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Firefly-mimicking Longhorn

Mecas rotundicollis Thomson, 1868

Family Cerambycidae, Subfamily Lamiinae, Tribe Phytoeciini


Firefly-mimicking Longhorn - Mecas rotundicollis Thomson, 1868

Firefly-mimicking Longhorn - Mecas rotundicollis Thomson, 1868

(Adult beetles are firefly mimics!)

Austin, Travis County, Texas
June 2007 (larvalbug.com)

Texas County Records for Mecas rotundicollis

Firefly-mimicking Longhorn - Mecas rotundicollis Thomson, 1868


Range: Oklahoma to Arizona, Texas, and Mexico,  south to Costa Rica

Adult Activity: March to June in southern Texas. Common on the foliage of Verbesina microptera at Welder Wildlife Refuge

Larval Hosts: Stems & roots of asters and other Asteraceae?

Note: Adults are firefly mimics, family Lampyridae

Type Specimen: Mecas ruficollis Horn, 1878 - MCZ Type Database @ Harvard Entomology

Similar Species

There are 18 species within Mecas in three subgenera (Monné & Hovore, 2005). Ten species in two subgenera occur in the U.S. and Mexico (Arnett et al. 2002).

Texas Taxa:

Mecas cana saturnina (LeConte)
Mecas cineracea Casey
Mecas confusa
Chemsak & Linsley
Mecas linsleyi
Mecas marginella
Mecas pergrata (Say)
Mecas rotundicollis

Etymology: Mecas rotundicollis

meco (G). Long; length

rotund (L). Round
coll, -i (L). The neck; a hill

Author: James Thomson (1828-1897) 


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