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Ant-like Leaf Beetles of Texas - Family Aderidae

Tribe Phytobaenini

Axylophilus sp. EGR 1 - Axylophilus
    Axylophilus sp. - Range: southmost TX

Aderid - Ganascus ptinoides - male

    Ganascus ptinoides (Schwarz) - Range se US

Ganascus ventricosus (LeConte) - Ganascus ventricosus

    Ganascus ventricosus (LeConte) - Range: e US

Tribe Euglenesini

Aderid - Emelinus melsheimeri - female Emelinus melsheimeri (LeConte) - Emelinus melsheimeri - male Ant-like Leaf Beetle - Emelinus melsheimeri - male Emelinus melsheimeri (LeConte) - Emelinus melsheimeri - male
    Emelinus melsheimeri (LeConte) - Range: e. US to AZ

Zonantes ater (LeConte) - Zonantes ater Beetle  - Zonantes ater Aderid - Zonantes ater - male
    Syzeton ater (LeConte) - Range: TX-KS-PA

Beetle - Syzeton belovi
     Syzeton belovi Gompel - Range: TX-OK, FL

Beetle - Zonantes fasciatus Zonantes fasciatus (Melsheimer, 1846) - Zonantes fasciatus

    Syzeton  fasciatus (Melsheimer) - Range: e. N. Amer.

Zonantes hubbardi Casey - Zonantes hubbardi
    Syzeton hubbardi Casey - Range: e. US

Zonantes nubifer (LeConte) - Zonantes nubifer

    Syzeton nubifer (LeConte) - Range: se US

Zonantes pallidus Werner - Zonantes pallidus Zonantes pallidus Werner - Zonantes pallidus Aderid - Zonantes pallidus Zonantes pallidus Werner - Zonantes pallidus
    Syzeton pallidus Werner - Range: e. N. Amer.

Beetle - Zonantes signatus

    Syzeton signatus (Haldeman)  - Range: se US


Zonantes subfasciatus Zonantes subfasciatus Zonantes subfasciatus Ant-like - Zonantes subfasciatus

    Syzeton subfasciatus (LeConte) - Range: e. US

Tribe Aderini

Subtribe Cnopina

Cnopus impressus (LeConte) - Cnopus impressus Cnopus impressus (LeConte, 1875) - Cnopus impressus Aderid - Cnopus impressus 

    Cnopus impressus (LeConte)  - Range: e. US

Subtribe Aderina

Aderid - Aderus brunnipennis A populneus? - Aderus brunnipennis Aderidae? - Aderus brunnipennis Ant-like Leaf Beetle - Aderus brunnipennis

    Aderus brunnipennis (LeConte) - Range: e. US

Anthicid of sorts... - Aderus populneus Aderidae #2 - Aderus populneus 
    Aderus populneus (Creutzer in Panzer 1796) - Adventive from Europe, scattered N. Amer. records

Aderus tantillus (Champion) - Aderus tantillus Vanonus balteatus? - Aderus tantillus
    Aderus tantillus (Champion) - Range: c. TX to C. Amer.

Subtribe Syzetoninina

Aderid - Ariotus luteolus - male Aderid - Ariotus luteolus - male

    Ariotus luteolus (Casey) - Range: e. US

Ariotus subtropicus Casey - Ariotus subtropicus Ariotus subtropicus Casey - Ariotus subtropicus
    Ariotus subtropicus Casey - Range: coastal se US to MD, uncommon outside of southmost TX

Pseudariotus notatus (LeConte) - Pseudariotus notatus Pseudariotus notatus (LeConte) - Pseudariotus notatus Pseudariotus notatus (LeConte) - Pseudariotus notatus
    Pseudariotus notatus (LeConte) - Range: se US

Elonus basalis (LeConte) - Elonus basalis

    Elonus basalis (LeConte) - Range: e. N. Amer.

Elonus chisosensis Werner - Elonus chisosensis
    Elonus chisosensis Werner - Range: Trans-Pecos (Brewster Co.)

Elonus basalis - Elonus gruberi Aderid - Elonus gruberi - female Beetle - Elonus gruberi small beetle - Elonus gruberi Coleoptera - Elonus gruberi
    Elonus gruberi Gompel - Range: e. US, AZ

918W19 - Elonus hesperus 918W19 - Elonus hesperus
    Elonus hesperus Werner - Range: sc. US to AZ

Aderid - Elonus nebulosus - male Antlike leaf beetle - Elonus nebulosus Beetle - Elonus nebulosus - male Elonus nebulosus? - Elonus nebulosus

    Elonus nebulosus (LeConte) - Range: e. US

Vanonus balteatus Werner - Vanonus balteatus
    Vanonus balteatus Werner - Range: Great Plains (e. KS to s. TX)

Aderid - Vanonus piceus - male Aderid - Vanonus piceus - male Beetle - Vanonus piceus - female Beetle - Vanonus piceus - female
    Vanonus piceus (LeConte) - Range: e. US

    Vanonus sagax Casey - Range: se US

    Vanonus valgus Werner - Range: sc US

Subtribe Olotelina

Gymnoganascus stephani Werner, 1990 - Gymnoganascus stephani - male
    Gymnoganascus stephani Werner - Range: c. US / Mex. / Cuba


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An iconography of Aderidae species from North America and Western Europe - Gompel, N. 2010 - Link

Illustrated Beetle Inventory of the Sabal Palm Sanctuary (Cameron Co., TX) - Edward G. Riley & Michael A. Quinn, January 2011 - Link

Illustrated Beetle Inventory of Lick Creek Park, College Station, Texas - Edward G. Riley, December 2011 - Link

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