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Strange Virile Bycid

Strangalia virilis LeConte, 1873

Family Cerambycidae, Subfamily Lepturinae, Tribe Lepturini


Strangalia virilis LeConte, 1873

(abdominal tip greatly expanded in male, females are more robust overall)

Utley, Bastrop Co., TX
May 27, 2006 (B Freeman)

This wasp mimic was very active/hyper and very wary and took a good while to nab...(2 days)...
This animal was feeding very actively on the blooms of an oregano bush and also could be found on dill blooms as well.  
It was doing its best to look like a wasp.  When captured it would attempt to "sting" you or at least make the motions of doing so.  

Range: Texas and Oklahoma (Hovore et al. 1986)

Adult Activity: May to June (Hovore et al. 1986)

Larval Hosts: Quercus (Linsley & Chemsak 1972)


Adults frequent visitors of horsemint (Monarda punctata) in central and eastern Texas (Hovore et al. 1986). Taber & Fleenor (2003) report this species common on Coreopsis during May and June near Bastrop, Texas.

Similar Species: There are 10 species of Strangalia (and one subspecies)  north of Mexico, four occur in Texas.

Strangalia famelica Newman
Strangalia luteicornis (Fabricius)
Strangalia sexnotata Haldeman
Strangalia virilis LeConte


strangal (G). Choke
viril (L). Manly


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