sp.
                   Genus Mangora
                        Mangora sp.
                   Genus Neoscona
                        Neoscona sp.
                   Genus Ocrepeira
                        Ocrepeira sp.
               Family Corinnidae
                   Genus Trachelas
                        Trachelas sp.
               Family Dictynidae
                   Genus Dictyna
                        Dictyna sp.
               Family Gnaphosidae
                   Genus Cesonia
                        Cesonia sp.
                   Genus Micaria
                        Micaria sp.
               Family Hahniidae
                   Genus Neoantistea
                        Neoantistea sp.
               Family Linyphiidae
                   Genus Ceraticelus
                        Ceraticelus sp.
                   Genus Ceratinops
                        Ceratinops sp.
                   Genus Ceratinopsis
                        Ceratinopsis sp.
                   Genus Grammonota
                        Grammonota sp.
                   Genus Meioneta
                        Meioneta sp.
               Family Mimetidae
                   Genus Ero
                        Ero sp.
               Family Oxyopidae
                   Genus Hamataliwa
                        Hamataliwa sp.
               Family Philodromidae
                   Genus Philodromus
                        Philodromus sp.
               Family Salticidae
                   Genus Eris
                        Eris sp.
                   Genus Habronattus
                        Habronattus sp.
                   Genus Hentzia
                        Hentzia sp.
                   Genus Icius
                        Icius sp.
                   Genus Metaphidippus
                        Metaphidippus sp.
                   Genus Phidippus
                        Phidippus sp.
                   Genus Synageles
                        Synageles sp.
                   Genus Thiodina
                        Thiodina sp.
               Family Tetragnathidae
                   Genus Tetragnatha
                        Tetragnatha sp.
               Family Theridiidae
                   Genus Argyrodes
                        Argyrodes sp.
                   Genus Dipoena
                        Dipoena sp.
                   Genus Euryopis
                        Euryopis sp.
                   Genus Theridion
                        Theridion sp.
               Family Thomisidae
                   Genus Bassaniana
                        Bassaniana sp.
                   Genus Misumenops
                        Misumenops sp.
                   Genus Tmarus
                        Tmarus sp.
                   Genus Xysticus
                        Xysticus sp.
               Family Uloboridae
                   Genus Hyptiotes
                        Hyptiotes sp.

Class Hexapoda

Order Blattaria - Roaches

               Family Blattellidae
                   Genus Parcoblatta
                        Parcoblatta sp.
                   Genus Pseudomops
                        Pseudomops septentrionalis

Order Coleoptera - Beetles - Penological Graph

               Family Aderidae
                   Genus Cnopus
                        Cnopus impressus
                   Genus Ganascus
                        Ganascus ventricosus
                   Genus Zonantes
                        Zonantes ater
                        Zonantes sp.
               Family Anobiidae
                   Genus Byrrhodes
                        Byrrhodes intermedius
                   Genus Caenocara
                        Caenocara sp.
                   Genus Calymmaderus
                        Calymmaderus nitidus
                   Genus Cryptorama
                        Cryptorama sp.
                   Genus Lasioderma
                        Lasioderma falli
                        Lasioderma hemiptychoides
                   Genus Ozognathus
                        Ozognathus floridanus
                   Genus Petalium
                        Petalium bistriatum
                        Petalium debile
                        Petalium incisum
                        Petalium seriatum
                        Petalium sp.
                   Genus Protheca
                        Protheca hispida
                   Genus Ptinus
                        Ptinus sp.
                   Genus Stagetus
                        Stagetus profundus
                   Genus Trichodesma
                        Trichodesma gibbosa
                   Genus Tricorynus
                        Tricorynus bifoveatus
                        Tricorynus dichrous
                        Tricorynus moderatus
                        Tricorynus pinguis
                        Tricorynus punctatus
                        Tricorynus similis
                        Tricorynus sp.
                        Tricorynus ventralis
               Family Anthribidae
                   Genus Euparius
                        Euparius marmoreus
               Family Attelabidae
                   Genus Eugnamptus
                        Eugnamptus angustatus
                   Genus Himatolabus
                        Himatolabus pubescens
                   Genus Homeolabus
                        Homeolabus analis
               Family Brentidae
                   Genus Apion
                        Apion sp.
               Family Buprestidae
                   Genus Acmaeodera
                        Acmaeodera neoneglecta
                   Genus Agrilus
                        Agrilus addendus
                        Agrilus geminatus
                        Agrilus sp.
                   Genus Brachys
                        Brachys ovatus
                   Genus Chrysobothris
                        Chrysobothris ignicollis
                        Chrysobothris sp.
                   Genus Mastogenius
                        Mastogenius crenulatus
                        Mastogenius sp.
               Family Cantharidae
                   Genus Cantharis
                        Cantharis sp.
                   Genus Discodon
                        Discodon sp.
                   Genus Malthinus
                        Malthinus occipitalis
                        Malthinus sp.
                   Genus Podabrus
                        Podabrus sp.
                   Genus Silis
                        Silis sp.
                   Genus Tytthonyx
                        Tytthonyx sp.
               Family Carabidae
                   Genus Acupalpus
                        Acupalpus sp.
                   Genus Paratachys
                        Paratachys sp.
                   Genus Plochionus
                        Plochionus timidus
                   Genus Selenophorus
                        Selenophorus sp.
               Family Cerambycidae
                   Genus Euderces
                        Euderces pini
                   Genus Hypexilis
                        Hypexilis pallida
                   Genus Molorchus
                        Molorchus bimaculatus
                   Genus Tilloclytus
                        Tilloclytus geminatus
               Family Chrysomelidae
                   Genus Algarobius
                        Algarobius sp.
                   Genus Altica
                        Altica sp.
                   Genus Anomoea
                        Anomoea sp.
                   Genus Asphaera
                        Asphaera lustrans
                   Genus Chaetocnema
                        Chaetocnema sp.
                   Genus Colaspis
                        Colaspis sp.
                   Genus Cryptocephalus
                        Cryptocephalus atrofasciatus
                        Cryptocephalus quadruplex
                        Cryptocephalus sp.
                   Genus Diabrotica
                        Diabrotica sp.
                   Genus Diachus
                        Diachus auratus
                        Diachus sp.
                   Genus Distigmoptera
                        Distigmoptera sp.
                   Genus Glyptina
                        Glyptina sp.
                   Genus Longitarsus
                        Longitarsus sp.
                        Longitarsus subrufus
                   Genus Merobruchus
                        Merobruchus sp.
                   Genus Mimosestes
                        Mimosestes sp.
                   Genus Neochlamisus
                        Neochlamisus sp.
                   Genus Ophraella
                        Ophraella sp.
                   Genus Pachybrachis
                        Pachybrachis morosus
                        Pachybrachis sp.
                        Pachybrachis turbidus
                   Genus Paria
                        Paria sp.
                   Genus Phyllotreta
                        Phyllotreta sp.
                   Genus Psylliodes
                        Psylliodes sp.
                   Genus Saxinis
                        Saxinis sp.
                   Genus Spintherophyta
                        Spintherophyta globosa
                   Genus Stator
                        Stator sp.
                   Genus Syphrea
                        Syphrea nana
                   Genus Triachus
                        Triachus sp.
                   Genus Tymnes
                        Tymnes metasternalis
                   Genus Xanthonia
                        Xanthonia sp. 1 - Penological Graph
                        Xanthonia sp. 2 - Penological Graph
                        Xanthonia sp. 3 - Penological Graph
               Family Ciidae 
                   Genus Cis
                        Cis sp.
               Family Cleridae
                   Genus Cymatodera
                        Cymatodera balteata
                   Genus Isohydnocera
                        Isohydnocera sp.
                   Genus Pelonium
                        Pelonium leucophaeum
                   Genus Phyllobaenus
                        Phyllobaenus discoideus
                        Phyllobaenus humeralis
                        Phyllobaenus unifasciatus
               Family Coccinellidae
                   Genus Brachiacantha
                        Brachiacantha quadrillum
                        Brachiacantha subfasciata
                   Genus Chilocorus
                        Chilocorus stigma
                   Genus Diomus
                        Diomus sp.
                        Diomus terminatus
                   Genus Hyperaspis
                        Hyperaspis bigeminata
                        Hyperaspis inflexa
                        Hyperaspis signata
                        Hyperaspis sp.
                   Genus Olla
                        Olla v-nigrum
                   Genus Psyllobora
                        Psyllobora renifer
                        Psyllobora vigintimaculata
                   Genus Scymnus
                        Scymnus compar
                   Genus Stethorus
                        Stethorus sp.
               Family Cryptophagidae
                   Genus Anchicera
                        Anchicera sp.
               Family Cupedidae
                   Genus Cupes
                        Cupes concolor
               Family Curculionidae
                   Genus Anthonomus
                        Anthonomus faber
                        Anthonomus sp.
                   Genus Conotrachelus
                        Conotrachelus sp.
                   Genus Cylindrocopturus
                        Cylindrocopturus sp.
                   Genus Hypothenemus
                        Hypothenemus sp.
                   Genus Magdalis
                        Magdalis armicollis
                        Magdalis barbita
                        Magdalis pandura
                   Genus Myrmex
                        Myrmex laevicollis
                        Myrmex sp.
                   Genus Notiodes
                        Notiodes aeratus
                   Genus Omileus
                        Omileus epicaeroides
                   Genus Smicronyx
                        Smicronyx sp.
               Family Dermestidae
                   Genus Anthrenus
                        Anthrenus verbasci
                   Genus Cryptorhopalum
                        Cryptorhopalum obesulum
                        Cryptorhopalum ruficorne
                        Cryptorhopalum sp.
                   Genus Trogoderma
                        Trogoderma sp.
               Family Elateridae
                   Genus Aeolus
                        Aeolus sp.
                   Genus Agriotes
                        Agriotes insanus
                   Genus Glyphonyx
                        Glyphonyx sp.
                   Genus Limonius
                        Limonius pubicollis
                        Limonius sp.
                   Genus Melanotus
                        Melanotus sp.
                        Melanotus testaceus
               Family Erotylidae
                   Genus Triplax
                        Triplax frontalis
               Family Lampyridae
                   Genus Photinus
                        Photinus sp.
               Family Latridiidae
                   Genus Corticarina
                        Corticarina longipennis
                        Corticarina sp.
                   Genus Cortilena
                        Cortilena simplex
                   Genus Melanophthalma
                        Melanophthalma sp.
               Family Melandryidae
                   Genus Osphya
                        Osphya sp.
                   Genus Symphora
                        Symphora flavicollis
                        Symphora sp.
               Family Melyridae
                   Genus Amecocerus
                        Amecocerus senilis
                   Genus Attalus
                        Attalus circumscriptus
                        Attalus rufiventris
                        Attalus scincetus
                        Attalus sp.
                   Genus Melyrodes
                        Melyrodes basalis
                        Melyrodes cribrata
               Family Mordellidae
                   Genus Glipostenoda
                        Glipostenoda ambusta
                   Genus Mordella
                        Mordella insulata
                        Mordella marginata
                   Genus Mordellistena
                        Mordellistena arida
                        Mordellistena bicinctella
                        Mordellistena blatchleyi
                        Mordellistena infima
                        Mordellistena lutea
                        Mordellistena pallens
                        Mordellistena sexnotata
                        Mordellistena sp.
                        Mordellistena splendens
                        Mordellistena vapida
                        Mordellistena wickhami
                   Genus Tomoxia
                        Tomoxia undulata
               Family Nitidulidae
                   Genus Cybocephalus
                        Cybocephalus sp.
               Family Oedemeridae
                   Genus Heliocis
                        Heliocis repanda
               Family Scarabaeidae
                   Genus Diplotaxis
                        Diplotaxis sp.
               Family Scirtidae
                   Genus Cyphon
                        Cyphon sp.
               Family Scraptiidae
                   Genus Allopoda
                        Allopoda sp.
                   Genus Scraptia
                        Scraptia sp.
               Family Tenebrionidae
                   Genus Helops
                        Helops farctus
                   Genus Hymenorus
                        Hymenorus sp.
                   Genus Isomira
                        Isomira sp.
                   Genus Pseudocistela
                        Pseudocistela sp.
               Family Throscidae
                   Genus Trixagus
                        Trixagus sp.

Order Diptera - Flies

               Family Acroceridae
                   Genus Acrocera
                        Acrocera sp.
               Family Agromyzidae
                   Genus Liriomyza
                        Liriomyza sp.
                   Genus Melanagromyza
                        Melanagromyza sp.
                   Genus Phytoliriomyza
                        Phytoliriomyza sp.
                   Genus Pseudonapomyza
                        Pseudonapomyza sp.
               Family Anthomyzidae
                   Genus Mumetopia
                        Mumetopia sp.
               Family Asilidae
                   Genus Efferia
                        Efferia sp.
                   Genus Leptogaster
                        Leptogaster sp.
               Family Athericidae
                   Genus Suragina
                        Suragina concinna
               Family Bibionidae
                   Genus Bibio
                        Bibio sp.
               Family Ceratopogonidae
                   Genus Atrichopogon
                        Atrichopogon sp.
                   Genus Bezzia
                        Bezzia sp.
                   Genus Brachypogon
                        Brachypogon sp.
                   Genus Culicoides
                        Culicoides sp.
                   Genus Dasyhelea
                        Dasyhelea sp.
                   Genus Forcipomyia
                        Forcipomyia sp.
                   Genus Isohelea
                        Isohelea sp.
                   Genus Jenkinshelea
                        Jenkinshelea sp.
                   Genus Palpomyia
                        Palpomyia sp.
                   Genus Pellucidomyia
                        Pellucidomyia sp.
                   Genus Stenoxenus
                        Stenoxenus sp.
               Family Chloropidae
                   Genus Chlorops
                        Chlorops sp.
                   Genus Conioscinella
                        Conioscinella sp.
                   Genus Dasyopa
                        Dasyopa sp.
                   Genus Hippelates
                        Hippelates sp.
                   Genus Homaluroides
                        Homaluroides sp.
                   Genus Olcella
                        Olcella parva
                   Genus Oscinella
                        Oscinella sp.
                   Genus Pseudogaurax
                        Pseudogaurax sp.
               Family Chyromyidae
                   Genus Gymnochiromyia
                        Gymnochiromyia sp.
               Family Dolichopodidae
                   Genus Parasyntormon
                        Parasyntormon sp.
               Family Empididae
                   Genus Bicellaria
                        Bicellaria sp.
                   Genus Drapetis
                        Drapetis sp.
                   Genus Leptopeza
                        Leptopeza sp.
                   Genus Micrempis
                        Micrempis sp.
                   Genus Platypalpus
                        Platypalpus sp.
                   Genus Rhamphomyia
                        Rhamphomyia sp.
               Family Lauxaniidae
                   Genus Homoneura
                        Homoneura sp.
                   Genus Neogriphoneura
                        Neogriphoneura sordida
                   Genus Poecilominettia
                        Poecilominettia sp.
                   Genus Pseudocalliope
                        Pseudocalliope sp.
                   Genus Trypetisoma
                        Trypetisoma sticticum
               Family Pipunculidae
                   Genus Tomosvaryella
                        Tomosvaryella sp.
               Family Platystomatidae
                   Genus Senopterina
                        Senopterina caerulescens
                        Senopterina sp.
               Family Psilidae
                   Genus Loxocera
                        Loxocera sp.
               Family Rhagionidae
                   Genus Chrysopilus
                        Chrysopilus sp.
               Family Richardiidae
                   Genus Coniceps
                        Coniceps niger
               Family Scenopinidae
                   Genus Scenopinus
                        Scenopinus sp.
               Family Sepsidae
                   Genus Sepsis
                        Sepsis sp.
               Family Sphaeroceridae
                   Genus Leptocera
                        Leptocera sp.
               Family Stratiomyidae
                   Genus Euparyphus
                        Euparyphus sp.
                   Genus Myxosargus
                        Myxosargus sp.
                   Genus Nemotelus
                        Nemotelus bruesii
                        Nemotelus nigrinus
                   Genus Neopachygaster
                        Neopachygaster sp.
                   Genus Sargus
                        Sargus sp.
                   Genus Zabrachia
                        Zabrachia sp.
               Family Syrphidae
                   Genus Eupeodes
                        Eupeodes sp.
               Family Tachinidae
                   Genus Trichopoda
                        Trichopoda plumipes
               Family Tephritidae
                   Genus Dioxyna
                        Dioxyna sp.
                   Genus Neotephritis
                        Neotephritis finalis
               Family Tipulidae
                   Genus Nephrotoma
                        Nephrotoma sp.

Order Hemiptera - True Bugs

               Family Alydidae
                   Genus Esperanza
                        Esperanza texana
                   Genus Hyalymenus
                        Hyalymenus tarsatus
               Family Berytidae
                   Genus Jalysus
                        Jalysus spinosus
                        Jalysus wickhami
               Family Ceratocombidae
                   Genus Ceratocombus
                        Ceratocombus sp.
               Family Coreidae
                   Genus Acanthocephala
                        Acanthocephala sp.
                   Genus Leptoglossus
                        Leptoglossus clypealis
                        Leptoglossus sp.
               Family Isometopidae
                   Genus Corticoris
                        Corticoris pulchellus
                        Corticoris signatus
                   Genus Diphleps
                        Diphleps unica
                   Genus Lidopus
                        Lidopus heidemanni
               Family Lygaeidae
                   Genus Nysius
                        Nysius sp.
                   Genus Oncopeltus
                        Oncopeltus fasciatus
                   Genus Ozophora
                        Ozophora sp.
               Family Miridae
                   Genus Atractotomus
                        Atractotomus miniatus
                   Genus Barberiella
                        Barberiella formicoides
                   Genus Ceratocapsus
                        Ceratocapsus lutescens
                        Ceratocapsus sp.
                   Genus Criocoris
                        Criocoris saliens
                   Genus Deraeocoris
                        Deraeocoris manitou
                        Deraeocoris sayi
                        Deraeocoris sp.
                   Genus Dichaetocoris
                        Dichaetocoris sp.
                   Genus Dichrooscytus
                        Dichrooscytus sp.
                   Genus Eustictus
                        Eustictus sp.
                   Genus Lygocoris
                        Lygocoris caryae
                        Lygocoris quercalbae
                   Genus Mexicomiris
                        Mexicomiris texanus
                   Genus Orthotylus
                        Orthotylus sp.
                   Genus Parthenicus
                        Parthenicus juniperi
                   Genus Phytocoris
                        Phytocoris sp.
                   Genus Plagiognathus
                        Plagiognathus guttulosus
                        Plagiognathus sp.
                   Genus Pseudoxenetus
                        Pseudoxenetus regalis
                   Genus Rhasis
                        Rhasis laeviscutatus
                   Genus Rhinacloa
                        Rhinacloa forticornis
                   Genus Tropidosteptes
                        Tropidosteptes quercicola
               Family Nabidae
                   Genus Nabis
                        Nabis capsiformis
               Family Pentatomidae
                   Genus Acrosternum
                        Acrosternum hilare
                   Genus Apateticus
                        Apateticus cynicus
                   Genus Brochymena
                        Brochymena sp.
                   Genus Dendrocoris
                        Dendrocoris humeralis
                   Genus Parabrochymena
                        Parabrochymena sp.
                   Genus Podisus
                        Podisus maculiventris
               Family Phymatidae
                   Genus Macrocephalus
                        Macrocephalus cimicoides
               Family Reduviidae
                   Genus Arilus
                        Arilus cristatus
                   Genus Empicoris
                        Empicoris sp.
                   Genus Sinea
                        Sinea sp.
                   Genus Zelus
                        Zelus sp.
               Family Scutelleridae
                   Genus Diolcus
                        Diolcus chrysorrhoeus
                   Genus Stethaulax
                        Stethaulax marmoratus

(Sub)Order Homoptera

               Family Acanaloniidae
                   Genus Acanalonia
                        Acanalonia conica
               Family Achilidae
                   Genus Catonia
                        Catonia sp.
               Family Aphrophoridae
                   Genus Lepyronia
                        Lepyronia sp.
               Family Cicadellidae
                   Genus Agalliopsis
                        Agalliopsis sp.
                   Genus Aligia
                        Aligia sp.
                   Genus Dikraneura
                        Dikraneura sp.
                   Genus Draeculacephala
                        Draeculacephala sp.
                   Genus Empoasca
                        Empoasca sp.
                   Genus Erythroneura
                        Erythroneura sp.
                   Genus Eutettix
                        Eutettix sp.
                   Genus Flexamia
                        Flexamia sp.
                   Genus Penthimia
                        Penthimia sp.
                   Genus Polyamia
                        Polyamia sp.
                   Genus Scaphoideus
                        Scaphoideus sp.
                   Genus Xestocephalus
                        Xestocephalus sp.
               Family Cixiidae
                   Genus Bothriocera
                        Bothriocera sp.
                   Genus Myndus
                        Myndus sp.
                   Genus Oliarus
                        Oliarus sp.
               Family Derbidae
                   Genus Apache
                        Apache degeeri
                   Genus Cedusa
                        Cedusa widisca
               Family Flatidae
                   Genus Metcalfa
                        Metcalfa pruinosa
               Family Issidae
                   Genus Bruchomorpha
                        Bruchomorpha sp.
                   Genus Thionia
                        Thionia acuta
                        Thionia sp.
                   Genus Ulixes
                        Ulixes sp.
               Family Membracidae
                   Genus Archasia
                        Archasia auriculata
                   Genus Cyrtolobus
                        Cyrtolobus sp.
                   Genus Glossonotus
                        Glossonotus acuminatus
                   Genus Microcentrus
                        Microcentrus sp.
                   Genus Ophiderma
                        Ophiderma flavicephala
                        Ophiderma salamandra
                        Ophiderma sp.
                   Genus Platycotis
                        Platycotis sp.
                        Platycotis vittata
                   Genus Smilia
                        Smilia camelus
                   Genus Stictocephala
                        Stictocephala sp.
                   Genus Telamona
                        Telamona monticola
                   Genus Vanduzeea
                        Vanduzeea sp.
               Family Psyllidae
                   Genus Pachypsylla
                        Pachypsylla sp.

Order Hymenoptera - Ants, Bees, Wasps

               Family Aphelinidae
                   Genus Ablerus
                        Ablerus sp.
                   Genus Aphelinus
                        Aphelinus sp.
                   Genus Coccobius
                        Coccobius sp.
                   Genus Coccophagoides
                        Coccophagoides sp.
                   Genus Coccophagus
                        Coccophagus sp.
                   Genus Encarsia
                        Encarsia sp.
                   Genus Marietta
                        Marietta sp.
               Family Bethylidae
                   Genus Anisepyris
                        Anisepyris analis
                        Anisepyris sp.
                   Genus Cephalonomia
                        Cephalonomia sp.
                   Genus Goniozus
                        Goniozus sp.
                   Genus Holepyris
                        Holepyris sp.
                   Genus Plastanoxus
                        Plastanoxus sp.
               Family Braconidae
                   Genus Bassus
                        Bassus erythrogaster
                   Genus Bracon
                        Bracon scanticorum
                   Genus Habrobracon
                        Habrobracon hebetor
                   Genus Helcon
                        Helcon texanus
                   Genus Homolobus
                        Homolobus truncator
               Family Ceraphronidae
                   Genus Aphanogmus
                        Aphanogmus sp.
                   Genus Ceraphron
                        Ceraphron sp.
               Family Chalcididae
                   Genus Brachymeria
                        Brachymeria sp.
                   Genus Conura
                        Conura sp.
               Family Cynipidae
                   Genus Andricus
                        Andricus sp.
                   Genus Bassettia
                        Bassettia sp.
                   Genus Belonocnema
                        Belonocnema sp.
                   Genus Callirhytis
                        Callirhytis sp.
                   Genus Ceroptres
                        Ceroptres sp.
                   Genus Disholcaspis
                        Disholcaspis sp.
                   Genus Neuroterus
                        Neuroterus sp.
                   Genus Odontocynips
                        Odontocynips sp.
                   Genus Synergus
                        Synergus sp.
               Family Diprionidae
                   Genus Monoctenus
                        Monoctenus sp.
               Family Dryinidae
                   Genus Aphelopus
                        Aphelopus albopictus
                        Aphelopus rufiventris
                        Aphelopus varicornis
                   Genus Crovettia
                        Crovettia theliae
               Family Elasmidae
                   Genus Elasmus
                        Elasmus sp.
               Family Encyrtidae
                   Genus Aenasius
                        Aenasius sp.
                   Genus Anagyrus
                        Anagyrus sp.
                   Genus Anicetus
                        Anicetus sp.
                   Genus Aphycus
                        Aphycus sp.
                   Genus Apoanagyrus
                        Apoanagyrus sp.
                   Genus Cerchysiella
                        Cerchysiella sp.
                   Genus Charitopus
                        Charitopus sp.
                   Genus Cheiloneurus
                        Cheiloneurus sp.
                   Genus Coccidencyrtus
                        Coccidencyrtus sp.
                   Genus Epiencyrtus
                        Epiencyrtus sp.
                   Genus Gahaniella
                        Gahaniella sp.
                   Genus Gyranusoidea
                        Gyranusoidea sp.
                   Genus Holcencyrtus
                        Holcencyrtus sp.
                   Genus Homalotyloidea
                        Homalotyloidea sp.
                   Genus Homalotylus
                        Homalotylus sp.
                   Genus Isodromus
                        Isodromus sp.
                   Genus Metaphycus
                        Metaphycus sp.
                   Genus Microterys
                        Microterys sp.
                   Genus Mucrencyrtus
                        Mucrencyrtus sp.
                   Genus Neococcidencyrtus
                        Neococcidencyrtus sp.
                   Genus Ooencyrtus
                        Ooencyrtus sp.
                   Genus Plagiomerus
                        Plagiomerus sp.
                   Genus Pseudaphycus
                        Pseudaphycus sp.
                   Genus Psyllaephagus
                        Psyllaephagus sp.
                   Genus Rhytidothorax
                        Rhytidothorax sp.
                   Genus Syrphophagus
                        Syrphophagus sp.
                   Genus Tetracnemus
                        Tetracnemus sp.
                   Genus Zaomma
                        Zaomma sp.
               Family Eucharitidae
                   Genus Orasema
                        Orasema sp.
               Family Eucoilidae
                   Genus Odonteucoila
                        Odonteucoila sp.
               Family Eulophidae
                   Genus Diaulinopsis
                        Diaulinopsis sp.
                   Genus Dimmockia
                        Dimmockia sp.
                   Genus Elachertus
                        Elachertus sp.
                   Genus Euderus
                        Euderus sp.
                   Genus Euplectrus
                        Euplectrus sp.
                   Genus Necremnus
                        Necremnus sp.
                   Genus Paraolinx
                        Paraolinx sp.
                   Genus Sympiesis
                        Sympiesis sp.
                   Genus Zagrammosoma
                        Zagrammosoma sp.
               Family Eupelmidae
                   Genus Anastatus
                        Anastatus sp.
                   Genus Arachnophaga
                        Arachnophaga (Arachnophaga) sp.
                   Genus Brasema
                        Brasema sp.
                   Genus Calosota
                        Calosota sp.
                   Genus Eupelmus
                        Eupelmus sp.
                   Genus Eusandalum
                        Eusandalum sp.
                   Genus Metapelma
                        Metapelma sp.
                   Genus Reikosiella
                        Reikosiella (Hirticauda) sp.
                   Genus Zaischnopsis
                        Zaischnopsis sp.
               Family Evaniidae
                   Genus Hyptia
                        Hyptia thoracica
               Family Figitidae
                   Genus Aegilips
                        Aegilips sp.
               Family Formicidae
                   Genus Camponotus
                        Camponotus etiolatus
                        Camponotus festinatus
                        Camponotus sp.
                        Camponotus texanus
                   Genus Crematogaster
                        Crematogaster laeviuscula
                   Genus Forelius
                        Forelius foetidus
                   Genus Hypoponera
                        Hypoponera sp.
                   Genus Leptothorax
                        Leptothorax obturator
                        Leptothorax schaumii
                   Genus Monomorium
                        Monomorium minimum
                   Genus Paratrechina
                        Paratrechina terricola
                   Genus Pheidole
                        Pheidole sp.
                   Genus Pseudomyrmex
                        Pseudomyrmex brunneus
                   Genus Solenopsis
                        Solenopsis invicta
               Family Ichneumonidae
                   Genus Brachycyrtus
                        Brachycyrtus sp.
                   Genus Casinaria
                        Casinaria sp.
                   Genus Chorinaeus
                        Chorinaeus excessorius
                   Genus Cremastus
                        Cremastus sp.
                   Genus Ctenochira
                        Ctenochira sp.
                   Genus Enytus
                        Enytus sp.
                   Genus Eridolius
                        Eridolius sp.
                   Genus Erromenus
                        Erromenus sp.
                   Genus Glypta
                        Glypta sp.
                   Genus Itoplectis
                        Itoplectis conquisitor
                   Genus Lissonota
                        Lissonota sp.
                   Genus Mesochorus
                        Mesochorus sp.
                   Genus Netelia
                        Netelia sp.
                   Genus Pristomerus
                        Pristomerus sp.
                   Genus Rhorus
                        Rhorus sp.
                   Genus Smicroplectrus
                        Smicroplectrus sp.
                   Genus Temelucha
                        Temelucha sp.
                   Genus Triclistus
                        Triclistus sp.
               Family Megaspilidae
                   Genus Lagynodes
                        Lagynodes sp.
               Family Ormyridae
                   Genus Ormyrus
                        Ormyrus sp.
               Family Pergidae
                   Genus Acordulecera
                        Acordulecera sp.
               Family Perilampidae
                   Genus Perilampus
                        Perilampus sp.
               Family Platygastridae
                   Genus Amblyaspis
                        Amblyaspis sp.
                   Genus Amitus
                        Amitus sp.
                   Genus Inostemma
                        Inostemma sp.
                   Genus Isostasius
                        Isostasius sp.
                   Genus Leptacis
                        Leptacis sp.
                   Genus Metaclisis
                        Metaclisis sp.
                   Genus Metanopedias
                        Metanopedias sp.
                   Genus Platygaster
                        Platygaster sp.
                   Genus Platystasius
                        Platystasius sp.
                   Genus Synopeas
                        Synopeas sp.
                   Genus Trichacis
                        Trichacis sp.
               Family Scelionidae
                   Genus Aradoctonus
                        Aradoctonus sp.
                   Genus Baryconus
                        Baryconus sp.
                   Genus Calliscelio
                        Calliscelio sp.
                   Genus Ceratobaeus
                        Ceratobaeus sp.
                   Genus Dissolcus
                        Dissolcus sp.
                   Genus Eumicrosoma
                        Eumicrosoma sp.
                   Genus Gryon
                        Gryon sp.
                   Genus Idris
                        Idris sp.
                   Genus Probaryconus
                        Probaryconus sp.
                   Genus Scelio
                        Scelio sp.
                   Genus Telenomus
                        Telenomus sp.
                   Genus Trimorus
                        Trimorus sp.
                   Genus Trissolcus
                        Trissolcus sp.
               Family Sphecidae
                   Genus Spilomena
                        Spilomena sp.
                   Genus Trypargilum
                        Trypargilum sp.
               Family Tenthredinidae
                   Genus Periclista
                        Periclista sp.
               Family Tiphiidae
                   Genus Tiphia
                        Tiphia sp.
               Family Vespidae
                   Genus Stenodynerus
                        Stenodynerus sp.

Order Lepidoptera - Moths, Butterflies

               Family Arctiidae
                   Genus Cisthene
                        Cisthene sp.
                   Genus Hypoprepia
                        Hypoprepia sp.
               Family Gelechiidae
                   Genus Dichomeris
                        Dichomeris sp.
               Family Geometridae
               Family Lacturidae
                   Genus Lactura
                        Lactura sp.
               Family Noctuidae
               Family Notodontidae
                   Genus Heterocampa
                        Heterocampa sp.
               Family Tortricidae
                   Genus Cudonigera 
                        Cudonigera houstonana

Order Neuroptera - Lacewings and Mantidflies

               Family Berothidae
                   Genus Lomamyia
                        Lomamyia sp.
               Family Chrysopidae
                   Genus Chrysopa
                        Chrysopa quadripunctata
                        Chrysopa sp.
                   Genus Chrysoperla
                        Chrysoperla harrisii
                        Chrysoperla rufilabris
               Family Coniopterygidae
                   Genus Coniopteryx
                        Coniopteryx (Coniopteryx) mexicana
                        Coniopteryx (Coniopteryx) simplicior
                        Coniopteryx sp.
                        Coniopteryx (Coniopteryx) westwoodii
                   Genus Neoconis
                        Neoconis marginata
                   Genus Semidalis
                        Semidalis sp.
               Family Hemerobiidae
                   Genus Sympherobius
                        Sympherobius amiculus
                        Sympherobius barberi
                        Sympherobius killingtoni
                        Sympherobius occidentalis
               Family Mantispidae
                   Genus Dicromantispa 
                        Dicromantispa (=Mantispa) interrupta
                   Genus Leptomantispa 
                        Leptomantispa (=Mantispa) pulchella

Order Orthoptera - Grasshoppers, Crickets, Katydids

               Family Acrididae
                   Genus Spharagemon
                        Spharagemon sp.
               Family Gryllidae
                   Genus Cyrtoxipha
                        Cyrtoxipha columbiana
                   Genus Oecanthus
                        Oecanthus californicus
                        Oecanthus niveus
                        Oecanthus sp.
               Family Tettigoniidae
                   Genus Pterophylla
                        Pterophylla sp.
                   Genus Scudderia
                        Scudderia sp.

 Order Phasmida - Stick Insects

               Family Heteronemiidae
                   Genus Diapheromera
                        Diapheromera sp.

Order Raphidioptera - Snakeflies

               Family Raphidiidae
                   Genus Agulla
                        Agulla (Agulla) bicolor

Order Thysanoptera - Thrips

               Family Thripidae
                   Genus Frankliniella
                        Frankliniella fusca
                        Frankliniella tritici
                   Genus Neohydatothrips
                        Neohydatothrips variabilis
                   Genus Scirtothrips
                        Scirtothrips citri

Order Trichoptera - Caddisflies

               Family Philopotamidae
                   Genus Chimarra
                        Chimarra sp.

27 Jan 2011 Mike Quinn / / Texas Entomology