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Gigas Longhorn Beetle

Stenelytrana gigas (LeConte, 1873)

Family Cerambycidae, Subfamily Lepturinae, Tribe Lepturini


Stenelytrana gigas (LeConte, 1873)

(at banana bait)

Zilker Botanical Garden
Austin, Travis County, Texas
June 26, 2007 (Scott Young)

Range: From extreme west TX mountains to north central TX, to the Rio Grande Valley; south to Chihuahua, Mexico.

Adult Activity: April to August in south Texas, May to July in north-central Texas.

Larval Hosts: Hardwoods like willow, oak or hackberry.

Biology: Common at sugar traps. Adults are strong and agile fliers.

In north-central Texas, Lingafelter and Horner (1993) reported approximately 30 specimens congregated at a tree (species undetermined) which was producing much sap and had attracted many other insects.

Similar Species: There are four species of Stenelytrana, three reach the United States.

Stenelytrana emarginata (Fabricius) 1787 - eastern USA 
Stenelytrana gigas (LeConte) 1873 - TX; Chihuahua, Mexico 
Stenelytrana splendens (Knull) 1935 - AZ

All specimens examined by Lingafelter and Horner (1993) in north-central Texas were assigned to gigas, however many specimens shared characteristics specific to emarginata

SynonymLeptura (Stenura) gigas

Etymology: Stenelytrana gigas 

sten, -o (G). Narrow
elytr, -o, =um (G). A sheath, cover
giga (G). Giant, very large


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