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Charlie Brown Blister Beetle

Pyrota palpalis Champion, 1892

Family Meloidae, Subfamily Meloinae, Tribe Cerocomini

cf.  P. insulata, P. tenuicostatis 

Pyrota palpalis Champion, 1885

Cabeza Prieta NWR, Ajo, Pima Co., Arizona
August 30, 2004 (M Stangeland & K Davis)

Texas County Records for Pyrota palpalis

Pyrota palpalis Champion, 1885

County Record Data from E.G. Riley, Dec. 2005

Range: Arizona to Texas, Mexico 

Similar Species: 

There are 40 species of Pyrota restricted to the New World, about 30 in Nearctic.

Texas Taxa:

Pyrota akhurstiana Horn 
Pyrota bilineata
Pyrota concinna
Pyrota deceptiva
Pyrota discoidea
Pyrota fasciata
Pyrota insulata
Pyrota invita
Pyrota lineata texana
Pyrota mylabrina
Pyrota palpalis
Pyrota perversa
Pyrota plagiata
Pyrota postica
Pyrota punctata
Pyrota riherdi
Pyrota tenuicostatis
Pyrota victoria Dillon  

Type Specimen: Pyrota palpalis Champion, 1892 - Harvard, MCZ

Type Location: "Villa Lerdo, Durango" - Here?


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Photos: Pyrota palpalis Champion,1885 - Stanislav Krejcik

Etymology: Pyrota palpalis Champion

pyro, (G). Fire; wheat
palp (L). Touch, feel

Biography: George Charles Champion (1851-1927) - Wikipedia


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