Early North American Entomological Books

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Early North American Butterfly and Moth Books

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Kirby, W. & W. Spence. 1822. An introduction to entomology: or elements of the natural history of insects: with plates. Volume I, Fourth Edition. R. & A. Taylor, London.

Duncan, J. 1840. Introduction to Entomology.: Comprehending a General View of the Metamorphoses, External Structure, Anatomy, Physiology, and Systematic Arrangement of the Class Insects. T. Constable, Edinburgh. 662 pp.

Thaddeus William Harris. 1841. A Report on the Insects of Massachusetts, injurious to vegetation. Commissioners on the Zoological and Botanical Survey of the State, Cambridge, Mass. 459 pp.

Henry C. Preston, Benedict Jaeger 1859. The Life of North American Insects. Harper & Brothers, NY. 319 pp.

Townend Glover 1872. Illustrations of North American Entomology: (United States and Canada), Orthoptera. J. S. Tomlinson, Washington, D.C. 13 pp.

Packard, A.S. 1873. Our Common Insects: A Popular Account of the Insects of Our Fields, Forests, Gardens and Houses. Dodd & Mead, NY. 225 pp.

Philip Reese Uhler. 1876. List of Hemiptera of the Region West of the Mississippi River, Including Those Collected During the Hayden Explorations of 1873. Department of the Interior, Washinton. 95 pp.

Comstock, J.H. 1882. Guide to Practical Work in Elementary Entomology: An Outline for the Use of Students in the Entomological Laboratory of Cornell University. Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY. 35 pp.

Comstock, J.H, & A.B. Comstock. 1888. An Introduction to Entomology. Published by author, Ithaca, NY. 234 pp.

Thomas Say, John Lawrence Le Conte & George Ord.1891. The Complete Writings of Thomas Say on the Entomology of North America. A. E. Foote, Philadelphia, PA. 814 pp.

Van Duzee, E.P. 1918. Catalogue of the Hemiptera of American North of Mexico: Excepting the Aphididae, Coccidae and Aleurodidae. Vol. 2. University of California Press, Berkeley. i-xiv + 902 pp.

Willis Stanley Blatchley. 1926. Heteroptera: or true bugs of eastern North America, with especial reference to the faunas of Indiana and Florida. The Nature publishing company. 1116 pp.

Hussey, R.F. & E. Sherman. 1929. General Catalogue of the Hemiptera: Fascicle III. Pyrrhocoridae. Smith College, Northhampton, MA. 144 pp.

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