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Cottonwood Borer

Plectrodera scalator (Fabricius, 1792)

Family Cerambycidae, Subfamily Lamiinae, Tribe Lamiini


Plectrodera scalator (Fabricius)

Photo by M. Quinn
Specimen from TAMU Insect Collection

Range: Eastern North America, from Great Lakes states west to New Mexico and south to Texas (Hovore et al. 1987)

Adult Activity: April to August (Hovore et al. 1987, Lingafelter & Horner 1993)

Larval Hosts: 

Populus, Salix (Milliken 1916)
Platanus, Albizia, Helianthus (Lingafelter & Horner 1993)

Abundance: Ubiquitous in North Central Texas (Lingafelter & Horner 1993)

Biology: The larvae mine the living root crown, often seriously damaging the plant (Hovore et al. 1987)

Similar Species: None, one of the largest and most recognizable North American longhorns.


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Biography: Johan Christian Fabricius (1745 - 1808) - Wikipedia


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