Scientific Names List for Butterfly Species 
of North America, North of Mexico

Paul A. Opler & Andrew D. Warren

May 15, 2003 with additions

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The annotated "Scientific Names List for Butterfly Species of North America, North of Mexico" by P.A. Opler and A.D. Warren has just been published (2002) in the Contributions of the Gillette Museum of Arthropod Biodiversity. The retail price is $18.00 (postage paid).

This is the first list of scientific names of North American butterfly species prepared and reviewed by systematists since that of C.D. Ferris (1989).

This list contains the most current scientific names for 780 North American butterfly species (Papilionoidea and Hesperiodea).  Authorship and date of publication (many corrected) are included.  The original spelling of species names are given in accord with recent practices.  Annotations with literature citations are given for many of the names as explanation for their current usage.  Species are numbered for curatorial purposes (subspecies are not listed).  Significant input was provided by many lepidopterists, but especially significant input was provided by Gerardo Lamas (author of Neotropical Butterfly Checklist [in press]) and Jonathan Pelham (author of upcoming synonymical catalogue of North American butterflies [in preparation], which will include subspecies).

Also included are a list of Hawaiian butterflies and a list of species names excluded from the North American fauna (with brief explanations).

The strength of this list is not only its completely up-to-date nomenclature, but the fact that over 380 references are provided that substantiate the names provided. (An updated (as of May 2003) PDF version of this list is available HERE.)

The list in 83 pages in length, has clear plastic cover, black plastic back cover, and black coil binding for durability.

You may return a copy of this page with your payment made out to

Gillette Publications,
Department of Bioagricultural Sciences,
Colorado State University,
Fort Collins, CO 80523 U.S.A.

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