White Witch (Thysania agrippina)

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Wings of a Jungle Moth Spread Nearly a Foot

Image from:
Zaul, P.A. 1959. Giant Insects of the Amazon. National Geographic. pg. 648.
Paul A. Zahl is listed as National Geographic Senior Editorial Staff (Natural Sciences)  

The caption reads:  

Wings of a Jungle Moth Spread Nearly a Foot 

Floodlights at an Amapa manganese mine brought Thysania agrippina within range of the author's net on one of his midnight prowls. Antonio, 10-year-old son of a mine employee, accompanied Dr. Zahl on many of his field sorties (page 663). Ripening papayas load the trees.

     The reference to page 663 takes one to a another photo of Zahl and the boy photographing a large beetle.

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