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Solitary Black Bycid

Stenaspis solitaria (Say, 1824)

Family Cerambycidae, Subfamily Cerambycinae, Tribe Trachyderini


Stenaspis solitaria (Say, 1824)

Kenedy Ranch, Kenedy Co., TX
May 23, 2006 (B Freeman)

I followed it for about 1/4 mile in a Polaris out on the prairie until I saw it go down in some crotons where I nabbed it.
In flight they look huge. I saw 3 more  flying way out on the coastal prairie far from trees. 

Range: Not common in South Texas, but somewhat common in the Big Bend area and extremely common in southern Arizona. (pers. com. Dan Heffern)

Adult Activity: May to October (Hovore et al. 1987)

Larval Hosts: Prosopis, Acacia (Linsley 1962)

Behavior: They love to fly around on HOT days. (pers. com. Dan Heffern)

Similar Species: There are seven species of Stenaspis, two of which range north of Mexico.

Stenaspis solitaria (Say) - Southwestern U.S. to south Texas and northern Mexico.
Stenaspis verticalis arizonicus Casey - Arizona
Stenaspis verticalis insignis (Casey) - South-central Texas to Northern Mexico

Etymology: solitari (L). Solitary

Photo: Stenaspis solitaria - Living Jewels

Biography: Thomas Say (1787 – 1834) - Wikipedia


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