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13-spotted Weevil

Rhodobaenus tredecimpunctatus (Illiger 1794)

Family Curculionidae, Subfamily Dryophthorinae, Tribe Rhynchophorini


Rhodobaenustredecimpunctatus (Illiger 1794)

(on Silver-leaf Sunflower - Helianthus argophyllus)

So. Austin, Travis Co., Texas
July 19, 2008 (M. Quinn)

Range: California to Indiana to New York to Florida, northern Mexico

Flight Period: May to August in North Carolina (Brimley, 1938)

Host: Various Asteraceae 

Biology: Larvae feed in stems, adult emerges in the summer.

Brandhorst (1943) reported a pupa discovered in the root of Common Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) in western Kansas on Aug 2. The entrance hole into the stem was about 30 inches above ground. The adult emerged on Aug 5.

Similar Species: Three species north of Mexico:

Rhodobaenus pustulosus - Arizona
Rhodobaenus quinquepunctatus
- eastern North America to Texas
Rhodobaenus tredecimpunctatus
- wide-spread

Etymology: Rhodobaenus tredecimpunctatus (Illiger)

rhod, -o, =um (G). A rose
baen, -o (G). Walk, step
tri (L). Three
decim (L). Ten
punctat (L). Marked with pricks or punctures

Biography: Johann Karl Wilhelm Illiger (1775 - 1813) - Wikipedia


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