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Affinis Leaf-footed Bug - Anisoscelis affinis

Order Hemiptera - Suborder Heteroptera
True Bugs

Infraorder Gerromorpha

Family Gerridae - Water Striders
Family Hydrometridae - Water Measurers
Family Mesoveliidae - Water Treaders
Family Veliidae - Smaller Water Striders

Infraorder Leptopodomorpha

Family Saldidae - Shore Bugs

Infraorder Nepomorpha - Aquatic Bugs

Family Belostomatidae - Giant Water Bugs
Family Corixidae - Water Boatmen
Family Gelastocoridae - Toad Bugs
Family Naucoridae - Creeping Water Bugs
Family Nepidae - Waterscorpions
Family Notonectidae - Backswimmers

Infraorder Cimicomorpha

Family Tingidae - Lace Bug
Family Miridae - Plant Bugs
Family Anthocoridae - Minute Pirate Bugs
Family Lasiochilidae
Family Cimicidae - Bed Bugs
Family Nabidae - Damsel Bugs
Family Reduviidae - Assassin Bugs

Subfamily Emesinae - Thread-legged Bugs
Subfamily Ectrichodiinae
Subfamily Harpactorinae
Subfamily Microtominae
Subfamily Peiratinae - Corsairs
Subfamily Phymatinae - Ambush Bugs
Subfamily Reduviinae
Subfamily Saicinae
Subfamily Stenopodainae
Subfamily Triatominae - Kissing Bugs

Infraorder Pentatomorpha

Family Aradidae - Flat Bugs

Superfamily Lygaeoidea

Family Berytidae - Stilt Bugs
Family Blissidae
Family Cymidae
Family Geocoridae - Big-eyed Bugs
Family Lygaeidae - Seed Bugs
Family Pachygronthidae
Family Piesmatidae - Ash-gray Leaf Bugs
Family Rhyparochromidae - Dirt-colored Seed Bugs

Superfamily Pyrrhocoroidea

Family Largidae - Bordered Plant Bugs
Family Pyrrhocoridae - Red Bugs

Superfamily Coreoidea

Family Alydidae - Broad-headed Bugs
Family Coreidae - Leaf-footed Bugs
Family Rhopalidae - Scentless Plant Bugs

Superfamily Pentatomoidea

Family Cydnidae - Burrowing Bugs
Family Pentatomidae - Stink Bugs
Family Scutelleridae - Shield-backed Bugs
Family Thyreocoridae - Ebony Bugs

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Pentatomoidea Bibliography - David A. Rider

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