New USA (or Texas) Butterfly Records
from the Rio Grande Valley

From Published Reports Listed Chronologically

[Location and Year of Record Follows in Brackets]

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Scudder, S.H. 1872.
A systematic revision of some of the American butterflies,
with brief notes on those known to occur in Essex County, Massachusetts.

Annual Report. Peabody Academy of Science 4: 24-83.

The earliest collection of Lepidoptera in the lower Rio Grande Valley was by
Captain John Pope while conducting the Texas-Mexico Boundary Survey in the early 1850's.

Teal Beamer - Phocides urania (=Erycides urania, =Erycides texana)*
Guava Skipper
 - Phocides polybius (=Erycides sanguinea)
Plain Longtail - Urbanus (=Thymele) simplicius

*Based on specimens in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Scudder identified and mis-identified
two specimens of Phocides urania. No US records have been reported since them.

(Thus from the first collection of RGV butterflies, we have the first controversy!)

Linter, J.A. 1884. 
On some Rio Grande Lepidoptera. 
Papilio 4(7-8): 135-147. 

Discussion of 52 species of butterflies that George Burritt Sennett collected, in part, in Brownsville and Hidalgo in 1877. 

Klug's Clearwing - Dircenna klugii [Brownsville, 1877]*

*No Modern Records

Snow, F.H. 1906.
Some results of the University of Kansas entomological expeditions to Galveston and Brownsville, Texas, in 1904 and 1905.
Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science 20(1): 136-154.

Barnes, W. & J.H. McDunnough. 1913.
Species of Lepidoptera new to our fauna, with synonymical notes.
Canadian Entomologist 45(6): 182-185.

Glassy-winged Skipper - Xenophanes tryxus 

Barnes, W. & J.H. McDunnough. 1918. ?.
Contributions to the Natural History of the Lepidoptera of North America 4: 75-76.

Rounded Metalmark - Calephelis perditalis [TL: San Benito, Cameron Co.]

Lindsey, A.W., E.L. Bell & R.C. Williams, Jr. 1931. 
The Hesperioidea of North America. 
Denison University Bulletin, Journal of the Scientific Laboratories 25(1): 1-142.

Mercurial Skipper - Proteides mercurius [Texas, New Mexico, Arizona]

Glazbrook, H. 1934. 
Capture of a species of Colaenis new to the United States (Lepid.: Nymphalidae). 
Entomological News 45(9): 251-252.

 Banded Orange Heliconian - Dryadula (= Colaenis) phaetusa [Sarita, Kenedy Co., 1933]

Bell, E.L. 1941. 
On Lerodea telata (Herrich-Schäffer) and tyrtaeus Ploetz (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae). 
Entomological News 52(7):183-185.

Violet-patched Skipper - Monca crispinus (= Lerodea tyrtaeus)

Field, W.D. 1940.
A new Skipper record for the United States (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae).
Journal Kansas Entomological Society 13(2): 57.

Two-barred Flasher - Astraptes fulgerator

From 1944 to 1948, Hugh Avery Freeman lived in Pharr, TX and intensively colleted in the valley.
He reported over two-dozen butterfly species from the U.S. for the first time.
(See Warren, 2005 for discussion of the life of Freeman.)

Freeman, H.A. 1945a.
Notes on some North American Hesperiidae, with two new records for the United States (Lepidoptera: Rhopalocera).
Entomological News 56(1): 4-5.

Yellow-tipped Flasher - Astraptes anaphus
Green-backed Ruby-eye - Perichares philetes (= phocion)

Freeman, H.A. 1945b.
Notes on some Hesperiidae, with new records for the United States (Lepidoptera: Rhopalocera).
Entomological News 56(4):

Gold-spotted Aguna - Aguna asander [Pharr, undated specimen]
Gilbert's Flasher - Astraptes alector hopfferi
[Pharr, 1944]
Falcate Skipper - Spathilepia clonius
[Pharr, 1944]
Fawn-spotted Skipper - Cymaenes trebius (= Lerodea edata)
[Brownsville, Pharr, 1944-45]
Malicious Skipper - Synapte pecta (= Godmania malitiosa)
[Pharr, 1944]

Freeman, H.A. 1945c.
A New Species of Lerodea from Texas (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae).
Entomological News 56(8): 203-205, figure 1.

Julia's Skipper - Nastra julia (= Lerodea julia) [TL: Pharr, Hidalgo Co.]
(Named for Julia Anne Freeman, the Freeman's middle child.)

Freeman, H.A. 1945d.
Notes on some skippers, with new records for the United States (Lepidoptera, Hesperiidae)
Canadian Entomologist 77(11): 201-203.

White-tailed Longtail - Urbanus doryssus [Pharr, 1944]
Eight-spotted Longtail - Polythrix octomaculata (= Urbanus auginus auginulus) [Pharr, 1945]
Gold-spotted Aguna - Aguna asander [Pharr, 1945]
 Purplish Black Skipper - Nisoniades rubescens (= Pellicia bromias) [Pharr, 1945]
Hoary Skipper - Carrhenes canescens [Pharr, 1945]
Fritzgaertner’s Flat - Celaenorrhinus fritzgaertneri [Pharr, 1945]

Stallings, D.B. & J.R. Turner. 1946.
Texas Lepidoptera (Rhopalocera: Papilionoidea).
Entomological News 57(2): 44-49.

Freeman, H.A. 1946.
Two new species of skippers from North and Central America.
Entomological News 57(8): 185-187.

Stallings’ Flat - Celaenorrhinus stallingsi [TL: Pharr, Hidalgo Co., 1944]
Evans' Skipper - Panoquina evansi (= Calpodes evansi) [TL: Pharr, Hidalgo Co., 1944]

Stallings, D.B. & J.R. Turner. 1947.
Texas Lepidoptera with description of a new subspecies.
Entomological News 58(2): 36-41.

Freeman, H.A. 1947.
New skipper records for the United States
Entomological News 58(7): 184-186.

 Glazed Pellicia - Pellicia arina (= Pellicia costimacula) [Pharr, 1946]
Variegated Skipper - Gorgythion begga [Pharr, 1946]

"After three years of collecting in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas the writer has come to the conclusion that many of the species of
butterflies that occur in the vicinity of Victoria, Tamps., Mexico, will eventually be found to stray up around Pharr, Texas."

"During 1944-45 the beautiful species, Astraptes fulgerator Walsh, was found to be very common 
and it was not unusual for the author to go out and collect as many as thirty or forty specimens in one afternoon."

"During 1946 over a hundred specimens of [Violet-patched Skipper - Monca crispinus] were collected, 
thus establishing the fact that this species is very definitely native to this part of the state."

The Lepidopterists' Society formed in 1947.

Freeman, H.A. 1949a. 
Notes on some tropical American skippers (Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera, Hesperiidae). 
Field & Laboratory 17: 75-81.

Erichson’s White-Skipper - Heliopyrgus (= Pyrgus) domicella [Pharr, 1944 - SR]
White-patched Skipper - Chiomara georgina (not asychis) - [Brownsville, Pharr, nr. McAllen, 1944-48]
(Previous literature record for "Texas and Arizona" without specific locations.)
Purple-washed Skipper - Panoquina lucas (= sylvicola) [Pharr, 1944]
("previously recorded from Florida and Texas [without] definite localities")
Mercurial Skipper - Proteides mercurius [Pharr, 1948]
(Previous literature record for Texas, New Mexico, Arizona without specific locations.)

Freeman, H.A. 1949b.
A Summary of new butterflies from Texas.
Texas Journal of Science 1(3): 40-41.

Recent New U.S. Records From Texas:

Broad-banded Swallowtail - Papilio astyalus (= Papilio lycophron pallas)
Erato Heliconian - Heliconius erato (= Heliconius petiveranus)
Red Rim - Biblis hyperia
 Navy Eighty-eight - Diaethria asteria (= Cyclogramma asteria)
(Collected in Alamo in VII-1939, specimen is at Yale University, 
but is native to western Mexico and is considered dubious)
Band-celled Sister - Adelpha fessonia
Pavon Emperor - Doxocopa pavon (= Chlorippe pavon)
Walker’s Metalmark - Apodemia walkeri
Curve-winged Metalmark - Emesis emesia
Lantana Scrub-Hairstreak - Strymon bazochii (= Thecla bazochii)
Tailless Scrub-Hairstreak 
- Strymon cestri (= Thecla cestri)
Yojoa Scrub-Hairstreak - Strymon yojoa
Marius Hairstreak 
- Rekoa marius (= Strymon spurina)
Mottled Longtail - Typhedanus undulatus (= Urbanus undulatus)
Common Mellana - Quasimellana eulogius (= Atrytone eulogius)
Double-dotted Skipper - Decinea percosius (= Cobalus percosius)

New Subspecies Described from the RGV:
[TL: Pharr, Hidalgo County, Texas]

Freeman's Gemmed-Satyr - Cyllopsis gemma freemani (= Euptychia gemma freemani)
Tawny Emperor - Asterocampa clyton louisa

Freeman, H.A. 1950.
A new species of hairstreak and new records for the United States (Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera, Lycaenidae).
Field & Laboratory 18(1): 13-14.

Red-lined Scrub-Hairstreak - Strymon bebrycia (= buchholzi) [Pharr, 1946]
Red-crescent Scrub-Hairstreak - Strymon rufofusca [Pharr, 1946]
Ruddy Hairstreak - Electrostrymon hugon (= sangala, = cyphara) [Pharr, 1935]
Red-spotted Hairstreak - Tmolus echion (= Strymon echion) [Pharr, 1948]
Goodson’s Greenstreak - Cyanophrys goodsoni (= Thecla facuna) [Hidalgo, 1945]

No LepSoc Season Summaries were published from 1953 to 1958.

Higgins, L.G. 1960. 
A revision of the Melitaeine genus Chlosyne and allied species. 
Transactions of the Royal Entomological Society 112: 381-475.

White-rayed Patch - Chlosyne ehrenbergi 
[Single specimen in British Museum labeled "Texas" with no further data or other records.]
(Record is discussed in detail by
Kendall & McGuire, 1984).

Freeman, H.A. 1960. 
Butterfly collecting in Texas and New Mexico.
Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society 13(2):89-93.

Mentions sight record of blue morpho (probably Morpho peleides) in Hidalgo County, Texas.

"In the section around Pharr it is doubtful whether a person would ever get all of the species 
that occur around that locality, as each year new things make their appearance 
and ones that were there the year before fail to appear."

Clench, H.K. 1964.
A new hairstreak for the United States.
Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society 18(3): 189-190.

Aquamarine Hairstreak - Oenomaus ortygnus [Brownsville, 1962]

Tilden, J.W. 1964.
Two species of Hesperiidae previously unrecorded from the United States
Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society 18(4): 214-216.

Pale-rayed Skipper - Vidius perigenes [Brownsville, 1963]
Olive-clouded Skipper - Lerodea arabus [Brownsville, 1963]

Tilden, J.W. 1965.
The Genus Panoquina occurring in Texas
Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera 4(1): 37-40.

Hecebolus Skipper - Panoquina hecebolus [Pharr, 1944]

 Heitzman, J.R. 1970.
A new U.S. butterfly record and a migration of Eunica monima in Texas.
Mid-Cont. Lepid. Series 12: 10-11.

White-crescent Longtail - Codatractus alcaeus [Boca Chica, 1968]
[Single prior specimen from "Davis Mountains", no further data]

Kendall R.O. 1970a.
Three hairstreaks (Lycaenidae) new to Texas and the United States
Journal of Lepidopterists' Society 24(1): 59-61.

Black Hairstreak - Ocaria ocrisia [Santa Ana NWR, 1968]
Gold-bordered Hairstreak - Rekoa palegon (= Thereus palegon) [Santa Ana NWR, 1968]
Strophius Hairstreak - Allosmaitia strophius (= Allosmaitia pion) [Santa Ana NWR, 1968]

Kendall R.O. 1970b.
Lerema ancillaris
(Hesperiidae) new to Texas and the United States.
Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society 25: 266.

Liris Skipper - Lerema ancillaris [Santa Ana NWR, 1968]

Tilden, J.W. 1971.
Aguna claxon
(Hesperiidae) new to the United States
Journal Lepidopterists' Society 25(4): 293.

Emerald Aguna - Aguna claxon [Santa Ana NWR, 1970]

Kendall R.O. 1972.
Three butterfly species (Lycaenidae, Nymphalidae, and Heliconiidae) new to Texas and the United States
Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society 26(1): 49-56.

White Scrub-Hairstreak - Strymon albata [Santa Ana NWR, 1968]
Rosita Patch - Chlosyne rosita [Santa Ana NWR, 1970]

Heitzman, J.R. & R.L. Heitzman. 1972.
New Butterfly Records for the United States (Hesperiidae & Libytheidae)
Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera 10(4): 284-286.

Mexican Longtail - Polythrix mexicanus [Bentsen-RGV SP, 1968]
Cuban Snout - Libytheana motya [Brownsville, 1969]

Tilden, J.W. 1974.
Unusual and interesting butterfly records from Texas
Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society 28(1): 22-25.

Many interesting, but no new U.S. records are reported here for the RGV during 1970-72.

Kendall, R.O. 1974. 
Confirmation of Rhopalocera (Pieridae, Nymphalidae) previously recorded for Texas and the United States.
Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society 28(3): 249-252.

Costa-spotted Mimic-White - Enantia albania (= melite) [Bentsen-RGV SP, 1972]
Red Cracker - Hamadryas amphinome [Bentsen-RGV SP, 1972]
[There are earlier, vague U.S. literature reports for both species.]

Freeman, H.A. coordinator. 1974.
Zone 4: Great Plains. Pp. 6-8 in: Leuschner, R. editor. The 1973 Field Season Summary.
News of the Lepidopterists' Society No. 2.

14 New U.S. Records plus 1 New State Record!!!

McGuire, W.W. & M.A. Richard. 1974.
An annotated checklist of the butterflies of Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State park and vicinity
Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. mimeograph pp 1-22.

McGuire, W.W. & M.A. Rickard. 1976.
New Hesperiidae records for Texas and the United States.
Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society 30(1): 5-11.

Broken Silverdrop - Epargyreus exadeus [McAllen, 1973 - SR]
Tailed Aguna - Aguna metophis [Bentsen-RGV SP, 1969]
 Pronus Longtail - Urbanus pronus (not pronta) [Madero, 1969]
Esmeralda Longtail - Urbanus esmeraldus [McAllen, 1972]
Small-spotted Flasher - Astraptes egregius [Bentsen-RGV SP, 1973]
Frosted Flasher - Astraptes alardus [Bentsen-RGV SP, 1973]
Jalapus Cloudywing - Achalarus jalapus [Sullivan City, 1972]
Mottled Bolla - Bolla clytius [Abrams, 1973]
Blue-studded Skipper - Sostrata nordica [Bentsen-RGV SP, 1973]
Veined White-Skipper - Heliopetes arsalte [Boca Chica, 1973]
Small-spotted Skipperling - Piruna microsticta [Sullivan City, 1973]
Redundant Skipper - Corticea corticea [Madero, 1973]
Osca Skipper - Rhinthon osca [w. Mission, 1973]
Hidden-ray Skipper - Conga chydaea [Bentsen-RGV SP, 1972]

Neck, R.W. 1978.
Climatic regimes resulting in unusual occurrences of Rhopalocera in central Texas in 1968
Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society 32: 111-115.

Discussion of Hurricane Beulah which made landfall near the mouth of the Rio Grande in 1967
and contributed to many subsequent new U.S. butterfly records.

Adams, J.K. 1984. 
An old first United States record finally published: Papilio victorinus (Papilionidae) in Laredo, Texas.
Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society 37(4):3-18.

Victorine Swallowtail - Papilio victorinus [Laredo, Webb Co., 1974]

Kendall, R.O., & W.W. McGuire. 1984.
Some new and rare records of Lepidoptera found in Texas.
Bulletin of the Allyn Museum 86:1-50.

Starred Skipper - Arteurotia tractipennis [Mission,  1972]
Morning Glory Pellicia - Pellicia dimidiata [Bentsen-RGV SP, 1975]
Fantastic Skipper - Vettius fantasos [Penitas, 1975]
Glowing Skipper - Anatrytone mazai [Laredo, Webb Co., 1935]
Dark Kite-Swallowtail - Eurytides philolaus [South Padre Island, 1958]
Three-tailed Swallowtail - Papilio (= Pterourus) pilumnus [Fernando, 1932]*
Mexican Cycadian - Eumaeus toxea [Hidalgo Co., 1915]*
Tropical Greenstreak - Cyanophrys herodotus [Bentsen-RGV SP, 1972]
White-rayed Patch - Chlosyne ehrenbergi ["Texas", in BM, no further data]*
Red-spotted Patch - Chlosyne melitaeoides [Rio Grande City, 1973]
Common Banner - Epiphile adrasta [Santa Ana NWR, 1973]
Guatemalan Cracker - Hamadryas guatemalena [Bentsen-RGV SP, 1974]
Blomfild’s Beauty - Smyrna blomfildia [Weslaco, 1978]
Greta polissena
(Two specimens in Royal Ontario Museum, but as species 
doesn't not occur in Mexico, the likelihood of validity is "fantastically small")

*No Modern Records

North American Butterfly Association (NABA) founded in 1992.

Chuah, H.H. & D.S. Cushing. 1995.
Eurema albula
(Pieridae) and Anthanassa argentea (Nymphalidae):
new records for the United States (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea).
Tropical Lepidoptera 6(1): 43-44.

Ghost Yellow - Eurema albula [Roma, 1993]
Chestnut Crescent - Anthanassa argentea [South of Penitas, 1993]
(But see Bordelon & Knudson, 2000.)

Warren, A.D. 1997. 
Urbanus belli
(Hesperiidae: Pyrginae): a new record for the United States. 
News of the Lepidopterists' Society 39(3):41-60.

Double-striped Longtail  - Urbanus belli [Brownsville, 1968]

Bordelon, C.W., Jr., & E. Knudson. 2000.
New records of Lepidoptera from Texas and the USA, and illustrations of other interesting species.
News of the Lepidopterists' Society 42(1): 3-7, 19.

Magnificent Swallowtail - Papilio garamas abderus [San Benito, 1967]
Chestnut Crescent - Anthanassa argentea [Relampago, 1970]
(Predates Chuah & Cushing's 1993 first U.S. record)
Falcate Metalmark - Emesis tenedia [Santa Margarita Ranch, 1987]
Pearly-gray Hairstreak -
Strephonota (=Siderus) tephraeus [Penitas, 1972]

Bordelon, C. & E. Knudson. 2002.
The Mimic, Hypolimnas misippus (L.), in Texas.
News of the Lepidopterists' Society 44(1): 25, 30.

Mimic - Hypolimnas misippus [Sabal Palm Grove, 2001 - SR]

Glassberg, J. 2002.
NABA Butterfly Park Becomes a Reality.
American Butterflies 10(3): 38-40.

"On July 10, 2002, capping a three year quest, NABA took title to the approximately 80 acres of land 
fronting the Rio Grande River in Mission Texas that will become home to NABA Butterfly Park."

Tuttle, J.P. (editor). 2002.
2001 Season Summary.
News of the Lepidopterists' Society. Vol. 44. Supplement S1.

Cover photo: Rusty-tipped Page - Siproeta epaphus [Alamo, 2001]
Second US record, first Texas record

Opler P.A. & A.D. Warren. 2002.
Scientific Names List for Butterfly Species of North America, North of Mexico

Gillette Publications, Fort Collins. 83 pp.

Mountain White (Leptophobia aripa) [poached from Santa Ana NWR, 1988]

Bordelon, C. & E. Knudson. 2003.
Anastrus sempiternu
s, Butler & Druce, a new record for Texas and the USA. 
News of the Lepidopterists' Society 45(1): 5, 7.

Common Bluevent - Anastrus sempiternus [Fort Ringgold, 2002]

Hanson, D.J., E. Knudson & C. Bordelon. 2003.
Phocides belus
Godman & Salvin (Hesperiidae), new to US and Texas;
with a review of Phocides & similar species of the USA & northern Mexico.
News of the Lepidopterists' Society 45(2): 37, 41-43.

Beautiful Beamer - Phocides belus [Bentsen-RGV SP, 2003]

Warren, A.D., D.J. Hanson, E. Knudson & C. Bordelon. 2003.
Achlyodes pallida
(Hesperiidae): A New Record for the U.S. States.
News of the Lepidopterists' Society 45(4): 128-131.

Pale Sicklewing - Achlyodes pallida [Mercedes, 2003]

Warren, A.D., D.J. Hanson, E. Knudson & C. Bordelon. 2004.
Ziegleria guzanta
(Schaus, 1902): A New Hairstreak for Texas and the U.S.
News of the Lepidopterists' Society 46(1): 28-30, 27.

 Orange-crescent Groundstreak - Electrostrymon guzanta [Mission, 2004]
[A prior 1991 record from Langtry, Val Verde Co. is also discussed.]

Knudson, E, C. Bordelon, & A. Warren. 2004. 
Antigonus erosus
Hübner (Hesperiidae, Pyrginae), A New US Record from South Texas. 
News of the Lepidopterists' Society 46(4):111-113.

Dusted Spurwing - Antigonus erosus [Mission, 2004]

Warren, A. D. 2005.
Hugh Avery Freeman (1912 - 2002): Reflections on his Life and Contributions to Lepidopterology.
Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society 59(1): 45-58.

"Indeed, since 1948, no single person has contributed such a wealth of new information on the butterflies of south Texas."

Grishin, N.V. 2005.
A New Banner for the United States: Temenis laothoe (Nymphalidae: Biblidinae).
News of the Lepidopterists' Society 47(1): 3-4, 10.

Orange Banner - Temenis laothoe [nr. Penitas, 2004]

Basham, B., J. Rathjen, E. Knudson, C. Bordelon, & A. Warren. 2005.
Heliopyrgus sublinea
(Hesperiidae, Pyrginae): A New Record for Texas and the United States.
News of the Lepidopterists' Society 47(1): 9-10, 8.

East-Mexican White-Skipper - Heliopyrgus sublinea [Santa Ana NWR, 2004]

Dauphin, J, D. Dauphin, E. Knudson, & C. Bordelon. 2005.
Three New Butterflies New to the United States from South Texas.
News of the Lepidopterists' Society 47(2): 43-46.

Common Melwhite - Melete lycimnia [Mission, 2004]
Cross-barred White - Itaballia demophile [National Butterfly Center, 2004]
Thick-tipped Greta - Greta morgane [Bentsen-RGV SP, 2003]

Bordelon, C. & E. Knudson. 2006.
Three New USA Butterfly Records (Pieridae, Nymphalidae) from the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas.
News of the Lepidopterists' Society, 48(1): 3-6.

Painted White - Pieriballia viardi [Bentsen-RGV SP, 2005]
Four-spotted Sailor - Dynamine postverta [National Butterfly Center, 2004]
Broad-tipped Clearwing - Pteronymia cotytto  [National Butterfly Center, 2004]

Bordelon, C. & E. Knudson. 2007.
"Year of the Chlosyne" in Texas.
News of the Lepidopterists' Society 49(1): 3-7.

Medial Patch - Chlosyne eumeda [Sullivan City, 1974]

Reid, M. 2008.
A New Swallowtail Record for the United States.
News of the Lepidopterists' Society 50(3,4): 75.

Red-sided Swallowtail - Mimoides phaon [Santa Ana NWR, 2008]

Bordelon, C. 2008.
2007 Season Summary: Zone 6 Texas.
News of the Lepidopterists' Society 50(supplement S1): 91.

Guatemalan Leafwing - Memphis forreri [Falcon Heights, Starr Co., 2007]
One-spotted Prepona - Archaeoprepona demophon [National Butterfly Center, 2007]

Bordelon, C. & E. Knudson. 2009.
The Genus Hamadryas (Nymphalidae: Biblinae: Ageroniini) in Texas, with a Report of a New Record for Texas and the USA.
News of the Lepidopterists' Society 51(1): 5-9.

Glaucous Cracker - Hamadryas glauconome [5 miles N. Rio Grande City, 2008]

Reese, M. (editor). 2009.
Hot Seens.
American Butterflies 17(1): 42-45.

Heliconoid Ticlear - Melinaea lilis [Old Pump House, Hidalgo, 2008]
Confused GroundstreakKisutam (=Ziegleria) syllis [along Bentsen-Palm Drive in Mission, 2009]

Bordelon, C. 2009.
2008 Season Summary: Zone 6 Texas.
News of the Lepidopterists' Society 51(Supplement S1): 72-83.

Bromeliad Scrub-Hairstreak - Strymon serapio [Estero Llano Grande SP, 2008]

Rickard, M.A. & N.V. Grishin. 2010. 
Strymon serapio new for the U.S. (Lycaenidae: Theclinae).
News of the Lepidopterists’ Society 52(3): 79–84.

Strymon serapio (Godman & Salvin, 1887) [Estero Llano Grande State Park, 2008] 

Reid, M. & A. D. Warren. 2009.
A new grass skipper for Texas and the United States: Mnasilus allubita (Hesperiidae: Hesperiinae: Moncini).
News of the Lepidopterists’ Society 51(4): 115-117.

Greenish Brown-Skipper - Mnasilus allubita [National Butterfly Center, 2008]

McDermott, J.R. 2009.
Phyciodes pallescens (R. Felder, 1869) in Texas (Nymphalidae: Nymphalinae).
News of the Lepidopterists’ Society 51(4): 117, 125.

Pale Crescent  - Phyciodes pallescens [south of Mission, 2009]
Second US record, first Texas record

Rickard, M. 2010.
News of the Lepidopterists’ Society 52(4): 141, 3 figs.

Confused Groundstreak - Kisutam (=Ziegleria) syllis [north of Bentsen-RGVSP, 2009]

Robert Robbins, Jeffrey Glassberg. 2013.
 ZooKeys. 305: 1-20.

Vicroy's Ministreak - Ministrymon janevicroy Glassberg [Santa Ana NWR, 1969]

Reports of other new US butterflies from the RGV for which I don't have literature records for:

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