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Long-jawed Longhorn Beetle

Trachyderes (Dendrobias) mandibularis Dupont 1834

Family Cerambycidae, Subfamily Cerambycinae, Tribe Trachyderini

Unit Tray of Trachyderes mandibularis

Trachyderes m. mandibularis

(Female, males have much expanded jaws)

Roy Kizer Golf Course, Austin, Travis Co., TX
July 05, 2006 (Scott Young)

Texas County Records for Dendrobias mandibularis

Trachyderes m. mandibularis


County Records per Ed Riley, 2006
Plus Starr Co.


Range: southwestern U.S., south to Honduras, southern Florida

Flight Period: March-November, most common from July through September based on specimens in the TAMUIC.


Celtis sp. - Hackberry

Ficus sp. - Ficus

Tamarix gallica - French tamarisk

Biology: Adults are active during the day and most are found near wounded trees that are oozing sap.


Similar Species: There are three described subspecies of Dendrobias mandibularis, all occur in the United States.


Unit Tray of Trachyderes mandibularis - Texas A&M University Insect Collection

Trachyderes (Dendrobias) mandibularis - Florida State Collection of Arthropods


trachyte (G). Roughness
dero (G). The neck


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