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Mesquite Girdler

Oncideres rhodosticta Bates, 1885

Family Cerambycidae, Subfamily Lamiinae, Tribe Onciderini

cf. O. pustulata 

Oncideres rhodosticta Bates, 1885

Sauceda, Big Bend Ranch SP, Presidio Co., TX
September 10-11, 2005 (Tony Gallucci)

Range: sw USA (AZ-TX), nc Mexico (DU), Baja Calif

Similar species: There are over 100 species of Oncideres (per Monné & Hovore, 2002), three of which occur in Texas:

The mesquite girdler (Oncideres rhodosticta) can be found in the southern Rolling Plains and the Trans- Pecos regions. As the name implies, this beetle prefers the limbs of mesquite but will also girdle several species of acacia.

The pecan girdler (Oncideres cingulata), found throughout Texas except for the Trans-Pecos region, attacks and girdles a wide range of deciduous trees. The preferred hosts include pecan, persimmon, hickory, walnut, red oak, hackberry, elm, mesquite, huisache, tepeguaje, mimosa, retama, Texas ebony, citrus and various fruit trees. 

The huisache girdler (Oncideres pustulata) inhabits the Gulf Coastal Prairie, South Texas and the Lower Rio Grande Valley regions. It confines its attack primarily to huisache, tepeguaje and mimosa but will also girdle mesquite, retama, Texas ebony and citrus. 



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