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Double-banded Bycid

Sphaenothecus bivittata Dupont, 1838

Family Cerambycidae, Subfamily Cerambycinae, Tribe Trachyderini



Sphaenothecus bivittata Dupont, 1838

Big Bend National Park, Brewster Co., TX
October 07, 2004 (M Stangeland & K Davis)

Texas Sphaenothecus bivittata County Records

Sphaenothecus bivittata Dupont, 1838

County Record Source: E.G. Riley, Sept. 2006

Range: California to Texas, south to Nicaragua

Adult Activity: January-November.

Larval Hosts

Prosopis glandulosa - Mesquite

Similar Species: There are seven species of Sphaenothecus, but only two reach the United States:

Texas Taxa:

Sphaenothecus bivittata Dupont

Sphaenothecus trilineatus Dupont - TX, south to Oaxaca, Mexico


Sphaenothecus Dupont, 1838
    Taranomis Casey, 1912


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