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Brilliant Forester Moth

Eupseudomorpha brillians (Neumoegen, 1880)

Owlet Moth Family Noctuidae

Forester Moth Subfamily Agaristinae


Brilliant Forester - Eupseudomorpha brillians (Neumoegen, 1880)

J.B. Thomas Reservoir, Scurry Co., Texas
20 March 1997 (J. Barry Lombardini)

Photograph courtesy of Texas Lepidoptera Survey

Texas County Records for Eupseudomorpha brillians

Brilliant Forester - Eupseudomorpha brillians (Neumoegen, 1880)



Texas counties: Scurry, Lubbock, and Donley. 

J. Barry Lombardini reports (pers. comm., Jan. 2007) collecting the following specimens:

1 from Lubbock (city) caught on 24-III-1984; 
2 from Lubbock (city) caught on 29-III-1986; 
5 from Lake J.B. Thomas (Scurry Co) caught on 20-III-1997. 
A sixth was given to Ed Knudson also from Lake J.B. Thomas caught on 20-III-1997.

Oklahoma: Also recorded from Cimarron County, OK, collected May 12, 1984 in Black Mesa SP by Chuck Harp.

Flight Period: Late March through mid May.

Note: Holland (1903) wrote that "this beautiful insect ... is still very rare in collections." 

Nectar Plants: Attracted to plums blossoms (Prunus spp. - Rosaceae)

Similar Species: Eupseudomorpha is a monotypic genus.

Photo: Eupseudomorpha brillians - Ed Knudson


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