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TX-ENTO is a listserv initiated in February of 2003 and has 121 subscribers as of  March 2021.

There are a number of entomological email listserves, but most are taxonomically restricted. TX-Ento is geographically centered on (but restricted to) Texas and is geared towards professional entomologists and serious amateurs. It's open to all invertebrate taxonomic groups as well as a wide range of entomological topics in (and around) Texas including biodiversity, conservation, control, ecology, education, extension, forensic, genetics, insect-plant interactions, medical, news, pollination, systematics, taxonomy, urban, and veterinary issues. 

This listserv is hosted at the University of Houston. It's sponsored by David Sarkozi as a privilege of his being a staff member at the University of Houston. In addition to David, Mike Quinn is the other listowner. They can be reached at tx-ento-request@listserv.uh.edu.


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