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Carpet Beetles of Texas - Family Dermestidae

Some 50 species of dermestids have been recorded from Texas (Andreas Herrmann, pers. comm. 2017)
The following thumbnails represent over 70% of the Texas total
(Plus links to images of the remaining spp.)

Speciemens primarily shot at, or depositied into, the TAMUIC or the UTIC

Dermestini - Thorictini - Orphilini - Trinodini - Attagenini - Anthrenini

Larder Beetle - Dermestes lardarius Dermestes lardarius
Dermestes lardarius Linnaeus, 1758 - Range: mostly n. of the Mason-Dixon Line, Cosmopolitan

Dermestes caninus Germar - Dermestes caninus Dermestes caninus Germar - Dermestes caninus
Dermestes caninus Germar, 1824 - Range: widely dist., common across Texas.

Dermestes - Dermestes carnivorus
Dermestes carnivorus Fabricius, 1775 - Range: AZ to c. TX

Dermestes maculatus Dermestes maculatus
Dermestes maculatus Degeer, 1774 - Range: Cosmopolitan

Dermestes marmoratus? - Dermestes marmoratus Dermestes marmoratus? - Dermestes marmoratus Dermestes marmoratus? - Dermestes marmoratus
Dermestes marmoratus Say, 1823 - Range: w US to c. Texas

Dermestes sp.? - Dermestes frischii Dermestes sp.? - Dermestes frischii
Dermestes frischi Kugelann, 1792 - Range: only a few w. TX records

Dermestes talpinus Dermestes talpinus
Dermestes talpinus Mannerheim, 1843 - Range: N. Amer., rare in TX

 Beetle  - Dermestes nidum Pennsylvania Beetle for ID - Dermestes nidum Pennsylvania Beetle for ID - Dermestes nidum
Dermestes nidum Arrow, 1915 - Range: e. US to w. TX, uncommon

Dermestes pulcher
Dermestes pulcher LeConte, 1854 - Range: rare in TX
Thorictodes heydeni Reitter - Thorictodes heydeni Thorictodes heydeni Reitter - Thorictodes heydeni
Thorictodes heydeni Reitter, 1875 - Range: Cosmopolitan

Is that a beetle??? - Thylodrias contractus
Thylodrias contractus Motschulsky, 1839 - Range: Holarctic
Orphilus ater Erichson - Orphilus ater
Orphilus ater Erichson, 1846 - Range: e NA

Beetle - Orphilus subnitidus
Orphilus subnitidus LeConte, 1861 - Range: w. N. Amer.

Apsectus hispidus (Melsheimer, 1844) - Rangte: e US
Beetle - Attagenus brunneus - male
Attagenus brunneus Faldermann, 1835 - Range: Cosmopolitan

1019CC - Attagenus fasciatus 1019CC - Attagenus fasciatus
Attagenus fasciatus Thunberg 1795 - Range: Cosmopolitan

Attagenus rufipennis LeConte - Attagenus rufipennis
Attagenus rufipennis LeConte, 1859 - Range: sw US

Attagenus? - Attagenus unicolor - female
Attagenus unicolor (Brahm, 1791) - Range: Cosmopolitan

Novelsis horni Novelsis horni (Jayne) - Novelsis horni
Novelsis horni (Jayne, 1882) - Range: CA-TX / Mex.

Novelsis uteana
Novelsis uteana Casey, 1900 - Range: sw US

Paranovelsis aequalis (Sharp) - Paranovelsis aequalis Paranovelsis aequalis (Sharp) - Paranovelsis aequalis
Paranovelsis aequalis (Sharp, 1902) - Range: TX / Mex

Dermestid - Paranovelsis varicolor
Paranovelsis varicolor (Jayne, 1882) - Range: AZ, TX / Mex.
Tiny dermestid from last years Palo verde logs - Anthrenus coloratus Anthrenus coloratus? - Anthrenus coloratus Anthrenus coloratus? - Anthrenus coloratus - female Anthrenus coloratus
Anthrenus coloratus Reitter, 1881 - Range: Cosmopolitan

Anthrenus thoracicus Melsheimer - Anthrenus thoracicus
Anthrenus thoracicus Melsheimer, 1844 - Range: e. US

Anthrenus verbasci (Linnaeus) - Anthrenus verbasci Varied carpet beetle larva - Anthrenus verbasci
Anthrenus verbasci (Linnaeus, 1767) - Range: Cosmopolitan, common throughout the US

Anthrenus chiton Beal, 1998 - Range: US
Anthrenus flavipes LeConte 1854 - Range: Cosmopolitan
Anthrenus maculatus Fabricius, 1798 - Range: sw US / Mex.

Cryptorhopalum haemorrhoidale (LeConte) - Cryptorhopalum haemorrhoidale
Cryptorhopalum haemorrhoidale (LeConte, 1824) - Range: USA

Cryptorhopalum pruddeni Casey - Cryptorhopalum pruddeni
Cryptorhopalum pruddeni Casey, 1900 - Range: sw US

Cryptorhopalum reversum Casey - Cryptorhopalum reversum Cryptorhopalum reversum Casey - Cryptorhopalum reversum
Cryptorhopalum reversum Casey, 1900 - Range: c. US

Carpet Beetle - Cryptorhopalum apicale
Cryptorhopalum "group triste" apicale (Mannerheim, 1843) - Range: w. US

Cryptorhopalum obesulum Casey - Cryptorhopalum obesulum Cryptorhopalum obesulum Casey - Cryptorhopalum obesulum
Cryptorhopalum "group triste" obesulum Casey, 1900 - Range: sw US

Cryptorhopalum ruficorne LeConte - Cryptorhopalum ruficorne Cryptorhopalum ruficorne LeConte - Cryptorhopalum ruficorne Cryptorhopalum ruficorne LeConte - Cryptorhopalum ruficorne Cryptorhopalum ruficorne LeConte - Cryptorhopalum ruficorne
Cryptorhopalum "group triste" ruficorne LeConte, 1854 - Range: s. US / Mex.

Cryptorhopalum triste-group - Cryptorhopalum triste
Cryptorhopalum "group triste" triste LeConte, 1854 - Range: USA

Cryptorhopalum "group triste" floridanum Casey, 1916 - Range: se US
Cryptorhopalum "group triste" fusculum LeConte, 1854 - Range: sw US
Cryptorhopalum "group triste" uteanum Casey, 1916 - Range: USA

Megatoma belfragei (LeConte, 1874) - Range: TX

Thaumaglossa americana (Jayne) - Thaumaglossa americana Black Beetle - Thaumaglossa americana
Thaumaglossa americana (Jayne, 1882) - Range: se US

Trogoderma ornatum (Say) - Trogoderma ornatum
Trogoderma ornatum (Say, 1825) - Range: USA

Trogoderma primum (Jayne) - Trogoderma primum
Trogoderma primum (Jayne, 1882) - Range: TX-OK

Trogoderma Trogoderma Trogoderma Trogoderma
Trogoderma sp(p).

Trogoderma anthrenoides (Sharp, 1902) - Range: TX to S. Amer., W. Indies, Asia
Trogoderma glabrum (Herbst, 1783) - Range: N. Amer.
Trogoderma serraticorne (Fabricius, 1792) - Range: Antilles
Trogoderma sternale Casey, 1900 - Range: sw US, FL
Trogoderma sternale aspericolle Casey, 1900 - Range: sw US
Trogoderma inclusum LeConte, 1854 - Range: Cosmopolitan
Trogoderma variabile Ballion, 1878 - Range: Cosmopolitan

The world's most complete set of dermestid photos - Compiled by Andreas Herrmann

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