Austin Butterfly Phenology

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Butterfly Data From:
Durden, C.J. 1990. Guide to Butterflies of Austin. Texas Botanical Garden Society, Austin. 110 pp.

Butterfly Diversity of Austin, Texas

Y axis is total number of species seen within each 10 day period of the X axis, primarily between 1968 and 1990.

First and last peaks in butterfly diversity strongly correlate to peaks in precipitation.

Mid-Summer peak of 99 species (during period 20) due to annual butterfly count held at that time.

Chris Durden reports the number of species recorded on July butterfly counts has risen from 99 in 1989 to 124 by 2004.

Average Annual Temperature & Precipitation - Austin, Texas

The raw weather data from U.S. Climate Normals website via the National Climatic Data Center at:

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Michael Hammer, Undergraduate Assistant, Office of the State Climatologist, January 31, 2005

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