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Redbud Borer

Ptosima gibbicollis (Say, 1823)

Family Buprestidae, Subfamily Polycestinae, Tribe Ptosimini


Redbud Borer - Ptosima gibbicollis (Say)

Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center
Humble, Harris County, Texas
May 23, 2007 (Anita Howlett)

Range: Widespread across eastern North America

HostsEastern Redbud, Cercis canadensis - Family Fabaceae

Flight Period: April-May

Similar Species

There are four species of Ptosima in eastern and midwestern United States to Texas (Arnett et al. 2002). 

Texas Taxa

Ptosima gibbicollis (Say)
Ptosima idolynae Frost 
Ptosima laeta Waterhouse
Ptosima walshii LeConte

Weblinks: Ptosimina of North America (North of Mexico)

Etymology: Ptosima gibbicollis  (Say, 1823)

ptos, =is (G). A fall, falling
sim, -o (G). Flat-nosed
gibb (L). Humped
coll, -i (L). The neck; a hill

Biography: Thomas Say (1787 – 1834) - Wikipedia


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