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Beyer's Scarab

Chrysina beyeri (Skinner)

Family Scarabaeidae, Subfamily Rutelinae, Tribe Rutelini

cf. C. gloriosa

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Carr Peak, Cochise Co., AZ
July 28, 2005 (M Stangeland & K Davis)

Flight Period: Four specimens in the TAMUIC from July and August.

Taxonomy: Hawks et al. (in press) synonymized the genera Plusiotis and Pelidnotopsis with Chrysina.

Similar Species

The genus Chrysina includes 95 species (Hawks 2001), most occur in Mexico though the genus ranges from the southwestern United States to northern South America. 

Six species occur in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and northern Mexico:

Chrysina gloriosa (LeConte)  TX NM AZ n. MX
Chrysina woodi (Horn) TX n. MX
Chrysina lecontei (Horn) NM AZ n. MX
Chrysina beyeri (Skinner) AZ n. MX
Chrysina erubescens Bates n. MX
Chrysina plusiotina (Ohaus) n. MX

Website: Plusiotis gloriosa


Chrysina beyeri - Poul Beckmann
Beyer's Scarabs Mating - Bob Jensen
Plusiotis gloriosa
- Edward S. Ross
Chrysina gloriosa - Poul Beckmann
Chrysina (Plusiotis) gloriosa - Bob Jensen
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