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Banded Cucumber Beetle

Diabrotica balteata LeConte, 1865

Family Chrysomelidae, Subfamily Galerucinae, Tribe Luperini

cf. D. barberi, D. tibialis, D. undecimpunctata

Mission, Hidalgo Co., Texas
November 08, 2004 (M Stangeland & K Davis)

Texas County Records for Diabrotica balteata  

County Record Data from E.G. Riley, Dec. 2005

Range: Southern United States to Colombia, Venezuela

Adult Activity: Year round in south Texas

Hosts: Nearly omnivorous, all plant parts are attacked, but the larvae feed only on the roots.

Similar Species: This genus includes more than 350 described species, eight of which occur north of Mexico.

Texas Taxa:

Diabrotica barberi R. Smith & Lawrence
Diabrotica balteata
Diabrotica cristata (Harris)
Diabrotica lemniscata LeConte
Diabrotica longicornis (Say) 
Diabrotica tibialis Jacoby
Diabrotica undecimpunctata howardi Barber
Diabrotica virgifera zeae Krysan & R. Smith


banded cucumber beetle - John L. Capinera, University of Florida
Diabrotica balteata - Pest and Diseases Image Library (PaDIL)


Diabrotica balteata 


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